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Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of mental health for Muslims is discussed, along with the need for individuals to hold onto their true values and not be afraid of harms' behavior. The speakers emphasize the need for faith and healing, as well as the importance of knowing past experiences and finding ways to express one's opinion. They also mention the need for people to wake up early to achieve their goals and not be distracted by things. The importance of healing and learning from past experiences is also emphasized.
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I said I'm on ecom warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome back. It's a pleasure having you with us at Islam channel. It's your brother Yeah, hey, we're here coming to you live from Perth, Western Australia, from my home to yours. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes you of use and valuable to each other. Allah him. I mean, we've been speaking while we are receiving your calls live on air, about the importance of mental health for us as Muslims, and that it is very much something that we can learn so much from the habits, behaviors, life and Sierra and sooner of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we've been looking at moments in his life and extracting principles and

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will soon to live by within ourselves. The last thing that we spoke about was that mentally strong mentally tough people, resilient people are those who don't get overly distracted with things that are beyond their control, or of lesser priority. The next point, the next, honestly, that we want to discuss in child law is that those who have a strong mental resilience and good mental health are those who are not always wanting to please others, when it is something that is at their own peril or something that is not pleasing to themselves, in turn. And this is something that you see in the life of the prophets. I said, it was so easy for many different moments in the life of the Prophet I

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said that in the early days of Mecca to simply fall, or to compromise, but rather we've been given a very important constitution in Surah Al caffi. rune, the unbelievers, Allah says, respond to them. Yeah, Mohammed, the people of Mecca, they came and they said, Yeah, Mohammed, Salah, let's make a compromise. How about this, we will begin for one year, one year of worshipping your God, and we won't worship any of ours. We'll put them all aside for one year. But you need to make a promise that at the end of that year, that we can then go back to worshipping our gods, and you would join us. And you know, for some people, you know, maybe even for some of us today, we would say, Listen,

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if these people practice Islam for a year, they'll forget all about the ship. Let's make a deal. Let's get through it. At least they're coming to Islam, at least half of them will stay Muslim, it might be a good, good thing. But that's not how we are as Muslims. We are not those who seek to compromise in that sense, where it is something that brings disrepute to our faith, and changes the ideals of how we view the world. So Allah subhanho wa Taala makes it easy. He says to us, don't worry about what other people worship but focus on what you worship. What do you and Kathy rune, say to those who want to remain as unbelievers in your faith lab, you don't matter who do. I will never

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commit to worshiping what you worship. Why that and tomorrow between a man and a boy, and you are being dishonest when you say that you would worship what I worship, if in your mind, in a year's time, you're going to go back to your idolatry. When and tomorrow be doing an app with an app you do not want worship what you I will never claim that and you truly don't mean that let them do you have your own life. You have your own faith, you have your own practice. Well, your deen so let me have my own. What a wonderful way of framing that important principle, always wanting to compromise and please others is not going to be beneficial for your relationship for your work experience. It's not

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going to be beneficial for you on the job in your home with your family with with those who are friends, and certainly not with those who are enemies. And in fact, it becomes really important for us as human beings to develop a sense of uprightness and a moral ethics. That doesn't waver necessarily with the pressures that are put on us. Because there are certain things in life in faith that are absolutes. There are certain things that are held on and there are certain things that are Haram. Within the halal there's that which is better and worse.

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But there isn't better and worse in mixing halal and haram. halaal is halal and haram is haram and it can't be changed just on account of the whims and desires of oneself or others. And those who have resilience are those who are able to hold on to the truth. Even if their own they are on their own. We have this principle in Islam that says unintelligible our encounter, whether you are the majority, even if you are singular, if everybody in the majority in numbers are doing what's wrong, you are the morally in majority as an individual, a singular individual, even though the whole world around you is doing something different, that is immoral. And if you find yourself ever at a time

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when everybody around you and breaking the law or doing that, which is wrong, it does not give you the right to follow suit and say, Well, everybody else is doing it. Why should it not? for us as Muslims remaining mentally fit and strong. One of its signs and the things that increases our resilience is being able to stand by the truth, even though it may displease others, even though it will win us the respect of an enemy, rather than to find compromise that will give us a windfall of luxuries or wealth or whatever else. Sometimes it's important to hold on to the truth, even if it feels like a burning coal as described by the prophet Isaiah. he prophesied that there will come a

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time for a believer to hold on to the truth for her and him. It would be like to hold on to a litte Ember a coal in their hand. It's something that searing pain but you have to hold on for the truth.

