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When you say a loved one, realize how huge and how big the greatness of emotional panel data is. A lot of social needs decreed. And when a lot of social created everything he created, he created the perfect from first day. From the first time he created the creation he created the perfect. This is from the meanings of Alibaba in comparison to what people make yummy 30 years ago. If you looked at cars you'd love 30 years ago, mankind everyday this update and upgrade in what they manufacture

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50 years ago, the floppy disk used to put it inside the computer 1.44 megabyte young the card the USB itself is carrying eight gig. Mankind is always an update. When a large version created the creation from day one it was perfect. And a lot of social assistance no one helped him to create by himself and he created everything from nothing from nothing to make something you're supposed to bring certain material and then put it all together and then you make something and even then that's your best shot. 30 years down the track someone will come and make something better for what you make. And what a lot of social created. He hadn't seen anything before to be inspired from A to

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created. Yet he will not created the sun he created the sun, then everything that the people create now that we created the light after seeing the sun, people made the lamp after they saw the sun. Everything that we make today is inspired by something already created. The aeroplane is made on the shape of a bird which I had already created from the beginning. Allah subhanho wa Taala Johnny every day, every day he creates every day, every day 1000 birds die and 1000 birds live every day. 1000 plants die and 1000 plants live every day. 1000 suns stars die in 1000 stars are born. Why? Why every day a lot of soil is creating and causing death upon certain things in creative once so we can

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see. So we can come to the conclusion of a lot of work. And still we still have people that deny the creation, the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala The one who denies the creation of Allah, and the existence of Allah didn't understand anything in life. Nothing in mind, a long story short, he says

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a lot of social status effective and full of the buckler that your Lord is one Lord. Let you

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know more about him who he

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was. What's the proof that a love is one word? The after it in the Hulk is similar to a lot lately, what the hell

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he have included there but you want to sleep?

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moussaka been a survey on

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that one I have stated the origin is the Lord worthy of worship. He's a white man over him. What is the proof? After this an entire area like this half of the half of a page comes just to Yanni it came to verify this fact