How The Shaytaan Deceives Mankind Into Immoral Acts

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Friday Khutbah Feb 2022

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In Alhamdulillah

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Nakamoto who want to start you know who want to study he want to stop Sure. When I will be learning it. I mean surely I'm fusina Amin Surya Dr. Molina mejor de la who Fela mobila woman you will follow her the Allah. What shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah hula hula Cherie kala what a shadow no Mohammed and Abu rasuluh

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Johan Sutopo, Bakula the Halacha Kumi nafcillin Wahida wahala coming has o Jaha or the thermen Houma regional and Kathy are on one is

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what Takala Levita Aluna be here or ham in Allah gana La Cooperativa

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Johan Levina Mano tapa Allah, it topple la how upou Poland sadita Your Slocombe or Morocco como El Faro, locum Luna Oba calm, or mejor para la hora Sula, who for the first Fosun Avi Matt

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Johan Levine, Mano taco la haka, Ducati, while at the Mouton Illa unto Muslim moon, my bad finance doc and Hadith the Kitab Allah He shall lower Allah or higher Allah Hadiya do Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam well in the short run Ohmori Melinda said to her Wakulla set him Bidda Wakulla be DOTM Bala Wakulla Bala Timothy now a Jelani Laiho El Camino now All Praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala amid the peace and blessing of Allah be upon His servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as follows My dear respected brother in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran in surah till out off when he addressed mankind, He said, Yeah, Benny

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Adam LF Tina nakoma Chopin Okemah Harada Boyko Minal Jana, in this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala is addressing all mankind believer in this believer and he said, Oh mankind, do not allow the show your boss to deceive you and mislead you and misguide you left in a nakoma ShaVonne. And there is a stern warning in this Alonso shell is saying, Don't you dare allow the shaitaan to deceive you, and how does the show upon deceive mankind? How does he mislead them and misguide them? Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, was a yen Allahumma Shea upon Amana home. That's it very simple. Allah azza wa jal gives us a clear explanation in the Quran, as to how we shall upon deceives mankind, He decorates

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the deeds for them. And if for example, you know, Subbu and her people the Queen, when, when when they were worshipping the sun, and who would went to them and he saw them he came back to Suleyman. Alayhis Salam, and he said in the worship tomorrow attentively como threatening Galicia Allah Oshun of him was yet to our Omaha you're still doing Alicia Shem seen in Donella was a young man who mache upon ramen home for so domani surreal formula to dune. This is from the bird from the eye of a bird. This is the witness in the words of a bird. He came to Sulayman and Alayhis Salam and he said that I found a woman, a woman Nikita Ratan Jani and Lahab because she was worshiping other than Allah azza

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wa jal. She has no worth in the sight of Allah subhanho wa taala. So he said I found a woman to Millicom she had authority over them and she basically controlled her people. What would it mean coolish? He had everything when outshone Aviva huge. She had a huge Kingdom a huge throne, and then allude to this bird. He said, I saw them. Yes, you do. Finally Shams mean lunula. They were making suit. He didn't say they were praying. He said they were making suit. Meaning the most honorable part in a solid the suit that which is supposed to be for Allah. They're doing that for the sun when it rises and sets. And then he said Zeki and Allahumma chiffon.

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Indeed, the shape on decorated this deed for them, because this is what he does. How did they end up worshipping a sun, a shape and said to them, look at the sun. Look how bright it is. Look how beautiful idiots, you all benefit from it. You all seek its warmth and its heat. Right? It lights up the streets and the roads where you can see everything. Now you're not going to be Yani in misguidance of the road and you won't be led astray when you walk from one town to another. It has existed way before you and only exist way after you so worship it. So the people worship that. This is how it shaped love decorates the deed. He says to the people, you know, Allah azza wa jal forbid

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Adam from eating from a tree, he said to him last fall at Aqaba heavy shujaa don't approach it and come near it. A shaytaan. He named that

