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The conversation covers the history and character of various figures and their significance to the culture of the time. The discussion highlights the importance of authentic hadiths and the history of the title of the book Heidi's Mecca. The segment also touches on the confusion surrounding various claims made by individuals and the importance of understanding the presence of a creator and the need for deeper understanding of the concept of clutter.

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So firstly let's start off with the actual name of his book. Ignacio Rahim Allah, he mentioned in his Nakajima phulbari that the actual name of the book was a genuine missionary in Hadith he Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sunni he was a young that it was the all encompassing compilation of narrations from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his traditions and his days. However, there is a small difference of opinion actually one of the scholars, he mentioned a different name to this book. And he said a jungle must never face a lot more than a sort of life and a lot of it was and then as soon as he what am that the name of the book is the outcome,

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encompassing compilation of authentic the all encompassing, authentic compilation that is summarized, sorry that summarizes the affairs of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his traditions and his days. So these are the two titles which are given to the book and we'll lozada on them which was the more correct one, but half of them the huddle Rahim Allah chose the first one over the letter.

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Now what was the exact reason that email and vokalia Rahim Allah chose to compile this work email in Makati about him Allah Himself explicitly mentioned two reasons. And like we mentioned yesterday email over Korea Rahim Allah He mentioned he met him spent some time in his abode. Studying with the chef is half of Nora Hawaii. And the sakura Hawaii was a hadith scholar in his own right, homie Macario Rahim Allah benefited greatly from ANSYS ml Bukhari respected him and valued His Word. So one day when he's talking about how he mentioned that it would be nice to see if someone could compile all the authentic hadith and a summarized manner pertaining to the traditions of the Prophet

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sallallahu it was sent him he just said this as a general comments. So now I will call you Rahim Allah, he said, Look, I got a call the first of January January.

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He said that and this statement is fell into my heart It took a place in my heart. So I took it upon myself to compile this all encompassing volume or compilation of authentic hadith. And likewise, if mahadji Rahim Allah He mentions another chain of narration, leading back to the moment of Makati, where he said, I saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam standing, and I was in front of him. And in my hands was a fan that you know, the small Chinese finds something to that, to that extent, where he was just waving towards the filesystem, sending him some form of wind and just protecting the flies from his face as well. So he goes, I asked some of the dream interpreters pertaining to

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this. And he goes, what this means is that you shall be waving away the lies, which will be spread upon the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So these are the two narrations that even if he Rahim, Allah mentioned as being the reasons of compensation of Sahil Bukhari, the first one being that it was a request from the chef is Taka Nora Hawaii, Rahim Allah, Allah. And the second was what she witnessed in the dream of defending the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from these lies.

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So, the next thing that we want to take this into his IRA was his methodology. In compiling this work. Obviously, as we know, this is a very expansive and a very intricate compilation of Hadith. To the degree that we mentioned yesterday, it is called the most authentic compilation after the Quran, right? So turn this title, obviously, some very intuitive measures had to have taken place. So the first thing that we note from Sahara Bukhari is that Mr. vokalia Rahim Allah only for those that Hades in it, which he found to be authentic, and we mentioned the conditions of authenticity yesterday. So he looked at these conditions, and tried to implement them to the most severe degree,

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where he would look at all the narrator's and would not be dealt with even one of the nurses or even any aspects of the narrator's means that he would only take those narrations from the narrators of or the utmost reliable of narrators. So that's it. This is the first thing to keep in mind.

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And the second thing to keep in mind was the sincerity that he has towards Allah subhana wa Tada. Email vokalia Rahim Allah. He compiled a lot of this work while he was in Makkah, so he goes off to kisaragi agenda is Michigan haraam magical Sufi Hadees and festa is the Han Solo has either a Sunday to record pain or suffering with what a console

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So has he, right? So he goes, that I compiled to this work or I establish this work agenda so he means to his body in mosquito Haram in Makkah, and I did not enter a single Hadith into this compilation until I had sought guidance from Allah subhanho wa Taala and prayed for a cause of guidance, hoping that Allah subhanaw taala would guide me to it, and I did not enter it in until I was sure of his authenticity.

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So another thing that Mr. McCarty Ramallah distinguished himself from the other compilers of Hadith is that he was granted an insight into the narrator's that even due to his extensive traveling, and to the reading of the extensive scholars of Hadith and meaning the extensive narrators of Hadith, he was able to distinguish with his own views. By distinguished with his insight, the strong Navy Raiders from the weak narrator's and the people who are very proficient in the wording of the Hadith and those who are not sufficient. So like we see a moment vokalia Rahim Allah, He distinguished between these things, and he would only take from the people who were close to perfect, and the

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narrations not only in the wording, but they were also known to have very strong memories. And likewise, he was granted

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corn which is a precision in finding weaknesses, right. So he took out all the headings even though it won't make the cyber deficiencies won't make this mega Hadith week, but he took out any Hadith that would have the smallest bit of deficiency in it.

