Abu Bakr Zoud – Episode 33 Surat Al Ghashiyah

Abu Bakr Zoud
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Oh praise and thanks belongs to a loss of data or data and maybe the simplicity of a log via a father messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam said Mr.

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Sharma Allah today we begin with similar to last year. And to begin with this, we're going to continue our tradition and that is to connect the previous solar with this solar. So in doing this, we say that in the previous solar which is solar, Allah, Allah azza wa jal spoke about two groups, one group that is headed towards the paradise butterfly Hammond does that guy or that girl smaller fee for solar? Or did you can promise to do these three ways and three pathways to success than a lot of social promises such people the paradise that was the first group. And the second group that was mentioned are people that are headed towards the hellfire. And so the slide ended by mentioning

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the people that are headed towards the Hellfire, headed towards the wrong direction, allows urgencies to feel rude and higher the dunya rather you give preference to the worldly life and you prefer the worldly life over the hereafter. So this sort of it's a it's it's concentrating the fact that these this group this such group is headed towards the wrong direction. And that is the hellfire. So Alonzo john is criticizing and pointing out the reality of the people who give preference to the worldly life, meaning they they are headed towards failure in this world and in the hereafter.

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These are the people that are being addressed in the very beginning of this war. So this sutra begins by addressing the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And we know this because of the attached pronoun, attack and howdy thalassia attack, the scaff here is the attached pronoun, and then refers to second person in other words, the address is to the messengers is Allah, the news of Anwar Shia arrive or come to you. And the benefit of knowing this is as follows. You see, in the previous surah, it ended by Allah Subhana Medina talking to the disbelievers directly in second person, by doing feel alone and higher the dunya you rather you give preference towards the life

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that's how it concluded second person, but now in similar to last year, there is another second person and that is Allah subhanho wa Taala speaking to is missing just a little low on a limb, saying to him, the use of the overwhelming the the covering event that Alicia will come to it. The news of that come to you meaning Oh Mohammed salam, O Allah, you are similar. So it is as though a loss of Hannah what Allah has become angry from the kofod from the disbelievers. Now he has turned away from them, and now he's speaking to his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but he's speaking to him Salalah alayhi wa sallam about them. She doesn't direct them anymore. He's directing

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the speech to the syllabus.

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And what he's talking to him is about these people here. Now, let's just know some things about the format of this speech. Attack. I have a full wash here. Now we find this style in other places.

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For example, it already came with us.

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Attack I had the flu. You know, we found the * attack I had the flu Moosa attack ahaadeeth, oh boy, feeble human leukemia, and so on. This is it's common, and it's a style that is always in the Quran, and the word Hal,

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attack a hadith and worship. It has two meanings. The scholars argue one meaning if that it could mean as in sort of the style of a question how deep the news of arshia come to you did the Muse So in other words, we can understand the * as being a question posed to the messenger sallallahu wasallam. The other meaning of * is

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in other words, it doesn't mean a question but attacker would mean cut attack a hadith last year. What that will translate today as the news of Russia has, in fact, indeed, has received you it has come to you. So now we're going to focus on handling

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as being a Christian and seeing exactly what kind of benefit can we get from this. Now, attacker, the word attacker, this word attack comes from the word attack, which means to come and arrive. And in the Arabic language, there is another word that means to come and arrive. And that is Jan, you probably know the word jet. Yeah, it means to come, and it also means to come. So if they both mean the same way, they're in a muscle pattern with the NSA, but there

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was a difference if they both the same. Well, there is a slight difference between the word attack and jet, the word jet when it's used in Nepal, and then it is only used for something that's enormous, and heavy, something grand, something huge that arrives.

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For example, a lot of times it says,

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when a command comes in something huge that will come so use the word Jad five that we read already face to face.

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You know, the defending the drowning calamity. This one This is actually speaking about when the day of judgment comes in, because that's a huge event. A lot of Sergeant says and sort of division, which is the sort of after sort of the Russia was Yeah, look at when a large surgeon himself comes, that's huge. So, when it comes in Nepal is used for speaking about a huge event. Now, something that arrives with ease, then other is used hashtag ahaadeeth or Moosa, the news of masa region, the news is something easy to come, he says, word of the story to mention, and it's very easy to be delivered. Now, let me just use both of these words. In one example, say, for example, this is a

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school and we had

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sort of a prime minister or a president was to walk into the, to the to the school, and you have a student walking in. If you are going to say the student walked in, you say at that upon it, the student can use the word attire because the student coming is not something big. He always comes to the school. But our president coming to a school that never happens, perhaps once a lifetime. So the most most appropriate Arabic you'd say, Allah ease right, said the president came, I use the word jet. In other words, you're alluding to a grand arrival, something huge came, it doesn't come by himself, he will come with a group within people from behind him from in front of him and so on. So

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that's how Java is used. also spoken about the way at the end jet are pronounced. When you pronounce jet. It requires more effort than the word utter. You say utter utter is very easy to pronounce. In other words, alluding to something easy coming. And when you say jet in the pronounciation of J is stronger. In other words, alluding to something huge that is coming. Now let's see in this

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attack, how do

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we say the last year is an adjective a descriptive word of your own piano. Another word film of gamma is alhaja. We'll study it in detail when we get to it.

