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Your brothers and sisters last week we talked about this particular Hadith in Sitka yeah de la Wendell Villa de la Jana wiener Rasulillah. Yes took had your October and Allah hates DECA that verily, truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to paradise. Any person will continue to tell the truth until they are written with Allah subhanaw taala as a Sadiq as a person of truth. And another narration, the prophets lie Selim and of course the opposite of that. What nlk did Yeah, didn't fool that verily lying leads to wickedness all forms of wickedness and wickedness leads to hellfire, and a person will continue to lie until they're written with Allah subhanaw taala

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as a liar. And another narration and this is what I want to begin the discussion today with, there's a similar narration where the prophets lie some talks about a different quality and it's the only narration that is close to this one in terms of a quality that bears many traits that either is consequential and that it leads a person to paradise or it leads a person to hellfire. And this is a Hadith from Abu Huraira the Allahu Taala I know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I'll hire Amina Eman. Well a man who filled Jana. Well by that Amina Jaffa, well Jaffa often now higher, which I will do my best to define in sha Allah to Allah higher, which is modesty, being

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basketball being decent, higher, is in Jannah. Higher is in general, it is a quality that is from a man you cannot have a man without higher and higher with Allah subhanaw taala is a man that a person feels a great sense of decency, modesty, bashfulness with their Lord, and in all of their dealings, higher is in Jana. And on the opposite side the prophets I seldom said Alba Alba is from El Jaffa and Jaffa is in hellfire Elba and lgfl it gets a little bit more complex. Alba is when a person is shameless bill called will Amman their shameless with their manners they become foul. A foul mouth person is someone whose body and the prophets lie Selim is saying that Alberta when a person becomes

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so shameless, then that is part of a greater disease and that is called a Jaffa and the way that an Imam will now Rahim Allah to Allah describes a Jaffa he said that a Jaffa refers to a person and they'll called Leia Mira Nemo or Yvonne when I actually took the test Kira that a person's heart become so shut off, that even when they're reminded they're so defiant and brazen in their disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala it doesn't affect them anymore. Whereas when a person is just guilty of Elba, you kind of remind them, tap them, tell them to calm down, you give them a reminder, and they might calm themselves down, they might listen, they might be receptive. But Al Jaffa is

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that a person has become so insolent, so defiant, so brazen in their disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala that even when they're reminded everything about them has gone hard and cold, they don't listen anymore, they're just not moved anymore. And so from the greatest signs of Jaffa, in fact, that the scholars mentioned is that a person is no longer moved by the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala the Quran has no effect on them. If a person tells them to fear Allah subhanaw taala they blow up on that person and tell them attack the law, they'll respond back with something so grievious and so nasty, that you'll never advise that person again, because they've reached the point where

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they're openly defiant. So if you think of the stepping stones in the previous Hadith, al Qaeda to Al Fajr, a person lies a lot, and then a person gets to a point where they become a compulsive liar. And then a person starts to use that lying to establish trickery and all of their different fields of life and they just disobey Allah subhanaw taala in so many different ways. Here, a person who has no shame in their speech and in their actions will not just corrupt their manners, but eventually their morals and no longer even be able to hear when someone is warning them and someone is telling them to be mindful of Allah subhanaw taala so before I get to the Hadith about guaranteeing Jana,

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there are a few Hadith where the prophets lie some says I guarantee Jenna let's just sort out these two concepts a set of higher we talked about truthfulness when it comes to a higher the profit slice I'm suddenly Cooley Dean and whoa, look, every religion has its key attribute its key characteristic and the hook of Islam. The key attribute of Islam is higher is modesty, decency, the opposite of shamelessness that Muslims are decent and dignified and modest people that is supposed to be the case at least, that that is the most apparent and most observable trait of

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The Muslims and the prophets lysozyme said Al Hayat laity Illa behind, that there is nothing that higher is in decency is in that this modesty comes into except that it brings good why because sometimes shyness is looked down upon shame is looked down upon even in a society of the prophets I send them the prophets lie some walked by a man that was talking to his brother and telling him to stop being so shy, stop being so modest and the prophets lie some said Leave him alone, because the higher is from a man that modesty is a good quality in Islam. It doesn't take away from confidence and being assertive, but that a person is is humble, decent, modest, shy, bashful, does not stop

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them from also being impactful, confident assertive where they need to be Hey out rules out arrogance, not assertiveness Hey out rules out in decency, not confidence. That's not what Hey, does. The prophets lie some is the greatest example of that. In fact, if you need to raise your voice and cut people off and be shameless and curse to make your points, that means that what you have is very weak. So you're trying to overcompensate with bad manners and with loudness and being brazen. The Prophet slice alum was dignified. He was assertive confidence but dignified it his Salatu was Salam and everything about his demeanor represented what Hey, it was a modest person,

