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A true story about a man who was told by doctors that he only had 2 weeks to 2 months to live because he was diagnosed with liver cancer, find out what he did next. Also discussed is looking at the Sunnah and giving you the best advice that can help change your life.

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Salam aleikum, I want to go ahead and share a story with you derive some benefits from it, look to the center, and then close it up. The other day I was with my friend and nutritionist who's been studying nutrition for 40 years, close to 40 years, and was the chief nutritionist for Dr. mercola. Dr. mercola. If you don't know, look him up on YouTube, one of the chief nutritionists in America, there are many physicians who are truly authentically motivated to want to help people but they that there is this pervasive fear that they are going to be discredited and ostracized in their own community. And when they when they start to embrace some of these alternative philosophy. So that's,

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that's a strategy that's used to suppress this type of information. When you've got 10s of billion dollars in revenue. There is no limit to the clever and sophisticated techniques that you can acquire to manipulate the masses. There's a deal took his knowledge to the next level, and got on the nutrition program, learning it, educating people about it so important.

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Jim Marlo went to the farm to get some real milk. That's right, real milk, real food. And while we are there, Jim was speaking with a man who was diagnosed with liver cancer. He was given two to two months to live by the doctors and he heard some horror stories about chemo. And he decided he wasn't going to do the chemo as the doctors were trying to get him to do. He did some research on his own, and was handled led to a doctor who knew about nutrition, because most doctors don't learn about nutrition in medical school. But if you look at the amount of training that I received, it was probably about two or three hours in medical school. Once I got out into training, my internship, my

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residency, which was a five year long, I don't think I got any training at all. And from then on to now, there's probably zero amount of training and nutrition, poor things. don't study nutrition at medical school. And for the bulk of them post qualification training consists of courses that are dished out to them by the pharmaceutical industry. I'm pretty skeptical about the quality of the training that they're received. Having said all that, I went to med school myself, this is what doctors will tell us who testify to this fact. They gave us a whole hour on nutritionals a whole hour and oh, in four years of medical school.

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And they told us this vitamin A and B one and B two and C D and they're in alphabetical order, you can look them up. And then they told us some really basic facts. We got a whole hour. First of all, how much training Did you receive on nutrition when you were in medical school? Because I know here in the States, it's almost none. Yeah, not much. Not much. argentinos Oh, yeah. Yeah, very close to none. Very little. Medical School. They don't teach you. They don't teach you anything about nutrition, very little about nutrition.

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I want you to watch the truth about cancer, a global quest very important to watch this really eye opening ever across the United States interviewing doctors, scientists, researchers and cancer patients to learn what they were doing to treat cancer. 50% of people living today will have cancer.

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Do you hear me 50% Did you know that almost 50% of the people alive today will face cancer. Did you know that one in four males alive today will die from cancer. One in four will die from it. So it's a matter that needs to be taken serious and this man was diagnosed with liver cancer. He refused to do the chemo. He started doing research was led to a doctor that knew about nutrition and told him that the food that he was eating the fake food that he was eating was killing him the Twinkies, drinking the alcohol pop tarts. And you know the basic standard diet that most people are on. He cleaned up his fridge, his cupboards, he started making an adjustment started eating real food.

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He was at the farm tell him that it's been over two years. Thank God that he beat it. I mean, we all want to have clarity, focus, energy levels to go all lose weight, get in shape, and be protected. You know, one of the five things that we're told that many people take for granted is one of them is health. Then you can direct someone to have all these things. So at the end, their mood can get better. They can help their families and children to live a more fruitful life. Your Worship gets affected when you energy levels are low, you can't focus, you got pain, you're suffering from some chronic disease. And 90 get this 95% of chronic diseases are food related. The toxins that we're

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putting in our bodies are affecting us.

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cancer causing elements in many of us, where we've fallen victim to the mass marketing campaign of the fake food industry. And it's as simple as getting off the fake food and eating real food. Going along to another example from the son of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him has said the son of Adam does not feel anything worse than the stomach. And that's where the diseases come from. When we start putting fake food in the body, clogging up the pipes in our body, and then what happens we deprive the body from the nutrients.

