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Haifaa Younis
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and attacked, attached to him. And when he tells me do I do

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you're like us, you're like Iraq.

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And may Allah make us this your BME?

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We have the young lady Look at that. Ma sha Allah And how old are you my friend?

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Stand up. Kumar, how old are you? Ouch, eight.

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God knows what at the age what I was doing Bismillah

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I can't hear you, my dear.

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I wouldn't be a scholar like, oh, I don't know, some tips to become one. So, okay. This is this is that answer the whole idea? If you didn't hear the question, she said, I want to be a scholar like you. May Allah make me better than what you think of me. And maybe forgive what you don't know about me. But that's the point.

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You want someone to look at you.

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You know, the influencers these days? Everybody wants to be an influencer. Right?

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The question is what influence you are doing.

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So you want to be a person, a woman, who people look at you, including men,

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and especially young boys and say I want to be like her. And better be her is what pleased him. And what brings goodness to this life. This is how it is my beauty. Number one, you really want it.

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And number two, and that's very important. It's hard work, and a lot of sacrifice. Like everything else in life. It doesn't come free of charge. I used to joke with my teachers when I was studying Islamic Studies, especially when I was studying Islamic inheritance. They all know the class or know this word. And I used to say, this is way harder than OBGYN.

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And I said delivering 10 babies is much easier because it's so complicated. And all numbers. So number two is hard work. Number three, which is actually number one, but to you, I'm putting it, you will not do it by yourself. He will help you. You have to ask me you give all your turn your back to him. You don't want to be a proper Muslim woman. This is too hard. I want to be like everybody else fine going do it. That's what Allah is saying. And then he will remove you or me or us and bring other people they will be not like us, there will be better.

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So you wanted, you're going to put the effort and you will work and never give up? It's not an easy road like most of the things in this life. To ask him keep asking him and don't worry about what people say. I can't tell you how many people make fun of me. Your OBGYN Why do you want to study Islamic studies how much they pay you? Honestly, I heard this in my ears. Nobody will hire you. You're a woman.

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Don't worry. It's him who will send the job and see him who is going to send you the money not to anybody else and may Allah make you what is your mom? May Allah take care of this young lady. I mean, it is like one of the Imam Malik looked at Imam Shafi is two famous scholars in the Muslims. One was the teacher of the other and the other was very young was like eight or nine he looked at him and he said in neon aura and Allah Qaddafi kobika Nora fala two three Oriole Mathilde Massey, he looked at him and says, young boy, I see that God have thrown in your heart alight. Don't extinguish it by sins. Don't give her a phone.

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And if she wants one call me. I really mean it. You know, let her let her grow like we did let her play outside. Let her enjoy nature. Yeah. Right. And let her feel it. And when and give her books that will this is true. She's not saying this to please me. No, I don't think so. First time. Second time I meet her. She wanted that. Give it to her. We have a lot of teachers who positions we have all the other professions but we have very few scholars woman and we need that in this day and age. May Allah may I'll make special dua for you.

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Yes, please.

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Yes, Bismillah as long as I consider

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surah Taha has affected me a lot. But when I'm trying to do something for the needy,

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there is a feeling that is it progressing like is it just because this phase of life as you know, I'm doing it.

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I would not be doing it otherwise, you do. Okay. So basically

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The question is without going to the details, because I know what she's referring to. So when you do a good deed because you're in big trouble

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is that a good deed?

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Or you're doing it because

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they because is the answer.

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Are you doing it for him? And because he told me, If you do a good deed or you're charitable or you give money, then I will make your life easier. That's fine.

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Absolutely. And this is one of the ways straight on come to you. So you don't do a good deed. But if you're doing it, somebody asked this question. He says, Why me? Right? You know what I say? So when he makes what he made you healthy, why you

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so the people are sitting in the hospitals and and having all these diseases, why me? I'm healthy. The people who are blind why us are because he's the wise and he's the just, I just don't see it. So absolutely, keep doing it. Right. And keep saying this is for you Yola, it's only for Yes, please.

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I liquid Sarah.

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What strategies do you have?

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Okay, so did everybody heard the question? dollar question?

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How can you focus in your prayer?

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Your Allah, as I think to say, 90 who said, If i No one unit in my salah was accepted, not accepted meaning fully the way he wanted that we die right now, this is very difficult. I wouldn't say impossible, but it's very difficult. One of the most beautiful answer to this question I got from one of my teachers, and he said the following. He was a minor actually. He said what you are outside, solder outside the prayer, you are inside the prayer, the only thing changes is your direction.