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humble person. He never would become loud like a donkey braying in the streets it his Salatu was set up. Now this is interesting and there multiple Hadith and higher Hiren Kulu all of higher is good. And subhanAllah actually reference you know, Chef Muhammad Chanel, we wrote a paper called Higher more than just modesty for Yaqeen Institute. And it goes through a beautiful breakdown of what higher is and the last portion of that paper is how to cultivate higher which, with the time of the whole time I won't be able to get too deeply into that. What I wanted to talk about instead are three a hadith three, a hadith where the prophets lie some says I guarantee Jenna. Now if you hear

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it also lustleigh Some of them say I guarantee you Jenna,

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what are you going to do if you're as a hobby, you're going to listen very closely. And he does this early. His Salatu was Salam three times, and they're all around the same theme. So let's go over these three Hadith and sha Allah Tala, very briefly, number one, Hadith Solomon says oh, the Allahu Taala and very famous Hadith in the body where the prophets lie some said men young manly Medina, la ye one Avena Ridgeley Augmon the whole Jana. Whoever guarantees for me what is between their jaws meaning their tongue and their private parts, what is between their legs, their chastity, their modesty? Whoever guarantees modesty, and guarantees their tongue for me I guarantee that person

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Jenna meaning if you are able to gain control over yourself in these two regards in the way that you use your tongue and in your task study, I guarantee you Jenna Subhan Allah when you look at the Quran, Allah azza wa jal as he describes the believers ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada mentions and the lovely more of the moon the Fuji him Have you learned that there are people who guard their tongues, and they guard their private parts, they guard their chastity, they stay away from Xena and what leads towards them they stay away from adultery and fornication what leads to it? Well, so as I said, if you figure those two things out for me, I will guarantee you Jana, now there is another Hadith which

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all falls within this so if you think about these two what how do you branch out from these two? And this hadith I want you to try to memorize the traits in sha Allah Tada. There's six traits that the Prophet slicin mentions the first three of them should be very easy if you've attended the last few weeks of the hauteville

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Hadith about Oh mama about the Allahu Taala on home and authentic hadith called Aryan salatu salam

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oke Filoli be sittin Akula como Jana, that guarantee me six things and I will guarantee you Jana six things Rasulillah Salam, sir, either had that Hadoken fella Jakob, when you speak don't lie. Then he said, Well, you know, what are the fellow youth live and if you make a promise don't break your promise? Well, you that to me now follow your phone. And if you are entrusted with something don't betray the trust, basically, three traits when it comes to hypocrisy, call it his Salatu was set up. Well more of a satakam workflow workflow for Raja comb. What Khufu idea

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and the prophets lie Selim said, guard your gaze your eyesight and guard your private parts and guard your hands from hurting people.

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Interesting Hadith six traits are soulless ly. Some said if you have this see these six traits in your life. I will

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guarantee you Janna. Now it's very interesting is that there are two fountains, the fountain of scythe, the fountain of truthfulness and the fountain of high art, which is modesty. And all of these traits are going back to the exact same two things if a person can maintain these things in their life. And you know what else the scholars mentioned is also last Isilon would never say I guarantee you Jenna, with something that was not observable, all of these traits are observable if you're trying to make a serious claim with Allah subhanaw taala to enter into agenda. Are you able to actually look through these six things and say that I am not guilty of harming in regards to

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these six things? Also, some of the element mentioned what that when you look at these things that the prophets licen gives, they're all about restraint.

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On what does Allah azza wa jal say, when I had enough sand in Hawa for in agenda to heal, a person is able to restrain themselves from their desires, they have gender. When you think about gender, a person starts to think about the EMELIN, a person starts to think about lots of fasting a person starts to think about lots of charity and the profit slice on them is saying, Jenna, first and foremost starts off with what? Guard these things. guard yourself, protect yourself, restrict yourself in this regard. And lastly, do your brothers and sisters, there's an intersection between higher and

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an intersection, which is that the scholars say a lack of higher in the deeper sense is even more subtle than hypocrisy. When we talk about the signs of hypocrisy, as it comes into terms with the way that you deal with people, there are obvious violations, obvious violations of contracts, obvious broken promises, there, you know, a person makes a promise and they break their promise a person says something in they know that they're lying. A person is given a secret and they break that secret or they're trusted with something they break that trust, when it comes to hire, hire really speaks to the more subtle forms of indecency. What do I mean by that? A person who is sneaky

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when they're lying, to where you could cheat someone right in front of you, and they never even knew it. You didn't really break your promise, but you kind of did. Because higher refers to a person having a sense of shame and decency that they govern themselves by where even where they have a loophole. They don't take advantage of the loophole. So the first implementation of this is the obvious and that's why when Allah subhanaw taala says Yana Mahayana today, a new motto for salute that Allah knows what the eyes the fraud of the eyes, the betrayal of the eyes. What did we say that was that a person is looking at you and you lower your gaze. As soon as they walk by you look,