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And so you think a lot of Shia men, if you're saying it's the day of judgment, it's something huge. So why then

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Shia? Well, the reason is because a lot of us origin is not speaking about the validity of the event itself, cup and cat happening and coming in this area. He's speaking about the news on

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the news. And the news that is delivered on Rasul masala is easier than the event itself happening. So when Allah speaks about the event itself, he'll use Jeff

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Palmer over there. He's speaking about apama which is the drowning calamity which is another name for the Day of Judgment. But in that saga is speaking about that event actually happening. But in this area, he is not speaking about the day of judgment as it's happening. He's speaking about the news of it. How howdy did the news and the news is near as it's easier than the event? It's easier than the event itself. So the word attack was used

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to attack ahaadeeth and Russia Now, the other thing is, this is a question format.

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Did the news of last year come to you Oh prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam center? What is the point of asking this type of question? Now I want you to understand that this way

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if you are students in a class

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And you failed the test. And say I'm the principal and I walk in.

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And I walk in and I walk straight to the teacher. And I look at the teacher who by the way has done his job is to everything.

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And I say to him, do you teach them everything you're supposed to.

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But if I'm shouting at the teacher, I'm not criticizing and I'm not angry with the teacher, I'm actually criticizing the students. And I'm doing it in two ways. The first way is I'm turning away from them. So I'm not talking to them. That already illustrates anger. And the other thing is, I'm talking to the teacher, almost reinforcing the idea that yes, he in fact, did his job. But I don't want to look at the students because they failed me. So I look at him. And I say, do you teach them everything they're supposed to? And that's doing two things. One is I'm angry with the students. The other is, like I'm saying to the teacher, is you've done your job. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is

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angry with these disbelievers who gave preference to the worldly life to the dunya. And they denied the concept of the Day of Judgment.

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And and because they have already analyzed the lobbying, why is Allah depicting anger? And why is he being angry at them? Is because he's already they've already been taught everything. And they've already been told about the Day of Judgment. Were in the previous solar. How did it end in either of you, Sophie Lula, Sophie Ibrahima, who said, You've been taught this, it's already in the legacy of your forefathers.

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Teaching polish. Right? This is not something new. The concept of the day of judgment and these teachings that came in sooner than earlier is not something new. Our surgeon said this is inside of him. And we said that Polish ascribed themselves they tie themselves with the legacy of Ibrahim. So unless this is something you already know, and you've still demand this day of judgment, so the beginning of the surah, comes a bit more tougher. And same thing to the Jews in Medina. These people they tie their legacy. It begins with Musa alayhis salam, and then from after him, a Salah is set up. So you feel sorry for you by email Hussein otherwise engaged being depicted at them as well.

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Because these teachings have already been with Mousavi center. Why haven't you still learned this lesson? And why haven't you still learned the concept of the Day of Judgment? So the message has gotten to them from the previous prophets, and has received the same message is found in some of the below him and Moosa. So now in threatening words, and in tough, angry words, Isn't it enough that the news of the covering event has come to you? So far, so agile is directing this to this messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and its anger at the disbelievers. You see the news has come through.

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And it has come to the gopher to the machine, he came to this believers, but they still didn't change they still haven't moved. So the solar begins with the depiction of punishment, and torture. And it begins with the horrors of the day of judgment and of the hellfire. And why is the Hellfire mentioned first you're going to see the fear now and heavier to spam in it in any Why is the Hellfire mentioned first, because these people that are deserving of the Hellfire were mentioned at the end in the previous solar. So now the beginning of this solar continues this conversation and says where these people end up?

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Howdy Fu. The word howdy literally means something that occurs. So an event that happens.

