Be careful concerning who you take your Religion from

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DNA DNA. It's not a game. Religion is not a game, noise of some random news that you can take from any source. A Dean religion is supposed to be taken from its origins from the Quran and from the authentic sadhana. And if you do not understand the Quran and the Sunnah, and you're not able to derive rulings from it, then you're supposed to go back to the scholars and to the people of knowledge, those who are most proud of what Allah preached in the Quran, and he said, for the victory in quantum let alone as the people of knowledge if you had no ID today, yeah, what's the disaster today? A person opens up a fake Facebook profile account fake. He reads a little bit of

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news from here, watches something on YouTube from here, and he begins to post about huge matters concerning this religion, and the people follow him. And he asked the people, why did you follow him? Follow his speaking the truth. He's upon the truth. Who Subhana Allah began in my brothers and sisters in Islam. Not everyone that speaks the truth is qualified to teach the religion. Not everyone that speaks the truth is qualified to give a fatwa. We need to differentiate between a scholar, a student of knowledge, a lecturer, a preacher, a researcher, the Imam of the masjid a famous reciter a person that has a large following on on social media, you will need to

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differentiate between these types of people concerning the deen not everyone that makes himself available and public becomes qualified to speak about the religion and issue verdict and fidella to the people. Allah subhanho wa Taala when he spoke about the footplate in the Quran, he ascribed the to himself. He said we are stiff tuna caffeine nissa

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tea comfy him and they asked you about a ruling concerning woman say a law will give you a footwear regarding them. At the when you rush to give the footwork you made yourself in that same level it where you want to give the foot when you're standing like like how a month gives a fatwa. You need to be very careful my brothers and sisters in Islam, how you carry yourself and who you take your deen from.

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panorama is a dream a dream required a fatwa. In surah. Yousuf Yousuf Ali salam, he says Jani the people come and they come to us with a prophet. And they say to yourself, you also did in a fee survey because they required a fatwa for a dream. Imagine that a dream required a footwork journey imagine them the greater and the more complex matters an issue of the religion. So Panama what kind of person do they require for someone to begin to speak about issues like this shaken Islam, even Tamia Rahim? Allah He said

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that the one who is asked a question, and he doesn't know the answer, but he guesses the answer.

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And also Panama coincidence? It turns out correct what he said. He said such a person is sinful. Because initially he spoke without knowledge. Even though the answer is right. We don't look at that. The what what, what brought him what pushed him to speak, he spoke without knowledge. And as a result, such a person is sinful, and humbly left today, the scholars of Islam are pleading and there are many around the world. And there is not a single excuse for anyone to say I didn't find the right people have knowledge and there was no one to ask. So I had to message someone fake on the internet. And and and this is why I've ended up how I there is no excuse for such a people. So this

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is why some men are the Allahu anhu. As soon as he arrives to a sham, he asks for the most knowledgeable person in Christianity. He's teaching us here that do not settle for anyone in your religion. Your Deen will either take you to the paradise or it will either take you to Santa Maria Villa