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The importance of remindeders in English is discussed, with a focus on the use of the word "reminder" to remind action. The concept of success and failure is also discussed, with a focus on finding one's own success and finding one's own success is crucial for achieving success. The speakers emphasize the importance of belief in scripture and the use of scripture to remind people of their plans and expectations.

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Thanks belongs to last

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May the peace and blessing of a law of the upon the seventh and final message of the law in law he will send them as to what follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah died.

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Last week, we stopped in the cul de sac kill enough article. So remind if the reminder should benefit. Now, we said the fact is a conclusion meaning therefore, or then, after your concerns and your worries have been taken away, and we said that the messenger so low on English synonyms concerns have been taken away when a loss of head on with the LSF to him, subtle political Kapha Latin said we will make you recite, say you will not forget because the Prophet was concerned, how is he going to keep up with this whole call Edwin, there's nothing written. And it's all audio. So a lot has been removed that worry and that concern away from him. He said, Don't worry, you won't

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forget, we will make your recite fell out and then you will not forget. And the other thing is he was going through difficulty and so on. So long as OSHA took away that concern from him. And he said when we can use law will make it easy for you to get to the ultimate ease. So don't worry, it's going to be difficult now but in the future is going to be very easy. Now once these concerns were removed and taken away from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he has no more distraction than allows the system you need to get back onto your mission. And that is your mission is that gear remind? And we said normally expect that to be followed by an object by something. So you say that

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kill me or that Gary NASS. remind the people remind me remind him, but

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he doesn't mention any object. Rather, he just says Ramadi. And in other words, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is told, no matter where you are, continuously engage in the act of reminding. Don't worry who's listening and who's not listening, don't worry whether they attend the weather attend, don't worry who's walking in and who's walking out, don't worry, who makes fun of you, all you have to focus on is this object, sorry, only after focus on is the verb and the action itself, which is that good reminder. And this, as we said is the second commandment in the law, the first one was set.

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So these are the two commandments that a lot of zildjian gave to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And basically, they summarize his life, Sabir, and that Gil, these are summary of the messengers a lot of synonyms life, because either he's standing in the night praying, and he's making disappear.

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For either he's out in the day making vigeland reminding the people about this deal. So only further in the forest is declared, now, we continue this area, a lot of chances for the kill in the vehicle.

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The literal meaning would be then remind if the reminders serve to have benefit.

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And it's very interesting the structure of this air, because firstly, this is a conditional statement, then English there are conditional statements there that if and then statements, they begin with if and then the result will begin with that then the end if for example, you say, if you pass the test, then I'll give you $200 that's for example,

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but the A in this case, here, the sequence has been reversed, the then part came first and the eaf part came second. So a lot has been said for that gear for that case, then remind and then the if part came second in the vehicle, if the reminder serves to have benefit. Now why does this happen? Because then part which is remind is more important than the if part.

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So that's why I began with the them for that good because reminding doing this act is much more important than if this reminder is to serve as a benefit.

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This The main thing focus on is that you should you shall remain in effect if the grace or the Coronavirus would say yeah, infatti leka odem 10 fyzical whether it serves as a benefit, it doesn't serve a bit as a benefit. Then you just focus on the verb and the action

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itself, which is reminding. The other thing is nothing

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is in the past tense. And had it been in the present tense, it would have been for that good intensifies the club. And the meaning of that would have been maybe may have benefit. But the fact that the past tense came in Napa, there is the past tense than the past tense, it implies certainty. In other words, a lot of Zoli saying then remind, because certainly, there is a benefit in reminder. So you just remind, and don't judge the people he'll benefit. Maybe he won't benefit. You know, sometimes as we said, whether you through your with your with a with your family, or your friends, and you think, you know, maybe I should remind them, or maybe I should say something about the

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language they're using or this backbiting they're talking, or maybe I should give them advice about this wasting of their time. And then you think now Don't worry about it, they won't listen, because they're not that religious type that they will listen to me, then you shouldn't think in your head, who you should remind and who you should not because Allah subhana wa Taala never gave anyone a license to judge and see what's inside of people's heart, not even the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this reminder, a lot of saying enough, is when he says in the past, he is saying certainly carries a benefit. Even so much so as the hopeless case of Pharaoh, you know, he's cause

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he is doomed is destroyed for a lot of Georgians still sends him a reminder when he sings Moosa rallies, and no judgment is passed on to him, until he himself makes the decision that he has rejected Musa and the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we said, you know, Abu lahab

