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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Oh praise and thanks belongs to

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me made a peace and blessing of Allah be upon the seventh and final messenger Muhammad Salam long while ago similar as to what follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah like that I know, but I get.

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And last week, we finished up by explaining the loss of Hannah, who either Allah spoke about and depicted to us, a type of people that will come on the Day of Judgment. And he described them as boo neoma even harsher. And these were the people of the Hellfire, and a lot of Zoysia went on to explain the depth of punishment and the torture the torture that they will receive. So now the soldier takes a turn, depicting the other kinds of faces. And so a lot of soldier says, whoo hoo, hoo yoma in nerima. And already, we said at the beginning, when the word Wu Han came without Alif Lam, instead of saying Aloo, when Allah said Wu Han, it already indicated and it implied some faces.

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And when we say some, in other words, there is another group. Now this is the other group that online speaking about. And this is the group of the believers, we ask a lot of header data to make us from among them. And then we move on, because it has a to hormone they have, and they then we looked at them, these are things you should know that then we looked at him, that when there is a time when it implies greatness. So in other words, this other group, they're going to be a lot as well. And then the followers of the prophets, will yo yo Ma, even their Ma, yo Ma, even on that day. And because you're amazing comes straight after. And usually in Arabic, this Yama is supposed to

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come at the end was your nerima to neoma. Even that's no, but because it's come before it's coming in the middle, then this implies that especially on that day, they are going to be nerima especially on that day. So that means not now they won't be married. But now, on that day, there will be nerima and nerima. Before it was Porsche, which was the description of the cofell. Now it's nerima, which comes from the word neuroma. And neuroma means softness, ease, relaxation, happiness, freshness, the face will be fresh, it will be lit up, there is no tiredness and exhaustion on the face. Basically, not always is a face that has just been given a gift. That's how the face will be and allows origin

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the same on that day, yo man, which implies that it's not the case now. Now they will have to put in a lot of effort. And they have to give their lives in their wealth in toil and hardship for now. And it's not going to be easy. And they will have relaxation here. So you haven't, you have an interesting contrast here. You have people that are working really, really hard, but in the wrong direction. And they will wake up on the Day of Judgment exhausted.

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And on the other hand, you have those who work for the sake of Allah subhana wa dialler and exhausted themselves for Allah Subhana Allah, but they will wake up on the Day of Judgment, fresh and relaxed, no exhaustion on them whatsoever. And you know, when you're fresh, and you've just relaxed and you've rested, you're ready to work. And instead of having more work for these believers, now there will be more relaxation and relaxation and pleasure upon pleasure. And on the other hand, when you're tired and you're exhausted, you just want to rest. But for the disbeliever that's not the case, it's just going to be more work ahead of them. They'll slide out on having to

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spam in it and Ania Lazar don't borrow money, lemon Berea and so

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then he says, Lisa, you

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Why are the faces now? Why they fresh why they happy and relaxed. Lisa? Hello Leah. It is only because of the sign because of the effort. They are pleased. Now the word sign

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in Arabic it's used and it means a fast paced walk. Right for example, you say a sorry, beta software and modeler when you go online, there is the site and there's a part of it where you have

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To sort of pace work, you got a rush. That's a sorry.

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It's sort of like when you have a deadline on a project, and you're quickly trying to complete it. That sorry, this sort of a sense of urgency and a panic, when you're really concerned about finishing a task. This is sorry, for example, we have and we read before in sort of the naza, about your own film at the bar is

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that he turned and he started pacing. Why, because after he seen the magician's make salute to the Lord of moose and heroin. And he began to realize he's been defeated. And everyone is starting to make sure that everyone began to realize fear is a liar. he panicked, there was some sense of panic inside of him. So

