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This will

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amazing made the peace and blessing of a long before the seventh and final messenger Muhammad Salam while he or send them as follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa

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and today inshallah tada we will conclude

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with nilla. And we reached the last time in the podium, Tyler

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wholecut. And before this description, and also description of the paradise and wildfires Xhosa has placed of houses and dwellings for the believers in the paradise was explained. So now the subject matter takes a turn. But however, it's still related to the overall subject and the theme of the solar, and that is to remind the people of the Day of Judgment. Now earlier in the solar, when Allah subhana wa gyla described the punishment of the disbelievers. He countered that one of their punishments is laser umpire 111 bollier, that there will be no food for them at all, except a food name, they'll call this body here. And of course, we said earlier is this thorny type of plan that

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only the camel eats and survives on in the desert.

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And so some of Quraysh they said, Well, that's not a bad punishment, if our camels survive on it, then we too can survive on it. So a large dog responds, and he says legs mean what I mean sure that this, it's,

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it would add to your fat, it would add to their fat, normal, free them from any hunger. So there's no use of eating this. There's no point in it, but they have to be eating it. And now Mars brings up the topic of the camel again. And he says a fella, Elan a BDK for polio. So this is why it's brought up because the Missouri court had already put a border up. So now

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he said, You spoke about the camel, I'll speak to you something about the camel. And he just says

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in an EP k for Julio, haven't they? Or are they looking carefully at the camel. Now the name eBill. This is the general word for the camel. But the camel has many other names. It's known by whether they're in the forehead or they're not in the fall. And it has a lot of names. And so the general word the general name for a camel is an image.

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A lot of social says haven't they? Are they looking carefully at this camel case? How it was created. Now can you hold a thought when you say came for fully thought what's been highlighted is the creation of the camel itself. As opposed to saying cave a Filipina who

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never would have met how we created it. Now if you say came up now who have we created it, then the highlight and the focus is on the Creator. But if you say came for holy but how it was created, then the focus is on the creation the candle itself. So why does it must have had on what Allah give us the passive form and say Qaeda holds up because of our soldiers doesn't expect from Quraysh. And this soldier is suwama key it's addressed to the people of Malaysia, Allah is not expecting from them, that they praise Allah Subhana who are the LFO is creation. And then they look around and say so have a father cow amazing this is that's not going to come out of it. So it gives an even less of

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a job to do. And that is just forget about the creator just reflect on the creation itself. Maybe if you were to reflect on the creation, maybe if you were to reflect on this candle, maybe then it will lead you to praising and accepting the Creator Himself. And so why is the camel brought up anyway as opposed to all the other animals? Well, the first thing is because they brought it up. When they said that if camels can survive on it, then we can eat that in the hellfire. There's no issue. The other thing is, you need to appreciate and understand that from this point of view.

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That foreign Arab that lives in the desert.

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They heavily heavily depend on a camel for survival.

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This is something that's known in the desert back in that time. If you had no camel, then you're in a serious issue. So they would heavily depend on a camel for survival. And the camel also had a line in of itself is an incredible

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Have a lot of zosia out of the many domesticated animals. This is the biggest, the biggest of the domesticated animals and the tamed animals, a child can control a camel. Even though a camel is able to easily crush a human being a child, he can lead a whole pack of kettles, just by leaving the first one behind him. That's very simple. This is the creation of the camel, when you just look outwards. That's how you see it behaving. Now the camel also is a is a very high ride, that sort of goes up, goes down, then you go on it, then it goes up, you basically have a view of, of many things, you have a view of a lot of things. And you know, just before this passage when a lot of

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Zoysia spoke about the description of the paradise, and he he described as being in such a way that it's custom made that it's custom designed about the couch and the elevation of the couch and you reclining and seeing the view and then the cups that have been yearning given to serve to sort of a custom made paradise a lot of stories have spoke about. And speaking about that. While the camel is well designed. It is well designed, and it is custom designed for life in the desert. It survived on minimal water for eight days for up to eight days it can survive with that minimal water it has stored in itself. It can feed itself of shrubs, as we said that body here that no other animal can

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have except that it can eat this body here. And it can remain it survives on it. No other animal can eat this, let alone survive on it.

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The other thing is it has incredible seating, which is very comfortable to sit on the top of it. It provides milk when there's no liquid around.