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Didn't tree Schelotto hold Allah do look at Allah shujaa Rotten hold, he referred to it and call that as the eternal tree. If you were to eat it, you will be two kings or two angels in the Paradise of the Coonamble on holiday and you will live here forever. He decorates the D drink alcohol and it will remove all the stress and the worry and the pain. Take the drug and it will remove all this worry and stress and the pain and you can relax doesn't matter just do it because you know you have to look after your your emotional well being and your mental well being so doesn't matter just do it. Some of the therapies musical therapy, listen to music because it's a therapy for the soul at

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the soul we could as a therapy as a therapy right shape or decorates the deed he decorates it go to massage parlors where women would massage you know problems that no this is not Xena it's not an easy thing you're sitting you're facing down also she don't even looking at her and all she'll Masada problem this is decorated wasn't yet Allahu

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Allah azza wa jal says Leftenant nakoma Shavon Don't you dare fall in his trap. And don't you dare be deceived and misguided by a chiffon Leftenant nakoma Shavon then Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us an example. He says gamma Raja Abu eco min agenda. He left in a knock on command fatahna boycott Raja home Amina agenda. Do not allow him to deceive you, just as He deceived your father, away from your father and mother earth Hawa. Alayhis Salam and as a result because he deceived them and tricked them into eating from a forbidden tree. What happened?

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Allah azza wa jal, he says, Can I avoid a communal agenda as a result, they were expelled from the paradise they were removed to cut the relationship between the sin and being removed from the paradise. We are learning that if you continue down the path of fitna to shape on, if you continue down this path of obedience does Shavon ultimately it's going to leave that a person is barred entry from the paradise altogether. Unless you make something himself and turns back to Allah azza wa jal like Adam Alayhis Salam when he turned back to Allah, Allah accepted His words of Toba and He forgave him come after Raja about a communal Jana young zero on Houma. libera Sakuma Lilia Houma so

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at the HEMA This is the consequence Allah azza wa jal is telling us what the sin did the Adam Alayhis Salam and how wa right then and there soon as they ate from the tree Well, Adam Hawa when they ate from the tree along described it as for them, their crusherjaw their car, they tasted it. Then he said they didn't chew it. They did not swallow it. Did David not enjoy the sin? It was only a taste. This is the believers relationship with a sin. Yeah, and he just had a knife it was a cigarette and throw it just the touch phenomena there Kushala immediately the consequence came from a shoujo lotta Butler, whom so to whom, Allah azza wa jal gave them the consequence of the sin right

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then and there. And this is the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal upon the believer that he punishes him for his sin right then and there. As for the one who commits the sin, enjoys finishers, nothing, no punishment came down. And the same as I am here, Allah, this is an MDS he takes this as a motivation to go and do another sin. And Little does he know this was the concealment of Allah subhanahu wa Tada for him. The Mercy of Allah azza wa jal for him, giving him a chance to wake up and turn back to Allah azza wa jal

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come across a bow a communal Jannetty and zero and whom alabaster who man, they tasted the street, they touched the sin with their tongue.

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And the clothing came off. And they saw each other's privates, even though husband and wife, but they were not used to this at that moment yet.

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Nakedness happened. Look at the attachment and the relationship between sin and nakedness.

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When nakedness increases in a society, that's a good sign, that there's plenty of sin and corruption on earth.

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And the more people are clothed, the more obedience there is to Allah azza wa jal, the more purity there is in society. Then zero and Houma libera Sakuma Livadia whom so earthy Hema and lamb lamb when I Akiva meaning the result, when the couth came off, the saw each other's privates Subhan Allah this area was revealed and there is a reason for why it was revealed and that was Quraysh when they were at the Kaaba in the beginning of Islam. They were doing both

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laugh around the Kaaba naked once again, a shame on decorated the deed for them. He said to them, how do you dare to go around the house of Allah with cludes you disobey Allah Who with remove them, that people would remove their cloth.

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Ganesh shaytaan came to them from the door of worship.