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he started pace, walking up and down, you know, just like a coach when he's in the room. And he's, his team is losing what is the man is walking up and down in the in the room up there. So this is same thing that happened to Matt, but is similar to it for hours doing this out of panic. Why I'm sharing this with you, because I want you to illustrate the word side. It's not just a casual sort of effort, you put it's effort that you put with a sense of urgency and panic. So in other words, these people that are fresh faces on the Day of Judgment, and they're lit up, which are the believers, they are going to be pleased bla bla, they're going to be content and so happy with the

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efforts they had made eagerly and consistently, with a sense of urgency in this dunya. So sad. Elisa implies this sense of urgency, they put their efforts and their energy in their work. And they felt that we're running out of time. And we need to do as much as we can and put as much effort as we can in this life. So we can see our reward on the Day of Judgment. So they will be pleased with their efforts on that day. And what efforts are we speaking about in the previous so Allah Zoysia tells us, but after Harmon does that guy, well, that guy was smaller before Sunday. These are the efforts, the effort that you put in cleaning, cleansing yourself, cleansing your habits and your character

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becoming a better person that requires effort. You know, what that got us a B, and then the effort you put in remembering a lot of soldiers name consistently, that takes effort. And then the effort that you put in your soul that the effort that you put towards giving our sadhaka the effort that you put towards staying away from the harm, and the efforts that you put towards spreading this Deen. And these people, these believers, they had them, they made other efforts. They had work commitments, they had efforts in their business, in their work in their houses. But that doesn't even come to their mind on that day. You know, it's like those things that they used to do the

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efforts they used to do in this world, that don't even count on the Day of Judgment. Right now, these efforts that you and I do, it counts a lot work effort, and so on, it counts a lot. But on that day, it's like, you know, what was all that about? Why did I waste my time in doing such and such, and so have a lot of comments. And he says beautifully, when these faces, see the reward of what they had done, they will wish they had done everything in their life for such a great reward. In other words, they will wish that they had no other project in this life, except working towards the pleasure of Allah azzawajal. So they can see this reward. Lisa. Hello. And then that Lucy says,

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And the reality is that when they were in this dunya and doing work for the healer, they had to force themselves and they had to struggle. Lisa Yeah, right. You had to force yourself. And you had to struggle to do good. Like, for example, you you force yourself, come on, let me get up and and go to the masjid and pray. Or you know, you sit down, you may maybe get tired in the lesson. And then you just force yourself. Let me just sit to the end of the lesson. Right? So I can get that back and get that reward. So this is this idea. It's Evan. And by saying that it's not easy, and you're doing work for this dunya is easy compared to doing work for the actual law. For example, a friend of

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yours will call you. He'll say, Come on, I'll come pick you up and we'll go to the masjid we'll pray together or attend a lesson together. And he replies now, I'm feeling sick and lazy. I'm a bit tired. Then his other friend calls him. You want to go watch a movie? Yeah, he's good. You know

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He gets up and it's like there's nothing it's all good. And the movie is could be probably half an hour further than the machine. But it's all good because it's for this Yeah, if it's in this life is very easy. Another example like you have a fundraiser, for example, this is something else that you struggle to do. There's a fundraiser for a Muslim. Brothers, please pay $20 before you leave the masjid, we're trying to contribute to build the budget. All of a sudden, you become an expert accountant. Your expenses come right before you start thinking our school fees. You know, got rent to pay. I think you see your phone and your wife has messaged them to get milk and bread.

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and you got to pay petrol so panelist a show.

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This is the demo shavon he's the one that promises you poverty. He'll tell you on Monday you'll become poor don't pay and somehow luck, you'll leave the fundraiser you'll leave the budget and on your way out. You know, you'll turn you'll go to Kohl's and you know how to do a few 70 Kohl's you'll buy this you'll see this looks nice. This looks alright. You know that's tasty. probably put it all in, swipe the card at the end. You don't even check the receipt that's easy to do because it's here it's in this life. So it doesn't take effort to do or it does take an effort to do for the answer. Really difficult thing to do. Why? Because you're naturally the human being as Allah

