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Yasir Qadhi
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Mr Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Anwar Adi he will certainly remain on my back. So let us now resume from where we had left off in the story of adenine abitata rhodiola. One. And I had basically mentioned the pre caliphates stories of Annie now we get on to the khilafah and today we will talk about one of the saddest incidents in our Islamic history, and we'll continue the story next Wednesday, inshallah Tada. So Earth Mount rhodiola. One was massacred on a Friday as we had said, and the same day, the mobs many of them had left the city, many of them had gone back to their lands or off and and Egypt, primarily, these were the two places

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they were from, and many of them remained outside of the city. And immediately on the same day, Friday talk began who would become the next Khalifa. It was chaotic, obviously, Earth mounted rhodiola one had just been killed, massacred. And so people began to ask themselves, who would be the next Khalifa, they went to a number of the prominent Sahaba. They went to people like Abdullah bin Omar, and they said to him, your father was the halifa. You were the one appointed in charge of the Shura at the death of your father. So why don't you take charge of the philosopher and even Omar rhodiola. One was always a very quietest, very low key, a political figure his whole life. He was

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just a worshiper, and the Zahid, he never liked politics. And he really didn't get involved at all in politics. So he said that how Jedi phenolic, which is the Arabic expression, I don't want this at all. Right, I have no concern in this Don't Don't even think about me. So they went to other senior members of the Sahaba. And of the Shura, they were still members of life's adaminaby will cost was the life But how was the lives obeyed where life these were all the life from the time of arrival, hubub Shula and they were all approached, and all of them said, I am not interested. Don't even think about it, you know, especially now the chaos has happened and what not. And as for I even told

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him, he had on the day of Friday, when he heard of the massacre, he had gone back to his house and locked himself in, because he did not want any responsibility. He was worried what is going to happen, which is basically people are going to come to him. So he did not come outside for the whole day, the next day that people came and they started knocking on his door, and the crowd gathered outside his door. And they kept on knocking, knocking, knocking until finally one they were let in. They said that this matter this affair of ours needs a leader. And there's nobody that we can trust other than you. There's nobody that we can trust other than you. And his first reaction was that

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find any other man that you guys approve of. And these are the people of Medina, the iron they call. These are basically the nobles of the city, the people that are involved. You know, every community has four or five 610 people, they're the most active, so the nobles of the city, they come to Adam who it says, Go find anybody whom you like, and I will give him my oath of allegiance. And you shall find me the most noble helper to the Amir, I'll be the minister, I'll be whatever you want, go find somebody else. But they said no, we were not gonna be happy with anybody other than you. And they mentioned all of his blessings, you are the son in law of the process of your over the shoulder you

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are there's not all of this is mentioned. So I'd have never thought of said if this is the way you feel, then this bay on this earth has to occur in public, not in my house. This isn't some type of secret gathering. It has to be done.

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And everybody sees and then if there's any issues or whatnot, it can be dealt with. And so they took him to the masjid against the wishes of some of the Sahaba who said maybe the the rebels are still there, the the the chaos is still there. But Allah rhodiola who insisted this cannot take place in private in my house, it has to be done in front of all of the people. There can be no beta in secret he would say, right, and by the way, positive footnote. So Subhanallah look at this modern day pseudo k life.

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The book daddy guy, huh? Yeah, this is exactly what he is doing. Who puts him in charge? Who This is exactly, ie rhodiola Juana said I am not going to take by in a secret room with 10 people. That's not how silica is done. People the oma has to approve there has to be a Shura. You can't just you know, come over and take over like this. So, this is the fifth idea of the low one, if only these modern, you know, pseudo followers would understand. So, he goes he goes to the masjid and it is announced that we have chosen Alia rhodiola one, so everybody should come and give him the beta and

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Eventually, although the Sahaba gay in Medina gave baotou ID.

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Now, there are some reports now here's what we get. I'm not going to go advanced, I'm not going to go into all these right. But you should know that these this era in particular, has absolutely contradictory reports, contradictory reports, this era in particular, is full of narrations that are biased from all sides. And there's not just two sides, by the way, there are not just two sides, there's multiple if you like, you know, biases that exist, and it is very difficult if not impossible to navigate through. In any case, for this level, inshallah, I'm going to give a very cursory very,

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very, inshallah easygoing analysis and we're not going to go too deep, just realize that other non Sunni sources, they claim that Baal hattons obey did not give the oath of allegiance that they always asked for the law hated it, you understand that all hands obeyed, they are from our shadow correct. But from the other side, they are not even Muslim, you understand? You need the non Sunni group, they really do not view these two as positive. In fact, there is a lot, some of them consider them to be careful because they fought against it, as we're going to talk about, but from our sources inside the body, and the most authentic sources, but Hatton's obeyed, they eventually did

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give the oath of allegiance, it is perhaps true, that they said, We will not give you the oath until the people have given meaning it's not going to be a private matter that 10 people agree to that we all have to agree. And we're not just going to give you until there's consensus, but in our sources, what happens obey the law, who and whom they gave, they are publicly too early in the movement on the member of the profitsystem in the messages. So this is something that we do not doubt whatever the other group says, that is their, that is their business and their sources. Now, this is when so it really low, and basically the matter became clear that he is the halifa. This is when the

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divisions began for the very first time. And once again, the problem comes the reports are very, very sparse, and they are contradictory. And there's 1,000,001 questions in the minds of every one of us, even myself, every time I read these reports, some thought comes, why didn't he do this? Why didn't he say this? Why didn't you do that. And then the end of the day, we have to proceed from now on with the assumption that the Sahaba were there and we weren't there. And we trust their judgment. And they know what we do not know. And they saw what we cannot see. And they assess the situation that we are ignorant of. So we have to have a Houston have a positive attitude that they did what is