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They were worshipping Allah. They were doing PLF around the Kaaba, and nakedness still found its way from the door of worship. Like today, Elijah is a worship, and still nakedness has come through this door, through the door of worship, with chiffon has decorated whatever the people have released of modern clothing and so called modesty, under the name of Asia.

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This is this is what Allah commanded us to

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show Shavon he comes from the door of worship, he made them go naked around God, but Baitullah,

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will do the same thing. We take a holy concept here that hijab, and nakedness came through the door of worship.

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And majority of the population would say, this is your job, what you want me to remove my job, you're turning me off with your word, really to open his mind and understand that these are holy concepts in Islam that are sacred and honored. And no one is allowed to touch them, anyone who touch them, who fish him, who fish him with words, and proof from the Quran, do you have proof for what you have done? Do you have proof for the nakedness that you have introduced?

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Bring it, bring it and may you want to follow your desire and then mislead an entire community to follow what you have designed for them. Then you in this case, the head of the devil in this case, you work side by side with the devil

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left in an Akuma Shavon come across a bow a communal Jannetty and zero and whom Alibaba Huma Ludia. Whom so

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Allah azza wa jal he says in the Hula,

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hula kabhi loom in Haifa, Latona. Home, Shelton and his army they see you from a way in which you cannot see them. And Allah azza wa jal is telling us a SharePoint can see

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you on his reader, he can see you and he plans and plots against you every single day. Had we seen them? Had we seen them they would have been moment us.

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Heck, Allah azza wa jal kept them away from us so that we don't see them.

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Actually, upon his working day and night against mankind, He sees that so he works against them and he plots against them with shaper, wants to first make many of them fall into Alko for shirk, that that's his goal. That's his main goal. If he cannot, he'll try to bring you in to a major the major sin if he cannot get you to a major sin, a minor sin. If he cannot, he'll try to get you away from the obligations if he cannot, he'll try to get you away from a Sunon fasting the voluntary vows Salah to Allah was zakat why everything voluntary you keep you away from that

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ship on as a relationship with everyone and attack a plan with everyone sees what's best suited and then he follows

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into who you're welcome who or whom in Haifa. Let them know hey Muhammad, Allah they said, If a Shavon can see you, and you cannot see Him, the know for sure that Allah can see him and he cannot see Allah. So seek Allah's protection against him. And how do you do that? By continuously being aware of this enemy and continuously seeking Allah's protection with the words that are found in the Quran, Allah will be lay him in a shape on a regime, as Allah azza wa jal said for Steiff below him in a shape on the regime that you read that is the either before you read the Quran, that worship then you're going to read the Quran says, You're gonna show foreigner or him. How about when you're

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going to open your eyes to society outside? Not the Quran, the outside outside, and the field that is outside? Do you think you can live without Alister Hannah?

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You think he can live and face all these corruptions outside without understanding? The if you open the crime sale the Wilhemina shape and regime? What if you open your eyes to society and the filth in the garbage outside in society? Isn't make sure you're reading US GAAP before you leave the house.

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Make sure you're reading them. And from among them this plenty of his data that you're going to go through seeking Allah's protection

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in the hirako aka below him in Haifa, let alone a home in Israel.

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In the shell Pina earlier le Levina lo mein hoon, Allah azza wa jal, he said, We made the shell team the devil's only Levina known friends and allies of those who disbelieve.

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How does a person become a friend

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and someone who loves a chef on?

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The I know if I'm a friend of a chef and that means my love and loyalty esteem, how, how does this happen? How does this happen? You see, look Allah azza wa jal from the very beginning, a person might sin, a person might sin. Allah azza wa jal immediately sends such a person a calamity, or a reminder or a warning or a message. What is expected is that you wake up and you say, humbleth, Allah azza wa jal has woken me from my heedlessness Stouffville Allahu La, and you put that commitment in your heart never to return to the sin if you fall again, refresh again once again, all the way like even a SharePoint or machine a stop for Hola Hola, tuvo la primera Katene do some kind

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of good deed and refresh that relationship with Allah azza wa jal, right, this is what you're supposed to do because everyone sins. However, there are certain people

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they are tested with sins, sins once and again, and a third and a fourth time and fifth and six until his heart becomes black and sealed. Such a person he chose the path of misguidance for himself fella Moselle as Allah will obey him when they chose the path of misguidance Allah misguided their hearts right? This is what happens. Allah gives you chance and then you don't take by this chance and you continuously futile the only him Yama Hoon, transgression after transgression blindly, not caring about the revelation that's between your hands.