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is someone that is already promised the Hellfire, and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam still has to remind you, He is someone that is definitely not going to benefit from the reminder. But he still has to remind him now let's understand, how does the remind that carry benefit? How does it carry benefit? If for example, let's take this worst case. He's promised the Hellfire that he's saying he never had the vehicle. And he said in the past, in other words, you're saying that certainly the remainder will benefit? How do we understand this, because if the person that you're advising or giving this nasiha to this equal to, if he doesn't benefit from the remainder, then at

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least you've benefited just by mentioning a lot of surgeons name. So the decline itself certainly does carry a benefit. If the benefit isn't with the person you're giving the reminder to, then you yourself have benefited and gain reward by mentioning a lot of soldiers name on your tongue, right. And this is going to come at the end of this hour that goes for being for Sunday. So this is how you understand that that is certainly carries a benefit. If not to the to the to the one you're speaking to then it goes back to you.

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In Nevada, and

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the word of Vico is an interesting now, it comes from that guy of the gun, and it's the hyperbolized version of the clone.

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In other words, vicara means the powerful reminder.

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And the meaning is that a lot of soldier the same if the powerful reminder will benefit. Now, this teaches us a few things and that is that when you deliver a reminder, it should be powerful and not weak, you should find good and strong words, also words that will appeal to the audience. So you should be careful how you deliver a reminder to the people. We take this lesson by a large notion using the hyperbolized version of reminder he said a vehicle. Now we move on to the next day.

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The question is, how do we link all this together? He says, who will benefit from this reminder, Allah is telling us Who is the one that will actually benefit from this reminder. So he says say that government yoshua hee hoo fees a large origin will be the one that will benefit from the remainder say of that goal. It comes from the word of good and it implies some sort of effort with it. Because that gala is it's got the the shutdown, the gaff, and every word that has a shutdown implies some sort of effort. So Allah is saying very soon the one who feels he will make an effort to remember and benefit from this reminder and says, say that go man, as opposed to saying say that

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go levy option and in the translation men and women

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He's always translated the same, who, the one who will. That's met and lovely. But there's a difference when Allah azza wa jal says and lovey, and when he says men, if a levy was used, then a lot of xojo would be speaking about someone in particular, because that's what the word love He does. But when you use the word money, money's in specific, it's general. In other words, he is open the scope. And he's speaking about everyone and anyone who has any fee, he can also still make their way back and make an effort to benefit from the remainder say that God will mean your shirt. And your shirt comes from the word cashier. And especially a means to fi something that is greater than

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yourself. And a lot of Xhosa is saying, whoever has that fee, even for a little while, we'll make an effort to remember the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is told to remind for that kid.

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And you know, the reminder times is scary. The reminder is sometimes scary when a lot of soldier for example, speaks about the Day of Judgment, the horrors that happened on that day, the signs about the Hellfire about a lot of zones power itself. So the one who is scared, will for sure, make an effort to remember for themselves. And what will they remember, of course, for that killed in the fat in the class A and that girl? What will this person remember himself, of course, it is referring to the ad that are being recited from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And it is through the act of a law that someone will benefit from a reminder, as a lot of zodion says, For that Kill

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Bill, remind with the collapse. So this is when you speak about a reminder, then you actually speaking about a ad from the poet.

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who will not benefit from this reminder, this is the next day that's coming, who will make an effort to run away from this reminder. So we have on one hand, someone that will come to this reminder is someone that has ultimate fee of a loss or shall have the threat of a loss of more than the other people that Allah speaks about are people that will not benefit from this reminder. And they will make an effort to run away from it. Allah says way, number one,

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and the most evil one of them will try to avoid this reminder. Where does your natural hair comes from the word Jen. And Jen basically means the side. You turn your side toward, it means to avoid your side from even touching the polarity touching the reminder, you distance yourself from something and you keep yourself far away from this thing, which is the whole enemies. And this person will make all efforts.

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All efforts because Jen never has the shot there as well. So he will make his utmost effort to distance himself from this reminder. Who's this person they'll distance himself from the reminder, Lara's origin says Alaska. Alaska comes from the word shopping, which means to be unfortunate, to be evil, someone that doesn't have any good to say, not as have any good companions ends with, nor does he have anything good to offer. And Ashkar is the most unfortunate and the most evil person.