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subhanho wa Taala says geloven to a Buddha Allah Sheila naturally the human being Are you saying you love things immediately. So you know the food the entertainment that will come right now. You know you spend for now you get it right now. But Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying, I'm giving you gardens, you know, I'm giving you rivers and an epic description will come down later on. I'll give you the gardens, the rivers, the drinks in the paradise. But when you know, you got to wait for a long time. It's later on. And so you'll see in the back of your mind, USA this on your tongue, but it's in all of us. It's in the back of your mind. You'll say a word for later because it's going to

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come later. So Pamela and this is something that goes on in the back of our mind, we should get rid of, you know, you think to yourself, how long How long are you gonna live 67 years like the problem salatu salam says, You live in your grave more than you've ever walked on this earth, you'll stay in that stationary position longer than you ever walked on this earth. yearning to work hard. This is the advice in these 80s Lisa, yeah, work hard for the hereafter. And take from this dunya just what you need just to keep you moving and running. You don't have to compile and pile and pile and pile You don't even have time to spend it. Just work what you need and just to keep moving and put your

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efforts for later on for the for the filler. Now another interesting thing in this area is that a lot of storage really begins it and he says Lee sorry. Lisa has an unusually low bar this when we say hello via usually this rebar. It comes with a bear it doesn't come with a lamb. So you'll know the Hadith or the to belay right away to Bill Islam, Idina? Probably I use the word bat, you don't use them. So he says, Yeah, Lisa. Yeah. And he doesn't say bisaya obeah. That's what we're expecting. So what is some of the benefits of this? Some of the scholars say that this land is in the meaning of that, which is a correct opinion. So in other words, with its efforts, with its

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efforts, it's happy, it's going to be happy. Now, when you say, Lisa, yeah, it carries another two rhetorical benefits. And what it implies is that there's something that's my belief, and that is, Lisa will be sorry, hello, Leah. In other words, it sees the reward on the Day of Judgment. And then it will say, I'm so happy I did this. That's one. The other thing is, it will be happy for the opportunity and being given the chance to work for a musclehead or whatever, you know, they will be happy, because a lot gave them the opportunity to serve his team. They'll be happy because of my gave them the opportunity to put in this effort. Not just because he gave them the agenda, and he

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gave them a reward, but because he honored them for being his obedient servants, Yanni. In other words, when we have a loss of Hannah who are the island when we do good when we

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put in effort. When we pray, we give solokha we attempt a lesson, we pray in the masjid. It's an honor from Allah subhanho wa Taala upon us. And one of the things,

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you know, one of the first things we think Allah subhanho wa Taala for is that he gave us the opportunity to be slaves. So this is the rhetorical benefit of the lamb, is that on the Day of Judgment, they will be happy and pleased. Because not because of the reward that's on one side, but it has another meaning that Allah gave them the opportunity to worship Him. So in this world,

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like, you know, you can sort of even think of

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any, in human experience in this life, when people get a promotion, right, you're, you're below and then you get promoted by your boss, and then you get another promotion,

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you'd like to thank the one that promoted, you know, I like to thank the CEO forever for, for promoting me from one position to another. This is in a world worldly terms, they do this. And so this is the same idea happening. You'll be thinking Allah subhanho, wa Taala, fully this promotion he has given you that he has allowed you to be his servant, and his slave. Now keep in mind, you need to keep this in mind

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that this

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is a man consola.

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And makin time is a time when the Muslims are being humiliated and insulted. When they were giving out the data when they were reading out the Quran, they were being insulted. And Allah is saying, No, Your Honor people you know, and you're going to be pleased. And you are the ones who are going to be relaxed. Right now duration, the confirm, they're relaxed, and you're doing a tough, you know, and you're the ones that are afraid and you're putting in the hard work and the effort, but the tables later on are going to turn, they're going to be the ones in hardship. And you're the ones that are going to be in relaxation. So now what a love does, or sorry, what does allies origin have

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in store for these people that come in the day of judgment with a relaxed fresh face? What does he have in store for them? You know, we found out what it has for the golfer does lay down on hammy and there was this fire and in the boiling water and so on. So what does allow for these believers now an awesome description comes he says fish had nothing Irelia in high gardens, they'll be pleased and they will be in high gardens. Why is liya hai mentioned? You know because

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when you travel with your family on a on a road trip, when do you pull over to enjoy the view know when you reach a high place, and you can see as far as the eye can see, that's when you pull over and that's when you only go down to enjoy the view.