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Another thing, that email recorder him alleged singlish himself with from the other scholars was the extensive research and searching that he did for this hadith. So from the well we'll call his own mouth, we see that he said that I compiled a genius from 600,000 A Heidi over a period of 16 years. And I placed it as a proof or I placed it in hopes of being approved which we need and Allah subhanho wa Taala so we see from this, that Imam Al Bukhari Rahim Allah, He travels throughout the lines, searching for as many of the authentic hadith as he could, up until he reached 600,000. And once he reached 600,000, he chose from those, those which were the most authentic, that fits that

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would fit his needs. Remember, he gave the book a title, and he was trying to describe the traditions of the facade to them in the way he acted, and how he spent his days and how the battles were spent, and these type of things right. So after trying to find all the IDs that would fit this title emammal Bukhari Rahim Allah chose those selected amount of Hadith and we'll get to the exact number of Hadith Sahih Bukhari inshallah which will follow soon.

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And to mention one more thing that distinguishes Sahara Bukhari from the rest of the compilations is that Sohail Buhari is a compilation that was very unique in the sense that we mentioned yesterday that the, the lesser the number of narrators, and a chain of narration in a given Hadith, in the chain of narration, the higher status this hadith earns. So emammal, before his face, was the only compilation that had more than two or three, right mlms bucarest compilation, it had 22, a hadith that only had three people between him and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Or as a Muslim, he might have had one or two, and somebody might have had one, and the rest of the competition's had none. So

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we see this another thing that distinguished Sahil Bukhari from the rest of the narrators. So the lowest amount of narratives between Mr. Liberal Party and the province of alojado, cinemas three, and there are 22 IDs like this, as for the longest, it's not that you will find a sizable carry, meaning that the most number of narrators between him and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is nine people. And this is the Hadith pertaining to the fitness of George George. So now we go on to the next thing and that is what is the exact number of a hadith in Sahih al Bukhari. Now this is another interesting discussion which again, due to lack of time, we won't be able to discuss in too

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much detail, but you will find various narrations as to how many of these are actually found in Sahil Bukhari. This is due to the fact that Sahil boccardi not only encompasses narrations of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but also narrations of the companions. And some of the students of the companions of the companions. These are the own. So when some of these scores they counted, these are high they didn't. They didn't include the statements of the companions or the statements of the students of the companions. And likewise, there are different

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forums that Imam Al Bukhari Rahim Allah narrated a hadith in some of Hadith, he will mention the whole is not. And this will be a form of Hadith that all of them would include. But some of the ideas that Mr. Bukhari narrated, he wouldn't mention the total, he wouldn't mention, he said, he would just say that it was mentioned from the Posada, and he said it was found in the collection, and the chain of narration is found earlier. However, the level of authenticity was still the same, and they were all the same in degree of authenticity. So that's why you find that Al Horford Masada Rahim Allah which was, he's a reputable man in Hades itself. And he has a book called mapa de

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maturin, Salah hotel kita, boo Salah, which is an extensive work and have his terminology, meaning that this was one of the books that was first written that all the scholars later expanded upon when, when discussing issues of like, how do you know a hadith is sufficient, and when you know it's weak, and what is it that distinguishes the types of weakness in terms of the lease and their size, and Eva and stuff like that? So it was the work of the Masada and he was like we said, his work was the foundation for the science known as masala, Alhaji he said that the study of Emanuel Bukhari Rahim Allah had 7257 Hadith in it. But when Mr. manoli Rahim Allah did the counts of Haile Bukhari,

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the count that he gave was 7397. And this is the opinion that talkative Niger Rahim Allah seems to lean towards, in his introduction to Sahil Buhari. Now going on to the next point, and that is the status of Sahih al Bukhari, in amongst the other books of Hadith.

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And to summarize the statement of Imam I know we Rahim Allah.

