How to overcome depression, anxiety, and distress.

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I want to make a point. But listen to this very carefully. In the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala said the salted Maresh in Al Insana, Holika halwa. The human being was created anxious. He's always terrified and worried and scared of the future. Either I'm Associate losers who are whenever he is afflicted with evil, sickness, poverty, loss of wealth and health loss of a loved one, a parent or child, no matter what the case is, how does he respond? He says, He is impatient, he becomes scared, and he becomes worried, and he loses hope of any good happening to him. That's the human being. Why is someone failed him and why? And if he was touched with goodness, then he will hold you stingy,

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he's miserly. That's the human being. Allah azza wa jal said Ill mousseline except for those who are committed to their Salaat Allah who will give them the strength and the ability for them to overcome the calamities and the anxiety and depression and distress in their life. The more solid you have in your life obligations, voluntary prayers, and with the sooner

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the more control you have over your stress and calamity and anxiety, and the less solid you have in your life, then you will be overcome by your distress and anxiety and by your depression. Now, why did I share this with you? Because at the core of a solid is Suhler 230. That's the core of the Select. Therefore, what gives you control over your calamities and your distress and anxiety

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and over your depression is Surah Fatiha and this is why Surah Al Fatiha itself is called a solid is a name of a solid