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When when you are when you go to a hotel as a tourist, what would you like you know the top floor the bottom floor, of course the top why because you want to enjoy the view this long view that the eye can sink. So you always take the top there's something about this earlier that is instilled within us and when people go go hiking on the on the mountains and so on, they get to the top of the hill because that's the most beautiful part that's where you can see everything after that you stop you sit down and and you and you see just enjoy the view. So Allah subhana wa Medina says that first They will be happy with their efforts. Now, there is a another pleasure on top of this, and they

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will be in the high gardens. Now this is a contrast compare this to the disbelievers firstly on the Day of Judgment, Harsha they will be fearful, then they'll be thrown in the fire, then there's the boiling water, then there is no food except burrier you know, torture after torture after torture. Now most of what Allah is giving us the pleasure of the pleasure of the pleasure that happens for the believers. So Allah has given us yet nothing earlier. You know, even when you buy property, it's known that the highest the highest properties usually have a higher value due to the good view and the scenery around you. And because it's more or less susceptible to floods and so on. So the higher

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you go, the more expensive now the next pleasure a lot of soldier gives him the paradise. He says that the smell he had here. You know, so paddle up. This as it translates to you, meaning yellow school, a lot of

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you will not eat in either of these gardens senseless.

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Or useless talks and comment. Let us smell you will not let you know what the interesting thing he is from the beginning of the solar till now, it has all been in sort of third person

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to stormy night in Ania it will be given to drink tusla it will be flown.

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And then our social doesn't say in this area unless you smell fear levia within the garden, there will be senseless comments heard, he doesn't say this. He turns and he now directs is missing just allow it wasallam and he says to him, you will not he within these gardens useless talk.

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You know what we learned from this? Who's the first one that's guaranteed paradise, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Why? Because the law says that the smell you will not. And so this aid itself already guarantees that the first person that guaranteed Paradise is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you will not hear any nonsense. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us prophets, Allah llamada, your Salim you will not hear any useless talk. Why is this important to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because when he gets down to this deem the disbelievers insulting, and they say bad words and disrespectful words and useless speech and common theme, they say to him, No,

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you're insane. You know, they say to him that he's possessed by gin and champagne. So a lot of Xhosa is saying that you and your followers, weren't he any of this over the leather smell fee hallelujah. Now you're gonna have to listen to it. But on that day, let us know if you had an idea. You will not hear any of it.

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So no surgeon says no, that talk will happen in the paradise. Why? You know, because evil and bad speech always hurts someone. Even if you're in the best of places. How many people you know live in in beautiful homes, and houses and you think your neighbor Siobhan is living the life. But in reality, you don't know what's happening inside of the house. The marriage life is really bad. And so the husband's saying some really bad words to his wife. And the wife is cursing at the husband and screaming at him. Or then you have grown up children in the house that are shouting at their parents. That's all that's all useless bad talk. And they have the sad lives even though they're

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living in beautiful houses. So a gift in the Paradise is that you will not hear no bad speech inside. So now Angela has guaranteed Fijian nothing Irelia and now he's telling you that inside of that house, it'll be good. No one will have a problem with someone else in the house. Because you know when there are problems in the house, then even if you have the best house in the world, it doesn't matter to you. You know because inside it's destroyed. So this is the other pleasure like guarantees that inside of the house, it will be all good. And you know even in this life, when you want to move to

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to sort of a neighborhood you always want to move to somewhere where it's peaceful and quiet you know you want to move to a neighborhood where there's peace in this calmness, and there is no bad words or swearing words and there is no cars and traffic and people beeping the horn, you know, or in the street you don't want to you don't want to go live in a street where there's people hanging out and and drinking and so on. You know if you go and you feel like you're wanting to buy a house want to move houses. That's the first thing if your neighbor has a problem What do you do? You're not even going to buy they're not renting you live somewhere else. So unless is saying letter smile

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fee Hallelujah, guaranteed that your neighborhood in the paradise will be good. You know it will be absolutely quiet and peaceful. There's no doubt there's no none of this garbage or useless senseless comments inside. Now May Allah azzawajal give us a house in that neighborhood.