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best, even if we don't fully understand, because honestly, every time I talk about this or even when I must have read it, it's difficult not to question, why did it but how do this why didn't it do this? Why didn't he do that? And it's so easy, 14 centuries later to double guests, but we were not there. And each one that's what our position is, as I said 1,000,001 times we are agreed upon this and Sunni Islam stuck for a long time. None of them wanted to harm the Omar Islam. That's honestly what law he it is illogical even to think this in light of their track record. It is illogical, and it is against our athletes or theology to think this. Obviously, the anon Sunni groups, they don't

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have this theology. They don't care if istockphoto they talk about the knee of pothead and Zubaydah so they can go whatever they want in their imagination. But for us, it is very clear that their track records file and Zubair rhodiola on him are of the first converts from Makkah, they have participated in and we're going to talk about their biographies in a few weeks in Sharla, they have participated in almost every single battle, and the prophet SAW sedums, ahaadeeth for them with them with awatea. He said Zubair is my word he is my, our He is my disciple. Right. And finally, how was the one that was the primary defender at the Battle of offered the Battle of Orford, his right hand,

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his right hand was paralyzed because of because of his wounds, he could not raise his hand up. And by the way, even when he gets back into it, he had to pick up his right hand and put it because his right hand was paralyzed, because his body remember what he did was defending the profit. So is that are you going to doubt him? I mean, honestly, well, like even just common sense. Forget Quran and soon a theology that Sunni Islam, even common sense and lat track record, you're now going to assume that istockphoto that they had some bizarre ideas about the oma. So we don't believe this, we're not going to, you know, even in my whole talk, I'm not going to even discuss their version of events.

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We're not going to discuss it because honestly, honestly, and I'm not somebody who is very crude or whatnot, but it is so fanciful, it is so imaginative, that really it's not even worth a dignified response. Just let them let them say what they're saying and Allah will do.

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For us, it is very clear what what we believe. Nonetheless, questions do arise, and we have to then say they knew best, what they what they thought was the best way to proceed. So what was the first tension? The first tension that's arisen is very simple. There are still a few 1000 of the mobs that had come remember a few,

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maybe 6000 people had come to protest against earthman, all the months remember, that had taken place they had come from all around after the hedge. So there's still a few 1000 of them. Now, the question arises, these 1000s did not actually kill it with man, the actual killers have earthman disappeared into the crowd. And to this day, we do not know their names to this date. We do not know the names because the actual 510 people who literally unsheathed the sword and did the deed in the house, we really don't know they would they just literally did it, and then they fled into these 1000s. Now, definitely, maybe 30 4050 knew who the five were, and maybe another 200, new the 30, who

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knew the fight, you know how it goes, you know how it goes in these types of gatherings? So the question arises, what is to be done with these 5000 people angry mob that is still in Medina. And this is where the tensions arose that Ali rhodiola. One thought that if he were to start fighting these 5000 people,

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and the fact of the matter is that the bulk of them do not have Earth man's blood on their hands. What was their crime to be a part of the crowd who protested earthman really a loved one. They didn't actually stormed the house, they didn't actually unseat the sword. But they are the Arabic term is so hot, they are the mobs This is what the the classic laboratory they'll call hot is just there, the mobs there, were still there. So Adi rhodiola. One thought that if he were to fight them, he himself does not have those troops right now, number one, number two, Islam has not yet seen the Civil War, never has a sword been unsheath against other Muslim, remember this, right? Never has

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actually too bad. Two Muslim armies fought together, right. And number three, there are interpretations as well, that the emperor of Constantinople, the Roman emperor was monitoring this. And he was thinking of launching an attack. If the Muslims are engaged in Civil War, there's talk like this, as well as some of the books. And so for whatever reason, audio, the long run decided that is just not wise to take on these 1000s of people right now is going to cause more chaos and damage in the long run. And by the way, I mean, and even in modern times, by the way, it's very common. After a massacre or a civil war. The government says okay, amnesty for all because we can't

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go back and and figure out who did what, then everybody is going to be guilty of something. So we I just came back from South Africa. And you know, in South Africa, there was some brutal, brutal apartheid for 5060 years, there were massacres. There were riots, there were secret police doing this and killing people and imprisoning whatnot. When Nelson Mandela came to power, one of the things that he did in 1994, he established the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, right. And this was a very wise step, that he made it basically the rule of law, that if you came and you confessed your crime, and you documented it, essentially will be

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Why? Because if he were to start jailing everybody who participated in the government, because this is now you know, the it was legal, like in Nazi Germany as well, the Nuremberg trials and whatnot, it was legal to do what they were doing in apartheid. If he were to go after every policeman every this every that, I mean, it would have caused the type of Riot and backlash that fragile South Africa would have been eliminated, right. And so at the time, he was roundly criticized Nelson Mandela, he was roundly criticized. But in hindsight, it really was the act of a true leader, because he even forgave his own captors. You know, this, Nelson Mandela forgave the very people who

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signed his, you know, whatever torture and imprisonment or whatever, he forgave some of them. And he actually met with some of them. There's on YouTube video and whatnot. So, in hindsight, we see this was a true leader, that in order to heal the wounds of South Africa, he had to move on. Now, this is a modern example that we all understand. Right? Then well, I trust a little deal 100 million times more than Nelson Mandela. I trust the feel of it. And the long side of the law 1 million times more than any other person, so maybe he saw some Muslim, that you know what, all of these 1000s of people their crime is guilt by association. And I can't charge them for that crime. I can't fight them for

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that crime. So I'll just have to basically move on and consolidate The Omen see what I can that was his that was his Nia

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Now obviously, this did not sit well with many of the senior Sahaba. Many of them, not just the one you mentioned, even much more senior than him, and the most senior Sahaba in Medina, or Paul handover. These were the most senior. So within a week or so they visited the law one. And they said that Yeah, meaning

