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The transcript describes a segment of a Bible where the foremost title is Surah Agenzia, and the title is a parable about the history of the Bible. The title is not related to any particular candidate or position, and the title is not related to any particular position or position.

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bla said I'm on a comb Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh and welcome back. Today inshallah together we're going to ponder over the last verse of Surah Agenzia chapter number 45 Verse number 37, in which the Almighty Allah says, Allah who will carry

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woofie Surma to you or who who allows ease will Heike

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and Kibriya pride

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honor and majesty who else is more worthy than the Almighty Allah to possess such pride? None. So the Almighty Allah said this ayah by the end of Surah puja Thea after he settled Hello Jana already in paradise and hello not already in hellfire. And then the iron before the willows of paradise, they thank the Almighty Allah for saving them for giving them salvations for admitting them to Jana they said Valley line handle, rob this summer to build out the ROB Bill al Amin. In the Almighty Allah declares the pride, whether in the heavens or earth, all belongs to Allah alone. Well, who Allah has ease will Hakeem and he's the Almighty, the old wise, there is a certain Hadith collected

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by a Muslim, narrated by Maria or the Allah in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam colts, Allah speaking about Al Kibriya,

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which is pride, and Allah is, which is honor. So the Prophet sallallahu selama says that the Almighty Allah says, Allah is who is Edie or Kibriya or IDI Manjunatha zero only if you were hitting him in Houma. *a Zepto

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the Almighty Allah says, Honor is all mine. Like the izhar of a person, you don't share your izhar with anyone else. It only belongs to you. The izhar is a lower garment, it only belongs to you. Well, you better understand Allah is not talking about an outfit for himself. He's talking about you know the similarity. Like one of us whenever you have private outfit, no one shares it with you. Only one person wears it. Similarly, the honor belongs only to multi Allah

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and Allah Kibriya the pride belongs only to the Almighty.

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Allah and he's most worthy want to possess them. And then he said, Whoever vies with me concerning any of them, I will put him into torment, I will punish him.

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And on the other hand, the Prophet sallallahu has sent him source to Allah Mandawa barley Allah here Rafa. he who humbles himself before the Almighty Allah, He who shows humanity before the Almighty Allah, whether while treating others or why in worship in the Almighty Allah, Allah Almighty promises to raise such person into higher ranks, tourism into higher ranks, whether in the life of this world or in the Hereafter. Why because he is a humble person. He knows his limitations. He knows that he has a beginning and has an end and is very weak and vulnerable and he totally relies upon and Muhtar Kent bear.

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The one who possesses all pride and honor the most exalted the Almighty Allah.

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Look, man, all Hakeem there is a surah in the Quran. It's called surah. Look, man, this wise man.

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The Quran recounted him advice in his son with beautiful advices with coil a local man who live in Hawaii. Among the beautiful advices of Lachman to his son, he said while Tusshar arrow hada Kaelin as you will time she filled out the Marwaha in Hola Hola, yo, hey beaucoup, move.

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The whole

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lot also have heard daiquiri nurse, look at the exhibition sometimes when a person is speaking, and he shown arrogancy it goes like this, and he raises his shake up.

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Do not do that.

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And do not deal with people with arrogance. And do not work on Earth with insolence and pride. Because indeed, Allah doesn't like such person. Allah doesn't like the person who shows arrogance and pride. You know, in the Hadith,

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, a person who has even an atom Wait, Kim

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shall not enter paradise. Keep arrogance, pride. Why do you show arrogance? Why do you show such pride? Who are you?

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While you cannot fathom casual? Well, Hiroki, je Fatone medulla. Samantha? Vina Gallica? Well, they gotta be louder, like the beginning is a disgusting spirit.

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And by the end, when you're buried, your body will decay, the composed and the oldest thing. And in between you me and every human being in our bellies, we carry what we carry what we excrete, and it stinks faeces, isn't it in the large intestine? So are you you're a person who is totally dependent upon your candidate. Know your limitations. When Allah Almighty

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quoted in the Quran about the Pharaoh, the forest said to Musa enter, the people are not a book or Mallanna I'm your lord the Most High and he wanted to prove that he said, Because I lay Salomon Kilminster our hottie Hill and hardwater dream in taty. Don't they possess the whole of Egypt? Look, rivers are flowing from beneath my palace. The Almighty Allah caused him to drown in the water.

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Because he vied with Allah He competed with Allah in his quality of pride.

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And Nimrod

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we debated with Ibrahim Ali Salam on Abraham said, My Lord is the one who gives life and death. And he also still argued, he said, I give life and death. So Ibraheem Alehissalaam utterly defeated him by saying that my Lord brings a son from the east, effectively having a mockery, can you bring it once from the west? For will you tell the kafir but he did not admit yet. So Allah subhanaw taala punished him in this life. Why humiliated him with a fly the internet from his nose into his brain. Subhanallah Mandawa la de la Hoya Rafa, he who humbles himself before Allah, indeed Allah we're raising into higher ranks. May Allah grant us the quality of humility and humbleness was said Mr.

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