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So if I am always connected with him, I am coming in I'm just going to say Allahu Akbar, stop praying, I'm still with him. But if I am distracted all the time. And then I think when I am going to say Allahu Akbar, the switch is going to be turned off. It's not going to happen. That's number one. Practically remove the distractions. Don't pray and the phone is in front of you. And guess what happens? Nobody calls you unless when you start saying Allahu Akbar. They have this always hospitals call your the moment I say Allah, I was like Jambi.

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And then don't pray when there is a lot of distractions on the wall. Or if you're cooking in the thing in the middle, don't pray. This is actually well known. Either you turn it off or finish and then you go and pray preferably turn it off. Yeah. But the idea is remove distractions. Ask Allah what I personally have seen. When I am connected with his book, My prayer is much better. When I spend time with a good company. Or if I am alone, and reflecting on his creation, then my prayer is much better. When I am distracted. The prayer is a struggle. And hamdulillah Janya hamdulillah because he is so merciful, He doesn't he does not take me accountable about how much concentration I

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have. Otherwise, we're all gone. We'll let you know home

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it's not coming to me, but the meaning is, is not they are distracted from inside solid or distracted outside solid and you don't don't remember, but not when you are inside. Or Ill hand otherwise we're gone. All of us. The hamdulillah is merciful. Subhana Yes, please. Alikum sir.

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I can't hear you.

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I'm a little bit shy. Bismillah.

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Allah, she accepted his tongue two years ago and you're shy. And you are shy.

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I'm jealous of you. You know that? No, I really mean it.

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You know why? And I mean it. And this is to everybody in this room. You need to go and find a revote or convert whatever you want to call and make them your friend. You don't why not? Because they need you. You need them?

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Yes, and definitely they need yours. But you know what you will find and you'll start knowing the blessings Allah gave you and what is the problem? If nothing Your mother wants you to pray Your father wants you to be a good Muslim. They all the struggle they go with I had one story yesterday with you. Yes. So the question.

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Okay, so this is actually is not a lever to issue. This is all of us issue. Where do I start?

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I want to study where do I start? What do they teach us one year one,

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go to any established university and see what do they teach you the year one the basics. meaning for you as a river, there's two things you have to start. Who is he? What we call torpedo the creed? Who is he? Who do we believe we believe in who you are going to tell me Allah? If I'm going to ask you, who's Allah, you're going to give me all the 99 names, and then you stop.

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Well, that's just superficial. You need to learn Who's he? That's number one. And number two is how do I worship him? Right, I can't worship Him the way I want. So these are the basics. And this is actually the first thing rivers hamdulillah in the States, and I'm sure also in the UK, we have almost every Sunday classes for new Muslims, or those who are thinking of becoming Muslims, beautiful,

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beautiful, basic, basic, basic, basic, like a baby like how do we teach our children understand your, but how much you know, like a baby. And some Muslims even in this room, believe me, they will no minimum start. Don't push yourself too hard, because you will fail. Take it easy. I always tell people you don't get a PhD after one year after high school now have to go through BA and masters and then PhD. Why? Because that's how we are created graduality and everything you learn, practice, whatever it is small, and this is for everybody.

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Unless you practice Allahu Akbar. Unless you practice, it's not going to change. Nothing will change, you start practicing, you will change and don't give up as third. Because it's not easy. You I and you and us are going against the current. I dress differently. I practice differently. I speak differently. White, how many times you feel a stranger? Show me hands?

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to boggle horrible, that's what he said. Looking at me, I look different. That's fine. That's fine.

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So this is how it is don't give up. It's going to be obstacles. It's going to be hardship. Absolutely. And if there isn't, I was like really? No, but that's okay. This is life and you everything has obstacles. You want to be a mother. You get pregnant, how difficult and then when you give a baby Hola, right? And then when you raise them up, or your career, everything is you put efforts and nothing. We see this in the United States very common. There is no free lunch in this country. That's how they always tell you. Yeah, which is true, nothing comes free. And the same thing here. But their beauty you will see as you go deeper and deeper. As an individual, don't worry

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about the people around you. You as an individual. You feel so much peace, that nothing else will give you nothing else. May Allah make you strong European.

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Nobody from the up there. I think we are discriminating.

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I think we'll take everybody here and what about those? I can see you this lights in my eyes. So please forgive me. But that's okay. I can hear them.

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Bismillah Ali ko Sarah.

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Two questions. Bismillah. Why do you wear hijab? Do I wear hijab? Why do I wear hijab? One simple question. One simple answer. I said it it's one of the short clips that's almost went viral. Because he said so.

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He told me done

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Why did I wear it? No, no need for that. Okay.

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She knows. Okay, the second question is, What does God do our pray? Does Allah need my salah? Absolutely not.

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But who needs

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Thank you.