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And this is the one who doesn't have any good in his life whatsoever. And the one who surrounds himself also with evil company with evil reminder, wasting his time and wasting his life. This person will make all efforts to avoid the message went to Alaska. And by the way, a lot of soldier when he used the word Alaska, he told us that there are different levels of evilness. Third, so there's shokri, which is a minor level of evilness. And there is Ashkar the most most the highest level of evilness. And and so here there's something really interesting saying that guttural and the word where

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both of these words are on a same pattern grammatically, they both have the shutter in it. So one is making the effort to remember and the other is making the effort to run away from the remembrance say of that girl miasha where

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are the parallel these two? And you know in the previous Surah Surah bodek, Allah subhanho wa Taala told us that the disbeliever is planning

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in Abuja, Kaduna, kheda they planning and here in this surah, Allah azza wa jal, he mentioned the plan, what are their plans is to stay as far away they can from this reminder.

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Now, what will make it clear that this person is the most evil of people, what makes it clean is that a lot of surgeon says and loving Islam now on Google. So he says when you

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call Alaska, this man, what makes it clear on the Day of Judgment, that he indeed was the most evil law surgeon says, I love your slimmed down on Google have a one who will enter and burn in the greatest fire, when we said the

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means to burn within the flame inside of the fire. You know, like for example, you can die from smoke inhalation or been exposed to heat and so on. And another way to die is being put in the flame itself and burning alive. This is the word I love your slide now. In other words, this person and ash called the most evil, a large surgeon will place him inside of that fire to burn. And he says, And now I'll kupala the biggest fire the greatest fire, and by Biola sake, and now

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he's already told us that there is a narrow Sula, there's a smaller fire. And so the Romans say that the greater fire is the fire of the Day of Judgment. And the smaller fire is the most strongest of flame that exists in this world. In the previous version said wacky, do Qaeda and I plan to so the gaffer made his plan to stay away from this reminder to turn the site to the reminder

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to give you a site to the reminder turned away and and run off. That's the careful planning this life

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has his plan. And that is to cast him in the fire of hell and make him burn inside that fire. And you know, one thing you realize is that the solar a lot of times it uses the superlative form. So for example marzotto began the solar sector his mother became the most high and then he says unison watsonia silica lil use, you know, the ultimate ease and Ashkar the most evil and Al Cobra, the biggest and the greatest, so yummy. What Why, why is this so? Because a lot of Zoysia is saying that the most evil than the most unfortunate will get the biggest fire.

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So after he's thrown in the biggest fire What happened? What happens after is thrown in this fire, what makes him even more fortunate. There's another reason and that is to Malaya moto fi high.

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That's what makes him even more unfortunate. And what will happen to him after he's thrown in this fire. He will not die in it, nor will he live in it. When a lot of social referred to the Hellfire in disorder. He didn't mention the name jehane Oceana, he mentioned the word now the fire itself that's how a lot of mentioned you know because in mail five is a lot of punishments and out of the many forms of punishment in the fire alarm so I shall highlighted the punishment of burning your sled now on google it highlighted this form of punishment which is burning. Now you know, if someone is getting burned, what is the only thing on their mind extinguish the fire of turn it off. That's

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the only thing in his mind. And if you can't get rid of this fire on yourself, then what is the person begging for is begging for this you know because you won't be able to stand the pain. Now imagine a lot of surgeon has put this person in the fire and he says about him where the motoman Colima can be made that the death will come to him from every single direction. He has every single reason to die, but he will not die well now who would be made someone burning like that? Would you call it life? You don't call that life if someone is burning like that. And he hasn't died you don't call this life so had a lot but a lot of the same one a lot. Yeah. No Does he live this person will

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be asked or sorry this person will be asking for death. As soon as he sees the fire and before even being thrown in it. We took this in so often in shape up for so federal footballer. He'll be screaming and calling out death death. Just give me that

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A lot, you know, we touch, we touch a little fire with our finger and we pull back straight away. But this person will be in there forever. And Allah azzawajal does not give him a good life, nor does he give him death, the death will be the most beloved thing to the people of the fire. And you know, for the given any death in the in the path of death fee Sevilla, was something he hated. That's the most hated thing and dislike thing team. So Lars, punished him on the Day of Judgment with exactly the opposite. Now he made death, the most beloved thing to wear in this world that was the most hated thing to him. His punishment now is the death in itself has been made the most

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beloved thinking because of not being able to stand the fire. And the opposite of this is true. Whosoever loves to die. For the sake of a lot of zosia there are soldiers will reward him with an eternal life, full of bliss and happiness and pleasure, far away from death.

