“Your Lord has taken upon Himself to be Merciful”

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker delivers a message to everyone to turn to their brother and sister for help during this time, including a message of hope and positivity, a book, and a division one law. They emphasize the importance of forgiveness and forgiveness as a means of a "has been despaued" experience. They also discuss the negative impact of social media on people and their behavior.

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Hungry lay open alameen are salatu salam ala rasulillah weither le e or Sufi as mine, my brothers and sisters in Islam, I wanted to share with you a message from Nepal and this is a last message to each and every single one of us. First and foremost allows origin addresses this area to sue the loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He says to him what

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a con la Vina, you mean una be a Tina, that whenever a believer whenever a person who believes in our as in our revolution comes forward to any believer that comes forward to assume the loss of the law at your center. Any believer that comes forward to Allah subhanho wa Taala, no matter what his situation is, how corrupt he is, how bad he is, how good he is. Whatever his situation is, how poor how rich no matter what his situation is, if he comes forth, then allows origin commands in the visa Lavalle you or send them to greet them and to tell them words of goodness and words of honor. What are these words Listen, listen to allows message to each and every single one of us allows origin he

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says for all tell them greet them with these words. Seller

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may be abundant Peace be upon you get the book omada enough secret that Allah has written and he has taken upon himself to be merciful. Allahu Akbar, my brothers and sisters in Islam. This is a lawyer's message to each and every single one of us that believes in his book. Each and every single one of us no matter what your situation is. Now, vsam Allahu alayhi wa sallam has been commanded by Allah to greet us with these words. How do we turn each other off from the mercy of a modern surgeon when this is a last message to each and every single one of us? old person Oh, you my brother and sister that has decided to turn to a large division one law he allows message first and foremost to

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you is set out what Aleykum may be abundant Peace be upon you catabolic buku. Man, NFC Obama, Allah wants you to know that he has mandated and obligated upon himself to the merciful law. And the reason the law says

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Kaaba law who get a fee for who is the who, in Mati several katavi that when I'm also panda who are Dinah finished creating the creation. He wrote in a book, and he started above the outage. And he wrote in this book, a few words, he wrote in no Mati subaqua, probably, that my mercy has overtaken my anger. My Mercy overrides my anger, Allahu Akbar. This is a last message towards all my brothers and sisters in Islam. This is why in the end, when Allah Xhosa described himself established upon the throne in seven, eight in the Quran, he said, Man and our shoe store that is the Most Merciful who has established Himself above the Throne. He didn't say any other name. He didn't say about

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another shoe store or disease on another shoe store. He used the name of his mercy, man, and how she stole so we can understand how huge a loss of a diet is Mercy's so far, so share this message to each and every single one of us is Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah nfca. Obama, we need to we need to give hope to each other my brothers and sisters in Islam, especially during this time, we need to give a message of hope to each other, and a message of how incredible Allah absorptions Mercy is and how vast it is and how wide it is. A lot of Zoysia This is what Maddie was gonna say. When a man described his mercy He himself in his own words, he said he has encompassed all things a lot about

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it has encompassed all things and there is a hadith

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about the Allah one who narrates and it is a full authentic hadith

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model on the use of a lot of money you ascend lemma below when minerals heavy and abuse Allahu alayhi wa sallam walked one day and he passed by a group of companions forever male Hakuna they were sitting in they were laughing with each other for an abuse of a mama let us send them with all seriousness, he looked at them. And he said to them, lo Darla Muna alum, lobectomy, kalila, whatever Keaton Cafiero, he said to them, if you know what I know, you would have laughed a little and you would have cried a lot and he walked off, obviously now so however the mood changed, hearing serious words from colossal alarm, Alejo send them the mood changed, from laughing now to being serious.

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So then, a lot about gibreel came to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said to him that Allah tells you, Lima

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to come up with a Daddy, why are you despairing My servants from my mercy? Why are you despairing them? So that was all a muscle alone while he was and then went back to the same companions. And he said to them, said they do what coreboot what? He gave them a message of hope and positivity. He said to them sentido sentido means follow my path, follow my guidance, what are the Boo, and do have the good deeds that you're able to do without burdening yourself? Because remember, Allah subhanho wa Taala, he loves the consistent deed, even if it was small, doesn't matter how small it is, as long as it's consistent. So he said to himself do work. While I'm sure, and glad tidings to you all.