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And also it's used in the meaning of something new. Like for example, you say had an accident in Arabic, they say ahead. It's a yellow

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car accident. What do they call a habit? Because accident, it just happened right now something new that just happens. So that's you can use the word habit. And he means literally something that occurs and it could be something new, that just happens. And it also could be an old event. Now, the mention of the day of judgment has come in, over and over and over and over again. It's not something new. But now it's been brought to your attention

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as though you've never heard it before. And it feels like this is the first time you've really internalized it and it's going to be a new thing to you, if ever you have you ever heard of this concept when you know something and then someone tells you that

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And he said, it's like I've heard it for the first time. You already knew it. But the way he says it to you is in a different angle. So you know you have a new appreciation and a new angle to what he's saying, although it's the same thing. So what's happening is the word Hadeeth is being used as though it is something new. Now he also was Arsalan have a new look at it, have a new look at the concept of the Day of Judgment, attack a hadith alohar Shia?

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Shia, the scholars, they said that this could be referring to either the day of judgment or either could refer to the hellfire. Now there's nothing correct more than the other. They're both correct. That's how we understand as we come on, I'll give you an explanation of this. But the word of Russia comes from the word Russia. And Russia literally means to cover something up entirely right on

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demand that you cover entirely something.

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And it's used to describe the events of the next slide. Okay. And as I told you, Alicia is an adjective of lpm. Our social is telling us that day, and its events will cover it will cover the entire Earth. Now, you know, in previous world, Alonzo, he says to us that when the day of judgment when it begins, when it starts, what happens the sky will take either cement with chocolate, that's what will happen, and the sky will tear and it will start peeling, and the sky covers us it's our cover. So with the signs of the Day of Judgment standing by the sky happen, then already we've been covered by the events of the day of judgment son was called on Harsha because it covers us.

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Also another beautiful meaning of Russia. You know, in the previous school, Allah subhanaw taala said, Ben took the rune and hired the dunya that you give preference to all the life now you know, people, they busy with their business, with their family with their work, whatever it is with entertainment. And this world, it covers people's minds, and it covers the people's hearts. But when this event, Alicia, when it takes place, and when it comes, it'll cover everything people would run for

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just a second before last year, there were people that are shopping, there were people that are driving people, they're checking their bank account online, there are people that are moving homes. And a second after, when this Russia comes, it covers all your plans, you're not worried. And you're not thinking of anything except of what's happening right now, which is a Russia, which is the day of judgment. So it was called out last year, because it covers your worries, you know, a second before you're planning about what you're going to do in two weeks. A second later in the Russia happens. Forget about that plan. What happened, the Hershey had covered up that plan. Now you're

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worried about what's happening right now before your own eyes. So now, the benefit of the question. Again, there are another few benefits, and that is to confirm the meta as well. An attacker had even worse yet to confirm the matter. You know, didn't it come to you? meaning for sure it has come to you. And you know, just like you tell your kid your son did not tell you don't do this? In other words, yes, I told you don't do this. But he asked a question. You said Didn't I tell you go there. In other words, I told you. So I'm not so gently saying here, I have given you the news of Russia. But I'll put it in a way that is new altogether. So you can have a better understanding of this is

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the word howdy as well. And the other implication is to grab attention of the listener, you know?

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Like for example, you say, didn't you listen to what I said? Didn't you when you repeat yourself and you say Didn't you listen? It comes out with a threatening tone, you're you're trying to get the attention of the listener. It comes with a threatening tone now, even though the address is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the real threat is to is not to him, rather, it's to those that are not listening to him. That's where the real threat is. So So Pamela, this question actually has the carries beautiful, two implications and that is that an attacker hardeeville arshia on one side, in his criticizing and scolding the disbelievers, and on the other side, it's supporting the

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messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. That is you are not to worry, you know, the news has got to you

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But it's the one we're going to speak to them because I'm angry at them. So that has these two, two sides to it. It says support for the messenger, some alone wanting to sell. In other words confirming that yes, you have been given this message and you have preached this message. Now, there's also a beautiful Hadith that comes here.

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I want you to listen and focus on the words in it.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he passed by an old woman who was reciting heart attack a hobby from last year. In the province, I suddenly stood, and he heard recite the air and he said, now called adding Nam, Khadija animus, although he's answering the question, she's resigning, attack ahaadeeth en la Shia,

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the news of Alicia come to you. And he's standing outside. And he didn't say an attorney. He said caja Annie. What did we say? Yeah, is useful. something heavy. In other words, when the news of the day of judgment came onto the scene, it came heavy on to you.

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But the news itself that came from a lot of came easy to the messenger seller seller, but when he received it, he didn't say an attorney. He said kajaani In other words, when it did come down to him, it was a huge thing for him. So he said paja Annie, so panela even the word of the messenger Cyrus Allah depicted that is something serious. Let's see how serious this is. Now a lot of surgeon begins to explain.

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He says, whoo, hoo, hoo, Yama, even Harsha.