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And then we give it toxic elements. No wonder why obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer is at an all time high. And then the professor some had said that enough for the son of Adam is a few morsels of food to keep him going. If he's overtaken then one third air one third food, one third water. Incredible, incredible advice. But what happens? Now imagine filling up your car with gas, not a full tank, maybe 10% of your tank. And then how far can you get with that the car is going to yearn for more gas, it needs more gas to keep going to keep function. So you have to keep going back to the

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gas station and imagining that gas you put some sugar maybe or some other element that's not supposed to go in the engine, instead of just filling it up one time with everything it needed. Now equate that back to food. Imagine now what we're doing is we're filling up our bellies with toxic elements with fake food driving, very nutritious, very little nutritional value from that food. And then we're yearning more like the engine needs more gas. So we're addicted to the fake food because there's addictive elements in it in it no nutritional value and most of this food that we're eating, you know, they have over half a million fake food products that are out there.

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And we can distinguish which one is real which one is fake. And because we're not educated on it, we end up making bad choices. And then we go ahead and take the fake food instead of the real food. And then you get addicted to it. Soda pops Coca Cola, fruit juices, the sugar, which is a poison. And we're not talking about sugar that's from the dates or from apples and bananas, no high fructose corn syrup. Homework again, I need you to take the matter serious. I need you to side note, watch the documentary called fed up sugar is poison. It is a chronic, not acute chronic dose dependent depends on how much you eat, because there is a safe threshold

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hepato liver toxin

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the metabolic diseases that are associated with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, or liver problems, the strokes, the cancer, those diseases are being driven by should you have to watch this and you will be amazed. It's another eye opener like the other one homework was fed up. So we end up getting addicted to fake food, sugar refined, refined processed white sugar. And we ended up getting no nutritional value for the food that we're eating. And has toxic elements in it cancer causing elements. And then you keep wanting more and more like the car needing the gas and you putting in it. The things that are affecting it in a negative way. And then you wonder why we're sluggish.

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Your Worship is

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going back to the center.

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There is a incident where the prophet SAW some the companions the community had heard a noise.

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They were startled

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don't have lights all over the place. And they came out to see what's going on. And they found the profit solace on bareback on a horse you notice when no rains coming around the corner saying everything's okay. Everything is good. I took care of it. You know what kind of let it shape you got to be it jump on a horse bareback. And, you know they were on so many defensive battles. There were so many people terrorizing the Muslims at that time. And we see it happening today obviously, but they were trying to survive and stay alive and they had to go ahead and defend themselves and also also propagate the truth. And you think they they were you know, the prophet SAW some had wrestled

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the prophet SAW and his companions

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When they were making to off, you know why the Muslims, he would have them go fast

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to show their endurance show the shoulder their strength. But I mean how you going to get on a horse, we're out of shape. We have no nutritional integrity. We've fallen victim and prey to the food industry massive campaign.

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I want to give you guys a little bit of example of fake food things that we're

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knowingly creating sugar addicts with our kids. For instance, right here, all of this fake food, you see fake food, all of this stuff. Fake food. This is all fake food. Garbage poison sugar is poison, metabolic diseases that are associated with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, or liver problems, the strokes, the cancer, those diseases are being driven by sugar, creating sugar addicts, again,

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all fake food. Another quick example of fake food is in cereals. Again,

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more fake foods

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we want to avoid

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right behind me another example of more fake food we want to avoid we don't want to create sugar addicts or

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become sugar addicts. Fake food addicts. So we want to avoid this is an example of more fake food

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is another

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example of soda tops. evil twin. Yeah, fake food, fruit juices. And you can really easily do a quick Google search and type in any of these foods and see what comes up. start educating yourself there real simple.