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Now he has to a another pleasure and he says he has area within it. In other words, within the gardens, there are flowing springs. In the inside of the gardens of the paradise. There's i is a water spring sort of a fountain a waterfall. jariya means it's flowing. So you're in a high gallon

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with water springs flowing. This means you're on top of the waterfall. And compare this to the people that are scorched in the flames in Ghana and they are forced to drink boiling water. And on the other hand, you have the people of the paradise who are living on highgarden

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enjoying this beautiful scenery in front of them that's on top of a spring waterfall with a lot of cool flowing water and it's always flowing, right Jad? Yeah, non stop, because it's the noun form. So it alludes to that this will never ever stop. And so how am I even I want you to compare this to human experience in this life, you know, the most expensive hotels in the world today, they will have a swimming pool.

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And they'll have a water fountain when you first walk into the reception is sort of a waterfall. And there's these simulated waterfalls, and people will be taking pictures right next door, you know, why do they have all this in very expensive hotels, so they can make the scene seem a bit more exciting and a life. And the people by nature, they're fascinated all over the world. They're fascinated by by this ID. And everyone wants something like this a waterfall. And even like when we say the human is fascinated by this idea of fountains and springs, even find some houses, when he's got like a really good house and is built and is taking care of it. They'll go and buy some

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artificial waterfall electricity and turn it on and it just drops water it keeps going up and down. Because there's humans, they fascinate things like this. They enjoy things like this. And so Pamela, you know,

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it's been revealed over 1000 years ago. And still, people have the same interests and are inclined to the same things a loss of Hannah what Allah tells us yet in other words, my brother's Allah subhanho wa Taala is offering us something we run for till this very day, till this very day. And then Allah says,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Doesn't he know that he created? Yes, of course, he loves us. So that's why he offers us things that we are always inclined to and attach to. And then geria is river it's flowing. And if a river is flowing, that means it's fresh. You know, when a river stands, it doesn't float, it's become stale. But this is urea, like genetic engineering data, coming from the same root words, indicating and applying the freshness of these waters.

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They must have had a more data as to the pleasure. So there's the house, it's all good. The neighborhood is quiet inside the house, it's peaceful. You have this waterfall model was originally placed and decorated in the paradise. And now on top of this, he says he has pseudo Marfa. And within these houses, there are couches, and they raised height.

00:27:43--> 00:27:48

Solo comes from the word City. In modern Arabic city, it means

00:27:50--> 00:28:37

a bit surreal is a bit. But in ancient Arabic, serene is a couch, it's a couch, it's sort of a couch, you recline, and you sit on, and only sort of rich people have this. But I want you to understand the concept of study. And what it implies is very powerful. You know, in Arabic culture, even until today, whether in Saudi Arabia and Yemen or in Bahrain, or in Kuwait, and upon whatever reason, the Arab lands, they have this culture where they sit on the floor, they sit on the floor. And this culture has been inherited from their forefathers, back back back in the times. That's how the forefathers in the Arabian Desert, it's that's how they used to do. And why would the Arabians?

00:28:37--> 00:28:57

Why did they used to sit on the floor, because part of the lifestyle of the Arab was to move around to travel a lot, they used to travel a lot from one place to another. And if he if he had a couch, and he had to, they had to move it everywhere you go, you know, imagine you're moving from likoma to green, and you've got a couch in your head when you move.

