Is the one who dies in a car accident considered a Shaheed (Martyr)?

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AI: Summary © The loss of family members due to car accidents and the loss of loved ones leads to a loss of human beings and a need for a full reward. The importance of treating people after accidents as a full reward for their actions is emphasized. The segment also touches on the loss of people's bodies and the importance of treating people after a traumatic death as a full reward for their actions. Finally, the segment discusses the importance of honoring the soul of deceased individuals to bring about a full reward for their lost lives.
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Theoretically we're talking a lot more soluble so I'm about to get out because we can Mohammed and Salama and he was selling it. He was like we were selling testing and Kafeel. The brothers and sisters. How I begin tonight with a very sad news. We say none Allahu Allah hide your own that the younger brother of our beloved Mufti Abdul Wahid, who of course, is one of our dear beloved scholars at yaqeen. that many of you know that his younger brother monada Rahim, Wahid, Rahim, Allah to Allah passed away today. And so how Allah when you look at the circumstances, and I just want to say that these brothers, you know, without that man or Hades brothers, chef of the lower heat, should

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probably will have should have the disease and shut up the pain have done so much faith for the community, so much good for the community. In so many different capacities. Of course, they run mister Institute, they're in Michigan, and on another hand, was actually teaching the course and a few hours ago, Plato comenta, Allah or Anwar Lama, he was only believe 23 years old. The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it. He was teaching and a few hours ago and then panel afterwards, passed away in a car accident and lost parents and I called him back and we asked the last panel to honor to raise him as a Shaheed and amongst the people of color and mean, and halala

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you know,

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many of you followed over the last couple of weeks as well the tragic death of our beloved brother, Victoria Haida, Haman Lazzara, who also died in a car accident and felt a deep connection to him all the time. And of course, we had half the hand who passed away in a drowning accident a last pass I accept all of them as Shaheed Lama. I mean, I wanted to talk about this particular question that gets brought up sometimes about the one who dies in a car accident can they be considered a Shaheed a martyr or not? And you know, particularly when in the COVID era, there was this question about,

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you know, if a person dies as a result of COVID-19 are they Shaheed or not and multiple imposters? A man wrote a beautiful paper about that, an article about that question and we pray that Allah subhanaw taala accepts all those that died due to COVID a show that love me, but particularly when it comes to a person who dies in a car accident, can we consider them a Shaheed or not? And there are a few ideas to go through one of them the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and honey from a long time ago, he said, sure, that will come. So he said that the show had that the martyrs are five. And he said, so I said, I'm and Maduro on the one who dies as a result of a plague and

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upon the one who dies as a result of a stomach disease. Well, well, a lot of the one who dies in a drowning accident. So the one who dies due to drowning. And the prophets lie. Some said, well, Sahib will head to me with shahidul visa visa and the one who dies due to a falling structure is crushed. sahiwal hidden. And the one who dies in the battlefield is a Shahid is a martyr for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And another narrations, the Prophet slicin mentioned, the woman who dies, giving birth or in the process of giving birth, or while she's nursing, in those stages, is also considered a martyr. Now obviously, the person who dies in the battlefield is superior to all and is

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the purest form of shahana. But the prophets I seldom talked about these other forms of Shahada, the prophets I some mentioned, you know, the virtue of asking a loss of habitat for the reward of Shahada. And that a person could even die in their sleep, and that they could be granted that reward if they're sincere as they asked a loss penalty for that reward. But I want to speak particularly to the car accident, because so many of us have lost people that we love, due to a car accident. And obviously, cars did not exist at the time of the profits, a lot of it was sell them. So do they fall in the category in any one of these categories? As Shahada as martyrs? And the answer to that

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question is that many scholars said that slavery will head to the one who is crushed by something would include if ninja hints Allah would include the one who dies in a car accident as well. And the common cause that the profit slice of them or the or the, you know, the commonality of these different forms of shadow, these different forms of death that the Prophet Sly Stone was mentioning is that these are traumatic, sudden deaths of different people. And so it's not the specifics of how they die. But people fall into these buckets of, you know, these these traumatic forms of death, these very hard forms of death, and that a car accident would certainly be in that night, I wanna be

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considered amongst those forms of Shahada that we would consider that a person that is crushed by something or hit by something that causes their their

