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Light Upon Light 7 Winter Conference in ExCel London wth
Sheikh Ahsan Hanif as he speaks about another of the 10 companions promised Paradise – Jannah, “Sa’eed ibn Zayd is in Paradise” Part 1 of 2

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The interviewer discusses the importance of understanding the personality of the Prophet sallavi alayhi wa sallam, who spoke about the Saudi Arabia's mission to Saudi Arabia. They emphasize the significance of the numbers of companions and their differences in personality, and discuss the importance of understanding the behavior of companions and their shaping of the church. The interviewer also touches on the history of Islam, including Omar and the arrival of Islam in the United States, and the failure of Islam to reach the upper political spectrum. Finally, they discuss the origin of the Islam language and its use in various cultures.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Lama Sunday or Sunday Mubarak at optika Veronica Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge Marina merbau.

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The companion that Mashallah hotel that we're going to be focusing on this morning is the illustrious companion, one of the 10 that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam promised paradise true. But even though he's from amongst these 10, is perhaps the least well known. If I was to ask maybe many of you to name the 10 companions of the Prophet solemn promise paradise, hoping that no one's already mentioned who they are, you'd give me abubaker on Earth, man and Ali, and maybe even Saudi Arabia war class and some of the others. But there's one companion that very few people remember. And very few people know his story, even though he is from amongst those 10. Those 10 in

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our religion, as we know, have the highest status amongst the companions, those 10 companions in this ummah, after our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they are at the pinnacle of Islam.

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Their companion or the companion that we wish to speak about is none other than Cerebro Zaid robiola one, sorry, the bin Zayed is one of those 10. And he's normally often mentioned as number 10, as one in that list. And that's because we know very little about it. And that in itself is very interesting that we don't know anything about this man. This man is one of the pioneers of our religion is one of the giants of Islam. He was one of the earliest Muslims, he's one of the 10 that has promised me is guaranteed paradise. And those 10 are very few in number. Obviously, there are only 10 out of 1000s of companions. But even so we know very little about him. If he were to look

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through the books of Hadith, you would study Sierra, you were to study the books of Islamic history, you would find it replete with narrations and stories of Abu Bakar. People have written volumes and volumes on the life of that one man and Amara man and army, and even the other five remaining other than sorry, the bin Zayed Saudi Burnaby, waqqas, aberdovey, Devon and giraffe, there are books that have been written on these great companions, because then durations are so many. Their stories are so many, the incidents that took place in their life are so many. But then when you come to study the mosaic rhodiola one, you hardly have anything.

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In fact, other than the Hadith promising him or promising him genda naming him as one of those 10 even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself really spoke about you, as you've just heard from of the mechanism in his speech, when it came to Saudi Arabia was rhodiola one, there are narrations that we have that they have offered that those are the prophets of Silla made for him. Those generations that we have about this man, sorry, didn't say no. In the spirit of Lima, tell me to the German I remember telling me the Rahim Allah. When he's mentioning the Hadith of the 10. He brings in a ration of setting the bin Zayed himself. He's the narrator of the Hadith. And someone

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asked him the question, oh, sorry, who were the 10 that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam promised paradise true. He said to him, I will tell you nine of them. I will tell you who? nine of them. So he said Abu Bakr, Phil Genova Murphy generous man regenda valleyfield gender, all of these people are in gentlemen. He did nine. And then he went quiet.

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They said okay, he was number 10. This tender promised paradise. And sorry, they've been saved rhodiola one is quiet.

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And then again was number 10. And then sorry, the benzene says and I was number 10.

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And this in itself shows you something about the character of this man tells you about his personality. What is amazing about the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and amazing more amazing about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself is that the companions those close companions, those few 100 that would interact with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on a daily basis, every day, every morning, every afternoon, every evening, they're interacting. They're the people in the masjid. They're the people walking with him sitting with him speaking with him, remembering his Howdy. What's amazing about them is they're all different in

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nature, different in character, each one of them is different. Abubakar has his own character, his own personality, has his own personality, whereas man has his own personality. And you're going to hear about these illustrious names, and you'll hear about their personalities. And then you have someone like sorry, they've been Jade rhodiola one who's extremely quiet under the radar.

