Abu Bakr Zoud – How a sin may lead a person to the Paradise

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of forgiveness from a previous incident and describes the negative consequences of falling into sin. They also talk about the concept of a blind eye and the need for forgiveness to overcome one's pride. The speaker emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and clarifies the concept of a vault.
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Have you suddenly said this week we stole through a book on seeking loss forgiveness? What do you think about forgiveness from from sins that you have committed? In other words, the point is, people will fall into sin. This is human nature. If you don't fall into sin, you're a prophet. And it's not going to happen. For every one of us. We all fall into sin. But x had an ami homolog. He says, he's walking away with a senior. He says, For best, he added a collar to Roger and hannity agenda, or per se, but has added in at holiday mode and now, not me. He said, Sometimes a sin could be a reason for why a person enters the paradise. I said it correctly. And sometimes a hustler could be a reason for

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why one enters, shutting them on every level. But what does this mean me?

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tell you about him alone. And he described this he said that when a person commits a sin, what happens after it of regret, sadness, worry, remorse. Turning to Allah is still for dolder, * a loss aversion, dropping into servitude, crying, begging a boss to forgive the sin. And all of that that you did after the sin was the reason for why you entered the paradise. And this is what a lot of soldiers really wanted to see.

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A humiliated sleeve before his head. This is what I wanted to see. And on the other side I posted

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but then after that develop arrogance, when all I did something with the brother, what do you do?

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And you start developing this arrogance on the wall. I've done a lot of them alone. I'm Anna, I'm the one who got up at night, made a creed I came to the masjid people can see me and I'm always here. You know, and I feel bad if I miss a day because one of the boys gonna talk about me. He's has an art of law's look at the arrogance that it developed inside of you to the point where through the posted agenda, whatever the net now, please understand. It's not about the hustle and the CEO that you do what it has said or what is it doing to you was senior What is it doing to you? If a say yeah, if the scene because there is not a single person among us, even the most knowledgeable among

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us, even the most fearful of us to a lot of solution that sitting among us.

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As much as he protects himself. He needs to fall in touch with that he will.

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There is a moment of reflection and awareness and heedlessness that you'll fall into. There is a shadow of a desire a temptation that you will fall into. There is a moment of love and anger in which you will fall into as I

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mentioned, for the IDs, everyone is going to call it we're all going to test it in them. But how do you react to the hustler? The believer to the Savior? The believer is supposed to respond to a car. They're supposed to be like emergency alarm bells ringing in rush to at least

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rush Dola like more know how

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to stop.

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Seek a loss forgiveness. Ask Him to forgive you begging him to forgive you. As a result of observation wouldn't just say oh, I forgive you. Yeah.

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He is so happy with the servants forgiveness seeking forgiveness and repentance that allows solution does beyond what you're going to expect. beyond what you expect.

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You own allows oceans pleasure. A lot of solipsism that area. You will see the center Alec Amidala He will send the sky upon you in abundance. He didn't see your ceiling Aleykum he'll send water on you. Why do we live in it? He said you will see the center. A center everything of goodness in the skies. As we said the mercy the angels who care the rain over you'll send it with water. Frequently time after time it doesn't stop. We did come down while

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you did come Yani you did commit they will stretch you out as far as the eye can see with man money. First you mentioned a senate which refers to water because water is the reason for money. When water comes down things grow people so they make money. Right? That's the only the chronological order of this. We did come get what they need and children were kidnapped. The gardens will come back to life.

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The strings and the rivers and the ponds and all of that would be flogged for that.

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Once again because of what is the vault

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