Has Allah Responded To Your Dua

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is a name of a solid and this is found in the hadith of Abu Holroyd, audibly Allahu Han, he said that the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah said Kasam to select a beanie you are Bina Abdeen Steen that I divided a solid, meaning the Third Eye divided between me and my sleeve in half. So when the sleeve says Alhamdulillah I mean, Allah says Hamadani Abdi, Allah says, this is a conversation, there is a dialogue. You need to feel this when you're reading solitons in order for it to have an effect on you, and treat your stress and your calamities and also your depression and your anxiety. When you say All praise belongs to the Lord of the Worlds, Allah would say Hamadani

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Abdi, my sleeve has shown gratitude to me. You know what that means? It means that Allah has acknowledged your gratitude towards him. You know, often most of the times we sit down and we say, Did Allah hear our praise? Did Allah recognize it? Does Allah He can Allah He does he know that I'm praising him and thanking him? Yes. In surah, Al Fatiha he says, Hamadani have the my sleeve has been grateful to me.

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So Allah azza wa jal acknowledges it. Then when the slave says, Manuel Rahim,

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Allah azza wa jal says, asna Allah, you have the my slave has praised me. Once again, Allah acknowledges your praise of him. You don't worry to say Did Allah He did he acknowledge Did he accept from me? You just be concerned about reading alpha. And the responses there? Yes, Allah azza wa jal has acknowledged your praise of him. When the sleeve says murli Kiyomi Deen Allah subhanahu wa taala says Masha Danny Abdi mice sleeve has glorified men on it me and Allah has acknowledged your glorification of him. And when the sleeve says he cannot do the work, he can assign You alone we worship and You are alone we seek your help. Allah subhanahu wa taala says heavy being the new

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abena Abdi Ali Abdullah Sal, That's between me and my sleeve. Look at the conversation now. It's become personal. It's like Allah is saying This is between you and I. No one's involved in this. This is between you and B. And for you is what you ask. You haven't even asked yet. The asking of guidance is coming next in a circle booster team. But because you've shown gratitude to Allah by saying that hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and you've praised Allah and you've glorified Him by saying Allah Manuel Rahimi Maliki oh me Dean. Now Allah subhanahu wata, Allah is happy with the servant. He's pleased with the servant to the point where he says, and for my servant is whatever he asks

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for, you're in a position to ask now. So when the slave says it did not follow up on the team, guide us to the straight path. So Alta Lavina and I'm telling him well, you didn't Malibu Valley him, went to Bali and guide us to the straight path, guide us to the path that you have those who viewed bestowed Your favor and your mercy upon other than the path of those who earned Your anger and your earth and those who are misguided. Allah subhanho wa Taala says heavy Helia Abdi wali Abdi, Marisol, that is for my slave and surely for him is what he requested. And Allah azza wa jal continues to give us guidance, whether you realize or you don't. That's because you're reading solar till at

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least 17 times a day in your salon. And you ask, Why am I here tonight? Why have I chosen on a Friday night to come and sit when I could have done a million other things and listen to the word of Allah being recited and being explained? You know why? Because perhaps during this day, Allah azza wa jal, he heard that he did not follow up on Mr. Team of yours, and he's guided you. He guided you to this event, so you can eat something that will benefit you in your relationship with Allah. Allahu Akbar.