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We will human faces comes from the word wash or wash, it means a face. And actually what you hear it's the grammatical position we refer to as the subject. And usually in the Arabic language, the Buddha is supposed to begin with le flare. You're supposed to say

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you're a beginner subject, you don't begin a sentence like this. If I was to speak about someone else I would own and continue the sentence I say.

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And then I continue

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to hear this. The man is sitting on a journey. So you can say that, but that's not normal, normal Arabic, you'd say. So what we were expecting he is unusual. But you know, some mercy of a law that he didn't say, because unusual would translate to the faces, the faces. When you save the faces, that means everyone. But the fact that a lot of soldiers said we shoehorn

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the fact that there is no Alif land. Now we are supposed to translate it as some faces. Some faces, the absence of Elif lamb, gives us the translation of some faces. The other thing is that

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now the head has to bump up the top. And then we only live on when you use the reach for greatness. In other words, am I saying some faces, but that some are going to be many, many faces? Now? How do you understand some and many coming together? although it sounds like a contradiction, you're saying some and then you're saying many? Well, this is how we understand. You know, when I say some of you, what does that already put in your mind that there's another group? If I say some of you, you're already thinking there's another group. So when allies origin says, some faces, already, the listener is waiting for another type of group, another type of faces to dimensioned. And a lot of

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Xhosa who mentioned soon after, whoo hoo neoma. In nerima. There is another son we ask a lot of soldiers to make us from them.

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And then we're saying so when we say some we're thinking there's another group, but when he speaks about this group, and he says we own with them, then we In other words, this group is going to be many of them like this. There's going to be many of them, like he says was Johann Yama, Yama. Yama even means on that day on that day, but in Arabic, the normal sentence structure is that that is put at the end. You say boo Harsha Tonio magnesium, a stone, but when you put your mind even before Harsha just like it is now in the middle. We'll move on to Matt even then what that implies is that if the sauce

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exclusive, sorry, especially, especially, in other words, some faces and they're going to be many, especially on that day.

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In other words, not now. Maybe those faces now. They will

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They are happy. And that's the case. That's how the gaffer is on this world. Some of them are like this, they're happy, you know, enjoying their fortunes and they will and they and the freedom but the law says Yo man, even especially on that day, how will it be? He describes it as Harsha very important to understand this word for sure.

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In the previous surah, Allah subhanahu wa diaeresis says that government Yahshua so we have two words yaksha and Harsha. yaksha kosha. There are two different there are two similar words. The only difference is that one ends with yet the other ends with

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her she means to Fie something that is greater than first year that was in the previous one. Haha, let's distinguish the first time you select that means that you are so afraid. You're so overwhelmed with fi that your muscles become numb, and your bones become weak. That's quisha Amara so gently saying that the Kevin on the Day of Judgment, his face will experience Who's your Will you and your medium Harsha and allies? He tells us in many other places of the Quran, that who sure will be displayed that it will be shown on different parts of the body for a gaffin. For example, He says wash it or sweat with it, man that the voices will experience for sure. hotshot and absorb all the

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eyes will experience for sure. And he says boo Yama in the harsh era, the face will experience for sure. Now keep this in your mind. For the believer. Where does he experience we're sure

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a lot of surgeon says de la Vina mano de pollo boom for the believer who sure is experienced in the heart, but for the character, his eye, his tongue, his face, on the day of judgment will experience for sure. But Obama never describes the gaffer as being as having who sure in his heart, because this is something special for the believer. Now look, whatever the man saying this commentary, they say and for sure. In any part of the body, other than the heart, then that is wired to that is the nth degree of humiliation.

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If you experience for sure, and other than your heart, that's not an honor. That's humiliation. So now they're on the Day of Judgment. They're being humiliated. The fact that all their buddy has for sure, and so can look at this a lot. So shall he describes their heart on the Day of Judgment. But it doesn't say that their heart experiencing for sure. We said because it for sure is in the heart. That's an honor. That's only for the believers. Allah describes the disbelievers heart on the Day of Judgment. And we took this insalata nazjatar kulu

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where Shiva and I told you what why Shiva is when Shiva is the fee. That is that you describe an animal with by the Arabs, they used to slap their horse, and the horse would run away at a fee. And they say what you have to hide. I made the hosts fee and he ran away use the verb was just too. So Pamela In other words, a lot of us origin has humiliated these Cofer. He's describing the fear of their heart, the same fee that is described for an enemy. This is the nth degree of humiliation.