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Another important principle that we have as Muslims is that mentally strong people are not afraid to take calculated risks to Pamela, the Battle of bed that is such an example. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the one who initiated the Battle of bed. He's the one who went out in pursuit of Abu sufian. And the caravan that was full of riches stolen from his companions, stolen from the Muslims who had made hedgerow to El Medina. And the prophets. I seldom said Allah has said to us in the Quran, within and in Medina.

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It's now given permission at the end of Hong volleyball, to go out in defending of themselves and their wealth and their property on account of the oppression, injustice that was done. And once again, the people of Mecca, they stole all of the amassed wealth that was left behind when the Muslims migrated. And they took it out of their homes get out of their estate, and they sent it to trade it away to grow in their prosperity. The Prophet said that we're not going to sit by and wait. And he took a calculated risk with only 313 men, he went out in pursuit of this rightful important duty of defending themselves and their wealth and the truth. And they faced an army of 1000. The

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prophets Allah Allah, while he was Selim knew that although the odds are stacked against them, he knew that it is a calculated risk that will reap much reward by the promise of Allah. And because of the determination of faith, as the Battle of bedded in,

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involved, ended, the Muslim will victorious. And the first battle of Islam was given in great great victory to that Nevada Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and it shows that when you are a person who goes out in that which is right for the right reasons in the right time with the right people, and you find yourself in a solid state of Eman and faithfulness, only good things can come about another important principle that we have those who have mentally

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who have strengthened their mental health as coming to terms with the in justices and the mistakes of the past and being able to put the past behind not dwelling on the past and letting it haunt them and living through it each and every day each and every moment. reliving what was said reliving what was taken reliving what was lost reliving what was missing, invested, keeping in your mind, well, what if had I If only I had and the profits are excellent teaches us this principle in a very simple way. He says the word low if it was or had I done or what if low, mean calamity. shavon is a statement that is spoken and placed in your heart by the devil. He wants to weaken your faith that

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there is an ultimate power, and that the word Allah who Akobo God is greater than all is true for you and I is most

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slumps, that we have this conviction that there is always good in every condition that we're in. If you remain a believer, even when there's a downturn, it is better for you, if you are unable to understand it in that moment, and coming to terms with the past, coming to terms with injustice, coming to terms with a loss, coming to terms with a misstep, coming to terms with a sin, a mistake that you have made, coming to terms with errors is something that is the hallmark of a believer, it is something that allows you to move forward. Imagine if Harley didn't well he who is an instrumental cause and reason for the loss of the is the army of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam in the Battle of God through His pincer move around the mount of a rumor. Imagine if Khalid was haunted by that path. How can I go with z Mohammed's eyes held up? How can I ask him for forgiveness? What if he was to see me in order my execution? What if? What if? What if What if Khalid would have remained in a state of darkness and disbelief and unable to come to the truth? What if I'm going to MIT Asante, Allahu anhu, who chase the Muslims who migrated to Ethiopia once and twice? What if he said to himself, Mohammed would never forgive me because of my past? What if you continue to relive it, even though he wanted to transcend it, and becomes important for you and

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I, to understand that part of life is to get up after we've fallen, dust ourselves off, and hold ourselves high, and move forward, move forward again, try again, try a new experience, come at it from a different angle, share with other people, try and try again. Sadly, sometimes, you know, may Allah some kind of a time to heal the heart. I've had in my practice as a mediator at times or as a counselor, I've sat with a brother or a sister who've been broken by a bad experience a bad marriage, something that's haunting them. One of the most important aspects is to heal, how they view themselves, not just how other people interacted with being able to forgive yourself for

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allowing somebody to have done that to you and not have escaped in the beginning, or put an end to it earlier on. Sometimes those are things Why was I so stupid? Why didn't I do things better? Why did I wait so long? And all of the thoughts I want you to know, are important, but not to let them ruin, the positivity that is yet to come into the future. We pray them lots of padding went to Allah gives us that mental strength, where we're able to put things away in our past by repenting, protecting ourselves from them happening again, and learning from the lesson and helping others not do or experience what we've experienced. And having faith in Allah, that nothing in this life occurs

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except that Allah Subhana Allah Allah will send it into its right account. May Allah Allah Allah give us higher allotment. I mean,

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we have a caller on the line. So now my econ caller How can I help?

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Yes, ma'am. How can I help you today? We have a couple of

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that I heard

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a while

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before because of sleeping habits, etc.

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You know, you're watching television.

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half an hour before sunrise. Yes. Am I sort of guilty sort of reading

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for me, or is it incumbent

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upon me if you're doing this distracting yourself, then largely punishing you? Because he doesn't

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doesn't want you to

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get out.