00:28:58--> 00:29:13

So because of their lifestyle, they never used to buy couches, there was no couches to sit on the floor, pardon lifestyles to move from here, move there, move behemoth, it's gonna be a headache if you had a couch. Now I want you to understand the idea of the couch.

00:29:15--> 00:29:18

People that will reach and will wealthy

00:29:19--> 00:29:49

and people that had faults and they lived in houses. They used to buy couches, because these are people that used to build their house, and they didn't have no intention of traveling. So in the Arabian time, when you have a couch, that means it implies stability, you're going nowhere. You're gonna move nowhere. That's it, you live and that's your well established place and you're located right, you're going nowhere.

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

And a lot of us origin in the gender when he says fear for what it implies is that he's offering us stability. He's giving us a

00:30:00--> 00:30:35

place to stay forever. without the fear of loss. This is the idea of study of a couch in implies permanency in there forever. Just like the era when you used to buy a study, it means he's going to remain in the house forever, he's going nowhere. And unlike the furniture of this world, which will go out of fashion and spoil after a while, in the paradise, it's different. It remains intact as it is in the same condition. And nothing happens to it. A lot of social as an adjective to this to these couches, he says metaphor.

00:30:36--> 00:30:42

metaphor. It's an essence of rule. In other words, its objective now.

00:30:43--> 00:31:32

In other words, what that implies is that someone did it for you. These couches that have been elevated, someone elevated the couches. In other words, someone has custom made your couch for you. And it will also head on with the Allah he's engaged in designing your house for you in the day of judgment in the paradise and what is within them is a large zone. So when we say of metaphor, elevated redesignate Allah subhanho wa Taala. And an elusive or him Allah He comments and he says, Why did he elevate them. So you can sit back and see everything you own? You know, Subhana Allah just like today, when you have people in high positions, like a judge will like a king.

00:31:34--> 00:32:17

And the rich is not down to the earth like this, they got a sort of an elevated chain. And you will, you're watching the movies, and sometimes like a king, that have like this sort of elevated couch so you can see everyone and the judge when he sits in the courtroom. He's not sitting with everyone else. He's right above. So about a surgeon has honored these people. And now he's giving them suitable for the journey elevated. And unless he says they elevate it, and they're done. So so you can see everything you own. The So how am I even in interior design, what are they teach, they teach that when you decorate your house and you have a couch, make sure you place the couch facing the

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hallway. But so you can see everything. Otherwise, if you turn it and it doesn't have a full view, then you know you're missing a lot from the house. So you're missing a lot from the view. So they teach put the couch so it can sort of have this view towards the hallway so you can see as far as the eye can see. So a lot of soldier has already placed this in that Indiana so However, these are things that people speak of today that I last spoke of 1000s of years ago, he has sold over four now a lot of sewage and he continues and you know just like the the tennis the umpire, he sits up the top, so you can see everything, he's elevated, same idea. But of course in the paradises cannot be

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compared to anything, you can just sort of have a rough sketch of what's going on. Now there's three more so before we conclude, and this is still describing this pleasure, a lot of social gives the believers. The other one, he says one more

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scenario in this high house, you're on top of a waterfall. It's so peaceful, it's quiet.

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There's these couches that are elevated, you're sitting you're viewing, you know, enjoying the view. And then there's this acquirable knowledge acquired comes from the word coop acquired is plural. So there's more than one cup. And coop means a comp. And in Arabic it's refers to a large, huge big cup that doesn't have a handle. And it's thin and slender from the middle neck. And then it's wide from the top like a champagne boat for example. Or champagne glass for example. This is a web let's this what a web refers to.