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And as we know, a man would know he, he did an explanation of a Muslim, right? So in his estimation of timeless and he wrote in the in the introduction, that no matter how good this book of Mr. Muslim, maybe the book that is closer to the truth and more authentic than it and is foremost in its in its writing, and in its closeness to the prophets of La Jolla center is the book of Al Bukhari, which likewise has the most benefits in it will Allahu Tiana on so these are just some of the benefits I thought we would we can take from the compilation of the Mount lukari so I thought we could we just take some of the explanations of Sahara Bukhari the most famous and most renowned

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explanation of Sahara Bukhari was first full body and this was written by an Hafez will for the aftermath of Mali a massager Alaska and he died in the year 852. And he was born in the year 773. And this is probably the best explanation in terms of includes all the different sciences that one can use in explaining something. Use the sciences of linguistics, use Hadith to explain other hudy he used, like his intellect and his philosophy, his ability to philosophize and explain the Hadees And likewise, he use the ability to relate to the Quran and the Sunnah together to explain the Hadith. So this we find was the most beneficial and the most, they don't become the most renowned

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explanations of Sahil Bukhari another explanation of Sahih Bukhari is something which is called is the short course on the takari by Allah burdine Muhammad Muhammad Allah, who died in the year 155. To repeat his name, he was the budget of Deen, Muhammad, Muhammad and the hiney, who died in the year 855 and was born in the year 762. And what he did in his explanation is he tried to concentrate more upon the Jewish foreign Jewish current rulings that were found in Sahih al Bukhari and try to extract some of the benefits that we find in it. Now, this was found in 25 parts, which is printed in 13 volumes. And I forgot to mention that first delivery is in 13 volumes as well and including

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its introduction becomes 14 volumes. So now going on, on to the third and inshallah the last explanation or the last explanation of server query that we will be taking for today. And that is our shadow study, by the great scholar, she has been hammered in Mohammed Al hottie, Allah kasarani, who died in the year 923. And his explanation is very summarized and very short. And he, he extracted most of his work from first full body. And so these are the three explanations

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which have become more renowned in our times. There is another explanation called futsal buddy which was written by me

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when I was written by Mr. Raja, and somebody Rahim Allah Allah. However, if marriage of Rahim Allah passed away before he could complete his work, so it is not considered a complete explanation of Sohail Bukhari but rather it is just partial, which is available in about six to eight volumes. However, from what the scholars have said, How diviner Raja Ramallah completed this explanation, it would have been the most detailed and the most encompassing explanation of Al Bukhari. As we mentioned previously, during one's search of knowledge and one's quest of knowledge. He will come across various people, you will come across acquaintances, and companions, and well wishes, but at

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the same time a person will come across people who will be envious, annual hate, and will be jealous of what a person may achieve. And a memorable party Rahim Allah, having reached the station that he had achieved in knowledge, in his love and implementation of the center, and the prestige and nobility amongst the people. He developed many enemies and people who had hatred towards him as well.

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So when even Alhaji Rahim Allah used to travel through the different lines, people used to come and they used to test him. And one of the most noble tests, kind of landlording that's truly amazing. If you think about it was something that took place in the city of Bogota were 10 of the Maha DeSoto 10 of the Hadith scholars came to a memorable party about him Allah and they started to test him a scholar would give 10 to Heidi with a mutton and a Senate. Okay, that we mentioned, the Senate is the chain of narration where it mentions all the people and you must end is the actual text of the Haji so the took these 10 Heidi's mixed up their machines and the sentence meaning that they took a

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sentence of Hadith one with the mention of Hadith 10 and put together and call it a hadith. So 10 people did this trim party mean altogether, you have 100 Heidi, right with different methods and centers. And he presented it to email as well. Sorry about him all lozada. So the each narrated him married to him all these ladies. And they're like, okay, now you being the meal and what meaningful Hadith tell us of all of the Hadith with their correct chains of narrations and recrossed. Howdy. So Mr. McCarty, and it is something being very minute and simple to him, just, you know, snap his finger and the 100 a hadith came out with the correct change of narration and all the Hadith in this

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place. For you look at it from our perspective, at least, I could probably narrow it to a Heidi mixed up there assignees and Muslims, and I don't think anyone in the room would get it, just due to the fact that having living in living in the West, our minds have become used to understanding rather than memorization, we've learned to memorize formulas and implement those formulas into theories and derive knowledge from that. Whereas Islamic knowledge has more of an emphasis on memorization and is more precise. So this we may not we would not be able to do it. But remember him Allah also being happy to dunya one of the titles that he was given any department preserver or

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memorizer of this dunya he was able to do it very simply. So when a person is granted to such talent and such capabilities, it is only normal that other people will become jealous jealous of him.

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So there was a scholar

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by the name of Yeshua,

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who was a contemporary of Imam Al Bukhari Rahim, Allah Hosanna. And basically, he was another scholar in his own writing, and he was an email as I understand, he was renowned for his fearless pilots, and his ability to narrate Hadees, and so on and so forth. But being human at the end of the day, he was unable to control his emotion towards email recording.

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So that having been said, that was the scenario between my Liberal Party and yahia as they were contemporaries, they're both scholars in their own right. Both narrators of Heidi, both well respected, both from good families and whatever the case may be. Well, obviously, mom was the party becoming the up and coming.