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That's when a person becomes a friend for shape on then he's proven his loyalty. He's worshipped. He's a baby once, twice, 345 times 10 100 times. No Toba in between those forgiveness than anything. He became a friend he's loyal. Now he's worshipping Him is obeying Him. Allah azza wa jal said LM apple, and Mr. de la Camilla Benny. Aleta boo Sherpa, didn't I say to you do not obey him? Thank you faith and this is how a person becomes an ally of a ship on Putin. Exactly. Will you ship on a friend of the shape on what did what does he do? Listen to the look how corrupt this becomes now, and you will see its relevance in our society today. Allah azza wa jal now he tells us the signs of

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a friend of shape on how do you point him out? How do you spot him out? loud so shall he says

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the friend of a Chopin does this. Well either follow Schatten all worship now Allah and Allah who are Marana.

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What is that follow fisherton When they do a vulgar, Shameless, immoral deed, when they do a fascia, she would fast he even takes effort to say it, because that's how nasty it is. That's how that's how he did it is by Allah azza wa jal and fascia is the evil beam that is even recognized by a person. Every enough's Allah has put inside of it recognition to know what is fascia. For Alhama, half was Euro, what the

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last version installed in the soul, the ability to recognize and for your sins and transgression and immorality.

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So these people now follow fashion, they do a shameless deed by next what do they do?

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Follow fashion Callooh worship now.

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We found our forefathers doing the same thing. Yeah, and the society is doing it. So the first stage is committing the sin without shame. The second stage is normalization. The sin is normalized in society. Watch it now.

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What's the deal? Everyone is doing the same thing. Everyone is coming up with this sin. Why am I supposed to be different? Worship nally Habana meanwhiles Sula, la Milan, Allah azza wa jal speaks about the believers because the believer could do a fascia as well. But the difference between well you shape on when will you man, the friend of Allah and the friend of a shape on the difference is that if a believer was to do a sin, Allah said that filofax Schatten over

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decorilla for stuff are all live and obey him. Immediately they turn to Allah azza wa jal, and they seek Allah's forgiveness for the sins that they have done. The humble, they feel bad and sad about what they had done. And they humbly beg Allah to accept their their their words of forgiveness, and more leadership on he goes a step further. And he says

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So he commits the sin.

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He tries to justify it and normalize it in society. And they look at this one, Allahu Amara.

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And Allah commanded us to do this. He made it religion. He made his first religion. He legislated. He spoke on behalf of Allah. And he seemed to the people, this is what Allah commanded us.

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Janee like what we saw in few in recent years, and fascia is done first, homosexuality and its likes, then it's normalized, before it was concealed, then we should know.

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Everyone is doing it as long society from one country to another, they all support each other. And then one Allahu

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Allah loves equality. Did you hear that? This how they ascribe it to Allah some, some Shavon ascribed the deen and religion. Allah who

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have these these no Bonet after this, and this is clearly for you to open your eyes and see same sex marriage was forbidden. What happened? It became legal and it's legislated. Well law who am on an app yet? He says the stage we've reached

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when a chapter is presented as well. Allah Who Am I?

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This is what are the Is this what Allah commanded you? This is

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woman, Muslim woman swimwear is Allah commanded for you to go to the beach and wear tight clothing and through your monkey and swim among others, and among non Maha men.

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And then you say I'm wearing my hijab,

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wearing my jab at the beach?

00:21:55--> 00:21:56

Allah Who Am I?