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So this is how about azorean describes their heart on the day of German so for sure, it's an honor for it to be in the heart. So now we're speaking about the face, who won Yo man even harsher. That's how the face will be on the Day of Judgment. Now supercilious had a lot in the previous solar. The previous solar was less young, its theme was less than the solar it wasn't as scary as his solar. So that's why I say that chroma yaksha was used there. But because the solar is speaking about a it has a tougher theme, and it depicts more horror and anger. Then the more powerful word is used was Johan Yama even harsher than Omar's origin says and this is by the way this is the Godfather was speaking

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about. He says now I have been lied to Nelson.

00:29:49 --> 00:29:59

Ramen means to work and means to work. It means to be put to work. In other words, are you saying these

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faces of the golfer will be put to work. You know, how does that happen? How, how is it Facebook to work? I'll explain this to you. You know, if someone

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comes home after a long day of work, his face you can see the exhaustion and the tightness on his face. And if someone has been the whole day sleeping, or the whole day, the whole day on vacation holidays, His face is different. You know, one person been working the whole day on the roof, right under the sun, and someone that's been sleeping that whole day, two faces, you're going to know which one was working and which one wasn't working, you can tell. So now

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it implies that on that day, on the day of judgment, there is some some sort of work happening. There's something going on. What is that? You know, because when the Hershey a happens, what is it gopher stop doing. And we read this yo they are not only nahi. He's running away from his brother, they are running a monster and just says

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there is no refuge when you're running. He became a villain Mustafa, the ending the final meeting is with a law. So they they are so tired because they're running, running, running around trying to find an escape, and they have not found this game. So now the face is exhausted from this running they're doing on that day.

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This is

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who he says that this is the case of them in this dunya that because they didn't work for Allah subhanho wa Taala in this dunya they didn't exhaust themselves in this world for a while. They will exhaust themselves on that date. And so have a lot of data at one time. He passes by a Christian monk, a very old Christian monk. And this guy is being he's a he's a big worship as a monk

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begins to cry, and the Sahaba

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what makes you cry Allah? And he says, amulet to NASA?

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In other words, what is what he's saying? He's saying, This man, this monk, he's exhausted himself in worshiping in something other than a boss of Hannah Montana. He's exhausted himself in in a in a worship that among word except from him. He's exhausted himself and on the day of done will be exhausted even further. So I won't feel that much to feel sorry for him that he has to cry, you know, because he's put his his effort in something you learned from his youth from his young age until now. He's been working in something that will not work except from him. So that's why he cried and said, I made it to NASA. You know, there's another there's another worship.

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Another word worship that people do. And the prophet SAW Selim, he says, deicer Abdul Wahab Medina, that's another worship people do, made the slave of the literally the dollar, Adela know what the Naira they sent me the slave of the dollar sent, may he be destroyed.

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He says, you know, we give our entire lives to work

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on expanding the business, you know, making it higher and higher up in the corporate ladder and so on.

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You're on holidays, you're talking to people about work, you're at home, you're speaking to your family about work. You're in the mercy of your wherever, wherever you are, you're speaking about work, work, work. And so can you speak to an engine he only wants to speak to you about his engineering and what kind of work is when you speak to a doctor only speaks about his medicine and whatever he's got to offer as well. And so common psychologically, they say, you become what you do. You become what you do. And so how are these people? You're asked them? Who are you? What do you do? I'm a teacher. I'm an engineer. Jani. So Hannah Laurie, you're a human, you're a Muslim. There are

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other things that you are learning. What you work is just a small part of what you are. That's not something huge. And Subhanallah the whole life is work, work work. And the only these people

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I admitted to now

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It depends how it's done. It's done for other than a loss origin and the mind is just concentrated in that and running after it. As a promise SLM says literally people that worship the dollar, you exhaust yourself in the dollar on the ship. And then eventually what happens on the Day of Judgment is more exhausted. There was no time machine he never found time to free it for a loss of Hanover data. And this is how

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he and he lived. And all his life is spent in traffic and then

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It's spent in, in work, and then I'll be speaking about work and then wherever he goes, work, work work. And you know what happens eventually. If you like

00:35:11 --> 00:35:41

it when they come to die, for example, you know, when a character dies, what do they have? rip, rip, rest in peace, rest in peace Leanna shala How funny is this because you literally haven't rested in peace, that actually compared to the year after he the way he was the PCs was he after that there's exhaustion there's tiredness, it doesn't end. For some however, the dunya is a holiday compared to what's coming for the Kevin Miller to now

00:35:42 --> 00:36:08

he doesn't only describe the castle on the day of judgment as hamdulillah you know, these people, they wake up from the graves and they exhausted This is a minute they literally get up and they exhausted and people are putting a rest in peace of the grave what kind of peace using from when he dies, he's being tortured in there. And when he comes out, there's more tiredness and noises he's trying to run, run around to find an escape.