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And Subhanallah even a believer, even as the believer is dying in this world, like the Shaheed when he dies, he severely left in reality is still alive, he hasn't died and

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has made the punishment or sorry, the pain of the Shaheed very easy on him. It's like he feels as as a pinch. And after that, he goes straight to the afterlife. There's no bottles off, there's no grave, and there's no judgment. Why? Because the most beloved thing was death, he Sevilla, so now

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moved him far away from this concept of death, and didn't give him any feeling of worry, you're skinny, and you're having a sort of afraid of anything for this journey. So have a look, what you do is what a lot of storage gives you.

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So if I miss solar, no mention of agenda has been made. And there has been no sort of good news in the solo. Now about his origin speaks of a successful person. And what he does is why you should focus and listen. So you can reach this success, a lot of social says, but after Harmon doesn't care, he has certainly succeeded, who purifies himself.

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Meaning the person that has already certainly, someone has already because he said,

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and after her is a past tense, so it already implies certainty, meaning that this person has already certainly he has attained success. Even though if you're gonna think about success as being the paradise, a lot of you seeing if you stick to these three things, then you have already attained success

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comes from the word flash, which comes from the word for lack, for lack means a farmer, and the Philippines. If you think of a farmer's life, should think of the farmer as being someone that wakes up really early. You know, he plants the seed in the earth, covers up, he waters it, he takes care of it, he wakes up every day early, he's very nervous. He doesn't know if it's a good season, if it will rain, it'll flood, you know, if it floods, then there's a problem or his crop will go. There's a lot of a lot of problems. And when you think of a fella, you think of someone that puts a lot of time and effort into his work, and he's gonna reward you. And at the end of the season, when he

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harvests when he gets the fruits of his labor, it's the happiest time of the year for him. Because all his work now is paid for him. And at the end, he's being paid. In other words, a lot of zolgensma, he used the word a flower, which means success. But he specifically used the word Africa, because it's a word that implies time and effort. So what allows urgency is,

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what is highlighted is that a lot of time and effort went in, he went into this success. Just like the farmer, he put a lot of time and effort into his farm before he got his harvest. And that's the believer is the same concept of the farmer, you put a lot of time and effort in your worship, and then there is one harvest. And that is on the day of judgment when you see your reward before you. You pick it all up. And then that could be the happiest time of your life in a way that admits you or takes you into the paradise. So a lot of dogen says God, and it implies two things. God there is no doubt whatsoever. certainty. And the other thing it implies, it is already the case you don't

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have to wait to see success. If you implement these three things, then you're in success already.

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So this person is described as already attaining success.

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Who attained success? And how do you attain your success? allows origin says mentors

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whoever engaged in the act of trying with a lot of effort does that get ready has the shutdown McAfee again. In other words, this effin Elias is describing to us someone that he is someone that has succeeded. It is someone who tries with a lot of effort to cleanse himself internally and externally clean yourself inside. In other words, remove all ship from inside. You remove this disassociate, associating partners with a muscle pattern with data. How do you clean yourself internally? By having tawheed? Allah subhanho wa Taala? And how do you clean yourself externally, that's for example, the the purefit from the purification, making mobile making loosen and stingy

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and so on.

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And whoever has the time and effort to look inside of themselves. Also, this is mantras that gives the meaning of to look inside of yourself and think how am I going to become a better person? How am I going to clean my attitude from inside and my behavior from inside, but man does that guy again, um, I use the word man, as opposed to a loving man. Now meaning everyone, you know, whoever engages in this act of this gear, cleansing yourself, that's the first way to Yanni reach the success. So the bottom line is, look inside of yourself, find something good inside of you, everyone has good inside of them. And that is what's referred to as alpha, you know, the natural predisposition.

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Everyone has this fertilizer anyway, something good. All you have to do is discover where it is and bring it out, you know, cleanse yourself and bring out this this football harvester let it come outside. And the person who is concerned with cleansing himself attains this ultimate success of lab mentors. And of course, the best way to purify yourself is through giving a soda through the charity, a lot of surgeon says

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to you what was a key him there, take from their wealth, take from their money, a soda, a charity, that will cleanse them,

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that will cleanse them to buy hiromu purify them with what was the key metal cleanse them from the inside. So this is the best ultimate way of beginning this cleansing process of the human he cleans yet and cleans your wealth as well. The second and third way of attaining the success, a lot of dogen says was a small fee for Sunday. And he mentions the name of his Lord, and He praise the one who has attained success. First, he puts so much effort into cleansing himself from within. And if you have achieved this, you have to go to number two and three. Number two, why? Because Bobby, he in gauged in remembering mentioning the name of his law now allows Virgil said his smile be the name

