Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P28 279A Translation Al-Hashr

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a variety of topics, including a night in Saudi Arabia, London, New York, and New York. The group also talks about a woman named Janae who was fired for being too busy with work and a woman named Robina and Lilla Vina. They also mention a woman named Speaker Liza who is being criticized for being too afraid of women and talks about a woman named Speaker Liza who is also being criticized for being too afraid of women.
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Whether go on a Sunday or load a SUTI Hill Kareem and Maritza are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Rubbish rashly Saudi WASC li MD wash loler of data melissani of Kahu Kohli probenecid Narottama salted hashes is number one to 17

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Saba a glorified Nila he, for Allah, Ma, whatever, his summer word in the heavens, warmer and whatever fill in the earth Wahiawa and He is Allah Aziz the always Almighty Allah Hakeem the always always who He is Allah the the one who a Clojure he drove out a Levina those who care for rue de disbelieved men from people al Kitab off the book Men from dare him their homes. Lee Oh Wally for first al Hirsch the gathering. MA Not one and done you all thought on that Yahoo do they will go well one no. And they thought under whom that indeed they my nearer to home one that protects them. Sure so no home their fortresses mean Allah from Allah for at our home then he came to them. Allahu

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Allah. Min from how you saw where lamb did not. yester Cebu they expect Wakasa and he cast fee in Gulu be him their hearts of Verba the terror Ukri Boonah they destroy buta home their homes. Be a de him with their hands. What ad and hands UL Momineen of the believers far Tobu then you all take a lesson. Yeah. Oh, only possessors, Abbasov of the sites, while Nola and if not on that GitHub. He wrote Allahu Allah or lay him upon them. Al Gela the exile la Baba home surely he would have punished them fee in a dunya the world while a home and for them will ask you in the hereafter. Are there boo punishment and now after hellfire?

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There Lika that be unknown because indeed they shall be opposed. Allahu Allah. What are Sula who and His Messenger woman and whoever you shall he opposes? Allah Allah for inner then indeed, Allah Allah surely do is most severe aleria Cobb in the retribution, Ma, whatever. Coppertone you all cut down men from Lena in palm tree. Oh, or the rock to move her. You are left it. Emerton standing. Isla upon will slowly her its roots. Furby evening. So with permission Allah of Allah. Allah yuck Xia and so he humiliates old first to clean those who cross limits, warmer and whatever affair he bestowed as booty. Allahu Allah. Allah upon Rasul Li upon His Messenger men home from them firmer, so not Oh,

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Justin. You all made expedition or lay he upon it. Men from Heylin, horses wala and nor did he cabin riding camels when I came, but Allah Allah you sell you to, he gives power Rasul Allah Who do his messengers are Allah upon man, whoever he is shot he wills will now who and Allah, Allah upon Conley every che insane Garderen always all Abel ma whatever affair he bestowed as booty. Allahu Allah, Allah upon Rasul Lee His Messenger men from a home people ulquiorra of the towns, family law here so for Allah when it was sold, and for the messenger were Levy and for possessor l CORBA. Of the near relations, while your terma and the orphans while Messiah keen and those who are needy, were Ben is

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Seville and the traveler. Okay, so that law, not your corner it is doula turn a rotation, Boehner between Aloha near those who are rich men come from you. Warmer and whatever. Better come he gave you a Zulu, the messenger for who so take it warmer and whatever Mahakam he forbade you and who from it. Fanta who saw you all

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Stop, what the coup and you all fear Allah Allah in Allaha indeed Allah Shadi is more severe and record in the retribution. Lil Fukuhara for those who are poor, Al Mujahideen, the immigrants, and Medina, those who read you, they were expelled men from dare him their homes. What I'm wearing him and they're well, yeah but the Hoonah they seek Sablan bounty men Allah from Allah, what ylonen and pleasure when Sorona and they help Allah Allah, what are Sula who and His messenger? Allah eco those who the Assad yakun those who are truthful wala Dena and those who tuber where they settled a Dara at the home while Eman and the fate men from forbidding him before them. You have buena they love