00:36:09 --> 00:36:41

And not only Allah subhanho wa Taala describes them as been exhausted, he also adds on top of this now silver, now silver means your knee atop a muscle tired, they be tired, wobbly. And you know, when you're now similar with me, it has this sense you know, when you really really really tired and you just want to go to sleep. That's now sit back, you just want to rest and you know, I'll give you an example. So you can so we can prepare it for the next air.

00:36:44 --> 00:37:27

Hotels nowadays when you when people are on long travels, business meetings in like this is high profile people how they advertise and how they attract them to their hotels is that they they advertise like a nice comfortable bed with a lot of cushions you know, a recliner, a comfortable bed with couches and so on lots of pillows, then they even have a waterfall you know that they like sort of really set it up so they can make you feel comfortable. So now when you've come from a long trip and you're tired, you look at it any any sort of appeals to you know, you're really tired and you want something sort of some sort of relaxation. So they have this sort of in hotels for people that

00:37:27 --> 00:37:30

are coming from long trips. And now

00:37:31 --> 00:37:45

you know after your trip you finally are done all you want to do is relax so that's how they they appeal to you with these images. So now let's see here these people have worked all their life in this long

00:37:46 --> 00:38:35

they've worked and they died and now they make grave and now they come out and they're exhausted what's now before them allows origin says What does what does a lot of soldiers have in store for them? This is dustless now on Hermia mo you think there's going to be some sort of hotel you're going to relaxing but what comes after it a lot of sisters lay down on the slab means they will be throwing themselves into the fire and the slab is there it is going back to the faces they'll slap a slew the faces will cause them throw themselves into the fire so have a lot you know the first thing you try to cover when there's danger is your face like Secretary this danger in front of you

00:38:35 --> 00:39:15

something being thrown at someone's other watch up the first thing it's a human instinct that you come to try to cover your face and that the very same face that you will run to cover here is the very same thing the first thing that will be thrown into the fire be thrown on their faces into the fire will say why the face is mentioned send this is to Panama as a humiliation a lot. So chances are he makes them through their faces first into the fire slab meaning it'll burn within the flame within the flame the slab down here and now which is the fire hammer very interesting word focus on this word.

00:39:16 --> 00:39:21

Hermia in the Arabic language comes from hammer.

00:39:22 --> 00:39:24

Hammer has two meanings.

00:39:25 --> 00:39:35

Hammer could either mean that it's a scorching hot fire how many to now for example, I intensified the fire on this fire they became really hot

00:39:37 --> 00:39:43

and hammer you can say tomato Rajan, I prevented this person I protected this person.

00:39:44 --> 00:39:59

It has these two meanings one means an intense a feast intense flame and the other meaning of preventing something that prevents you How is this understood on the fire? You see the fire that the good

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

Thermal burn with is an intense fire

00:40:04 --> 00:40:07

and intense cold in scorching fire.

00:40:08 --> 00:40:28

And at the same time, as hot as it is, it prevents the skin from disappearing and burning away. It prevents them from dying. It prevents them from relaxation. It prevents them from any stop in the pain while they are being burned.

00:40:29 --> 00:40:48

This is how we understand heavier in the understanding of it being prevented, prevent you from what prevent you from burning and relaxing and actually dying. At altona. This is fire. It's a feast intensifier. This is the slab now on ham ear that allows origin says to come in.

00:40:50 --> 00:40:54

And you know Subhanallah when there is so much pain, so much pain.

00:40:56 --> 00:41:22

What's the first natural thing they're going to look for water to turn this fire off? Chanel was originally tells us about the water. He had to storm an island in any air to scar that they're still referring to the faces. He's saying faces will be given to drink, the face will be given and I promised you I will say why faces? Why does Omar mentioned faces. You know why? Because arrogance

00:41:23 --> 00:42:08

and emotion and anger and lying and shouting and swearing at the products of our seller. And the insult of this planet in this deep. Whether they happen it happens on the face the most, you know if someone is arrogant, you can tell arrogance from someone's head, or from someone's leg. So the same thing that showed their arrogance will be the first thing to be thrown into the fire and burn. Because that's where all the emotions work. So to spam in Ireland in an ear to spa, it is referring to the faces to scar literally means that the mouth will be open. And you know, and a fluid will pour in it. If for example, you say in Arabic subtitle Rajan Southern to Russian would actually mean

00:42:08 --> 00:42:40

you got the cup and you gave the person or the man to drink. And this is something that's done for humans is something that's done for animals as well. You know, like you said, people dying, for example, baby goats or something, you give him the bottle and you feed him That's too strong. So now is really saying literally their mouth is open shall be open like animals, and the fluid will be pouring in what will be pouring in Midnight in in area, I mean the spring, I want you to be very careful on how the wording is coming here

00:42:42 --> 00:43:08

is a spring, when you hear the word spring, it's got sort of a relief, some sort of positive note to it. And I a spring was called the spring because water comes out also the eye, our eye is cold, because that's where the T's come out from and that's where it's always moist. You know, for example, surely, in the Coppola name because it's something beautiful for the eye to look at. That's where the word comes from.