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doesn't want to be known, doesn't want to know, does his own thing and stays to the side, doesn't get involved in other people's business isn't one of those people who goes and puts himself forward who says that I want to be and I want to do and I want to say, he's always the one that's sitting quietly.

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And that is the personality of some people.

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You see, often the misconception that we have when we study the lives of the companions, is that we'll read about the life of someone like Abu Bakr and Omar, and then think that everyone has to be a, you know, like a model of Abu Bakr, Rama, everyone has to be a clone, all of us have to be armor. How many times we as parents, if you have children, you hear the life of Abu Bakr and Omar, he goes to your three year old and say, Hey, act like armor. Right? Show me some courage and a three year old child, and that child doesn't even understand and maybe their personality is something completely different. And so we want to bend and change the nature that a large soldier has placed

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them on. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never did this. And this is something which we need to understand with the people that we work with, with our friends with our relatives, each one of them is an individual, each one of them is different. You know, they see now that when you come to your children, you say to them, I love you all the same way when in fact saying to them is that you don't really differentiate between them. You don't know the difference between them. But one of them you love them more, because of a certain characteristic. And the other one you love them more because they have a different treat and personality. This is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wasallam won't do. And the Sunnah is full of examples. And if I had the time you could spend perhaps the rest of this day speaking about this, just one this this one issue. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam understood his companions. He understood their natures, he understood their different personalities. And what makes him such an amazing man is that he was able to take their personalities and use it in a way that was beneficial for Islam. If this person is quiet, and he doesn't want to be involved, there's no point in saying to him, you go and need the army. You go and become the leader, you're going to become the governor, sorry, the Museo de la one, despite being

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one of the greatest of the companions, only took a position of leadership once, only once, when the Masters was opened and conquered in the time of Abu Bakr rhodiola, when he was appointed as the governor, and only for a short period of time, then he was removed. So it wasn't in his nature, it wasn't something that he wanted to do. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wouldn't impose this unless they were doing something haram unless they're doing something wrong, unless they need to do something or change something, because it goes against the teachings of Islam. Now we advise now we change, but if that person doesn't excel in something, then most likely they're going to excel at

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something else.

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And so therefore, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would nurture his companions accordingly. Sorry, the bin Zayed rhodiola Juan is one of those companions we hardly know anything about. But what we do know about is that his father zedi, Muhammad,

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was one of those people who before Islam are known as the Hanafi. In the NFL. These are a group of people that lived in the midst of boorish before Islam in pre Islamic Mecca. And they used to worship upon the religion of Ibrahim and he said, they didn't do idol worship, then in sacrifice to idols, they didn't make dua to idols, they didn't partake in all of those practices of Jamelia. They used to follow what they knew what had come to them, of the religion of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, meaning that they would worship a lot alone. They didn't have a Sharia, they didn't have all of those issues that we, you know, are familiar with. But they understood that you worship Allah alone.

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z, the mama, the father of sorry, the Blue Jays and perhaps this is one of the reasons why he is so early on accepted Islam. He sees within his own household, a role model, they the Brahma before Islam is to go to the origin, he would say, I don't agree with any of these gods that you worship besides Allah, and I won't eat from the meat that you use to sacrifice to these idols. And I don't think that anyone is living today upon the real religion of Ibrahim alayhis salam, except for myself. This is a diploma. He died before Islam. Sorry, the mosaic when he heard of the message of Islam, and sorry, the museum, as we know, and perhaps one of the few things that we do know about

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him is that he's the brother in law of ameriglo Hata rhodiola. One, the brother in law of Oman, and also his first cousin, his first cousin, and his brother in law. Amato's sister Fatima was married to sorry, the Museo de la one. When he first heard of Islam. When Islam first came, he and his sister were one of the first people to accept Islam.