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It also stores its own food in the humps that it has that sort of stores the food in those humps, it's gone and it's back. It's me is of benefit to the human even going even further. It's milk and it's urine is a medicine is a cure as a province I solipsism the Hadith, that when a tribe came to him, and they said there are people back in the community, they're a bit sick. So the promises are seldom says to this companion motorhome or near shore boomin abuelita or Albania, you should go and command them go tell them to go drink, it's urine and drink. It's no joke. And this is practiced even until this day. And it is known that the urine of the camel especially not any other animal

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except the camel, it's a medicine. So what are we seeing you all of a sudden, we find out that we are benefiting from the camel from every single thing that is inside of this camel. And above all this when it grows old and it dies. They benefit from the skin because it's used for clothing or before this they can slaughter it at a and have it made and it remains for many weeks, many months. So in the previous War,

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when a lot of surgeon called us to reflect over a few creations. For example, He says for the onboarding in San amin mahalik let the human being ponder and look deeply and carefully from what he was created from what he was created. But now a lot of social calls to reflect over the creation of the camel, not mingma Holika from what the camel was created from that's not the purpose, just look at it and ponder as it is as a creation when a lot of us to ponder over our creation. He said ponder over what you have been created from but the camera we're not being called to ponder over what it was created from rather we have been called to ponder over its creation in itself, you know, gave a

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Holika how it was created. How was it that this creature is designed perfectly for this environment? You know, some Hello, every aspect of its creation fits the place and services it provides. And it's actually at the seed of the previous solar in where a lot of the origin series unless you have a lot of somewhere I would love the

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you know the one that he created and he calculated precisely what he does. And he guided it through its activities for her that you know, so however the camel, even when it's tired, it continues to work and serve the human but I want to share with you something special about the camel. This comes in a habit that no other animal has except this animal and this is made

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While we are being called to reflect and ponder over this great creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we don't have either the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, and let me know how you

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can Gemini and if indeed an odd way in only Socrates is very huge heavy teaching us a lot about the camera, the province or sell themselves in a room in order Hey, you don't like you know that the true believers. They're easygoing. Hey, you know, easygoing lady You know, they're very lenient. They're soft.

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Cal gemelli chameleon edit just like a camel. Who is any? And if comes from the word.

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What does that mean? You know how the tame domesticated camel they put a ring in their nose. And then it's sort of stretched out with a rope. And then you can move it around. So in Germany, Elif refers to a domesticated hanging cow

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that never saw Salah was saying that the believers are easygoing, they're soft, they're lenient, just like a camel that is being domesticated. In keadaan part, if it's made to stand in stands, if it if it's made to walk around, it walks around, what it is to Nirvana. So what is that, and if it's told, or when it's told to sit down on a rock, you know, soccer, also a hot scolding rock, it will sit.

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You have to learn from this massive creation, something very important.

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It's so huge, and it's so powerful. But when the master when the human even if it was a child, if the master of this camel, was to tell this huge creation, if you got to look up at it, if he says to it, sit down, it sits, you know, even if it was to be told to sit on a harsh rock, it will sit and stand alone. What do we learn out of this? This is a sign of humility, and of humbleness to the master and obedience to the master that no other animal will teach. This is the biggest of the domesticated animals. And it teaches us humbleness and humility. And why is this coming in this solar? Because solar the marsh is addressed to wish the goal of Quraysh especially rather, it's

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addressed to all mankind but especially it's coming to them. What is the problem with these people are arrogant and stubborn, towards the message and towards ourselves.

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Learn humbleness and humility from this huge creation. Now when you tell us sit down does not sit down, when you move it around, doesn't move around. What did you learn this from it came from Holika. Now this is how also this is how the believer should be towards Allah Subhana Allah data as a proper size, selling droz this simile and this likeness in the in the Hadith, that the Muslim himself should have a loss of Hannah Medina, even though you may have power to do many other things. Now that camel, it has power to crush he has power to do whatever it wants, but it doesn't, it obeys and it listens to this master to do what he says and instruction.

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And when it's told to do something, it submits move, he moves sit, he sits, even if he was told to do something difficult, it will submit and the processor is saying the believer is like this, when he's told to do something difficult. He'll submit he'll do it even if there's pain involved. You know, like a camel sitting on a on a hot rock, there is pain involved in it, but it will do. So when you look at the camel this should

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be saying the belief that the true believer is likely capital. So However, this is a whole study on its own, in way any parallels are drawn between animals and believers. Even in another province our seller, he compares the believer to not a camel this time he compares him to an insect to be the processor lapses and

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the believer is like a beat you know, I cannot even Oba

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it only eats good It only takes him a good you know this is just like the believable so you should be eating good should be eating the halibut. You should also be earning 100 income

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and the bean itself when he releases when it provides when it releases from its money. What does it release only releases something good, which is the honey which is medicine and food for people.