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Death. And obviously, you know, there is a hope that we should have in a loss of Hannah Montana, a personal one that we should have in a loss of Hannah Montana, a good expectation and assumption that we should have in the loss of Hannah Montana, that being the nine Tana, we pray that they are considered from the Shahada. And so for those beloved brothers and sisters that have lost their family members to these car accidents, may a loss of habitat consider your loved ones to be from the Shahada, and give them the full reward of Shahada. Just like the other categories, you know, where you don't necessarily treat the body, the way that you would treat the body of someone who dies in

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the battlefield, right, you still will do the whole soul you'll still you'll still do the washing, they'll still do the prayer. In the same way the burial in the same way separately from the way that a person who dies Shaheed in the battlefield would you still have that ask of a loss of habitat that a lot as though Jed Grantham, that status of a Shaheed and be in the night out in the full reward of Shahada not to torture ourselves wondering how long did they suffer? Right? How long did they suffer? Was it death right away? Did they feel any pain? You know how a lot you see people that wake up from car accidents. I've seen it almost a million times. Well, I don't want to exaggerate not a

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million times was Pelham multiple times where I've seen someone that has woken up from a car accident where they weren't supposed to make it. And 100% of the times that I remember, they do not remember their products. They don't remember the moment of their car accident. Whether a person woke up a few days later or came out of it even the next day. They don't remember the actual moment and so surely be in Allahu taala The one who is granted the status of Shahada surely should they wake up to the name to the blessing of Allah subhana wa tada that Allah has a short for them, then be delighted to honor they don't remember any type of pain. And should they even be like the profit

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slice that I mentioned about the one who dies as a Shaheed the profit slice alum mentioned your federal level fee. Oh, when he does it mean, to me that that person would be granted the the forgiveness with the first drop of blood, we are on the hoof in general, and that they would see their place in general. And of course, there is connotations of the battlefield here, but in the lantana have the 101 and a loss of Hannah Montana, that good expectation of a loss of habitat that your loved one

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would see gender at the very first strike, that when they first felt the pain in the if a lot granted them the status of shahidan, we have that hope that they fall in those categories, as many of their intimate have mentioned. So it will help them that they would come under that category of the one who is crushed or struck by a falling structure that they would have in the nighttime not only not felt that pain, but also seen a place in paradise from the very first strike. And someone might say let's panela What about their bodies, some of the hardest listeners to do are the muscles of those that have died in traumatic car accidents. So they are some of the hardest muscles to do.

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Because the way that the body looks is usually in terrible shape. But remember, you know that in the battle ahead. And so the mother or the townhome could only be identified by his fingertips, right? I mean, people were mutilated in their bodies, but it's not the body, it's the soul. And if Allah subhanho wa Taala, grants that person Shahada, then it doesn't matter how mangled the body is, it doesn't matter how hurt the body is in the 19. To honor the soul is blessed with all sorts of blessings from Allah Subhana to add, and this vehicle of the soul in this life was no longer capable of carrying that soul Eliza done, isn't it Nikita would have granted that person Shahada would have

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granted that person a high place agenda, and blessings that could not be contained in this world. In the same way that our souls are not meant to be contained in these bodies for eternity, in the light of Allah, they did not suffer the light or they will not remember that pain didn't lay to Allah they no matter what their bodies look like or the trauma of their bodies, the blessing of Allah subhana wa tada for them, has caused them to completely forget the trauma to their bodies and the hardships of their bodies in this life have that has not been that good expectation of and a loss of Hannah Montana, and ask a loss of habitat to grant them Shahada, and feel that that sense of hope and a

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loss of Hannah Montana that they have realized the full reward of that shahana Bismillahi tan. And as for us, those of us that are left behind remember the profits of Alliance and I'm sad that allies those that has money I'm doing what many are in the desert, either bottle Sofia home and Adam dunya from Mecca sobre el agenda, that there is no reward that I have for my servants if I take their beloved one from this world and they show patience except for an agenda except for paradise and so the only reward that you will have inshallah, to Allah, for your patience for losing your loved one is just

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is paradise. So May Allah subhanaw taala grant your loved ones Shahada grant our loved ones Shahada, the full blessing of Shahada of martyrdom, the highest rank of Paradise and May Allah not deprive us of that reward? May Allah Subhana Allah comfort us with the same reward May Allah subhanho wa Taala join us with them for eternity in the eternal gardens in the eternal presence of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam generated for the dose Allah Ameen. desikan la fete and please keep the Wahid family in your.

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Again, these brothers have done so much for the community. And we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala comfort them in these difficult times as they've comforted so many others and grant of the Rahim high place and agenda and grant him the rank of a sham, that allotment I mean does that little feed on us and our mighty