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man who had he emigrated la him to them. Wala and not yet he Duna they find fi in Saudi him their chests hydroton any need mimma from what Otto they were given while you Zerona and they prefer Allah upon and fusi him themselves wallow even if Ghana it was the him with them. hustles for destitution woman and whoever you are, he is saved. Sure. Selfishness Nipsey he of his soul Fula Iike than those who they are mostly shown those who are successful. Well Levina and those who jell o they came men from Bardi him after them. Your coluna they say Rob burner or our Rob ill fit forgive Lana for us. Well Lee why Nina and for our brothers Alladhina dos who Saba Kona they preceded us, Bill Iman with

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the fate wala and do not the journal you make fi in Gulu, Bina our hearts. Will they learn any hatred Lilla Vina for those who know they believe Robina or our rap? In NACA indeed. You are often one who is most kind, Rahim on always all merciful. Alon did not. Dada, you see Isla towards a Lavina those who NASA they were hypocrites. Your coluna they say later when he him to their brothers Alladhina those who get photo they disbelieved men from Al Kitab People of the Book. Let in surely if awkward digital, you were expelled. Lana hujan surely we shall definitely go out marathon with you Wallah and not nuclear we shall obey faecal in you a hadn't anyone a brother ever were in and a

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hotel? You were fought with Lenin? Surah Nicole surely we shall definitely help you. Wala who and Allah Yeshua do he bears witness in the home? Indeed they look at the bone surely liars? Let in surely if Oakley do they were expelled last night? Yeah, hello June and they will go out Mara home with them while they're in and surely if Clootie Lou, they were fought with love not young Sorona home they will help them while they're in and surely if NASA Reuven they help them lay you when Luna surely they will definitely turn a doorbell or the backs the mud then let's not use our own they will be helped. Let us surely you all I should do are more intense, rather than in fear fi in soluti

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him their chests. May Allah then Allah Valley can that be unknown because indeed the omen of people learn not yet for whom they understand. Lead not you cardi Luna calm they will fight you Jimmy run together Illa except fee in Cora towns, well how Sonatine fortified or main from whare behind Judo wolves, but so home there might there enmity buying a home between them shoddy don't severe there are several home you think them Jamia an altogether what Kaluga home while their hearts shut are divided there Lika that be under home because indeed the Pomona people learn not to Jarkko alone, they understand karma thoroughly like example A Levina of those who made from poverty him before

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them for even near their circle they tested were Bella consequence Embrey him of their matter what to whom and for them or there been a punishment anyone painful. Gamma Sally like example, a shape on off the shape on is when Allah He said

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Fill in sand for the human being oak for disbelieved. Salamat then when Cafaro he disbelieved? Allah He said it nee indeed I bury own this associated Minka from you in the indeed I Ahafo I fear Allah Allah Rob Rob Allah Allah mean of the words again so it was RT but the humor and have them to another human that indeed they do feel now in the Hellfire holiday uni as to who abide eternally fie her in it what Danica and that is recommends avoid the mean of those who do wrong

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Allahu Allah Aziz

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to hash Maulana

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man y'all persona

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Hazel Unmesh does

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while others will be hemos

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you will put a Munna will

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be AD AD meaning that

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duniya world

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there he can be

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one as

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long as he although marble bar

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Do you have all

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your new positions as

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to my

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liking a lot I use a ruler

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one long

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body man

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was only one

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Why do you

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what up Allah Allah Hashem all

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three Jumia daddy he

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hola como saw the home one Medina

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any new bone on her jaw,

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hip bone and then

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what do you do now if you used

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to two

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year old

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consoles or

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or Lady

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Alan Levine and

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he will

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You ready and I mean

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I hadn't

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waiting too

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long wish

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I sure

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that he can be

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lay your pontoon Jamie

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how soon as

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you do those muscles Shaadi dash settleman Danielle Oh boom shed

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there you can

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any body

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any gamma Danny Shea is on he's on and he

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me marry

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on either UniFi

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