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analog, there is now time to deal with the patella treatment to deal with the people who killed earthman. So I literally laughed and said, I've just come just right now it just got into the office right now. Give me some time. Give me some time. I cannot do anything right now. So they gave him some time they came again. They said, Okay, now it is time. And after a few weeks, weeks turned into months, I did all the lovano basically told them that, my dear brothers Yeah, what am I the brothers, I'm not ignoring this matter. But what can I do against the people who possess more power than we do, and who have support amongst the majority and the Arab. So the people who had complained

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against Earth man, see, this is the reality of the world, the world, not just in that time, even in our time, it is very easy to rile up the masses. It's very easy to confuse the people. It's very easy when you become vulgar, and course, like, let's say Donald Trump, you can whet people's appetite and make them angrier than they should be. Right. And the intelligence same politicians don't do that. So their popularity is not that much. Because the only intelligent people, you know, and I give you the example to get to American politics. Look at some of the more intelligent politician look at Bernie Sanders. Oh, we just look. I mean, you at whatever you want to say at

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least he is much more intelligent than any of the other candidates but he's not popular. He cannot be popular. Why? Because it's you What is he going to rile up against right? He's not he doesn't have that enemy, the type that Trump does, right? So these go ha these mobs, they wet it up to people's appetite. And they're making complaints against complaints. So they had attracted even larger following. So I'll do the alarm said if I attack them, I become the enemies have even more people than these 5000 because they have mass support. So he said, What do you expect me to do? And as for the patella of Earth man themselves, the actual people find me who they are get the

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witnesses, and I'll be the first to do it. So I literally alone is not talking about the actual murders. Of course, everybody's in agreement that the actual murders should be executed. But who knows who they are, we still don't know to this day, who knows where they went and disappeared. They're just again, they went into their hiding and whatnot. And so this tension continued to increase that the inactivity value of the loved one for a wisdom that he saw became a cause of frustration, human nature, amongst other of the Sahaba who loved earth model the Alona everybody loved Earth man, man we mentioned but they felt that I literally alone was not doing enough. And as

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the months as the weeks turned into months, four months went by.

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And Arusha and some of the other mothers of the believers were still in Morocco. Why would they in makup. Remember earthman had given them permission to perform Hajj. After many, many years they had actually gone for Hajj. So all of them had gone for hedge, then the siege begins. So they stay. Then the news comes as man's dead so they stay because obviously these are the mothers of the believers, they're not going to it is not even befitting that they walk into this chaos, their protection is of paramount importance. The highest priority of the oma is to protect our mothers. How can they walk back to this this chaos situation in Medina, so they're waiting in Mecca for things to stabilize? So

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I shall do love right now is in Makkah, she is in Mecca, and Paul Hangzhou Bay, then leave Medina and go to Mecca, the sensitivity to perform and maybe even to talk to Russia. And this is when they began to discuss what can be done that this inactivity is simply not acceptable in their eyes. And the planet Earth man, the the notion was or the statement was, they're still wandering free amongst us. They're walking the streets untouched. How can we allow the blood of Earth man to be so cheap? And it became basically the call for the dumb man to be avenged, right islamically avenged? How can the blood of modela not be avenged? And again, I do the alone. It's not as if he doesn't want to but

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the question is, again, how? So that as they say, the devil is in the details. Each one wants the same, but the question is how to get there. And so the discussion began, that what is to be done, and for reasons that are still being debated, we're still trying to wonder why the three of them, meaning Arusha and Bonanza bear, very senior all of them, well, the old wine whom they decided to march to Basra. Now, why? Again, people have different one theory one interpretation which we find in the classical

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Books is that some of the senior Sahaba and military commanders were in Basra. So they thought that if they went to Basra, they could get military support, which I did not have in Medina. And then they could go fight the adulterous man, they could then take on the mops. This is one understanding. Another understanding is that they felt that even MCC is too dangerous because it's close to Medina that they need to find a neutral place or a third space, if you like that is safe for them. And they can begin negotiations. Whatever is the actual reason, it is explicitly mentioned by Chateau de la Juana and callahans. Obey that the goal was to bring about a reconciliation between the tension

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rising parties within the oma because there are people that are very frustrated about the killing of Earth mundo de la one. Now, we haven't even begun the discussion of why we interview Sophia that we will discuss next week in sha Allah, while we have interviewed Sophia, and he is, of course, a cousin of earthman. And he is also the most powerful governor at the time. And he has been in Syria for over 20 years, and he has complete control. He has an army, he has popularity. And while we are the last one, now, this is awkward to say, but he did not give the oath of allegiance to it. Until he said, I will give you the oath. As soon as you kill the

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That's my condition. I have no problems give you the oath, but my cousin's death needs to be avenged. So that was a major source of tension. So that's happening, we're not going to talk about this week, that'll be inshallah. Next week, inshallah go over that. So you have one issue over here, and you have other Sahaba, who they don't agree with Yanni, not getting by it, but they don't agree with not doing anything. As I said, there's more than one perspective here. And so the notion comes, let's go to a third space, let's go to another place, and that's Basra. And Basra, if you remember is one of the earliest of the establishments in the time of Ramadan called Bob. And it had now of

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course, a good critical mass of Sahaba and good people there. There's also a theory By the way, that some of the kottelat earthman had gone back to bussola. And so I shantell hands obeyed. They felt that if they weren't there, they could deal with them directly as well. Again, why would they go to Missouri, Illinois, though the actual reason these are some theories that are given, nonetheless, the notion came that they're all going to go to Missouri and all the rhodiola honghui Jemaine, and I shall do laquan has she, as you know, there are special laws of hijab about the mothers of the believers, the mothers of the believers that our mothers, they can never be seen in public, even