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And the believer should be the same way, what comes out of him should be good, good words should come out of him a good solid core should come out of it, a good action should come out of him, you know, just like the beat. And this is why the

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Olympics, and you're gonna be when he goes above a flower, it's very careful not to sit on the flower and break it, the little pole in there, the little stuff that come out of the flower, it's very sensitive not to sit and break it. So it just hovers above any sucks out whatever it needs from it. And this is the believer is the same case, when you go and find that when you know, someone, you know, sit on him, and you just sort of use him and break him. And then later on, he just doesn't look at you anymore, because of what harm you caused him. You'll be very sensitive when you meet other believers. So you know, make sure you hover above them, you don't break them, you know, sit on

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them, you don't use them for everything. You know what I'm toxic. And the B when it goes on top of the flower, and it takes whatever it wants from it, it doesn't destroy it and go away. So no one can make use of that anymore. It makes sure that he took something and lift something more for other bees to come. So it has this warrior, this concern for its relative for its friends, for its relatives, it has this concern, so how am I any and

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he compares the human, the Muslim to a B, and the B, you know, they all work together. If they were to not work together, nothing will come out of the beat. But it's because of the joint work is that they provide this honey they go around they tell each other with the flowers and so on for so how do I have a processor that draws the parallel. And this is exactly what we need to do. So it's not a sim layout. It's not a scene if you sit before the television, watching a documentary about the beat, or watching a documentary about the Capitol, watch and pick up other things I just shared with you a few things. There's many others, every single thing that B does you should be doing. And

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everything that Campbell is doing, you should be doing as all this is yummy. This is a reflection that a lot of xojo calls us to now so Alonzo Church says

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APK for Holika Didn't they look to the camel, how it was created. A lot of soldier has shown us favors through this camel. And he has shown you humility and humbleness and obedience through this capital when he obeys its master. So you should be doing the same thing and obeying the laws of Hello Medina. And he has shown us the miracle of his design through this camel. And so as we said this many ways we can learn and reflect from the camel, how it was created for us then a lot of soldier says what in a semantic game follows

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and doesn't need the human doesn't even look up towards the sky, how it was raised, and how it was elevated above him. There are hobbies that mentioned that the sky

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was created, that it was elevated 500 ease

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this the distance between us and the heaven is 500 years. And that's with no pillars. That's another miracle. A lot of Xhosa is calling us to ponder and reflect over. And you know, why does it come straight after the camel? Because if you're on a camel, you see the camel and you're seeing this miracle urine. Now look up towards the sky, you see the sky. And now you reflect on how it's been elevated? Can you forget how it's been elevated. If you can reflect on how it's been raised and elevated, then it will remind you on how it will come down how it's going to come to an end. Because the theme of this slide is calling in and reminding you about the Day of Judgment. So you look at me

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saying so Pamela, how do you raise this? You can't give it an answer in your mind. So the same way you're questioning yourself, how did you raise it? You also understand that the same way he raised it is the same way he can do whatever he wants with it. And that is that he will destroy it. Eventually, when the Day of Judgment occurs. Then Alonzo Hill says why he barely gave

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and then Don't they look towards the mountains, how they are mostly but how they have been no civil. Now you know, you're on the camel. You've seen the sky and you keep looking around and the next lowest thing you see are the mountains. When you're looking at the sky you look down the first thing you'll see are the mountains.

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And Allah is saying gave a Muslim how it was pegged into the ground. Now the word no

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It has actually two meanings to me two opposite meanings. And in the Arabic language there are words that carry two opposite meanings. For example, when you say the word one, one that means to assume, and also it has the meaning of Be certain to be certain, like a lot of surgeon says under the name of noona Nomura, Abu Dhabi. In other words, Angelina, you know, those that not assume that will meet a lot those that are certain there will be a lot for the word one has two meanings, also the word must, in the Arabic language, he has two meanings of the opposite. And the first meaning of nossob means to be paid into the ground. And the other meaning of muscle, just like you say no. So

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in other words, outwards, he raised his head, you know, the head became apparent, this is the other meaning of not. So it means to lower muscle means to lower, and it means to elevate. And so Pamela, it's a beautiful word that Allah uses, and a beautiful depiction of the mountains, because the mountains, they go deep down, and they are high above, you know, every mountain that you see above the earth has exactly the same shape down beneath the earth. And this is one of the scientific miracles that they've come recently to figure. But a lot of surgeon had already told us this many years ago by saying the word mostly but also the word mostly

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comes from the word muscle, which means a tap.