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Whatever, meaningful Howdy, he became jealous of him. So that's what the relationship was between the two. Now to give you a background scenario, what exactly is going on? During this time the ambassador has taken over the Philippines during the time of the management. And

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the Ibis is what they did was, they wouldn't take their knowledge or their primary knowledge of belief from the Quran and the Sunnah, but rather what they did was they tried to take a portion of the Quran and the Sunnah, and likewise, they took some Greek

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Philosophy and mythology and try to put it together. So they try to understand that the Quran and the Sunnah, not the way the Sahaba and the older generations understood it or the lavon home, but rather they tried to interpret it with their own intellect, and with what they are introduced from Greek mythology, mythology and so on and so forth. So during the time of Lima mathema Rahim Allah one of the biggest trials for the people that the hirasawa put the scholars through, was testing the people through the query creation of the Quran.

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Now from an Islamic perspective, our belief pertaining to the Quran was that the Quran is the speech of Allah subhana wa tada that was sent down by Allah with the Djibouti it is to them to the prophets of Allah and he will send them It started from Allah subhanho wa Taala and he shall return to Him. Right? And we worship Allah subhana wa tada by reading it. And likewise Allah Spanos, Allah is going to preserve it. So this is the belief of the Muslims pertaining to the Koran. Now what the obverse is did at this time or jazz era, specifically, they said that no, the Quran is not the Kalam of Allah, but rather it is something creative. So they're trying to negate one of the attributes of

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Allah subhanaw taala, which is the ability of speech from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what they did was any person who said that the Quran is not created, they would whip them, lash them, torture them, imprison them, and just treat them in a very despicable manner, no matter who they were. So anyone who disagreed with us at that time, was bound for some sort of mistreatment. Now, there were some scholars at that time, who were clever,

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where they didn't lie, but they weren't exactly speaking the shoes. So when it was mentioned to them, is the Quran created. They would say that the Quran, the engine, the Torah, and is aboard, are all created, and it already is that all this is created. And obviously they weren't referring to to the speech of Allah subhanaw taala, but rather rather they were referring to the fingers. So they would deceive the people in that manner. That way, they would get out of the of the punishment to the left of the Center for that they wouldn't be tortured. And likewise, they didn't lie either by saying that the Quran was created. So there were people who did this. Now I won't say trickery, but

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this form of deception at least. So at this time, the scholar who became most renowned for this nice treatment, and who remains for him was Mr. Mathematica humble Rahim, Allah husana semana. He didn't agree with this form of deception, but rather he stood firm to the truth. And every time he was asked, he will say that the Quran is the speech of Allah subhanaw taala from in him it began into him. It's a return. So now this fitna, I just read it across the Muslim lines. Like we mentioned previously, Rahim Allah, He died in the year 248. And as we will consume come to know the amount of authority Rahim Allah, He died in the year 256. So there's only a an eight year differential between

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email and body and email document. So as soon as spread across some some lines, it eventually re reached a mobile carrier.

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So now Yeah, he has only being the end, this man of email will sorry about him Hema lozada He's like, let me take advantage of the situation, I want to become the more renowned scholar, I'm just as good as him I know as much as he does. So let me try to find some way to discredit email body. So one day a man will call to him Allah, he was asked about his position pertaining to the Quran being created. And he said that the Quran is the column of Allah. But the actions of men are created, meaning that the recitation is something which is created. So what he has already did now was that he took the statement misinterpreted, and he's misquoted and whatever. And he said that in our

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record, he says, that the Quran is now created, meaning that he has become a person of innovation, meaning that we warned him against him, and we abandon his circles of knowledge. So that quickly spread amongst the people you know, when you have an icon amongst the people, he will spend spread the smallest life, they'll reach across the world in a matter of seconds. Right and this is what happened with email nobody.

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So in Albuquerque Rahim, Allah was in the support where Yeah, he has ever lived. And he this is what he used to give us circles. And he used to have the biggest of circles without adults. So when this happened, so he went to all the students have had it and spread it amongst them, saying that the mountains were part he said that the Quran is created, it is no longer permissible to sit with him, as this makes a person from the people of innovation and we can seek our knowledge from a person of innovation or a person whose creed is incorrect. So as that spread, the people eventually started abandoning email body with the exception of two people from

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The most notable of them was a Muslim Rahim Allah Allah. And we mentioned interesting points soon about a Muslim and his relationship to this scenario. But basically, as this happens, and people are banned in the amount of Bukhari and they support a man because he said it would be best for him to go off to another place. So the people of color icons, they were, you know, looking for people of knowledge. So they said, the invite email Bukhari you know, come to seminars, and we'll take care of you. And you can teach us from what you know. So just as email McQuarrie here are two separate icons, slowly but surely, the fitness follows him wherever he went. So some of these students that