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their outer body can never be seen in public, they have to have a special layer of protection. And this is what the haoran calls hijaab. This is I mentioned this many times and as much in many places. When we say hijab, we mean the Arabic model, right? The Arabic CMR, the headscarf we call it a job. That's fine, no problem. Just realize what the Koran says. Mr. That's the hijab we call when the Quran says hey, job, it means an actual curtain between the mothers of the believers and the everybody else non Muslims, right? Obviously, there, Mahajan could enter into the curtain. So odawa even Azuma, the grand nephew of Asia would lift up their curtain and go back inside and speak to you

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then come back out and tell the Sahaba what they needed to know. So I wrote one others would enter the curtain because they're Muslim. But everybody who's not Muslim, there's an actual curtain between the whys of the process of them and the other Sahaba. And when they are outside, they are in a special

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how, what is the heritage in English? It's like a mini tent on a camel. It's like a mini encampment if you like that they're sitting in that. And so I should only allow her camel basically was well recognized because it's the only camel that has that special heritage on it. It has special You know what, you know what I'm talking about here, that mini tent structure right? Is there even a word in English for it? I don't even know a word in English. I don't think the Americans would have had a word for that type of encampment on the camel's back.

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But the point being that she's on that special counsel, so everybody can see that that is our issue. Meaning that's the camel of Alisha. And she's inside that house. Right. So she has a special camera was a very, it was a very beautiful camera that was also decorated because it is it has camel and it has that heritage on it. So the The goal was that I should only allow one her walking and marching not walking but meaning riding and being outside for this cause will generate support for the cause. And this is well understood psychologically, when you have such a high profile personality, then people support will call

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And that's exactly what happened. Probably five 600 people left Makkah with Asians obeyed by the time they got to bazzara

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poverty and others say they were 30,000, strong, do the math from 600 to 30,000. So they're gaining support, and they're gaining momentum for their cause. And the goal is to demonstrate very much like we have protests or whatnot to demonstrate to the law one, that we need to do this now. And we have the critical mass to fight these whole lot these these

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the riffraff the crowd, and we as so this is very explicit, we as Sudanese believe that it is impossible to even think that I shall do love wine has intended to fight it, that never even crossed their minds, and especially the palha and zubayr. They had given their Beata ID, it is impossible that they would have thought that this is a gathering of an army to fight against IE This is not our narrative. It is the narrative of the other group, you understand. But our narrative come nobody says this, nobody from our side. This is not even a valid interpretation. Because it is nonsensical to believe that I do the law on an issue intended to go to war together. It'd been Tamia rights that

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issue herself never fought. nor even did she have the knee of fighting when she left MCC, she didn't even come into mind. Rather, she felt that in order to bring about some type of reconciliation, her presence would benefit the believers. But later on this had been Tamia. But later on, she realized that if she had remained and not done that, it would have been better. And every time she recalled the incident of the camel, she would cry until her came out, her scarf would become wet. And the same applies for the rest of the Sahaba and Zubaydah and Ollie, none of them intended for the day of the camel to become a battle. But fighting broke out in the ranks without their choice. And this is

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the position of their hubby and had been Kathy. And I mean, basically every Sunni scholar, the only difference of opinion is from the other side. And, frankly, we're not interested in their narrative, especially at this level of our lecture. So I should be a lot of wind to her, she begins to march in the hood edge. And slowly but surely, as they're going through, everybody hears of the cause. More and more people join, we need the vengeance for the dumb of Earth man. We want to bring about the killers of Earth man and called them to justice. Now there's an interesting Hadith.

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mentioned here it is said that when our show was outside of busser, and she it was the night and the caravan was proceeding. They pass by an oasis, and they could hear the barking of dogs. So our issue said what Oasis is this? So she was told it is the oasis of how, how outside of Basra. So I said I feel that our mission will not succeed. She had a premonition, I feel that our mission will not succeed. They said no, no, you will go to Basra and the Muslims will be united under you. She said no. I remember one day, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to me or said to us, all of us were sitting there his wives said, What shall be the state of one of you could not one of your wives

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and what is going to be your state when the dogs of how will be barking at them? Meaning it's not a positive thing that that that you weren't you should that that state is not a positive thing. What is going to be affairs when the dogs have how it will be barking at them. And this Heidi is great as slain by a little bunny and others. And a mama that would be another say there is no question that you should deeply regretted her decision to depart for bus Sara, and her participation in the Battle of German. And she never assumed that the matter would reach what it reached. So this is again very clear from our perspective. In any case, they reached Basra in Arabi are one of 36 Ah, so it's

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around four months after the death of Earth Manuel de la Juan. So for literally after that they have it within a few months now. This battle of gemel takes place and they reach bussola and they are according to Adobe 30,000 strong. And there are other reports that say other figures, as you know, who is doing statistics and numbering at this time, but an army too large to count. Now the governor of Basra panicked because he sees 30,000 armed men and he has no clue what's going on. Like why are you doing this What's going on? The governor of Basra panicked and he sent out a expeditionary skirmishing party.