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This is also a medium. So one word, watch how much it's going to end reveal and give you a meaning. Not stop means stop. Another meaning of nozzle is to be wobbly and wavering, you know, really tired. And so had a lot, the mountains now affirm, but they'll come a day where they'll become wobbly. And that is on the Day of Judgment, and eventually they'll be destroyed. So one word, mostly that depicted the reality of the mountains today, how they deeply rooted and how the high above and the same word that was used told us what's going to happen with it on the Day of Judgment, it will become wobbly, and then it will shatter. There won't remain anything of this. While all the cases

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are super hot. And then they look towards the earth, how it will spread out. So you're on the camel, you've witnessed this magnificent, miraculous creation of a law. You look up towards the sky, you see and witness the sky. Then your eye drops down and the first thing you see is the mountains then you drop it down What are you gonna see the earth? Now the question is,

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can you for super hot and super hot means how it is spread out how it's

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super hot means to flatten something out and to smoothen it out. And Subhanallah the choice of word is also incredible. Watch out. The whole purpose of this song is to remind the people of where they hid it to remind the people of Russia This one's called the Russia. It is to remind us of Listen up this last day it's coming Be careful.

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And now let me share with you this this incredible word. So they have also comes from the word soft. So at the same time it means to flatten and smooth and something out. And also it has the meaning of Sapa. What is a soft

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sofa is a roof. Like for example you say the soft hotel or soft romance it means the roof. Now one second

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on most of Hannah, who want to add that he is calling the earth a roof. How does that work? He's calling the earth a roof. And we said the solar is reminding us of what of the Day of Judgment you know why he calls it a roof. Because one day the earth will be a roof all of us. And that is when you die and you put in your grave and the dirt is pushed back into the grave. Now you're below what is your salt Now what is your earth? The earth is your roof now. So incredible usage of the word super hot means to flooded out and at the same time it means a roof. In other words, when you read came for super hot and you look at the earth, you're reminded of the reality that one day this is

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going to become your roof when you are buried right beneath it.

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So yeah, as we said, not only do we reflect on the flatness of the earth, but it's also a reminder of where we are headed just by the use of this word. So perhaps there are a lot of agencies for that kill in them and

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in the previous suit allows urgency and for the kid in the club. Remind if the reminder has a benefit. Here, he says as a courtesy of that insulted Allah. Now he says

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Then remind, again, no object was mentioned. He didn't say thank you. Remind them, remind him remind your family dimensioning just for that kid, just remind. In other words, whether they listen to you or they don't listen to you, don't worry about just remind them Don't worry about if this reminder is going to have an effect on the people, maybe will have an effect, maybe it doesn't have an effect, you know, maybe you'll have any effect any much later. Like I will, Sophia will be allowed data on who he becomes a Muslim later on. Over for many years, he heard the reminder in the warrior. But he took Islam later on in his life, the magician's of Iran. They heard the message from Musa

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alayhis salam over and over and over. But when they saw the miracle, then they accepted Islam. Since not, don't worry about it, just keep reminding and keep reminding, for that. There are lots of data says in demo that you are nothing more than a reminder, and deliverer of a reminder. So Pamela is proud of the A summarizes the query of the problem solver Lavalle your center. That's all you are in Nevada.

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And you know, the reality. The work the aim of Darwin itself, is to remind human beings, why do you give that off? What are we seeing, give a listen? Why would you if now you were to benefit something from this Listen, you go to your family and share it with them? What's the purpose of why? What's the purpose of this now, you got beside your hand out flyers to people, or you go to university, you sit with a group and you speak to them, or you give a hope or you give a lesson. What's our purpose of this doubt, the whole purpose of it is to remind human beings even if they do

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you know and reminding the people reminding them of what of what came in the variety of past nations and how to destroy them. And be very careful, don't fall in the same mistake off past nation and how Allah saved them. You might want to follow their path. Look how Allah saved and be like that. You remind the people of the future that they have judgment that you can afford this and they're going to come work towards you remind the people of the covenant of the agreement that you took between them and a lot of soldier when they accepted him as the Lord and so will not be called upon who better you know, remind them of the consequences of the actions. You get the health if you do this,