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And UK were back in history. It used to be sort of ascribed to holding exotic fresh drinks. When you say a crab then there's something very expensive inside of them. And allows origin says what's happening with these equip the moonwalk, another objective now, in other words, they have already been placed. So you come in and you sit on the couch and your dining table has already been set for you. obor also comes from the word lava. And you know the word bar the bar means but humility, humbleness, you know, something lowered. In other words, these cups will be there and they know it for you and a servant the children of the paradise, they will come and they will lower the glass for

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

you and they'll put it right beneath or in front of you like web and mobile. And he says he didn't say what a toolbar that was the verb had he said toolbar that he would have meant that the glass will be playing

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

down once but Milan because it's a noun that it implies that when you drink from it, another cup is placed and you drink from it another cup is placed and another continuously

00:35:14--> 00:35:50

you know like geria continuously Moldova, continuous modifieds continually deliver come down. This is the noun and this is what it implies. So I've had a lot even this happens today in inexpensive restaurants you have the idea of refill, but the difference is that at the end you get charged for there's an expensive bill that comes your way whereas everything in the in the paradise everything agenda because of your efforts to please Allah subhanho wa Taala so he has given you this endless reward that's for free.

00:35:52--> 00:36:01

Then our monetization says whatever you promise foofa Merrick refers to the small pillows right according to some

00:36:02--> 00:36:05

American is this small pillows.

00:36:06--> 00:36:46

So that small pillow you know you might want to put on your high couch for even extra comfort. Small pillows like now you sit on the couch, you get the pillow you put it back on your side for extra comfort. So there's never any form of smooth icing. There will be these small pillows for extra comfort. And then he says must fulfill must fulfill In other words, rows upon rows upon rows of pillows, lots of pillows. Everywhere you look you find relaxation, because a pillow is always ascribed to the to the notion of the idea of comfort and relaxation. Tony says

00:36:48--> 00:37:43

it gives you this idea of this just relaxation upon relaxation wherever you look. And then he says was RBU mapu zoabi. This is Yanni expensive, elegant rugs. As all of these a rug cannot not carpet rugs. difference because a couple sort of is cheap. But the rug likened for LA LA Mola, he says that zoabi expensive rugs made of delicate fibers like the velvet and one piece 500 $600. But that's here, but in the paradise, a lot of them on a lot of soldiers in store. And even nowadays, these exotic rugs are an expensive market, which people you know, who have mansions and so on, they buy for the living room, or for their office to make it look good. These are the lobby. Not anyone like

00:37:43--> 00:37:44

many when I'm biased.

00:37:46--> 00:37:48

Then he says was RBU motherfu.

00:37:50--> 00:37:56

motherfu thought this is the adjective of these rugs. What does that mean?

00:37:58--> 00:38:10

It spread as far as the eye can see. In other words, you have these cushions and you have these rugs as far as you can see, in other words, but how big is the living room, it's huge because

00:38:11--> 00:38:54

they just spread out. As far as you can see, for some had a long journey. Just taking these as in this description of the paradise, one can conclude that a lot of Xhosa is giving the people what he's giving us as we said something that Benny Adam, that human beings run after till this very day and throughout human history. That's the same thing everyone runs for. When you tell someone else What are you running towards run by want to buy a house and then I want to fix the house and then I want to have this and have that and buy this inside and fix it up from here. So have a lawyer now Lars origin when he speaks in the plan, he speaks logic to us. He speaks something that connects

00:38:54--> 00:39:37

with your brain in your mind, which house do you want to hear? Or you want to take up my offer? And I guarantee you that you know now it goes back to you deciding how much sign can you do for this? And so we ask at the end of the last version, we asked him that he gives us a place in the paradise he shall not die next week we'll continue our fellay on Luna in an EP k for wholecut. It's very important to understand these eight and what does the ability camel What does the camel have to do here now all of a sudden there's a shift of subject and we mentioned before our last spoke about buddy and somebody is the is the food of the camel that he eats in the desert. And then the at the

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

way of our surgeons is gay for holy but how it was created. Not me mahalo cut from what it was created and that came before and sort of abolish inshallah these things will be shared in the next repeat in the law. We asked the laws to make us students of the poorer people who benefit from the reminders of the poor and before we conclude, is there any questions someone might ask?

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relation to the

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Garden of Eden Mohammed while he was married