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they followed, you know, 42 seconds. And they said, you know, Mr. Bukhari, he says, The Quran is created, so you can sit with him Don't take Hadith from him. So this, again, this these statements, they spread around, and people one by one, they left the circles in our party. Again, Mr. McCarty is left in a situation where he wants to teach the people good, he wants to teach people to fight, but no one is taking him taking it from him, due to this lie that's being spread. And this goes to show that no matter how person, a novel a novel, a person may be, that a person will always believe something false about them. And the most ideal example of this and we see it in the seal of the

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house of aloha new center was the closer to the edge of Ashura de la vida, when the people accused her or slandered her that she committed adultery. And Allah subhana wa, tada proved her innocence. So just like in that scenario, we know that I showed you lohana was the purest of individuals, yet people started to believe, due to the widespread gossip and slandering of the people that she had committed adultery. So just like that happened in that time, same thing in the amount of time, people accused him of saying that the Koran was created. And even though he was a person of noble character, and he did have noble traits, and he was known for his truthfulness. I mean, how could a

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person No, not be known for truthfulness and be is called Hadith at the same time, right? So we see that this surely was slowly followed him everywhere he went. So in summary, the people were split up into two groups.

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One group that said, No, this is a lie, we're going to stay with the body and another group that said, No, we cannot sit with him, we can't marry from him anymore. So as this happens, battles started to break out between the people and email, we'll call it being the wise man that he was. He's like, Okay, I know, I don't want to call it causing more friction, friction and numa. I'm going to go on to another length. So he went to a city or a village by the name of heart attack, where he had relatives. So he went over there, and he's went and stayed with his relatives, and the only person who they really believed him at this time, or a few people from them was Mr. Muslim Rahim

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Allah. And the other one that we mentioned, was Aslan. So these two people are the only ones who were sitting and trying to benefit from him.

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Now, as all this happened, you can imagine the states that amount of Makati was from a psychological and a sentimental perspective, that he had become very upset that he wanted to go to the people he wanted to. He wanted to teach them the Quran and the Sunnah. But due to the slander that was being spread about him, he was unable to do so people started to believe the lies and he started to believe the slander and eventually he wasn't able to do that what he wanted to do most which was benefited the owner of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with his statements and his actions and his speech and his agreements and whatever the case may be. So, that having been said, When email

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Bokhari arrived in hertz in UK, he became sick and you could see the illness upon his face. And it was said that during the month of Ramadan, that email Bukhari Rahim Allah he got up for a family and he made a dua to Allah Subhana Allah. He said, Allah Houma for Dhaka chalet and Otto the Morocco but forbidden he like that Oh Allah. It is known how vast this earth may be. But indeed it has become congested for me. And what he meant that he had nowhere to go that there was nowhere to run to escape this fitna forbidden illich so take me back to you. So this is the daughter that email Bokhari Rahim Allah needs to Allah subhana wa Tada. Now the narrator of this narration, he goes that

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a month performance was not completed, except that Mr. McCarty Rahim Allah passed away on the night of evil fitter of so on. After selected Asia It is said that email Bukhari died in the year 256 Rahim Allah who often less than last year. Now, this hadn't been said, there are numerous lessons which are derived from this story alone. One is that

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tantalus Allah will try and will put people through tribulations and according to their email. Now we see that throughout life email of a party, he went through many trials and tribulations at a young tender age, his eyesight was taken away. After slowly after that his father passed away. Then I eventually as time went on, he continued to struggle through the struggles of seeking knowledge, the hardships that are involved in it, obviously, that didn't bother him as much. But then, as time went on, later on in his life, the struggle that he went through with the people, it was just too much for him and he couldn't handle it. So this we see that Allah subhanho wa Taala, he fulfills his

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promises. And he says in sorts of Anka booth, a Hershey bar Nursery in Utah, Laconia cola Amanda, afternoon, that is mankind's think that they will be left to say that we believe the additional Detroit electronica is asking rhetorical question here. And this is what we see that the people whom are less finalists I love the most. And this is a hadith Allah Bukhari narrates that when Allah subhanaw taala wishes good for people, he tries them. And this is what we see that happened to him out of Makati. He was tried. And he was attributed that the people abandoned him. People didn't believe him anymore. his credibility that he wants in overload and was a form of praise for him had

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now become shattered. He didn't have the trust of the people. So we see that a memorable party he had lost all that. But even after all that, we see that how times change very quickly after the death of a memorable 30 or Rahim Allah, the all the people who had wronged him. They realize the great mistake the grievous mistake that they did that they are done. The man that they had one called once called me on what meaningful Hadith was the same man that they were criticizing now for being a deviant. So you see that how things drastically changed overnight. So all these people who made the mistake osya has already any we're not too concerned about him, Rahim Allah, but rather his

