Wipe away the distractions from your life

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the distractions that occurred during Islam's era, including a distraction between a man and his relationship with Allah, a distraction between a woman and her relationship with Allah, and a distraction between a woman and her relationship with a man. The speaker emphasizes the importance of having stories to help us understand the dynamic of Islam's era.

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Have you tried my brothers in Islam? To live the life of the righteous leaves of Allah? Have you tried? Have you tried to live the life of those who lived correctly on earth? Or were just lost like most people get the most people claiming righteousness and their life before the tobacco after the tobacco is pretty similar, nothing changed.

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Any we need to read the lives of those that lived life correctly and try to implement their example. So they Ben

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historys mentioned in the Quran. Once he was distracted by some horses, some are not mentioned 20,000 horses, they distracted him on victory lap. It was said that they distracted him out so that and also until the sunset and he didn't realize they distracted him and victory lap. And the moment he realized that they distracted him, he commanded the army to bring back the 20 horses bring them back for perfect commerce hanby suki will earn up to opinions must have he wiped it out, when opinion means you slaughtered them all because they distracted him. And another opinion he marked them all as was feasibility let me let them all go for toffee kamasan he wiped it out, interview

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wiped out the distractions in your life. You need to wipe out the distractions in your life. Wipe away anything that stands between you and a loss or get rid of it from your heart and from your life. When the horses interfered between a man and his relationship with Allah subhanahu wa Tada. He wiped it away from his life, because he didn't accept for anything to distract his relationship with Allah social. Where are these examples in our life? Do you have stories in your life? In a way there was a distraction and you wiped it away from your life, and you got rid of it. You need to have stories. People have stories. People say well, Facebook was a very big distraction between me and a

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low. So I decided to delete it and wipe it from my life.

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People have stories in the DNA of a story in which you can stand before a law and between yourself and say I will law I realized that playing cards at night was a distraction between me and a law. So I grabbed the deck of cards and I threw it and I got it all and that there were games on my phone that distracted me between me and Allah. So I deleted I wiped them all away. Did you have stories like these these examples were supposed to follow. wipe away the distractions in life, wipe them away.