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Now, look at the response that comes and this is supposed to be the response of every preacher of every believer so that we can recalibrate

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the standard that has gone and last, we need to collaborate it once again. Pull in Allah Allah Moodle Bill fascia, look how nice and simple and clear it is. Just come out and say Allah does not command a morality

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because if he did, it wouldn't have been called the morality it wouldn't have been called fascia

00:22:33--> 00:22:41

cause in the law hella moral Bill fascia a Taku Allah He man on the moon.

00:22:42--> 00:23:18

Are you people that play playing in society left and right. And changing from Allah's law? What you're like, are you people speaking on behalf of Allah, that which you have no knowledge about? In other words, the problem was ignorance. Ignorance, but you see outside of change and mess and corruption is ignorance was shaped on calls to ignorance. Because knowledge is sought in massage it was Shavon his role is to remove you from the masjid and to keep you away from all that which is related to Islam and the deen of Allah azza wa jal and knowledge.

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And speaking on behalf of Allah, out of ignorance is worse than shirk.

00:23:28--> 00:23:43

Muslim it is the essence of *. Why do people worship other than Allah? Because someone that is ignorant, sat in the position of Allah made himself a legislator, and told the people this is a God besides Allah worshipping,

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speaking against, on behalf of Allah with ignorance is worse. It is the root cause of schicke at the coluna Allah He man on the moon, the response continues from Allah. Amara Biebel test. He says what Allah commanded and test, justice, goodness, decency. This is what Allah commanded.

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Natasha, I'll test you can simple the words, but this is all you're supposed to be saying. And walk around and teach the people on test and offset from us. And don't criticize us. We're calling to test this is what Allah loves. So we love it because Allah loves it. And trust me if society was to hold on to untestable love it as well.

00:24:36--> 00:24:42

And then, what was your comment the Cooley Masjid meaning warmer, and to

00:24:43--> 00:24:51

the masjid and he also commanded that you face a Qibla at every time and place of prayer.

00:24:52--> 00:24:59

Why is a solid beam it Why is there a mention of an idea that nothing will keep you steadfast on a test other than your idea?

00:25:01--> 00:25:20

See, don't be confused and don't cry. And see we're living in confusing times, and we don't know what to do. And our DNA is being changed left and right of us. And people are legislating that which Allah made haram. How am I going to be saved? How am I going to come out of this mess?

00:25:22--> 00:25:28

While Timo is your recommender coolly Masjid What do you see Bella Hadid? Face Akima

00:25:30--> 00:25:33

face Qibla every time you pray at the masjid

00:25:35--> 00:25:46

visit, don't move left and right because you have one Lord. If you have multiple odds, turn left and right in your solid. But now Now As believers, we face the Qibla one direction because our Lord is One

00:25:47--> 00:25:54

Learnis Am I moving left and right when you have multiple odds that you're turning to a chemo?

00:25:55--> 00:26:11

Focus and your worship focus on your deen because nothing will save you from fit and other than this. Well chemos you recommend the Cooley machine? What drew Molly seen Allahu Diem, invoking supplicate to him

00:26:12--> 00:26:14

with sincerity and honesty.

00:26:17--> 00:26:58

No matter what hammer home Allah they say a p mooshu. Her Komenda Kula Masjid meaning to face al Qibla what through whom Allah seen Allahu demeaning to start the pray. Let know Salat is also referred to as a diet because the most essential component of a solid is a diet. When you say Allahu Akbar, you make a diet. Then you read al Fatiha there's a da da no slop and Mr team, then you go into your record there is a say after Subhanallah BL alim, then you come up and then you go into Suzhou then there is dry opportunity there. And then you come up with a bit fiddly to do. And before you're too slim, you make dua as well. Hello, the whole site is diet. So what do we see you know,

00:26:58--> 00:27:07

Dean priests and Celia and honestly to Allah honestly to Allah azza wa jal, he said that the end of the oil coming to the conclusion can never come to dune meaning