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students who went around spreading the speech amongst the people. They were very grievious of what they did. So much so that they went it is in Amazon, you mentioned in Sierra Nevada, that they went to the grave of Makati asking for forgiveness and asking for repentance. And now the amazing thing about this is that when he went to his grave, they said that we could smell this fragrance that we had never smelled before we have never been shown before. And it was a fragrance of sweetness that one could smell from a distance away. So you see that even though last time I was either knew what the truth was over here. Yet the truth became clear to the people later on in life. So this shows

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another lesson in life, that even though sometimes we may judge a person not to be good, and we never really confirm what's really happened. Unless I know it's Allah will always make the truth prevail, whether in his presence or in his absence. The truth will always prevail, unless we have Sahih al Bukhari in our hands, due to the greatness that Mr. Vasari was granted. Right? And this is what we see that Allah subhanaw taala is the most adjust and adjust and adjust this will always prevail. So just like email, berkadia Rahim Allah was noble in his early years, and in his days of seeking of knowledge, and even when he became a great scholar in his own right, he was still

00:33:26--> 00:33:47

considered a novel. And during that short period of time, while the whole literally the whole world at that time I'd abandoned him after a short period of time, unless final data clarified and rectified his situation. And again, he became the noble character, the icon, and an exemplary standard for the Muslim oma Rahim, mahalo Erasmus and Masha.

00:33:48--> 00:34:24

Now I mentioned previously that the interesting notes and this shows again, the character of a mammal, we'll call it a mammal. Before we get to that, let's discuss in our Muslim again. So in my Muslim Rahim Allah, He narrated nine volumes was of a hadith from this man, yeah, he as early and as soon as he started his splits to spread the slander on the Imam of a party. He put those nine volumes back on a camera or a horse and send them back to you. He has only saying that I'm not going to narrate knowledge for men, slanders people, literally what he said.

00:34:25--> 00:34:30

Now email Makati Rahim Allah, He narrated from Yahoo as the holy as well.

00:34:32--> 00:34:59

Now, after this fit, notice tribulation occurred. What did the amount of a party do? like we mentioned previously, that amount of a party had an immense amount of respect for knowledge. He wasn't going to let knowledge be humiliated, just because of a child that he wants to do. So what email boycott he did was in his haste, you find, yeah, he has a holy Saudi. You will find it there. It's just that he uses the holy Scania No, he didn't use it.

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

First Name. So you see the pardoning of email and ohare, and the great amount of respect and the immense amount of nobility that he portrayed to acknowledge that it didn't matter even if the Hadith came from his enemies from his rivals, he will still narrate the Hadith, due to the immense amount of respect that he had for the knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah and His messenger. So this was the death of Imam Al Bukhari. And like we mentioned on the first night of soil the night of evil setup in the year 256 email McCarty Rahim Allah returned back to Allah subhana wa Tada. There are so many lessons that one can derive from his life that we would spend days just discussing those benefits

00:35:45--> 00:36:34

and those benevolence is but to quickly go over some of the things that we've benefited from this isn't Allahu taala The first of them is the sincerity that one needs to have far less genuine silence and how it is only through sincerity, that one will prevail in this dunya and in the aphylla. Now a memorable karate he collected 1000s of a hadith in his genuine space, or his competition of Howdy. And he narrates in which can be found in the Mahatma phulbari by the hotjar that I didn't introduce a single Hadith into my compilation or my collection, except that I prayed to Allah guys, obviously hora de la pena masala, asking, seeking His guidance, if I should introduce

00:36:34--> 00:37:06

this hadith. So let's just say there were about 7000 Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari, right? That means that amount of Hadith frayed 14,000 guys, tell us I know that I just seeking His guidance and asking him to help him if he should put this idea in his compilation of authentic hadith or not. So this shows the sincerity. That amount of Bukhari Rahim Allah hides towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we mentioned that sincerity is one of the reasons that Allah I know it's Allah raises the status of a people.

00:37:08--> 00:37:49

A second thing that we see from email, mobile buddy was his love for the dean and his sphere of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his fear of oppression and putting all these things together, just to sum it up. And like we mentioned, that it can be very seen in various aspects in his life, from the aspect of having the fear of falling into backbiting and his fear of passing knowledge, by not narrating for the sake of knowledge, but rather for the sake of the people. The fear that I write that scenario, knowledge from anyone, wherever it came from, his friends or his enemies, the younger the old, he will narrate from them as long as they fulfill his conditions. So this is what we see

00:37:49--> 00:38:37

from email rafati. And likewise, other characteristics we see from him is the patience during trials and tribulations that this tribulation followed him for approximately eight years. Like we mentioned from the title email Mohamad Rahim Allah till the time of his death for eight years, he stayed patient, right? And he turned to Allah subhanho wa Taala, asking for his help and his success. So from all of this, we see that a believer when he is tried and distributed, Allah subhanho wa Taala. He gives us a guidance in circles I thought of when he said, What's the I know the summary was solder in aloha enough? I mean, right? And he goes Allah Spanos, Allah says, and seek help. Right?