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some more examples. Fake food. This is all fake food, sugar,

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addiction, bad health. Another great example of a disease causing fake food. And something that if you want to have nutritional integrity, you never want to put this stuff in your fridge in your body in your kid's body. more examples behind me of fake foods stay away from it. And you can do a quick Google search to any of these products. And you can see the harmful effects and the toxins that are in their cancer causing elements. And continuing on our little journey field trip. Fake food you see it is there. Again, developing as my nutritionist Jim Marlowe, good friend. He really talks about developing nutritional integrity, we have integrity for so many other things. But one of the most

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important things is fueling the body with what it needs to function to serve us in the best way honoring it by having a nutritional integrity. Now what I want you to do is Google benefits of orange benefits of avocado benefits of pineapple.

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These are examples of real food. And then also if you come over benefits of blueberries. This is what a lot of the credit happens Earth had intended for us to eat. I mean really strawberries, spinach, type in do it do an example, type in

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Google benefits of any one of these, you'll be amazed at the truth did tremendous amount of health benefits, there isn't real food. Now well intention as you might be.

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This is what you really want to avoid giving your kids or yourself or putting in your body. As tempting as it is we have to re educate our taste buds you can see this is more fake food. And I really need you to watch the documentary setup to get a better understanding. But in short, big developments, no nutritional value, and cancer causing because sugar is a root cause for heart disease. And it might not hit you in a month just like smoking. You could smoke for 10 1520 years, but at the end it catches up to you and we know Smoking kills. Same way with sugar. Over time, the catches up and the statistic 50% of people living today will have cancer. And then from there, one

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in four walls and up die from that cancer. And sugar is a leading cause of that look it up look into it. So more fake food examples of it will continue on with our future. Some of you might ask what about all these fiber and you know, fat free sugar fee. Again, more fake food I got sucked into it also, I would look at it in the mash campaign of the fake food industry. And you look at all these products here. This is just you know, I would ask my nutritionist

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All these questions as to the shape for food. And he would just say let's just it just eat real food It was about it was that simple. This is all fake food.

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Real Food the way Allah the creator intended.

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And as Muslims, we know that we don't drink so we don't even have to get into that. But, you know,

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we know the dangers of alcohol on the human body. And we're so blessed that, you know, we have the Quran, we have a law who's told us to stay away from it out of His love, so we don't even have to go there. And you can look up that on your own. If you're tuning in, and you're not yet Muslim. Of all the dangerous effects of the alcohol, which is Muslims we are we stay away from. So there you have it. We're almost done. But this is the culprit I need you to take out from your cupboards get rid of don't even think we got to start somewhere. Let's start with getting rid of sugar, white refined process and brown sugar cane sugar, get rid of it. Don't even play with it. And you can substitute

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it for now, till we grow with some coconut palm sugar. Some raw unpasteurized, unpasteurized, raw honey, it's a good substitute. But get rid of the white sugar, white flour. But let's start with that right there, give you the homework, get rid of sugar. So we got that.

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white sugar, sugar. Don't touch it. Another thing since we're here, okay, I don't want to overwhelm you with taking baby steps. But white flour, don't cook with it, get rid of it. So another fake food replace it, you can go ahead as we take one thing, I will replace it with another coconut palm sugar, almond flour, I'm sorry, almond flour, coconut flour, almond flour, this is a good substitute for the fake food.

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White frying, processed flour. This is another tremendous step forward in developing nutritional integrity. And then you have just a small little example. Little field trip we took together to the store. And everything that you take out of your cupboard or your fridge, you can definitely replace it with something natural, with something organic with something fresh with something that's real, of real food. And the fake food notice you you see it on the commercials. It's pretty, it looks nice. It pulls you in. But you have to make a decision, am I going to honor the body that Allah gave me that the creator gave me by taking care of it by preserving it by giving it what it needs. And

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that's by developing that nutritional integrity just because something looks very pretty fancy packaging. But then you look at the ingredients and you can't pronounce half of the things. Your great great grandma, your grandmother and her grandparents, they never heard of such a thing that's that's most likely fake food. It's fake food. And so we're trying to do we're trying to develop nutritional integrity to put the right fuel in the body. So we can fuel it with what it needs. So I can serve us in the best way we can be at optimal performance. We're having some fun, we went on a little show and tell to the store. Hope you guys are getting a better feel for this. We're going to

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take some baby steps. And it's something that there is tremendous benefits. Her pocket tease. This is a what many Westerners considered to be the father of medicine. He said, Let food be your medicine and medicine, be your food.