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to things together in other words,

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not going

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to be

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listening. When was that second that second statement first, my dear brother, Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't punish us in that sense at all. And I want you to understand that the Almighty Allah subhana wa to Allah is not punitive in that sense is not vengeful in that sense. Allah

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Hannah Montana being a rough man, his quality of graciousness, merciful pneus compassion does not change on account of the misbehavior or the righteous behavior of his creation, you can send in greater mercies of Allah, but that which is a mercy of Allah and that which is destined for us by Allah is not taken and given back to us on account of how we are performing or living life in a particular moment. In fact, a believer and an unbeliever may experienced the same thing. And it could be that for the believer, it is something that is at a moment of Allah's mercy and kindness to them a bit, something that has befallen them, it's a mercy from Allah and a cleansing from Allah,

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that healing from Allah. And for another person, it could be something that is not a cleansing and not a healing. And it's on account of the intention of the individual themselves. We take this from the principle of the prophets, I send them saying, enter and on the app dB, that a lot said to the Prophet, say to my people, say to those who believe in me, I am as my creation assumes me to be. So if you assume Allah is punishing me is is is a sending His wrath against me, then this is what you will experience this is what you will feel. But if you assume that this is a way of Allah, cleansing me for something of the past, or a way of Allah testing me in faith, so that I have courage and move

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forward in life, you know, we ask Allah Subhana Allah for courage. So Allah gives us a challenge always that we're courageous, the courage was always with us, the strength was always with us. But had we not had that moment of difficulty, it would not have emerged, you would not have known that you are capable of doing the things that you achieve and do now with regards to waking up before the sunrise by a few minutes or half an hour. I don't know what the current time schedule is in the area that you're in. Generally speaking, we do know from the data that you share that there are moments when the prophets I tell them pray, fed you, and it was beginning to get writer and that breaks

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would come through her window and she could still hear the Prophet leading prayer sallallahu it was selling, we know also that in the middle of a memorable hanifa, that the failure is something that is not done in the very darkest hour of the fabric, but it should be delayed a little bit so that people have that wakefulness. We also know from the sooner that the profit when you if you begin the prayer in the darkness, he would lead with a long route citation to allow people to come 4060 even 100 a year, in certain very, sort of in their day of tomorrow, for example, the Prophet would read with sort of message that in the first three or four pages, and then you would read with sort of an

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insane in the second rock. So these were ways of the prophets I celebrate, what I do recommend is that you try to follow the calendar, and we the community that you're accepting of their assessment of the calendar and the delineation of the sun, and trying to find something that is good for your schedule. Certainly don't wait for sunrise. And certainly if it is something that at the very earliest minute, you can delay it a little bit. Perhaps, you know, the first quarter or so might be a good objective for you to try to migrate towards insha Allah and I pray that Allah Subhana Allah, from all of us in you that you're able to remember as your prayers a lot more I mean.

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So though, that that's an important kind of consideration and question I did want to also speak about as something that gives mental strength. And it's given to us as a secondary question from our dear brother who shared that question with us. He said, I'm told by others, and he said that this was something that disturbed me and that that's a really as a powerful statement by him. Sometimes we discount. Sometimes we discount the influence we have upon other people by something we haphazardly said say, Oh, no, I don't think that's correct. So you put in someone's heart and mind that they're doing something that's not correct. And all of a sudden you made their life more

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difficult. The prophets Allah Allah he was selling would not accept that kind of thing. In fact, some of the most difficult words to be spoken by their own amat by the knowledgeable of the people of the past and present is that something is wrong or something is detested. Whenever you hear anybody being flippant and quick and saying param param param. This is Hi it's almost like the haraam police, you immediately know that this person is not learned of the truth. In fact, and man made it may have been one of the four

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Chemical, chemical, men have an Islam and he mathematically humble. He was very, very rarely ever use the word hello. He would find other ways to indicate this isn't something that should be done. So he would say things like ukara, who this is hated, detested. Are you familiar with Alec? Do people actually do this, nobody does this and so on. So it becomes important for us to be careful with other people's hearts and other people's belief. May Allah subhanaw taala increases in good, I pray the loss of Hannah with the other allows us to come together and share in is higher along I mean, be careful in what you say in representing the word of Allah, you are not and I am not

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commanded to speak on behalf of Allah. And if you notice those who take this platform to try to answer some of the questions that are provided to us. We tried to find the means from the sooner the older I'm assuming of the prophets, I sell them to make life facilitated, easy for the believers in a way that is within the framework of Islam and not to be overly burdening of them. metla accept from all of us. I love them. I mean, your brother Yeah, Ibrahim was selling while he was alive. He was gonna cut

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