00:43:09 --> 00:43:16

So it has these actually has these positive meanings. So you think that they're thinking that

00:43:18 --> 00:43:30

they're going to be given some relief, a lot said I mean, there's some relief. But then a lot of social ads, what kind of is this he says, near and dear comes from the word l m.

00:43:32 --> 00:44:27

n n means now an N means when water reaches the boiling point, when it's intense when it reaches the boiling boiling point. That's Enya. So this is the spring, it'll gotcha the water only when it reaches boiling point. Other than that it doesn't go to common area. Once he reaches that point. Once it's boiling, no it comes out. And when it comes out, it will come directly into their faces straight to their mouth is to spa I mean I'm in the area. And so Panama in other places a lot of Sergeant says doesn't leave in Boone, right? You think you know when you drink something hot. What happens is as it goes in, the temperature drops. So it can be level with your body and then it goes

00:44:27 --> 00:44:43

in. It drops it doesn't remain boiling and whatever degree you drink it as a matter of fact you feel empty 100 degrees of water here. As time goes by it starts cooling down and when you start drinking, it's already cooling down. But Allah azzawajal says that when they drink and

00:44:44 --> 00:44:59

it doesn't cool down. He says thirdly it bottles and where is your bombing Phil Boone? in the stomach, that's where it boils. So it starts boiling in the stomach and then it comes out of the body is like froth right this is to stop

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

In a

00:45:02 --> 00:45:50

very boiling hot water this is what they all have to drink. And so Panama you read this is solid and Harsha and Harsha it perfect the perfect sense comes into the solar they will be covered with the fire. And then they will be covered now with this boiling water. Now we spoke about the drink a lot Xhosa speaks about the food will completely shallow with these two as soon as the drink is taken care of. And that's what it is. A lot of social addresses the type of food they'll have. He says lace alone by 11 Bollea, no food for them, please allow no food for them whatsoever. And the word laser, it's to negate something. But you use this in the prison in a gate. Now, if you want to

00:45:50 --> 00:46:22

negate something now you say laser, and it's not for the future. In other words, olara Zoysia is showing his anger to these people. It's like they're being told a imagine now there is no food laser right? Now imagine this now. Low, low because it came straight off the laser. Whereas in normal Arabic, it's delayed to the M laser for our 11 body. bone loss, at least alone. And what that creates is especially, especially for them.

00:46:23 --> 00:46:30

And what does that depict? If especially for them there is no food. In other words, we think Same for others there will be food.

00:46:31 --> 00:46:48

And so so Pamela the verse implies anger towards the disbelievers. And it implies a mercy to the believers. When we read level we become happy, right? We become happy, it's a like a mercy for the believer. For them there is it as for others there will be

00:46:49 --> 00:46:53

no type of food is Allah speaking about he says 11 bahria except

00:46:55 --> 00:47:14

from mean blurrier, and blurrier is this bollier. Now, it means like, you know the role seaweed, this the seaweed that washes up on the shore, even animals don't eat, sometimes even if it's processed, and so on. That's burrier, but the meaning of bahria in the Arab time

00:47:15 --> 00:47:23

in the Arab terrains in the desert, but here is actually it's a phony tree, it's dead. So I'll tell you something about it.

00:47:24 --> 00:47:47

It's a tree that is poisonous. It's funny, It's itchy, it's nasty, it's spiky, even animals, they try to avoid eating from next door so we can't poke them and then all of a sudden, they'll start bleeding. They try to avoid it. The only animal that eats body is the camera.