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Right. My final law haggadah becoming Shaka Toma. Amen to what kind of love Shakira Halima what Allah Who will get from punishing me, if you only are great for unbelief. And Allah said in this hadith Guzzi, you probably all know that one now what a coma. Coma is a coma Janaka begin the first person with the last person, person, all the humans and all the genes all get together and became the most obedient human took Allah nothing in his domain will increase. And if everybody is the opposite, nothing in his domain, the obedience the way I practice is for me, it's for me with him.

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And this is what I this is why what you need to change the way you look at your relationship with Allah. It's not a one way ticket. I remember him when I need him or I'm scared I don't want to go to the Hellfire don't do that. I don't know where I am.

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gonna enter where you will end. But do it because he deserves it created you and me gave you everything or Sahara Kumar philology Jamia, he made all this earth. So you and me live comfortable? You don't think of this way? How did you come here? The car? The Street, the air conditioner? The beauty? Who did that? Yeah, there's people build it. But who did that? He made it for you and me to the comfortable. He doesn't need that. He doesn't need for me to be comfortable. Because he's generous. What he expects from me as simple. Thank you. If you do it, okay. You don't want to do it? Don't do it.

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Last question.

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That's fine. Nothing is exciting, is the usual stories.

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Okay, we'll take one more question in the middle.

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Sorry, Sri Alikum Saddam, I can see your mind. Yes. Bismillah. First of all, thank you so much for this beautiful lecture. I hope you come back to Canada.

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So I have a question and then a sub question. So my question is, I'm trying to like, like you said, like, we can have fun and intended for it to be for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So

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because I'm just trying now nowadays to do that. Is that fine? If I like forget to do it before the act. Before the action, if you forget, what if I forgot to, like put an intention like an ear? Okay, already, so for the action, so if I do, okay, so intention, and I'm just gonna please forgive me because of the sake of the time. So intention is crucial in this religion. There's two things crucial in everything you do. Why and how,

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including getting married, having children going to college,

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stop working, you want to work you want to do this project you don't want to do this project is why and how. And in their standards only. Why is for his sake? And how what the way it pleases Him the way that rasool the Prophet peace be upon him taught to me.

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Excuse me, I don't have to say it every single time.

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But when do I need to see it? When I start seeing people, for example, I came in here today I flew, I came to Capoeira and everything. And guess what, I come and sit here and no one shows up.

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If I get upset, then this is not for him.

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This is for me, I came. And they did not whatever, whatever, whatever. The opposite is true. You all came out, she's coming and we're going to listen to whatever. And guess what I won't show up.

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If you get upset, you're not here for Allah, you're here for me.

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That's basically it.

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Don't worry, that's my fault. So here you go. Intention is for him. You don't have to say it every single minute. But when it changes in you, you bring yourself by he said you did it for him and has to be something that He is pleased with can do intention for haram things for things that is forbidden, there is no intention. The intention does not change forbidden thing to a good thing. It does not. Yes. Can I ask that? Sure. So do you have because I heard that the Sahaba were one of the most people that like collected, and like made no idea before doing a certain action. So do you have like a certain book that could help us like force like daily normal tasks? I wouldn't, I wouldn't

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say this way. But definitely try to find more than one intention to get more reward. And I think also there's a small clip about that. And I give an example when a woman changes the diaper.

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Because we don't think a diaper is a good action. We hate it. Can we wish somebody else honestly, right? We don't look at it. It is it's an act of worship. How is that? Right? Number one is why you're changing the diaper. Because you want your child to be clean. Right? And cleanliness as part of faith. One, when does the child cry? When the diaper is what are unclean. So the child is sad. You change the diaper and then the child starts smiling. You made a human being happy. That's a good deed. Right? Third, what is the child for you is a trust Allah gave you and you're taking care of the trust. That's three simple period. So everything you do in your daily life, your cook your

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clean, like I was taught this when I go and see a patient, same thing, but don't expect anything from human being. If they said thank you Jackie la hamdulillah I'm happy if they

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Didn't, I'm also happy.

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And I will end up with this word sincerity to Allah is when it is the same when people praise you, and they don't. When pupils think you are the best person or they think you're the worst when people make you hear all these beautiful words or people start saying all the negative when you especially when you post something this is really a good exam when you post something we all look at the comments, don't we? And you're so happy when people are like wow all this if you get upset when someone puts a negative comment that's not for him. You need to look at your intention to Zack Malachy May Allah reward us panic Allah homophobia handicap shed one light you stuck Hirokawa to

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blue lakes Allah Allah said now Muhammad by the idea was harbor disagreement.

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Is that Kamala here? You're really a good audience, that many woman and was so quiet boy

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