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you'll get the paradise if you do this, there are a lot as well as less than a hint they were cited in the previous Sol Allah Subhana Medina said that the person that will benefit from the reminder is the one who feels say that government Russia now allows origin says you have not been placed upon them as a Muslim. And Messiter is someone placed in charge of someone else. So he may monitor every single move they do. And he controls everything they do, and record all their activities. That's almost like a guide in prison. You know, he's not just a guard that guards the gate. He also has to guard this prisoner and what he does and what he's not allowed to do what he eats. And when it

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doesn't eat. That's almost like that. It's total control of everything you do. So a lot of us are gently saying to His Messenger, you're not over them. He's told that you cannot force them into his lab, you cannot create a man in their heart. You can't force them to enter Paradise. And so I've had a lot less valuable insight in this area in itself. It illustrates that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is worried about these people, you know, that he wants the good for them is easy and thinking that if the reminder is not working, then I want to pull these people at stake. But then Allah azzawajal he tells him, you can't force them to believe you don't have to worry that much

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for them. And this comes from loving the provider. For example, a lot of soldiers who fell unlike a bad hero nepsac Allah after him in love, you

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know, it looks like you're almost gonna go into the backyard. Nuff said. You're going to kill yourself following in their footsteps in their trace out of worrying that they haven't believed in the message. This was the concern of the prophesied seller for his people. So a lot of removes that concern and he says less than a month later, don't worry about what they do. And in previous world, a lot of storage except right now they come to have to leave. There is already guardians that are watching over every single move they do and it's been recorded. And less than a month later,

00:29:42--> 00:29:46

is saying that the remainder is enough for that kid in Nevada.

00:29:47--> 00:29:52

The remainder is enough and they have to find it in themselves to believe

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and this air is beautiful proof that there is no forced come

00:30:00--> 00:30:50

potion in this Diem as a surgeon says, Let a claw have indeed. There is no compulsion in this Deen even the Prophet sighs Allah is told you're not there to force them just remind the 11th hour never cover except the one who turns away and disbelieves. In other words, what does that mean? It means that you also have lost a lot of money or send them you will have power and authority over the one who turns away and disbeliefs you will have the authority. And this is a law it is it is a promise. You see this the pros are Selim is in Mecca now. And MC is not in his hand in the hand of the disbelievers at the time. And when this area comes down in Leventhal Gabon, it is a promise to the

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that he will become victorious. Why? Because of what you're saying, you are going to have authority and power over those that turn away and disbelief. And did this did happen? Later on in the process, Elon came to open Mecca, where the privatized salami had power, and he had authority over and over others that disbelieved. And when he had power over them, of course, we know the story that he came. And he said, What do you think I'm going to do with you today? They said, You're the son of, of the army of someone that's generous in the brother of the most generous and, and then he said, the honey, I'll tell you like what my brother Yusuf Ali said, I've said to his brothers, let us know

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there is no harm coming to you today, if

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you are free, but in other words, in for in order for him to say these words, he must have authority and power over them. So in our cover, so now the one who turns away, and continues to disbelieve What does not promise him for you.

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will punish him with the greatest punishment for failure people this fact here means then, as a result, due to them turning away and disbelieving of love will torture him the greatest punishment. And ally is telling the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. You don't need to remind them anymore. Your journey is complete, you've conveyed the message, he's turned away in his disbelief. So now a lot of soldier will punish him for his disbelief. And the word that comes from the word other that you say.

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This is what that means what actually that means is when a person leaves eating when he abstains from food, due to severe dehydration, and in other words, he can't eat because eating over him, you know, he's severely dehydrated. So a person who dies a slow death due to dehydration. This is other.

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And our there is a torture as punishment. And this is actually one of the worst kind of punishments, you can experience a slow death due to dehydration, and you can't eat because eating now is going to make things worse. So you have people who don't love subhanho wa Taala will continually punish him. And then he repeated the word again. So we have people who are there again, so he will punish him a punishment. When it comes twice, it already magnifies how huge this punishment is going to be. And if that's not enough, Allah says Allah Akbar, the biggest, the greatest. And in the previous

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one, now al Kula, the one who will be floating the greatest fire. Now here, this is the parallel between these two. So he mentioned the word the greatest again, Allah Akbar, the biggest punishment. And why does he mentioned the biggest

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say, because in this life, the gufram will tortured, right? Whether it's through war, whether they've been killed on the battlefield, or whether they've been taken as hostages in captives and so on. They have been tortured in this life, but then

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they're going to receive something even bigger than the torture and the punishment they went through in this life. So then he said, I like about to give you the understanding that they have other via but there's going to be an even greater than that.