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The issue got tense between them and some swords were drawn and some lies were lost but it was

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wasn't an all out war yet. This is basically the skirmishing party that came out. They lost some lives. And he and others managed to march into bussola. And it was unclear now who is in control? Is it the governor of bussola? Who is loyal to it? Or is it under 30,000? People? So the governor of bussola says, I'm not doing anything till it himself comes. Basically, he wanted to bring it directly and say, You deal with this, I don't know what to do. So he insists that they allow him to come down to Basra and deal with the situation. And so I little the last one, he was diverted from dealing with Maui, and he goes to Basra. He was thinking about dealing with myopia, because while we

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were going to talk about him next week, and what is the reality, and so I will do one then went to Barcelona, he already had a force with him. And that force was initially intended for malware. But now he's marching up to deal with this issue in bussola. And when he gets to busser, or not actually the city when he's outside of bussola, by a day or so, he sends an envoy, an emissary, very famous, he's not a Sahaba. He's a temporary by the name of a car car, even a hammer. And Akaka was one of the main commanders of qadisiya. And he was one of the famous commanders who had done many of the conquests and the victory is a very noble, respected person and he sends

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to negotiate and he enters in upon Russia obviously, whenever I say enters upon, I mean, behind the house, or the hijab, no Sahabi is allowed to see our Isha, even her outer body even in the hijab, you cannot. That's our shediac all the mothers of the believers, except for the mahad him. So he speaks, you can speak by the way you can speak with the mothers of believers, as Allah says, in the Koran. That way, there's two more and no matter and first aluna men wore a hijab, when you ask them for anything, ask them from behind the curtain. So they the Sahaba are speaking to a Chateau de la Anna, but from behind a actual curtain. So God enters it upon Arusha and says that, yeah, oma, oh,

00:32:07 --> 00:32:51

my mother, you know, what is the matter? Why have you come all the way here, and he says, We have come to seek revenge for the death of Earth man, this is our goal, we have come to seek revenge, this is our demand. That's why we have all these people here, we demand that you take care of the patella to Earth man, and that we want to bring about reconciliation. So our issue felt that if her demands were met, that she could deal with, even while we are the law, what would be then unified, right? So she's becoming a third party, in order to bring about a select between everybody. And she feels because of her status and persona, that and that was what she was told as well. But Hans

00:32:51 --> 00:33:27

Zimmer said the same thing that you know, if you just go there, and the people see you, everybody will respect you can remember, by the way, hi Aisha and all of the mothers of the believers have lived completely apolitical, life's right. And when a person lives completely apolitical, then becomes into politics. Generally speaking, they have a cleaner slate, and people look up to them as it is, what do you think of our issue, and she is our mother, and she is the Beloved of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, how much respect which you have. So this was the point that look, you know, for for 35 years, you know, you have been living a life of a burden absorbed and cut off. Now people

00:33:27 --> 00:33:40

will see you it will remind them, it will bring back your status, your haber, your, your your macom, it will bring back the people. That was the goal that I had to bring about solar between all of these parties. So

00:33:42 --> 00:34:30

then demand, this is all hands up. They also came. So total has been Asia and Africa. They're all over there discussing. And for three days, the emissary goes back and forth with the demands back and forth, whatnot. And finally, a compromise is actually reached. After three days of negotiations, a compromise is reached. And essentially what it what it demanded was that Ali rhodiola one, get rid of all of the mobs and the crowds were around Medina, and to expel from his ranks. Anybody who was known to have sympathized with the protesters, right now realize this is a very large amount of people. And the demand was anybody who from that camp, because there were many who were in the camp

00:34:30 --> 00:35:00

of it, then that there were those who protested against Earth man, and one of the conditions was that cut off all relations with that entire 1000s of people. And they actually even had names specifically this person. This person was known to be a protester, and now he's a supporter of yours and his Union Army. We don't want any of them. That was one of the conditions. And then the other condition was that now you have to find the actual killers, do the investigation, find who they are, and then punish them. So basically, the conditions were agreed

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

Read upon within three days, back and forth. A little. The other one is a days away outside of Buffalo, basically half a day outside of Buffalo, and Arusha is inside of inside of Basra. So between the two of them finally comes to this agreement. And Alhamdulillah it seemed to be very positive now. And even Kathy writes from his study of our event, cathedrals are one of our most famous historians. And he's written one of the most definitive histories, obviously, from this new perspective. It'll be dire when you hire this is a 10 volume or eight volume book, massive book. And this is the most comprehensive and analytical medieval history ever written. But it's one of the

00:35:39 --> 00:36:28

greatest books of history of our tradition, straight from that book, he writes it because he writes, so on that night, meaning on the third night, both camps one to their bed, completely satisfied with the outcome, and happy that reconciliation had been reached. So everything appears to have been worked. But the killers of Earth man and the mobs had the worst night. And they plotted a plan. And they agreed to start a fitna. So the same people that had basically instigated the, the killing of Rothman decided that this is not heading in the direction that they want it to head. And so they agreed to commit a very evil, heinous tactic, which is well known. And every book of history

00:36:28 --> 00:36:52

mentioned this, that in the middle of the night, when both camps were asleep, around 2000 of these mobs 2000 of the same groups that had been sympathetic to the killers of Earth man, they split up 1000 here, 1000 there. And they launched a surprise attack on each one of them on each of the two groups. And they began to claim that they are from

00:36:53 --> 00:37:43

the other group, they began to claim that they are from the other group. And this is killing in literally in the middle of the night in cold blood. So you can imagine what the response would have been each side, assumed that the other side had betrayed each side, especially the soldiers and the commanders on the ground, they just assumed that this is a betrayal of the highest magnitude. And therefore immediately they came to arms. And a battle ensued. That lasted for most of that day. That lasted for most of that day, and much blood was shed. In fact, so much blood was shed that we don't even have a actual number of how many people died. And it hasn't been Daddy, the son of Allah has

00:37:43 --> 00:38:27

already gone through the process of them. He has it we have an authentic report from him. He said that I checked on my father to make sure he was safe. When the battle was at its peak. This is the day of German, I checked on my father. And I found him basically almost in tears crying, and he is saying, Yeah, hessen How I wish I had died 20 years before this date, like how can this be happening? Now, we have our issue on one side and me on the other side. And this was the very first actual civil war in Islam, the very first time where you had Muslims on both sides killing Muslims. And in this chaos, we don't even know how many people died of poverty estimates are shout out to