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of his Lord. He didn't say what the charisma law. He mentioned the name of Allah azzawajal. Because when you say that charisma be and we said this, when you think club Master, what are you thinking of? You're thinking of yourself as being the slave. So when a lot of said that'll be in other words, you need to acknowledge you're a slave. And if you have no clothes seriously, then you have to act as a slave. And how does the slave How is his attitude towards his master? You know, he's always scared. He's always he obeys him. And he's really cautious. Maybe he gets him angry, he gets him upset. He's worried about all these things. So when that goes smaller B implies that you have

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accepted a lot of social as your master. And it shows on you that you have accepted him as your master.

00:29:19--> 00:29:59

Whether it comes from a B mentions the name of his load, and a B is the is the army, the collective name of a large soldier that embeds all these other names. So in other words, when you say that there was not a B, that means you mentioned all of a lot of surgeon's names, because to gather and collect all of us name in one word, it would be a lump and it would be what Bill mentioned will collect all these other names in this in this world. So for example, and almost says what that guy was not be. In other words, he remembered the favors of allies origin upon him, that he is he is hardik that he is his enemies.

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He's created a sustaining provider, he is the one that bestows His mercy upon him, he is in need of his wisdom and of his knowledge and so on.

00:30:09--> 00:30:10

Alright, so

00:30:11--> 00:30:16

when someone remembers and mentions the name of his law,

00:30:18--> 00:31:02

as a result of this, it should automatically lead him to the third one, and that is for solid lead, he prays. Now, I want you to focus on these three and Helmer weathers Alonzo just mentioned them in this order. Firstly, he said, the second, the second being, you purify yourself from the ship, and also by making mobile and listen and so on. And having a clean and pure intention for our last panel with that. The next one was mentioned the name of your Lord. And we said, when you mentioned the name of your Lord, in other words, it's referring to learning about a loss of data, what data and you come to know Allah through his names and attributes, see how it works. So for example, at the

00:31:02--> 00:31:49

beginning, you need to clean yourself from shift, you need to enter the heat in your heart. After you've done this, you have to know who a lot is. So when that comes up, you start learning about a lot of social, and how do you know his three His names and attributes. Once you know about, now you're ready to for Sunday, now that you're clean, internally and externally, and now that you know who your master is. Now, when you pray, you'll be at more concentration because you know who you're praying to. So that's why for some that came right at the end, also, some of the relevant use this area to prove that Zakat and football is given before solidly, right because it says, well, that

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goes smaller B so he says, meant the SEC, the SEC, in other words, he gave us a cap was that a smaller B? Then you say that there could be a lot of there eight, then for some reason you pray solidly. And why we mentioned this because so little Allah is a soldier that is read in selected eight. So this is how many in the same slide tells you bring out yours again before the solid. So I mentioned Zack at first and then at the end, he mentioned solid, but you know what's awesome in the language is that this word has been used just to add before he said for Sunday, and just before he said a lovey Aslan now on Google.

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You know, they're very similar very close woods, sunlight, the prey. It comes from the root word. sod lab. Wow. And yes, they're meaning to burn comes from the root word of slaughtered lamb yet, so they're very close. But one of them

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will be in the Hellfire burning. And the other will save you from the Hellfire and give you ultimate success. Very close wood. One is about burning. The other one is about saving you from burning them alive. So shall he tells us what keeps humanity from finding this right priority of success.

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And you know, if you ask anyone, what are you running after? You know, they'll say I'm running after success. A student is running after success by graduating a businessman a business owner is running off the success by expanding his business and making it more profitable. Everyone is running after success. So how come after

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explain how to attain success? Does that be for solar? How come people are still distracted from this success? How come still there's a distraction from this? What are the running after you know what is what is distracted mankind? And also this area that is coming is going to give us the reason why people gave their sides to the vegan agenda. Why Alaska? Why did this person turn away from the vicar and walk off? And why of the law told us you want success? It's in one. That's gear, you know? And then it's in fact a small fee for some lab. That's three. Why after he told you this, you're still neglectful of this and you're still running. Some after some other success, he says and he

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explains and he says why, but do not hire to do near very long discussion on the air. But I shall just summarize a few things

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that had to do there. This is the reason that's why you haven't reached the ultimate, ultimate success. And that's why the gaffer has also gave you side and he's back to the polite and ran away because Allah said rather you prefer the worldly life. Now, in the previous as a last question was speaking to us through third person he was saying