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And then he concludes the air and he says, in any lane area bubbleman from in marilena. He said, No, it is only no doubt to us, that they will finally return.

00:34:48--> 00:34:49

He said he had

00:34:50--> 00:34:54

no means to finally return. He didn't say from

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

who you are also means to return, but who you are.

00:35:00--> 00:35:24

Different because you're, it refers to continual returning, for example, you say, to elevate Russia to elevate. What does that mean? That that gives them meaning that you return to their house. But you keep returning to the house. So you go to work tomorrow, you go back home, you go work, you go back home, a place where you continually return to that's called

00:35:25--> 00:35:29

a place you go to once and for all and never come back. That's

00:35:30--> 00:36:18

right. There's been a lot of storage that says what I need. In a, he says what I do in a return to Him, He doesn't say, you're in a, it's the same meaning your job is to come back to him. But he used the word amiibo in our Pico, why he's giving us the idea that when you go to a lot, never go back to what you are, when you repent sincerely, that's gonna be known as E f. When you go back to using the word F, then that means you will never ever go back to what you were on before. So for as long as it says in a bomb, to us only is their final return. And what does that mean? That when we go back to a lot of zosia, even you going to the grave is not yet because you're going to come out? Here is when

00:36:18--> 00:36:19

you right before almost,

00:36:21--> 00:36:53

there is no coming back. And that's the final return. There's nothing to go back to so you can go back there. That is the final return in the elayna here. And not only are we going to return to a loss of Hannah Montana, that would have been easy if just returning. But he said from Ignalina, he said that's the difficult part that when we return, he said somewhere in there then then it signifies there'll be a while. Then after this, what happens in Alina, he said on indeed upon us

00:36:55--> 00:36:58

is the taking of the accounting.

00:36:59--> 00:37:39

In that no doubt, definitely. Certainly this is going to happen. He says Alena Alena means upon us. And Elena in the army, what it implies, it suggests that a lot of soldier has taken upon himself, it's like an obligation this has to happen, is like a lot has taken an oath upon it. And we are going to see where this is, he says, Elena is to do the accounting, the auditing, allows origin, that she needs control. And that's what he will do once we finally return to Him. So for the gaffer, he's asked about everything he did, and he will be destroyed. And for the believer,

00:37:41--> 00:38:08

then a lot of zoning will really shed this, he says, he said, when you see a law, and we said seven years ago, you're not asked about everything. Because you know, as we said, just being questioned or asked one question on the Day of Judgment, you know, Hey, what happened in house, you're done, let's do the destroyed, as the professor said, in our nutrition, a survey omega hallak. Anyone that is just question on that Day, will be destroyed and do

00:38:09--> 00:38:31

for me the ending of the solar forma in December when we asked them, to make us of the people of the paradise, and to make our recording and ally accounting and our audit, a very easy one. Okay, so now to conclude the sooner we'll connect the beginning and the ending of it. It began with an attack last year, spoke about

00:38:32--> 00:39:15

the calamity, the covering the overwhelming calamity that is going to come which is referring to the Day of Judgment. And then he ended with two words he ever home and he said, Oh, well, if you ask, When does he ever home? When does the return happen? And when does the accounting happen? It happens when I'm Harshad occurs. So the beginning of the solar system, the ending of the solar told you what will happen when a machine takes place. Two things here though, you'll return finally to a lot and you'll be accounted and end up returning to a lot and being judged will happen when the first version takes place. And I'm lost swears by this. How because the sooner that's after is well

00:39:15--> 00:39:27

failed. So it's like he's saying I swear by failure that you are going to be accounted is the connection between this law and the sooner that's after it, like you read from a Ballina?

00:39:30--> 00:39:59

By Fisher, I swear by the first time that they will return finally to us, and we'll account them and show what the next lesson we'll speak about the connection. What does he say? What does accounting have to do with the time of vision? And what a lot of Zoysia teaches us between the lines of an attitude when we come to select a refresher? How should we come to solid and fresher there's an attitude that is taught just between these two as shalbatana

00:40:00--> 00:40:04

A lot of surgeons to make us people have a plan and people will benefit from the reminders of the plan.