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And when we develop the model of not living to eat, but eating to live, when you can envision the food that you're putting into your body going into your body and then falling in place, fueling all of the different organs that are in your body the blessing that the creator Allah has given us when these foods that he is intended for us to eat the real food goes in the body it finds its place.

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It nourishes the body of what it needs. Now imagine the opposite now, when you put in the fake food, process, food, the junk food and then it goes in and your body starts to reject is doesn't give the body what it needs. It actually brings harm upon the body.

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You know and Allah says in the Quran, don't throw yourself into destruction. We know why

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One in three people is obese,

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obesity, heart disease, all of these 95%

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of the chronic diseases now can go back to the food, the food choices that we're making. That's why we have to start making better food choices for ourselves for our family. To protect, again, what is written is written as once the spiritual aspect of it. But like I said, before, you don't cross the highway blindfolded, we have to do everything in our power and our capacity to protect ourselves to protect our health, and then we leave our we put our trust in the Almighty, but you can't be eating hohos Twinkies, drinking Coke and pop.

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And unfortunately, you have some doctors will tell you, it doesn't matter, eat whatever you want. Sadly, very sadly, they're mistaken. And we talked about many doctors, they don't study nutrition in school. They gave us a whole hour on nutritionals. a whole hour and oh, in four years of medical school, there are many like for instance, I mentioned when Dr. mercola, the doctor is brainwashed when he gets out of medical school because the medical school has too much subsidization of the professors who are being paid by the drug company. So the professor never teaches any student in medical school. Why don't you try vitamin C? They're going to tell him the latest drug, and that's

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by design specifically, you know, they're about over a century ago, there's foundations that Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundation's who sort of engineer the curriculum through their grants and donations. Are you wondering what Dr. mercola meant when he mentioned that the Carnegie's and the Rockefeller Foundation's engineering medical school curriculum over a century ago, he was referring to the flexner report of 1910, which we covered in our last documentary, who was my nutritionist had worked for him as his chief nutritionist for over seven years. Many doctors now are coming around the the best are becoming better, because they're learning nutrition. And now, they are helping

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people to change what they're putting in your body, because they're realizing the effects that food has on the body. And I was given the example, from the tsunami, there was a hadith that one of my teachers had shared with me, if anyone can go ahead and reference where and what book of Hadith this is, this is in, I really would appreciate it. But Shaykh Ibrahim Sudan, who I've had on the show, many times, he told me that a companion had come to the prophet SAW some, and he told them all messenger of Allah, I become tired, you know, like, like, we become sluggish, sometimes fatigued. And he said, run,

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go run, do running jog, basically. And we know that the tremendous benefits health benefits of exercise of running.

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And we ask ourselves, a are we taking time to, to exercise via be 20 minutes a day?

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That's another care and maintenance for the body.

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And then also, what we've been talking about doing something very simple, developing nutritional integrity, that we have integrity for all so many other things. But for the body, the gift that the Almighty has given us, are we going to look at, for example, the next time I'm about to put something in my body, let's say the banana, it's real food. I look at this. And I say, Okay, how is this going to benefit me? If I'm putting if I'm looking at this, imagine it's a snicker bar. That snicker bar has no nutritional value, again, has addictive elements in it is going to make me a sugar addict. And it's clear, I mean, the studies show that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Now

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you're addicted to something that's bringing harm upon your body. That's a cancer causing element. Remember the statistic 50% of people living today will have cancer. So you're helping to bring cancer upon yourself. It might not it's not going to hit you maybe in a day or two pay 15 years you're living but how are those 15 years are those fruitful, productive 15 years? Or you got a pain here and a career damage here? You're spending how many how many days a week driving to the doctor's office? So I look at the food, I look at broccoli, spinach, and you could Google any of these, the real food you see the tremendous benefits that are in the real foods, right? So I look at it I say

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okay, how's it going to benefit me? How is this going to nourish me? Same thing, okay, we look at for instance, here's a good one look, instead of the fruit juices, we replace it the pop, look, water

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and I'm talking about filter.