00:38:28 --> 00:38:57

10,000 people 10,000 dead that is, I mean, just mean our age is 5000 double that. Just imagine 10,000 dead in one day of battle because of the chaos because of the anger because all of this and Subhanallah the two of the deaths were so tragic, that they eclipsed all 10,000 and of course, these are the two deaths of the two greatest Sahaba alive. And that is that happens debate

00:38:59 --> 00:39:47

and debate. They both met their ends on this day. As for palha. And the both of them were in their 70s or late 60s. But how was 70 something and they were 60 some of the litter there. They're not old men now that asked for a thought he was on his horse running through the battlefield telling them to shave your sword stop fighting. Like he's trying to stop them because clearly something is wrong. And he's telling them to stop fighting. And out of nowhere an arrow came and it went so deep into his thigh that it slashed open one of the main arteries of his thigh and it bled so profusely that he died of bleeding. The blood was the wound was so deep that he basically died of bleeding. And the

00:39:47 --> 00:39:59

other side claims that mode one if that haccombe was the one who fired the arrow. But why don't help of course is eventually going to become the halifa after yazeed and Henderson while we are one becomes the halifa right? The others

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

Side claims mod one was the one who, who did this.

00:40:05 --> 00:40:43

But, but that doesn't make any sense and Allah knows a bit cathedra says that people say this, but this is not true. We don't know who killed him, it was just an hour that was shot and it came out. And when added on the alert, one eventually found the body of fun how he held it up with his own hands and he wiped the dust from the face of bugs. And he said to Allah a complaint of my situation, how I wish I had died before this day like how can I see this you know happening in front of my eyes. And as for Zubair, as far as zubayr reports differ. There is one report that is somewhat controversial.

00:40:45 --> 00:40:49

But I will say it anyway and is found in many Sunni books. So So I will say it anyway.

00:40:50 --> 00:41:13

It is said that Ali sent Zubaydah a message on this day, that Don't you remember one day the Prophet system predicted that you would be fighting me? Now? Zubaydah and Ali are cousins, distant cousins, they're all from the, the new Hashem the kurush. Right? So as obeyed and it they knew each other from back in the day and they were obviously very close as well. So

00:41:15 --> 00:41:47

Ali said to him or the other one, don't you remember that one day the process of them said to you, that you would be fighting me and you would be in the wrong you will find a medium and be the wrong. And as Zubair allegedly said I say allegedly because the Hadith scholars differ is it authentic or not? It is found in our tradition is Sunni Hadith. Whether it's authentic or not, is the question. Some wrote some relevance is life, some says hasn't. It's basically in that gray area. So when Zubair got this message, he said,

00:41:48 --> 00:42:28

I have only remembered this hadith right now like meaning completely. I forgot about this until right now you reminded me. And so, Zubair put his sword back and left the battlefield, he did not participate. Now the other Version says that he simply decided not to participate anywhere and he left, both virgin SES obey turned his back and walked away from the battlefield. Right? The one virgin says he turned away because of the Hadeeth. The other Version says you turn to it because he didn't want to kill other Muslims. Both versions say Zubair did not participate. Even Farhad did not participate. He was running around on his horse, telling them to stop and to calm down these habit

00:42:28 --> 00:43:10

are too big to fight themselves against other Muslims, they did not do that. So zubayr are the loved one did not participate. However, one of the senior most of the rabble rousers and of the Battle of Earth, man, the sympathizers and his name is well known, and it's something that any I mean, we don't know. Most of you have never heard of it, that he is well known that he was of those who was always instigating, he saw a walkout. So he made it his goal that I'm going to kill Zubaydah and so he followed Zubaydah. And that night was very was praying to God in that night night in the battlefield. That night was where he was praying to God. He surprised it surprised him and executed

00:43:10 --> 00:43:39

him, killed him as he was praying to God and so Zubair rhodiola one also died a Shaheed on the night of the day of the camel, right? But how on the day of the day of the camel zubaid the same night from the same people so that's why it's essentially the same battle that brought his death right he was there one of the other sides saw him leave and he goes I'm not gonna let this guy go he's he's gonna be everybody knows the bear. So they followed him and they will now ask for is available in a one.

00:43:40 --> 00:43:46

There are authentic hadith inside Bahati and others authentic hadith, that

00:43:48 --> 00:44:06

that Bashir conservativeness Sophia benard. Give glad tidings Jews sarcastically in the Hadith and Quran sometimes Bashir is sometimes used as a somewhat of a sarcastic thing, to the one who kills the son of Sophia, right with the fire of *.

00:44:08 --> 00:44:51

Kill the give glad tidings to the one who kills the son of Sophia with the fire of *. So when Ali heard of this, that Japan has been killed, he said, Go give glad tidings to the killer, that he shall be in Johanna, go give glad tidings to the killer that the one who killed him will be in Johanna salido. The 1100 manage the to basically quelled the battle, and he announced amongst his troops that no more killing anybody who flees shall be unharmed. Anybody who does not fight shall be unharmed. Anybody who is in a house shall be unarmed. Anybody who walks without weapons shall be unarmed, meaning don't kill anybody unless they are attacking you. Everybody else should be safe.

00:44:51 --> 00:44:59

And he gathered up all of the aneema the booty that had been captured by his troops, and he put it in the masjid and he said, Whoever it belongs to

00:45:00 --> 00:45:22

to come and take meaning his troops did not get the honeymoon, because this was not a jihad in the eyes of Allah alone. It was not a jihad, it was not a legitimate jihad. So any Battle of war booty that have been acquired, he put it in the masjid for display, and it goes, whoever is the rightful owner or the what are the inheritors, they should go and pick their stuff up and take it back. And as for

00:45:24 --> 00:45:24

the last one half.