00:38:37--> 00:39:13

seek your assistance in prayer. Right? And seek your assistance by being patient, for Indeed Allah subhanaw taala is with the patient. So him Allah will call to him Allah, we see that he was a man who was patient, and he would sacrifice anything and everything for the sake of knowledge. We mentioned that he had money, he would give it in the way of Allah subhana wa Taala, to facilitate and to provide the needs and necessities of his brothers, right. So much so that he was left eating leaves, like we mentioned, and so much so that he would sell everything that he had, except for the clothes that he was wearing, just so that he could help his contemporaries in seeking knowledge or

00:39:13--> 00:39:58

help the poor people that needed money. Right. These are the things that we see from the life of the memorable Sati Rahim Allah. And just like in there was a great example in the prophets of Allah Han he was send them and likewise those who follow the example of the prophets of Allah when you send them, indeed in them is a great example, as well. And we see that Allah subhanaw taala, allowed the ability in email Bukhari to portray such an example for us. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant him the highest levels of those and to forgive him for all of his shortcomings. And with this, we conclude our session on the life of a mural. Not many infill, Hades, half of the dunya of Abdullah

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

Mohammed even a snail is

00:40:00--> 00:40:25

Ibrahim Abu mohila al Bukhari Rahim Allah ozada Tanaka lahoma will be handed a shadow La Ilaha Illa and a selfie Luca tsubo ilec and inshallah we'll take the remainder of the questions inshallah the questionnaire goes that we see that a mama Bukhari Rahim Allah He continued to narrow that one howdy from yahia, Rizzoli, even though he standard emammal Bokhari.

00:40:26--> 00:40:30

So now does this affect his trustworthiness or not?

00:40:32--> 00:40:38

From what we understand, obviously, this didn't affect his trustworthiness, as Imam Al Bukhari still continued to narrate from him.

00:40:39--> 00:41:04

And the actual conditioning or rajala Torah watch is not something that a person commits a sin once, then all of a sudden, we say he's not trustworthy anymore, right? But all of us, we make mistakes, Allah, Allah, that's just a lot. So then he said, kulu of now, item hataoka, find that all these children have item, they will make mistakes. So amount of authority over him will consider this a mistake, rather than

00:41:05--> 00:41:21

a continuation or a persistency and evil. And this is what we see from the other scholars as well, with the exception of Mr. Muslim who totally discredited him, and in all totality, but remember that heavier Rahim Allah, when he talks about, yeah, he has only in Sierra Nevada, he calls him

00:41:23--> 00:41:55

and he's someone who's sick, and someone who's trustworthy, and he was known for his piety and righteousness, but he fell into this mistake, like we mentioned, and it was a human mistake. So um, Allah subhanaw taala, forgive him and the thing Okay, pertaining to the trials and how he defended himself, then a person who has been slandered. You can say as many times as you like, I'm innocent. I'm innocent, I'm innocent. But once people have started to believe that you're that you've been convicted, and you've been incriminated, no one's gonna believe you. And this is what happened with the mango party, that only those people who truly knew him. They were the only ones who believed

00:41:55--> 00:42:32

him. Whereas the people who were just there selected the UN only accompanied him from time to time they didn't believe him. So this is how he defended himself. Again, it was to Nova. Some of the teachers have emailed Makati, especially a resort and I will hide the morality they believed that this is what we know from the from some of his teachers, as far as his students don't recollect any statements at the moment. telemovie or some of the other students with the exception exception of the Muslim like I don't know where he might attend maybe. And then the say in the Civil War during the time when the fitness law No, like we said the origin of the slander was jealousy. Right? The

00:42:32--> 00:43:08

reason that the slander was spread was for the sake of jealousy. So they didn't really take into consideration why he believed why he might have said that, and again, Mr. McCarty never said that the Quran was created. He said that the recitation or the action of the slave is created. And they misinterpreted and distorted the statement to make it seem that email thought he said that the Quran was created. So remember what he never originally said that the Quran was created. But what they did was they distorted it, and spread it amongst the people. So As for why they believed in how they believed it, I don't know how all of it. Right. We mentioned previously that Mr. Mohammed Rahim,