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Water is a good filter, I recommend Berkeley water filter, no one drink. So anything with chlorine and fluoride and all the heavy metals, again, those are toxins. And those toxins, enough of them, you put it in the body, eventually cancer is going to creep up

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on you. Here we go. Coconut water, right from the coconut. This is a great electrolyte. And it's part of real food. And you could do that with any real food you Google it, you see like spinach, broccoli, kale. And you see that there's no harm that you're bringing upon yourself.

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But Coca Cola.

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I mean, just do a simple Google search and look at what harm there is in Coke, Coca Cola. But what they may not know is that sugary drink consumption in our country, and in fact, worldwide has led to health havoc of alarming proportions. Sugar loaded drinks are the number one source of added sugars in the American diet, and the single largest contributor to the obesity epidemic. As a result, preventable type two diabetes rates, even among teenagers are through the roof. All the epidemiological studies show consuming added sugar,

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or sugar sweetened beverages is associated with increased risk of disease. So you're at an event. And now ignorance Okay, you, you you have that excuse, you had no idea. But now you're a a leader in the community. And now you're watching this and the information is coming to you, you're going to be held accountable. So now you're gonna have to educate your community and look at a simple Google search on the harms around the liver around the kidneys, that is associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, the cancer elements that are in these pop pops that we're just we're throwing around to at the parties and giving to our kids and bringing harm that we're

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poisoning them, maybe you're willing to take that risk for your own sake. But can you really make that decision for your children. And then another thing is, for instance, you creating sugar addicts by giving kids I know that the intention might be good.

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But at the end, the knowledge comes to you and you realize that I have to replace it with something better, because we begin to accustomed to rewarding kids maybe with some with some sugar sugar is poison, the metabolic diseases that are associated with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, liver problems, the strokes, the cancer, those diseases are being driven by sugar with some some candies lollipops. But then what did I just say? What do we say that if you look at that lollipop, or that sugar, sweet,

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and now the kid gets accustomed to it, because it's addictive. And now over time, he wants more. And so now you you have helped them to become sugar addicts.

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And they end up continuously wanting and craving more and more. And then next thing you know, these kids, they become obese, they become overweight. And now you have kids who are diabetic, because unless we eliminate or drastically reduce the amount of sugary drinks we consume, our communities will continue to see skyrocketing rates of preventable diabetes and other life threatening health problems, and will most definitely witness this situation get worse. You know, the the studies are showing that kids this is the this is the generation that's that's expected not to outlive their parents, because of the crisis. So I'm trying to tell you, it's very important that we start making

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better choices. So you want to give them some sweet, you give them an apple, you give them an orange, you give them a date,

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dates, so you substitute it with what is real food and you just take out the fake food.

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And this is the little advice that I'm sharing with you guys. I think anything we can do that will reduce sugar consumption is worth trying. It's education that must lead to a change in our sugary drink drinking habits, reprogramming parents.

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And I've really been

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benefiting from this tremendously. And I've gotten to sit with some very knowledgeable people in the field shakes in this field. You want to say people who are our scholars in the area of nutrition, and I'm passing that information along to you so you can benefit you can start doing

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homework, start making a change and there is going to be no time lost and putting in the effort to educate yourself, your families so you can go ahead and tremendously benefit and avoid potential harm and falling into that 50% of people living today who are going to have cancer who are going to end up dying from it also by giving you the homework to watch the documentaries the truth about cancer global quest on YouTube please watch that. Watch fed up the documentary fed up. Start off with these are very important. And again reliance on the almighty make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts and minds to this, and then start doing the legwork. Start doing the homework,

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and let's start to develop nutritional integrity and what is it at the end eating real food the way not nature intended but the way God intended the way Allah the Almighty Creator intended for us to eat real food and avoiding fake food. That's it simple as that. I love you guys. That's why I'm sharing this information. And subscribe if you haven't already. I did an episode on real milk, the benefits of it and watch that. That's this week's show. Until next time, we're going to continue on bringing you some good information on the topic. God will inshallah until next time, Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you