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He mentioned the name of his Lord he that's third person and he prayed for Salah he prayed third person even before this for Malaya moved to fear he will not die in a global he live in a ball Sula is he, third person, but now in this area, it is the second person. But if you prefer the worldly life, you know, when you think of someone in the third person, you're thinking Yanni abstract, this doesn't exist. It's about about this person. And you didn't give it this thinking you don't even relate to. So now he

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wants you to relate to yourself. So he switches from third person to second person. And he says you have given preference to

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the second person directly speaking to you. So he says to

00:35:57--> 00:36:07

hire the junior associate makes you realize that when he is giving these lessons, you did not think of anyone except yourself.

00:36:09--> 00:36:54

To have your own comes from the word alpha. and alpha basically means to compare two things that decide that one is more valuable than the other. And he gives them more time preference and priority. That's, that's fo so now he's saying that you compare two things, you compare this world and the afterlife, the afterlife. And you you prefer this one here, and you gave it more time more preference and more priority. and higher to Danielle had means the worldly Oh sorry, the the worldly life is the life that had comes from the word hate, which means living. And because of course this world is active and it's living in it's moving. adonia is the feminine form of adnet which means

00:36:54--> 00:36:57

clothes and inferior rubbish.

00:36:58--> 00:37:33

clothes and inferior. Allah subhana wa tada calls this worldly life. He calls it clothes, because everything you know is in of hands rich. And he calls it inferior, because it's worthless, and it's low grade. That's why he called it a dunya. Because it's close. Remember that because it's close, that everything is in the hands rich, I'll tell you how. And it also comes from the word dyno, which means inferior something being of low grade and worthless. And that's the reality of this law. There's a law tells us in this egg. So you know,

00:37:35--> 00:37:38

you prefer worldly life, you prefer this close life. Why?

00:37:39--> 00:37:47

Why do you prefer this close life? Because the things you think success are the right here.

00:37:48--> 00:38:00

The things or laws or shall call success, like agenda now houses in the paradise and the Holiday Inn and so on. That's what a lot of cool success is that follow? Is it close?

00:38:01--> 00:38:08

To our, to our point of view seems pretty far. Almost says no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:38:09--> 00:38:54

The things that our love for success are really far away. But the things we call success, or you just pull your hand out, and you grab it. So you notice we've had another human being he sees the house in gentlemen, very fun. I mean, we believe in the paradise in the house, little boys offering in this beautiful house. And as a matter of fact, the description, the epic description of the house of the Paradise is going to come and saw it and lusha really incredible. But the thing is, you see the house very far. And you see the house that you can buy today here and how long transaction is very close. So you'll take it, you know, you see the drinks of the paradise very far. I mean, we

00:38:54--> 00:38:57

believe that musicxml into steam and

00:38:58--> 00:39:40

we believe in the rivers of the of the paradise. But the Kalam dream that is offered, he is very close. And if you're thinking success, is he of course you're going to take it you know the whole lane that allows origin speaks about, it seems very far. We believe in the whole domain and the description and how they are. But the harm that's on the internet or on the television on the ad, or going down the street or on the Billboard or at work, or at school. Where is it? It's here, you know, it's a pleasure for the eye right now. So you take it that's the preference. So long as the origin offers something far in our view. And our pleasures are right here in front of us. They're

00:39:40--> 00:39:40


00:39:41--> 00:39:50

So we take preference of the closely worldly life, because they're close to us. That's what people that believe in the afterlife.

00:39:52--> 00:39:54

And they prefer

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

sorry that the thing is in this area, what you need to understand as well is that by saying two things

00:40:00--> 00:40:26

delune you prefer the worldly one. So he's speaking about people that believe the afterlife. Jani is you just gave more preference. You didn't reject the afterlife. He said people that believe in the afterlife, but they just preferred this one over that is a horrible this is a this is an issue this is a crime. But that had to do now marzotto response to this. He says well after a

00:40:28--> 00:40:40

while the Hereafter is better and more lasting. the Hereafter is better and more lasting. Allah azza wa jal describes the pleasures of the hereafter in two words, and both words

00:40:42--> 00:41:04

are comparative in nature. They comparative so comparative words are used because in the previous era, we engage in a comparison, we compare this life to the afterlife, and we prefer this life over the afterlife. So now he does his comparison. And he says, well,

00:41:05--> 00:41:15

compared to this world, the afterlife is better and more lasting. So every any anything you see in this life, think of these two things.

