Abu Bakr Zoud – Convert every Aayah into a Dua (supplication)

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the Quran and the use of words like " Adele," J possession," and "najuna" in relation to relationships. They emphasize the need to stop reading into the Quran and ask for forgiveness and "najuna" when someone speaks to someone else. This will enhance the relationship with Allah and bring closer and closer friendships to him.
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As you read this, and begin to draw nearer and nearer to this or convert every IRA into a dryer, convert the if you read into a dryer. So when you begin and you say and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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Rahim and you realize and you understand that NEMA two names of alarms or shall stop there, raise your hand and ask Allah azza wa jal to bestow His mercy upon you. You read Maliki or Medina, the king and the owner and the Master of the Day of Judgment stop and say, Oh Allah made that the easier upon me and my family and the Muslims he I cannot put you alone we worship stop and say Oh Allah, I need Allah the click of a shoe click our house nearby that helped me and aid me and support me to continue in your worship. And every I like this stop and make a drama. And don't use the excuse that what about if I don't know what I read? 100% you've already known and you come across words like

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Adele Jassim, agenda, Mozilla.

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When you come by these words, which you know the meaning stop was colossal for the paradise and ask Him for His mercy. Ask Him for His forgiveness. Ask ask Allah azza wa jal when you read this is how you begin to draw this relationship between you and the Quran. Why? Because when you read the Quran, this is Allah subhanaw taala speaking to you, and when you make this is you speaking to Allah subhanaw taala and when someone speaks to someone else, he expects a response from him. This will enhance your relationship with the Quran and it will take it to another level and it will keep dragging you and bringing you closer and closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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