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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being aware of events happening to oneself and others. They stress the need to do the right thing, even if one's actions cause negative consequences. The speaker also mentions the importance of witnessing and following instructions to manage behavior.
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[REVIEWED] And then what we need to remember. And this is something I've always said, and I always make sure even within myself that I'm conscious of it, anyone you interact with, even in the slightest way, even a vehicle that must be behind you on the highway, like the one that was behind me on the highway just now, flashing his lights telling me to get out of the way, even that vehicle, how you react was already something Allah wanted to just watch. And right next to your name from the beginning to the end of your life, every single thing that happens to you, it's just Allah, He knows it was going to happen. He planned it. He decided it's going to be there, it came and all he's doing

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is just watching. What do you do? The angels write it down? We'll meet on The Day of Judgment to show you what happened. The result of your test--your exam, that's it. So, at home, many of us become ugly with our words and don't realize we speaking to our sisters, you know, my own sister, for example, my brother, and we don't think of how we're talking about Allah planned. That's your system. That's your brother. Let's see when your father passes away, may Allah grant all those fathers who passed away a Jannatul Firdaus; and parents,

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how will you manage things so you're going to cheat them or you're going to deceive them, you're going to break relations. It's okay. Allah is watching. You got to do the right thing. That's all if you did the wrong thing. It's going to be written next to your name and you still going to see, you know, the negative effect of it in this world and the next; but Allah once you my brothers, my sisters to do the right thing.

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