00:47:48 --> 00:48:30

And this is part of that amazing, miraculous creation of the camel. It's very important to note the camel because towards the towards the end of the solar will read Flm valonna. Elon ebk for wholecut will tie up why there's a lot of origin mentioned about the camels. And now he is speaking about the food of the camels. And so he says Lisa, don't buy him 11 burrier. And they're actually saying that the word buddy is the common word for all the food in the in the help file. So you have the only Apple asleep. Bob Bonnier is the common word when you say bollier it's like it includes everything in it. And this is actually the bollier it's still there. It's in the desert. It's this thorny

00:48:30 --> 00:49:15

plant, no one covers the except urine in the camel. You know, it has the fat lips and he is able to eat and he's able to just in his stomach. And that's why the Arabs would love the camel because it's not an animal that you have to take care of just buying Come on, he'll take care of himself in the desert, you know, he'll fix himself on whatever other animals you need to prepare for him some hate and some it is a bit of bit more cost and bit more effort. But they come up with something really nice and easy goes into comes by itself. 11 barrier except from is very important this word in there mean Allah doesn't say laser down parameter elaborate here, he says mean fraud. And what this

00:49:15 --> 00:49:44

depicts is that they are looking for it. There is no file and they have to look at where this tree is. This is what mean implies they have to search for it. And you know, this adds more to the horror because when you're searching for it, you're being poked from one side and poke from the other you're trying to find where these trees and not only have to find it, you need to pick up from this tree and start eating from this tree. This is the salon bayamon Inlet main body area and so panel up Look what happened.

00:49:45 --> 00:49:59

The disbelievers they hurt this area. So of course you gotta imagine there's all sorts of sort of reciting these as and be careful he heard this then so some of them. They didn't take the message series. Oh, of course we know that and they made fun of this.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:06

What did they say? They said, buddy, well, it's not so bad. How camels survival

00:50:07 --> 00:50:48

and how camels are healthy and become fat from what a year. So, so bad we'll try to try now in response to them in the next day, this is the final air. He says let me know whether you live in Juba they thinking that okay bollier is alright if our camels survive on it will survive on it as well. So Allah says, when one the second layer Smith, he adds, he says, it doesn't add to your fat lucemon it's not nutritious. It is not nutrient nutrients in it, you know, nowadays, we eat food that's not nutrition, nutrients, you know, no nutrition in the food. But there is something else because you could say there has been so

00:50:49 --> 00:50:58

many nutrients. Well, we eat food now, that is of no benefit to us. So the capitalist thinking are the following same thing, do

00:51:00 --> 00:51:07

we need a heater that that adds one more thing was what adds the horror. He says when a name endure,

00:51:08 --> 00:51:13

and it would make them free of hunger was when you eat none.

00:51:15 --> 00:51:57

The food that actually is not healthy and so on when you eat this food. At least it fills you up, it fills you up. It satisfies that hunger. Bala adds, he says Well, I mean, sure it won't make them free of hunger. In other words, they'll keep eating and eating and eating and eating and not feel full. And so also the other thing is when you say goodbye, and when you say food, food does two things. It tastes like food. Firstly, and the other thing is it feels you're and this is exactly the two opposites that are happening with their food in the in the hellfire. Firstly, when you sit when you taste something disgusting, you don't continue, you spit it out, and you don't want to eat this

00:51:57 --> 00:51:58

anymore, you know.

00:51:59 --> 00:52:06

But be careful will be keep will keep eating out of desperation. And you a and there's nothing that fills him up.

00:52:08 --> 00:52:20

And it doesn't fill him up. It doesn't make him fat lozman and at the same time, it doesn't free him from his hunger. So what are you gonna do? You got to keep eating for so kalama we asked Bob to make us from these people.

00:52:21 --> 00:53:03

And so how am I you know that this slot? It's a bit harsh. In the previous solar. There was soft advice, there was soft warning, you know, in there that was sort of you know, that sort of a blow hemo who say you know, you know this message again in the previous prophets of yours in previous scriptures as well as go have a look at it yourself. But now this, this advice here comes a bit more strong, because if the student doesn't respond, if he doesn't learn, what's the next thing you do? You threaten him, you start shouting now. And so this is the theme of the solar it's coming very strong in Sharla dialogue. Next week, we'll describe the other faces a lot of social says Whoo Hoo

00:53:03 --> 00:53:43

wee oh man is in there. And they don't understand that Why? Why did a lot begin with the ones of the hellfire. And then he mentioned the people of the paradise second these are very sensitive things in the Quran. You know what comes first what comes second. But the fact that Allah doesn't say what was you and Yama in nerima that's where the the secret to this is. Because when you say what was human and faces then that means you've put them in order, but the absence of the world, then it doesn't mean that Allah is putting something in order preferring something over the other. Some faces are like this. The other faces are like this. We ask a lot of surgeons to make our faces when you're

00:53:43 --> 00:53:44

when you're made in.

00:53:45 --> 00:54:02

This discussion will come up. Next week we have the light I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make our students on the plan people who benefit from the reminders of the plan in a whole new vertical otherwise Ronnie and Sullivan was Southern or Bella garden, Amina Mohammed while he was on the edge married

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