00:43:08--> 00:43:50

Allah, he was tributed and tried with the same experience, but he never gave us meaning that he was put through prison. He was lashed until he would pass out. But he stayed persistent upon the truth. And as we see that Allah subhanaw taala gives us around so much so that he was given the title of Imam as a member. And as soon as he was Gemma, just due to the fact that it seemed as if he was the only person left from 100 Synology mindgenius. And obviously, everything is created by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this was back to exactly they wanted to, just to continue on my point, that amount of authority, created right wrote a book called Hulk was delivered, that the creation of the

00:43:50--> 00:44:09

actions of the slaves of Allah, in which he mentioned how all of our actions are created. And this is actually our belief pertaining to clutter, that everything that we do in terms of actions is created by a list of hundreds either, and everything that happens is by his will alone. So remember, Claudia Hilda he wrote this book as the reputation of those people who didn't

00:44:10--> 00:44:11

agree with his stance.

00:44:13--> 00:44:56

So back to the point of the verses and the Montecito. They didn't want to hear that the Quran was the characteristic or the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala due to the fact that they had a methodology pertaining to understanding the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. As for the cinema Gemma what we say is that we affirm for less tanoa to Allah, what Allah and His Messenger sallallahu Sallam affirmed for him and we negate for Allah subhana wa Tada, which Allah and His Messenger negated for him is our belief or as they would say, that you are whatever let's find out what Allah says in the Quran, then we can't accept it as it is. We always have to find some sort of

00:44:56--> 00:44:59

way out of it. Because if we did, if we accepted it the way it is,

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

That means either we would be assimilating a lot with Christian. Like we know when the left panel data says that he hears, right. When anyone hears this, Does any of us think that his hearing is like hearing, like our hearing? Of course not. But they said that in order to avoid this misconception, we have to negate the concept of hearing from him in totality. This is what they did. And to actually find the fifth teachings of integral theory. If you just look at Sahil Bukhari, some of the chapter headings that he gives in sample buddy, this, he felt that he understood from the mid and from the Quran. So even though he was a student of EMI mathematics, he didn't necessarily agree

00:45:39--> 00:46:03

with him and Mohamad and all his opinions, but again, the foundations of all the medipol the same, that they all took the Quran and the Sunnah, and the consensus of the companions of the Aloha love on him. The question was, what was the reasoning behind saying that the Quran was created and didn't have anything to do with the corruption or the intuition of the Christians?

00:46:04--> 00:46:43

like we mentioned previously, the others did for what he did was, especially I met more than he used to take Greek philosophy. And he would have it translated to Arabic and Greek philosophy. If you study it, no matter how much corruption there you might find in Christianity, as not even half as close to what you'll find in Greek philosophy, like literally Greek philosophy, when you study it, it makes no sense because there's contradictions over there affirm the presence of a of a being of a greater being, which, let's just say you could call God, but they will negate any attributes that he could have. And if you look at it, and they're always claiming to have logic in all their arguments,

00:46:43--> 00:47:14

right, now, you look at this argument from a logical perspective. Anything that exists, has attributes or characteristics, right? So how can something exists that has no characteristics or attributes? How can you negate the attributes of creation and mercy and all these things from Allah subhana wa, Tada. Right, this is something that has to be understood that their logic makes no sense. And that's why it's called philosophy because at the end of the day, they're just philosophy philosophizing concepts, so that a few good small select few group of people can actually make sense of what's being said.

00:47:15--> 00:47:53

Whereas, our beliefs as Muslim is something which is very fundamental well, Islam is for everyone and can be understood by everyone. So in Allah heinola dinette says that he hears and he says, We affirm for last I noted that he was in his mid 30s without asking questions as to how or why or whatever the case may be, right this is Yaki the Muslims. And as we were having to do with Christianity, then as far as I recall, this was not the reason but it was rather that we translated the books of Greek philosophy into Arabic and then thus the likes of gentlemen this one and other than him they corrupted the beliefs of Islam from the inside the love of Santa Ana

00:47:54--> 00:48:27

and again, something which is as deep as subtle body I don't think it would be of benefit to translate into English because a lot of the times he brings forward a lot of via which you can translate into English right. So chunks of the book they will be left out, just due to due to this fact. And likewise one's ability to express themselves in Arabic is much more deeper than it is in English, right? What is in Arabic You will not find a word that has the same the two words that have the same meaning was in English our we've become so

00:48:28--> 00:49:04

de evolved in our language skills that you'll find five or six words with the exact same meanings. So again, that would be kind of hard to do tend to relate the Arabic letter body into English a lot liner. Okay, so I guess we'll end off with that is that common level fighter, and we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make it to those people who when they hear something, the benefits from it and implement the best of its kind Nicola homovanillic, the Chateau 99 and a stock photo Kosovo a like a sallallahu wasallam robotic identity animals I met Ron and he also had to He will send them with a steaming concealer