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because they no longer can see you. So in front of them. You maintained at least public decorum, but then you betrayed that when they were not looking anymore when they no longer could tell. The prophets lie. Selim also said and Abby Herrera total the Allahu Taala and who lie on belly this is the thing and Cornella Anna, it is not befitting for a Sadiq for a truthful person, to be in the habit of having a foul tongue, a tongue that curses people and so higher and sit or to fountains, there are two traits that the scholars mentioned or actually from the major two qualities that if a person observes them in all of their daily affairs, then

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then they will be from those for whom Jana is guaranteed. The last thing Dear brothers and sisters now and with the Hadith from the prophets, I seldom is that both higher and sit, are reverence for the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon you, in areas where Allah azza wa jal is most likely to be not remembered.

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What do I mean by that? When you go into salah, you say Allahu Akbar and you start to think about the sight of Allah subhanaw taala upon you. Higher modesty and shyness is not cowardice it's not because someone else is looking at you. And maybe you're just not that aggressive. You start to calm yourself down, higher is first and foremost with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that you're shy from the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon you. And so you know that Allah sees things that maybe the person in front of you is not seeing in the moment, you know, that Allah sees you and other people do not see you. And you're always thinking about the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada. So I want you

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to think about it this way. You know how when a person gets into their Salah stands to say Allahu Akbar and now let me think about Allah azza wa jal watching me and pay attention HYAH and sit actually mean that you start to do that when you're engaging in a business contract. You think of Allah site as you get into a conversation you think of Allah site upon you, Allah is watching me, and I'm making this promise right now. I'm not gonna break this promise. Allah is watching me and I'm about to speak. Allah is watching me in front of that computer screen I'm in front of that phone and no one else sees me right now. Allah is watching me so higher and sit means that the gaze of

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala upon you is guiding your societal transactions in the same way that a person was

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Start to guide their worship

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where before I embark on something when I'm about to do something, yeah Allah I'm shy. I'm shy. I don't want to violate what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has told me not to violate the last Hadith where the prophets lie certain guarantees Jana and we'll end with this

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idea and one of them in general the low tide I know it has several variations called it his Salatu was Salam. And as our aim would be Beighton feel about that and Jana was beaten fee Wesselton Jana what eight in fee and agenda Lima Antara Cal Mira our encounter Mohican wa Taala Cal Khadija was were encounters he had were hacer una who Luca Whoa. The Prophet SAW Selim said in this authentic hadith and taba Ronnie, he said Allah his thoughts was salam, I guarantee a home in paradise, in the outskirts of paradise, the middle of paradise and in the highest level of paradise for the one who gives up an argument even when they're right, and for the one who gives up lying even when they're

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joking. And for the one who makes their character Excellent. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them Allahumma Amin aku Holyhead was talking earlier. But he certainly was the mean of Salam or somebody can be now Muhammad wa while he was married.

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Rila Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while he was sahih woman, Allah, the brothers and sisters.

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I know that these are a lot of Hadith but I want you to remember these six traits. And I want you to think about them being Ilahi Tala and inshallah Tala as you think about how to cultivate higher in your life. It's just a reminder, you know, when the prophets lie some talks about the end of days being days of deception.

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The greatest deception is when a person deceives themselves into thinking that because they fooled the creation, that they have fooled the Creator. Be mindful of the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala and ask Allah azza wa jal to grant you these qualities of it higher was Sitka truthfulness and modesty from which all of the a hadith all of the guarantees for those that are guaranteed Jenna stem from Allah subhanaw taala grant us both of these traits Allah Amin Allah, Nina with me not. When was the Mina when was the mother here even when Mr. Mecca Semyon collibra Mooji with AirWatch Allah Allah Fiddler our Hamner, water for another two Libnah Robyn Valentina and fusina are in touch

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with Lenovo, Lenovo, Nana middle ha serene.

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Allah InnoCare foreign to Hibbeler Forfar, foreigner, Alma 30 yt Dena or Brahma Kamara, bonus ilaro Rabina habla nomina as well as you know the reality now Kurata Aryan vagina Linwood, Sakina Imama along with sort of one and mustafina famous article of the War of r&b her llama isn't it's not more Muslimeen or dilla Sharecare Academy and muda muda Deen Allahu La immunoblotting meanwhile Krishna with one lemon beanie him Saudi mean rebelled Allah and Allah He I'm gonna be like the reason why he took the CORBA away on her on the fascia it will Moon carry with daddy, your anger Camilla Camilla karoun fafco La Jolla Skokomish Kuru Ariana, is it like them? What are the crew Allahu Akbar Allah

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He tossed her own Welcome to Salah