00:41:17--> 00:41:30

And you see your firm, think of what brings with boys better, and it is everlasting. Whatever it is, anything you are given in this life, look at it, and think how you learn.

00:41:31--> 00:41:48

And once you think of this, then you really understand the only way your preference lies. And I give an example melachim and Dino viola, he speaks a beautiful statement, but I'm gonna change the wording a little bit so I can any sort of fit, how I can bring this as an example you know,

00:41:49--> 00:42:19

if you are offered, think think of this example. If you are offered a beautiful house, or say let's say I offer you a hotel room, you know that one of the really expensive hotels, like the most expensive hotel in the world, is the President Wilson hotel that's in Geneva in Switzerland 80,080 $3,000 per night $83,000 per month. Say I offered you this house Don't

00:42:20--> 00:42:27

say I offered you this this yearly I don't know what you can call it. But say I offer it to you for one week

00:42:28--> 00:42:39

that I say look your choice is between this or I'll give you an old cottage rotten united spiders are coming out of it but it's yours forever. Which one did you pick?

00:42:40--> 00:43:01

It's forever that we're running the old house the houses made from clay and from wood or whatever it is. It's offered to you forever. But that hotel that very expensive hotel, it's only yours for a week. But an insane human will pick which offer which preference would he prefer

00:43:02--> 00:43:43

the one that's forever that's where your choice will be now unless he saved the house enough the life is better and forever whereas here it's a temporary cottage you can think of it as that temporary place so this is the preference in other words, you're here in a temporary place that is that is that rubbish and compare it to all of ours origin has put for you in the paradise but they were saying it's not like the example I gave because they are describing the houses being yearly something he cannot even think of and that's being offered to you for him

00:43:44--> 00:44:01

that was being offered to you he is temporary and it is the old college that we're speaking about in the example so someone with logic will choose what will choose what is better and we're sorry we'll choose what is forever and then is the paradise and a bonus on top of that.

00:44:02--> 00:44:06

It is better than whatever you can think of will fly to Hawaii

00:44:09--> 00:44:19

and then Alonso head on with Allison oh you know just before I conclude the soul of you know human beings they have this inherent nature

00:44:21--> 00:44:56

that is that we want to get things right away really quickly and we just can't wait for anything we need it right away like for example if you are selling your car you've you've put the the price 7000 volts someone came and said look, I'll buy it 7000 but I'll give you the money in four months and somebody else comes in and says look I'll I'll pay for 6700 right now cash What are you gonna do you'll take the cash that's that's a human nature's like that. He wants right away and Broadcom it doesn't want to wait for anything on Mars origin. Look at this think of

00:44:58--> 00:45:00

that what what is the money

00:45:00--> 00:45:27

You've got a lot of social is offering us he's offering us the paradise, the paradise. And you know what a lot of soil officer officers or the office this paradise the agenda to us. It's not something that's now it's something that's later. And there is no flyers, there's no brochures, there's no pictures, there's no website where you can go and visit and see your property and buy things from now, there's nothing. He just tells you.

00:45:28--> 00:45:46

You'll have a good neighborhood, you know, you'll have a large property, you're going to have a waterfront property, you get to stay in there forever. No text, no, nothing. Better, you don't see anything, nothing. When a human wants to buy something big, something very pricing.

00:45:47--> 00:45:59

The first thing is that they want to see it. The first thing you want to see it you won't pay for it unless you see it. What prices are buyers are asking from us. He's asking from us every single thing we

00:46:00--> 00:46:10

do your money, everything, your whole entire lifestyle, I mean, and median and full cell level. That's the price for this paradise. For this paradise. We've never seen

00:46:11--> 00:46:34

nothing, we don't know nothing about it. We've never seen it all we've heard something about it. That's all, you know, the only guarantee for the Paradise is the word of the seller. That's only guarantee is the last word I'll give you. You know, hey, so how am I in this world? If if say for example, someone comes up to you and says, look, brother,

00:46:36--> 00:47:11

give me your entire life savings, or sorry, give me a half a million dollars. I'll guarantee you a house in 20 years. That's it? I'll guarantee a house in 20 years. He doesn't tell you where its location is where its addresses doesn't even show you the house? You don't know? No, it just tells you in 20 years, it will be yours forever. Would anyone buy this? You will buy it when they absolutely is even if you if you were to go to your family and say and hamdulillah why I just put all my entire life savings on a house that is going to be guaranteed in 20 years. And your wife says Well, where is he? He's gonna give me the details later what we paid for now.