00:45:26 --> 00:45:43

As for our Chateau de la Juana, she was given the utmost honor by Adi rhodiola. One, and he visited her It is said that he visited her in the hotel. And he said to her, May Allah forgive you?

00:45:45 --> 00:46:00

And her reply was, and May Allah forgive you as well. I only intended sort of meaning I did not intend all that this happened. Right? So no doubt, there are obviously I mean, we have talked about this previously. There's no doubt that

00:46:01 --> 00:46:41

the Sierra indicates that I should not do that on the left one home, there was some very trivial tensions between them from a number of incidents. And this is common between many people and especially in this nature, but there's no hatred or animosity. And now that this, this battle is finished, so it makes a draft for her that May Allah forgive you. And she replies, May Allah forgive you as well, that I only intended sort of. Now we also have a very interesting Hadeeth. In most of the recovered hacking, we have a very interesting, highly hidden most of the covered hacking, which is considered authentic while hacking into the hobby and others. And it is that one day the Profit

00:46:41 --> 00:47:26

System was sitting, it was sitting in the house of Alisha, and she was behind the veil, and the processor was there. And the profitsystem said, to ollie that set to it that one that there shall be an hour a matter between the two of you. There shall be some tension, something that happens between the two of you between you and her and he pointed towards the curtain and there was an issue behind that. And I did have the law Honda said, if that ever happens, then I am the worst of the two I am the I'm the worst of the two. How could I have attention or a fight with without good anything happened between me and her? I'm the worst of the two. And the process of them said no law. But when

00:47:26 --> 00:48:13

that happens for rouda illa money her take her back to her place of safety. This Hadith is Anil Harkins was set up our book. And this is exactly what are the rhodiola. One who did that again, what is the Hadees say that a time will come when there shall be some type of matter tension. The Hadith says armor and armor as the Arabs know, it basically means something of substance and typically is used in a negative sense, right? There's going to be a dispute or something like this, we should say. And I said, if that ever happens, I'm the worst that I'm the lesser of the two. And that was no i'm not saying that. But when it does happen, then I asked you to return her to her place of safety,

00:48:13 --> 00:48:18

which is her house and her and Medina. So when the battle basically finished

00:48:19 --> 00:48:39

our little deola one basically asked her to or gave the largest House of Basra he vacated it and he gave it to Arusha and her entourage, and he made sure that she was well taken care of. And he visited her for the few days that she was in busta. And

00:48:40 --> 00:49:20

while he was in those days, in bustle, he was told that some people are saying bad things about a shoe that she caused the she did this and all the blame is on her. So he gave the helcom the command that anybody who speaks ill of our issue should be lashed 100 times, anybody who speaks ill of our issues should be lashed. So the punishment was actually carried out on a number of people that who were basically blaming everything on not saying, now what were they saying that stuff Rather, they weren't saying stuff about the slander that's not even possible for any Muslim to say. They were basically saying that this is all her fault, and she caused it all and if she had, so they're

00:49:20 --> 00:50:00

basically putting the blame on her. And our little The Lord said, Whoever disrespects our issues should be lashed 100 times. So that's basically was implemented in the city of Basra. Then he gathered an entourage to send her back whoever would be with her, and he commanded 40 of the noble ladies of Basra. So he chose 40 of the noble families, their daughters or wives or whatever, to be her entourage, and then men to basically protect them. So obviously that their safety, there's no shabiha there's nobody thinking bad that she's going along with strangers because a lot of hands have been have been killed. Right and many of her party have been killed. So there was more casual

00:50:00 --> 00:50:17

is an issue aside because it has the prepared army, right? There's more casualties and especially the senior members of his entourage are all gone now, especially Latins obey, they're now gone. So who's gonna bring her back? So he chose 40 of the noble ladies of bussola to basically be her basically

00:50:18 --> 00:50:38

just a protective, you know, just so that nobody says anything bad or anything. And then of course, you have the, the warriors and the people that are going to guard this entourage. And he appointed the brother of Arusha, and that is Mohammed Ibn Abu Bakar, he appointed the brother of it to be the leader of the caravan. So that's our Muharram in the caravan. And he then

00:50:39 --> 00:51:23

commanded that they go back to Medina. And it is reported that before she left on Basra, she said to the people, that Oh, people do not back by one another, meaning stop saying anything bad about any other Muslim, do not back by one another, for whatever color, whatever speech is, between Ali and myself, is the speech that happens between a woman and her in laws. And he is of the solid hain and this is the Sunni perspective on the whole issue, which is the middle part, by the way, a lot of modern Sunni historians, they try to sugarcoat and they want to say there was nothing and to me, it is very obvious that there were some tensions between the two. And so what if they were so what it

00:51:23 --> 00:51:56

is human nature to have these types of tensions and look at the fifth of an issue Look at her maturity that she says you know, every family has tensions with the in laws. This is human nature and it is my in law Isn't he right is the brother in law almost as a says like basically a type of in law to me. And so yes, we've had issues just like everybody has with the in laws, but he is of the solid hain I'm not doubting his Eman. I'm not doubting his he's not as a bad person. He is of the sauna hain and when this reached the Allah one,

00:51:57 --> 00:52:11

he said and this is well known mutawatir from it, this statement is motivated. He said sadaqa she has spoken the truth from Allah He I swear by a law in the Xhosa. Tuna bu dunya will

00:52:12 --> 00:52:53

the woman here this lady, she is the wife of your prophet in this dunya and in the market. How can you say anything bad about her? Right? She has spoken the truth that look anything that happened between us is just minor tension. It wasn't meant to be anything more than this is just qalam that happens between in laws all the time. We're not doubting each other's amount or character anything and this is the as I said the the unanimously agreed upon Sunni narrative. And in fact, in some books of history, it is mentioned that he accompanied the caravan outside the city. And then he commanded Hasson Hussein to walk the rest of the day with the caravan as an honor to the caravan