00:27:09--> 00:27:13

worship Allah, obey Allah, Facebook to blur pray,

00:27:14--> 00:27:56

be sincere and honest, because He will resurrect you can calm down. He will resurrect you just as He brought you first time round. It is that easy for him to bring you the second time round. shoves pound Allah Allah azza wa jal mentioned his worship, and he concluded the area with a reference to the afterlife. This is a motivation for the believer to see that you're not wasting your time. And that you will see the reward of your worship over there in the hereafter come out but that Akun doudoune and that if you're confused about resurrection, how is this possible? Just focus on ponder over the first day Allah azza wa jal created you a sperm cell that entered into your mother and then

00:27:56--> 00:28:16

you came out nine months later alive and growing. Why is that? Then going to be impossible for Allah azza wa jal when eventually you're buried in your tiny tailbone, you're put into the earth, and then you're resurrected once again. What's the issue? Finally, Allah azza wa jal, he says, farrier can have the offeree can have poly hemo Bala.

00:28:18--> 00:28:23

Society is divided into two people, you choose where you want to be. One is very had

00:28:24--> 00:28:51

a very a group of people Allah who guide these are people who are Akimoto Komenda coolibah student you know, Dean, these are people that humbled themselves worship the large version remain connected with knowledge, increase their knowledge in Allah as a result, increase their Eman and worship Allah and stay away from an Phaeton and this is another group offer you can have Kali Hema Bala they were destined to misguidance

00:28:52--> 00:29:15

and they were led astray. Why? Allah doesn't Allah did not oppress them. The continuation of the aya Tozi tells you why Allah azza wa jal had misguided them. It says in the home of Shelby Alia I mean lunula they're the ones that befriended a Shavon when they were commanded to befriend Allah.

00:29:16--> 00:29:46

Right? Didn't Allah review in the same soul at the end didn't know Eliya Allah and Levina Zelle al Kitab Wahoo esto la sala hain, this is my Wali. This is my friend. This is the one who I dedicate all my life to, to Allah. I don't have room for shape on I don't fully know celerity when Uzuki Yeah, well, my Mati Lila, my living and even my death is for Allah. So what room does the ship on having all of this nothing

00:29:48--> 00:29:57

but the problem for why these people are misguided and stamped with misguidance is because they choose to share Pina Olia. I mean, do Nilla

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

and in the dark disaster and the calamity

00:30:00--> 00:30:09

When I said oh no, no, no, they don't. They assumed all along they were guided like and whenever he said team lead to see don't fill out follow.

00:30:11--> 00:30:26

Don't cause corruption on earth. Don't change Allah's laws and deed and religion and aspects of the religion. He says to you, the whole way reformers, we are correcting the earth rectifying its affairs.

00:30:27--> 00:31:12

For this is the worst kind of misguidance to be upon misguidance and think you are guided. We ask Allah azza wa jal to save us. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that he forgives us a puto Cody Hello Stouffer Hola Hola. Hola, como una homeowner Fudo Rahim hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Milena be about the home about how there was some lower Salah Maura Hema Kuma Allah Allah Haileybury was killed by Sharia Muhammad Abdullah. So I will hold your Shiva, Amara como la junta la Amarin but a few heavy enough say for NaVi Malayaka deal Musa battle could say what a heavy como una for kala Azzam and call in Allah mela Aikido Musa Luna Allenby yeah your Levina menos Allah He was a

00:31:12--> 00:31:56

limitless Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed can also later Allah Ibrahima en la bola Hema in Naka Homido Majid America Allah Muhammad wa ala early Muhammad Kamal bellick Tada Ibrahim en la Ibrahima innaka Homido Majid Allah Medina, Kannada Zoopla diva Well, I didn't allow Pilla doll cleaner norsu punished he never la marina Takanori sukhna Diva Why didn't Belle bella bella bella Nora super nasty never. Oh, Bella cobalamin in canta semi on Ali Matoba Elena in the cantata wobble Rahim, Allah in the lahat mobile ugly well so anyway, he is a robot when her Anil fascia he will move very well but I will look into the Quran. Allah Allah Lima gelila is Guru commerce guru Allah

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