00:47:12--> 00:47:57

You know how silly with that shell. And they'll think of you you're crazy. But this is the same concept that's happening with the paradise. They're alive. So what did we say? He said, Give me everything. Give me a life and give me a love. And I'll guarantee a house in the future. And that's how it looks like and that's your neighbors and that's everything else. You got no idea where it is. All you have is a last word. That's it. But so how can you see the difference is that when Omar does this is testing our faith in his promise. And in his guarantee? How much belief do you have in the promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala now a human you say that's a scam if he wants to do this, but

00:47:57--> 00:48:13

Allah azza wa jal all you have is His Word. That's all you have nothing else. First of all other way of life brings us and this is a heavy price on it. This is your life stuff I'm gonna meet someone Why don't ban

00:48:15--> 00:48:31

the heavy price that's put on it. So here is a panel you don't have any guarantee except the last word. And this is why you work you work hard to get to that. And the whole reason and wisdom behind this is the Allies testing your belief in the hype and libido.

00:48:33--> 00:49:18

You gotta believe in this unseen it's there. I'm telling you, it's there. But are you going to believe in it so this is the wisdom while my covers all this from us and just gives us His Word. So he can see any your test your event and test how much belief you have in the last word. And finally to end this surah he says in my head laughter Sophie Luna, Sophie Ibrahima Musa, he says, indeed, this is in the form of scriptures, what is in the form of scriptures this reminder, this reminder what we've been speaking about the whole solar light is saying the same words and the same reminder has been found already established in the previous in the earliest scriptures. And then which

00:49:18--> 00:49:39

scriptures is easy, referring to Sophie Ibrahim, one more set the scriptures of Ibrahim and Musa and why does Elias origin mentioned these two I will conclude with this one. Why does not mention the sort of Ibrahim and Musa one or the other prophet way below him specifically and Moosa? Can anyone think you're lazy Brown?

00:49:45--> 00:49:57

All right, no, no, what's the relevance of Ibrahim and Musa as opposed to for example, they wouldn't suit a man and in Ozeki, Yeah, why not? Why why executive specifically blindman musella

00:50:05--> 00:50:34

So, this is the reason because the two primary audience of loss or loss on the low on the US and whether we should again of Polish, which right Mecca, and I left it there, which will live in Medina, the machete keen of Polish, they ascribe an associate themselves to Ibrahim Ali's and the people of Medina, which are the unlucky that the Jews and Christians they associate themselves more to musala is so large, so gently saying,

00:50:35--> 00:51:15

because you gotta think of Sultan, Allah been recited to both of them. He said, What is wrong with you? The same reminder that I've given you is the same reminder in the books of your forefathers and the ones you look up to, and the ones you ascribe yourself to. It is not something new in the plan. This is something you know it, it is in sort of Ibrahim, then you keep saying we don't blame ourselves to blame. It's not something new. It's already established in his book. So I shouldn't be reminding he, you know, and the same thing for who said, he said, when the process celebrates, the sooner before I leave you too, what's wrong with you, you ascribe yourself to moose and you own a

00:51:15--> 00:51:44

moose and you hold his teachings? You didn't you ever find this reminder established in that book as well. So he says in there that I feel Sophie Lula, no doubt this reminder is already in those previous books, the sort of arguable and the social of Moosa and basically yummy. This whole I covered these three aspects, the belief in Allah azzawajal, and His perfection that is covered in the beginning of the soul as a base,

00:51:46--> 00:51:52

Professor, and then what was covered is the revelation it was covered in the middle of the solar synuclein covenant.

00:51:53--> 00:51:59

And the afterlife is covered in the end of the solar bento cylinder head.

00:52:01--> 00:52:45

And these three things are the man yet the belief in Allah, the revelation and the hereafter. 123 subjects were mentioned in the solar and 123 subjects are also mentioned in the sort of ability of Ibrahim and of Moses, actually, to the ease of operation, and to the ease of the Jews. This is not something new, it is something that they already know of. But again, this solely focused on the reminder. So that's why it reminded them and that's why and although they know about this, but this will have focused on the reminder. So Allah Himself reminded them or they already knew about this. So this is the reminder the solar begins with some smarter beacon and ends with that if you want to

00:52:45--> 00:53:00

find the success, whether it be for sunlight, or find the end you only find the success by mentioning and praising or any perfect, declaring the perfection of a lot of soldiers they buy.

00:53:01--> 00:53:03

Cinderella Cinderella got it