Abu Bakr Zoud – Advice, especially to the one dying

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker shares a story about sharing blessings of Allah with his brothers in law. He explains that they should not panic and that they will be rewarded by their actions. The speaker also emphasizes that Islam is not a small price and that everyone should benefit from it.
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There's one thing I want to share with you with what I said. And I said to him at this moment, the use of, you're supposed to remember the blessings of Allah upon you didn't think of anything bad, and that is on the level. He says, layer will tend

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to be, beware and do not die except that you always have good thought in a lousy version. Because the way you think of a mine is exactly how I will deal with you. So I said, This is the moment now in where you should not panic. And don't think bad of a mark Zoysia no matter what the past loves, think good of Allah subhanaw taala remember the blessings of Allah upon you and begin to save each one. Imagine into the day you were born on social media easy for you to come out from your mother, all and hungry left for that. Remember the day that you're hungry, and then you found food in front of you and you began to eat food and hungry. The day that you found Islam, and you found the Toba

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and you found the righteous

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brotherhood and you stuck with him, say Al Hamdulillah the day you got married, there was another blessing for

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the children that you saw.

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As you do that, as you're dying, you will begin to you can't wait now to meet the one who blessed you with all these blessings and favorites. This is how a person gets himself ready to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala Gani, Salah for him Obama, they used to give advice to each other. And they used to have a list. It was called Jani Sheila.

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They used to have a list in where they used to write the blessings Allah gave them in life. And they used to make it part of their will see until their family when I'm dying, come and read this mystery. So I can say I'm hungry. And I look forward to this because I'm going to go and meet the one who gave me all these blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala. My brothers in Assam, Gary, he's given you and He gives you so much not because you deserve it. But because he's an Karim subhanho wa Taala. And you're always supposed to recall and reflect over this as a result with all these blessings once you acknowledge them. And once you realize how much Allah has done for you in life.

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Allah wants from you one thing in return, and he doesn't benefit from it. You're the one that's going to benefit from it. And that is your worship my brothers in Islam.

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