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Congratulations to you all. In other words, he's saying if you're able to do these two things, follow my sooner follow my guidance, and do from the deeds in which you do not burden yourself to the point where you're not able to do anything after that. Then Believe me, let I guarantee you and I congratulate you all with the paradise Allahu Akbar, imagine this, he comes back to the companions to give them a message of hope, after he had given them a message that kind of is sort of despairing to them from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah Zoysia his message to all of us get about a book of Allah and FC of Rama. Now, now, what a last question, What does he want to tell us

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now in more specific words? How has he written the mercy upon himself? How does the How is it relevant to me? How can I relate to allows mercy allows origin now he says, and this is going to teach us how are we going to take advantage of a lot of soldiers mercy allows origin he says, a novel Manami lemming coup, ambition ambiga, fu metab, an embody that any single one of you, who has committed an evil deed, a bad deed, so I'm here, because of the mean at the end, it implies any any bad deed you can think of no matter how huge and big it is any major lead and major Bad,

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bad deed that we're thinking of. So anyone who commits a sin, any sin BGR hair latian out of ignorance, what does it mean to commit a sin out of ignorance.

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They said, anyone who commits a sin, knowingly purposely knowing it's a sin, then he has committed a sin out of ignorance, a law of unfortunates each and every single one of us. Because if you commit a sin, not knowing it's a sin, then you're not responsible for that. And you do not earn a sim because of that that's forgiven. But whoever commits a sin purposely knowing it's a sin, knowing that he is going to cross the boundaries of a law and commit that sin, that is a person that has committed a sin out of ignorance. What's the last message to such a person, for metabo mean that he, then he makes a Toba after the sin. He makes a Toba after the sin, heaven embody.

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What does it mean to make a Toba after the sin, and for him, Obama they said,

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after the same, the period would be all his life until his death. Any time you make a sin, so any time you make a Toba so long as it's before your death, then that is considered a repentance after the sin Allahu Akbar,

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about him a whole lot. He said, If a person wants to commit a sin, and then make it over, commit a sin and make it over commit a sin and make it over allows origin forgives him. And if a person wants to commit a sin, then a sin then a C and A C and A million sins and has never been a doba in between them at all, and makes one final tober before his death, a lot of social will also forgive him and will also accept his repentance for metabolome. But he then he makes a tober after the Civil War.

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And he reforms any In other words, he stoneware begins to manifest and it begins to appear on his body and in his heart and in his actions are slightly begins to reform. he commits better good deeds now he adheres to his solid he adheres to the commandments of a law. What's the conclusion of laws message? He says, For the whole of who I am him, then you better surely No, indeed, certainly. No doubt about it. A lot is awful. A lot of Zoysia is the old Forgiving, the most forgiving a lot about this is the name of a lawn, the old Forgiving, the most forgiving, Gani. In other words, you see this off the wall that we read that extension the wall, it means that a lot of forgives over and

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over and over again, a lot like about any different to mankind. If you harm me

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Or I harm do, you might forgive me once, maybe, if I harmed you twice. You don't even want to see me anymore. That's it. That's how human beings deal with each other. You don't want to hear of my name, it probably blocked my name, delete my name from your phone or whatever it is that people do today to each other when they wronged each other, however, last who had a hora de Allah, Allahu Akbar found over food, he is the most forgiving no matter how many times a person sins against the law, so unknowingly, so long as he makes it over Allah Xhosa will accept this over and over for him or him his most Merciful, the Most Merciful? Why are these two names always next to each other? Or who and

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why he said that you and I learned that when Allah forgives us, it's because of his mercy. out of his mercy. He forgives us subhanho wa Taala remember the beginning of the air, get the ball bucco man and I've seen that a lot as origin has written upon himself or has taken upon himself to be merciful, so proud a lot. This is the result that a lot of soldiers will forgive such people, my brothers and sisters in Islam, this is a last message to each and every single one of us. In whatever situation we are in no matter what time we live, no matter what crisis we're going through. This always remains a lost message to each and every single one of us. Come down with the idea of a

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law law in the area of a law, social especially this

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is like ice being poured on a burning heart support a lot. This is a lot of social message and it has been his message 1400 years ago. Can you imagine this? Until now Allah is merciful. Good as I told you before, that if one of us was to run each other, let's see did that finish that your relationship is done with him. But look at the mercy with a lot of solution before 1400 years ago and he hasn't given up a lot of Zoysia on his mercy and His forgiveness to his servants. Take advantage my brothers and sisters in Islam take advantage of a law's mercy. Take advantage of the name of a lot of food. No matter what crisis we're in.

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Whatever we are in we're living in this is allows mercy on the believer so that we wake up we wake up for our heedlessness and we take these out of a law serious I do not find an I cannot understand how a believer remains depressed, spiritually depressed. When there are errors like this in the Quran. To calm us down to come an entire nation down. We ask Allah Zoysia to forgive our sins. We ask him subhanho wa Taala to accept from us all. We ask him subhanho data to give us a deep insight in His Word and he's booked in medical either orally or something Allahu wa sallam Obama garland IV you know hammered while he was so happy. I mean