00:52:53 --> 00:53:28

that this has Arusha in it. And then of course they came back in the caravan continued on to Medina, and it is narrated in in every shape and many other books of Hadith. And even taymiyah mentioned this narration I mentioned that whenever I used to talk about the Battle of the camel, it is called Of course I forgot to mention the most obvious thing Why is it called the Battle of the camel because it shows camel was one of the most prominent icons of the whole battle. Right? It shows camel was a central piece and people were protecting it and people were so that's like in the center of the of the of the battlefield. In fact, the Campbell itself was injured because of an arrow that

00:53:28 --> 00:54:07

came in. So that's very dangerous. Imagine when a lot protected our mother, but just imagine account of the the Campbell itself is injured because an arrow is coming. So our mother's on that camel, but it was called the Battle of the camel because of the prominence of Ayesha's camel. Because of the central role. Typically you don't find a woman's camel on the battlefield, you don't find the hodesh. So because it was there, it's called the Battle of the camel. And anytime I remembered the Battle of the camel and talked about it, she would begin to cry until her femur would become what with her tears. And she regretted doing this because it unintentionally led to what it led to it was

00:54:07 --> 00:54:25

not in the knee of anybody. But obviously, if that had not happened if she had not gone, then that would not have developed into this reality. Unfortunately, this was the first of a much worse battle that's going to take place. This was the first of two

00:54:26 --> 00:54:32

civil wars. This one was fully unintentional. The same

00:54:33 --> 00:54:59

cannot be said so easily of the second one, the second one is a little bit more complicated. And clearly both sides were armed to fight and what exactly happened and how and what not. We'll talk about each other next weekend, next Wednesday. But this battle is a bit easier to discuss because we can clearly say and this as I said is the clear narrative, neither side

00:55:00 --> 00:55:44

actually wanted a physical compact with the other eye shadow the loved one felt that her presence, and her rallying call was like a mass protest. And it would bring about a tipping point that it would understand what they learned that we have to do this. And in fact, it did work. To a certain extent it did work in that audio, they agreed to these demands, and it goes, Okay, we're gonna get rid of all these people. And the next order of duty will be to hunt down the killers of Earth man. But now obviously, this massacre with 10,000 people, it made it even more tense in the Muslim world at the time. And unfortunately, this led to the great the greatest disaster of the first 40 years of

00:55:44 --> 00:56:00

Islam, and that is the Battle of Safin between while we are the last one and Ali rhodiola one and that will be inshallah next Wednesday. One final point, obviously, the other side, non Sunni side

00:56:02 --> 00:56:13

is extremely clear in its verdict on a Chateau de la Juana on port, Hangzhou Bay. And from their perspective, this makes these three in particular figures that are

00:56:14 --> 00:57:01

maybe even outside the fold of Islam. And for us, to accuse Russia of this is just as worse of a blasphemy as what they are doing. So for us, we are very clear to accuse our Chateau de la Juana in particular, have something I mean, this is really anybody who says this or believes this, we have to doubt this person's email, because our issue is too high of a McCall. And from our perspective, everybody who participated, especially in the Battle of the camel, there is no question. Nobody wanted blood. It was not even the intended goal. Obviously, from their side, from their side, you should just know it. It was planned from day one. The Battle of the camel was planned as a battle.

00:57:02 --> 00:57:38

And the three of them that we respect from their perspective, they wanted to engage and even kill it. This is their perspective. And this is ludicrous. I mean, thought hands obeyed their Bay hours to it. How I mean, it's impossible. They did not say we no longer give back to it. They didn't break there. But I didn't join while we didn't. They're simply saying we disagree with the delay, and we want to have bottled water taken care of right now. And in any case, inshallah, we come to the end of the battle of the gentleman in Charlotte next Wednesday, we will do the Battle of Sufi inshallah.

00:57:39 --> 00:57:47

Any quick questions that I'm going to try to evade as much as possible and just gloss over because it's best not to go too deep, but Bismillah

00:58:15 --> 00:58:36

This is one of these far fetched theories, that doesn't seem to make any sense whatsoever, or the man or the alarm when the actual siege lasted between 20 to 25 days. Okay, and it only got extremely bad. Maybe the last week when they cut off food and water from him.

00:58:38 --> 00:58:46

So from Medina, to Damascus, minimum two weeks travel

00:58:47 --> 00:58:48

so you do the math?

00:58:54 --> 00:59:19

No, no, no. So the complaints are going on for years, but the mobs gathered after hedge somewhat spontaneously, right. So the assumption that while we are the law one knew this and he has an army coming to attack. It's one of these far fetched theories that doesn't have any legitimate basis to it. Okay. shala we'll pause here inshallah, then resume next Wednesday.

Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi continues to cover the Caliphate of Ali Ibn Abi Talib RA and goes into the story of the “Battle of Jamal,” the very first civil war in Islam, famously associated with tensions between Aisha RA and Ali RA.

The Battle of the Camel or Battle of Jamal took place at Basra, Iraq between  allies to Ali RA -Ali and Harith ibn Rab’i and the allies to Aisha RA – Talha ibn Ubaydullah, Zubayr ibn al-Awwam

And Marwan ibn al-Hakam. The bone of contention arose from the fact that Aisha RA opposed Ali’s status as Khalifa on the basis that he had not tried to find out the culprit behind the assassination of Uthman Ibn Affan RA.

The battle procures its name from the camel ridden by Aisha RA.  Ali RA blamed Aisha RA due to the aftermath of the warfare and asked her brother – Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr to take her to Basra where she stayed for a few days before heading to Medina.

For more such explicit details, do watch the video.

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