One More Ramadan Is a Incredible Blessing

Ammar Alshukry


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The speaker describes a situation where two men were new Muslims and their houses were destroyed. They also describe the behavior of a murderer who killed one of them and their journey to achieve their dream of living one more year after experiencing the month of whoever killed them. The speaker notes that experiencing the month of whoever killed them is anincredible blessing.

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Paul Hebner obey the law. Taha says that two men came, and they accepted Islam in Medina.

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They were new Muslims. And so the Prophet sallallahu sent them then said, Who will take care of them for me? Paul has said, I will.

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And so these two men lived with Baja.

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And then on one occasion, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sent out a campaign, a military campaign, and one of the men was killed in it.

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The next man, the second one, lived another year.

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But he died on his bed

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while having to obey the law, or the Allah and who saw them in a dream.

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And he saw the one who died on his bed, enter into gates that Paul has said, looked like the gates of paradise. And so he saw that man entering through those gates, and he saw that man come out. And then he saw the one who had died as a murderer. Follow that man. And he entered in through the gates, and then he came out. And then they both looked at all hand. They said to him, it's not your time yet.

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Well, how woke up

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and he started talking to people about the dream that he had. And they found it to be so strange.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he heard about their conversation and he said, What amazed you about these things? They said, O Messenger of Allah. What amazed us was that the one who was a murderer went in second. The one who died on his bed,

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went first.

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And then he said, How long did he live after him?

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They said he lived for an entire year. I saw Rasulullah sallallahu. s&m said he lives for an entire year after him. How many such does did he did he pray after him? And did he experience the month of Ramadan? And didn't he fast the month of Ramadan. The distance that is between them is like the distance between the heavens and the earth.

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And so experiencing the month of Ramadan, just being able to live one more year to experience one more Ramadan is an incredible blessing.

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And so beginning