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They accepted Islam early on even before the Allah one. Some of the books of history they say that this was even before the prophets on a lower legal settlement entered into the outcome. The outcome is the place where the Prophet cillum went to and his companions would gather, and they would be there kind of hide out before they openly started preaching Islam. This is where they would go, and they would convene. He was from those people who accepted Islam at that time, very early on in Islam. Sorry, the mosaic is one of the first people to turn to Islam, and is not also from those people that Abu Bakr radi Allahu uncoil. As you'll hear, sir, the number

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one many of the other 10 that were promised paradise was the man of the law one, it was because Abubakar went to them, and he invited them to Islam. Sorry, DBZ wasn't from amongst those people. He heard about Islam, and he accepted Islam himself. Sorry, the Museo de Allahu, and one of the few things that he says about himself is that I remember I remember when before Omar became a Muslim, he would come and he would torturing Rama, my brother in law, my first cousin, before he accepted Islam himself, he would come and he would torture me. We know that Amara de la Huang before Islam, and even after Islam, he was known for his bravery and his courage and his character was a stern

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character. If you didn't like something he would let you know he didn't like something he wouldn't beat around the bush and he wouldn't go there and try to not no hints on one of your loved one would come to straight on when he heard that his brother in law was a Muslim. He didn't know about his sister, his brother in law's a Muslim, he would go and he would punish him. He would harm him. He would torture him. And Amaro de la Huang before Islam was one of the severest people against the Muslims. And that's why you have the famous story. When a man and his wife are about to leave Mecca, they're going to migrate. This is before the migration to Medina. They're going to migrate to be a

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senior somewhere. And before Omar becomes a Muslim, he passes by them, and the husband's gone off to gather their belongings on the wife's alone in the desert. And he comes to me says, Where are you going? You look like you're leaving. So she says to him, you've punished us so much, you and your people, that you've left us no other option except to leave Makkah. she's expecting retaliation. she's expecting to be beaten. she's expecting something. Brahma rhodiola Juan says to her, okay, Have a good journey. And he walks away.

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Have a good day, have a nice time walks away. She's amazed. Her husband comes back and she tells him armor just came and this is what happened. So husband said to her, do you think that this man or woman will ever accept Islam? By Allah, his donkey will become a Muslim before he does. That's how severe his hatred against Islam was. They couldn't imagine a day would come that he would accept Islam.

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But only a few months later, as or more of the old one was coming and beating someone in the road. He was beating someone. He was hurting someone harming someone. The person said to him, Why are you beating me for when you own household has Islam? Gone? So your family out first, then come to me? I'm gonna say What do you mean? He said Your sister is a Muslim. Her husband is a Muslim, Amara Viola one was shocked his sister's a Muslim didn't know. So he left him and he went to the house of his sister, and you know the story, he will eventually become a Muslim. Whose house is he going to? Sorry, the Museo de la one. Sorry, Devin z is one of the companions who because of him by the

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permission of Allah, Omar of the Allahu and accept Islam. And that's amazing. You know, often we hear about the life of Omar, his accomplishments, his achievements, what he did for Islam, the circumstance of the incidents, all of the stories that we know of the many in many, many, many generations. Part One of that comes back in sha Allah to the reward of setting the bluesy rhodiola one. And if that's not sufficient as a virtue that nothing is, it is sufficient for him that Amaro the Allah one became Muslim because of something that he did. That's where Islam began in the heart of Mr. pratyahara. In the Battle of budder, sorry, the Museo de la Huang was from amongst those

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companions who participated in all of the battles. But in the Battle of battle, he is considered to be from the people of both of the companions of battle, even though he never fought in the Battle, that we're fighting the battle. And that's because he and another companion call her when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard of the caravan of Quraysh. He said, these two companions to go and find that news about the caravan, the trade caravan that Abu Sufyan was leading. He said to them, You go and bring the news that you went to follow the caravan. By the time they realize that Abu sufian has missed the Muslim army is going back to Makkah, he's managed to miss the army,

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because Abu Abu sufian took a different

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path to the path of the Muslims. And obviously they don't know that the prophet of cinema has gone out to battle and there's a battle. They don't know this in those times there's no social media to Facebook updates. They don't know what's going on. So the prophet SAW Allah while he was one of the companions on him, brother, they're doing as they're told. By the time they realize that obasa fans come close to Makkah, and they get back to the Muslims brother is finished, but it was over the baffles complete