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notion but also to sell. So this is really resulting with coming to another episode of working Ramadan. 2014 day 16. I'm hitting my private jets

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wish and send you the message against this we talking about yesterday we're talking about happiness, I still want to talk about how to acquire happiness in Charlotte tada in the month of happiness, the month of Ramadan. As we know Muslims, we believe in something called about what not to believe in, in the Divine Decree of us panels under that everything happens, it happens for a certain reason I was in one of his Beautiful Names is heading and also his official name, you know, I'm hacking, and these two names the all knowing and the otherwise, if you read the end, you often find that these two names, you know, coming together Allium and hakima. You know, he's the all knowledgeable and he

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is the all wise penalty either when something happens that happens with the knowledge of a brothel. And with his hikma, you know, he makes things happen certain ways, because he knows what, he only gives you what you need. And he withholds because, you know, because you don't need it yet. Or maybe you don't need it at all, you think that this is the right thing for you, but Allah knows otherwise, you know, you know that this may be the right job for you. But unlike most other ways to find out what it is, I mean, he's hacking so kinda like that. You're asking for, you know, to get married, for instance, for that to that person. But maybe it didn't happen a lot knows why it didn't happen.

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He's hacking some kind of data, if it were to happen to be something bad, you know, wouldn't go wrong. So what? You know, he's Hakeem, I think, believing in Qatar or putting your trust in Allah subhana wa, tada and dedicating your affairs to Allah subhanho wa Taala once and only once you understand really this concept of Muslims, we believe that but I mean, you understand that we say, Oh, yeah, I believe in a couple of other but sometimes we act as if, you know, we, we don't fully fully put our trust in composite panel into believing in the, in the Divine Decree that everything that happens happens for a certain reason, copper will cut that. So if you want to be happy, you

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know, did it get to a loss of data, if you want to be happy, don't wait for people not to thank you. Something that's also very important. Sometimes we, you know, when you do certain things, you know, especially as a bit of work, you expect people to give you enough time in the back or

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just the decency to say thank you, you know, oftentimes people may not be seen. Thank you. So.

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So, you may as well you know,

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just again, like you do in business, we're

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in the middle of Mr. Kondo mochila. Learn real ninja and when I show color, we feed you for the sake of Allah subhana wa, Tada. We don't expect or await any, any any gratitude from, you know, if you every time you do something I know I understand. I understand that that feeling of gratitude. That means it's good, especially like you work. Even at home. I feel like a kid or like a wife, spouse, you know, she does something she expects maybe they'll just buy hair. But sometimes she does not get that she's like

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even your kids when they do something good. And they expect you to say three words of encouragement. A job isn't that but sometimes some parents don't need us a Dustin, not your boss may not give that may not say thank you for the great job or whatnot. And so what do you do? benefit you're in the middle

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of doing this for the sake of assumption in our data. I do not want you to think that once you also understand that concept of making sharper data, you will be happy

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to help us to

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enter another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2014. I say yes to that when it comes to like the Obama cats.