If RasululAllah saw you, Would he love you

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The transcript is a jumbled mix of unrelated statements and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. It touches on the importance of being seen as a special person in culture and the negative impact of social media on one's views of oneself. The history of Islam, including the implementation of Islam laws and the use of social media, is discussed, along with the success of Islam in America, including a successful Islam debye party and a successful Islam debye in a night in California. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a food drive in Charlotte, Alabama.

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long long long

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Cinderella in the hall and a stain on a stove

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when other men love him in short REM fusina When you say Dr. Molina Mayor de la Fela mobila When a huge lil fella heard you were shadow Allah. Allah, the whole luxury color Keller were shadowing Mohammed and added who are solo and that Yahoo subhanho wa Taala Vicki Tabby Hill, Kareem Yeah Are you ready?

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To call it well done

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menacing Wahida Wirkkala come in hers Oh Jaha well the same in humanity John. Kathy hello and he

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gonna be here

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nakivo Yeah, he hunted ina man who

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said Either you're sleek Lacuna Coil cool no no the cool one at

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Rasulullah Felco defesa foes and all the

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bad things the NASDAQ and Hadith Kitab Allah Okay, well had you had you Mohammed bin Salman, Allah, Allah, he was selling them. We're short on to her. We're calling them that in beta. We're calling that in. Aquila Bala.

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From Ahmedabad. My respected beloved brothers and sisters. Ask Allah azza wa jal to make us from the people who listen and apply. I mean

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Yeah. XID

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Laura Erica,

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So allah sallallahu alayhi wa Salam hubback were in the Connemara ETUC that occurred Kamala whether she will move between

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a statement from a teacher to his best student

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He's telling him

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all away as Eid.

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If Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would have seen you if he saw you, he would love you.

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And every time I see you, I remember when Allah subhanaw taala said in Surah Al hush where the Sherrill MK beteen and give the glad tidings to the McBee team and I will explain in sha Allah Who are the Maccabi team

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know for the testimony to be very valuable. You have to know who said it, right.

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Who gave this testimony to a rubbish bin Hussein, a tabby, right? Who gave him this testimony? It is his teacher.

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The famous the great Sahabi Abdullah bin Massoud.

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So this testimony came from a man that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said take the Quran from for learn the Quran from for people and Abdullah bin mustard was the first and if you want to learn the Quran properly in every aspect, Abdullah Mustafa is the one and he named three more.

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This testimony is coming from a man that Rasulullah Cicilline said his legs are heavier in the scale of the day of judgment than the mountain of jihad.

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This statement is coming from a man who's number six in Islam. The sixth person who took shahada Jani, he has lived with Rasulillah salam for 23 years, the whole that journey, so he knows what Rasulillah Salam loves and what He does not love. So his testimony is really amazing. Very valuable. And he's telling his students Arabiya. Yeah, it'll be here.

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For soloists I seldom have seen you he would love you.

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Now, the question that poses itself

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if even Mossad or any of the Sahaba saw me or you

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would they say if I saw loss, I seldom saw you he would love you

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if Ross was SLM saw me

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when he loved me

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when he loved the way I look, the way I talk, the way I walk, the way I carry myself, when he loved the way I pray. When he loved the way I treat my parents. Would He

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love the way I treat my spouse? Would He love the way I raise my children? Would he love my job? When he when he knows what I do for a living would he love my job?

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If as soon as I sell them would have seen me or you would he love us?

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would even Mr. Rude if he saw us would say Bashir in look between who are the MK beteen Allah subhanho wa Taala describe them in Surah Al hush bye by saying they are the ones a lady in Kerala who

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was Saudi Rena

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will move to his Salah when he

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was up to know whom you're on. That's why, if you look at the translation of the mark button, it says the humble ones Wallah he has nothing to do it is of course they are humble, but the meaning that is coming after in the sweat lodge Subhanallah who are the man between the ones who are patient, when they are hit by any calamity?

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And they are our first they are the ones whom then when the name of Allah has mentioned their hearts tremble. They are patient in any calamity and they established solid and they spend from whatever Allah subhanaw taala has given them. Yeah, Allah asked you the best of your names to make us all from them between adding new DUA to your list. Allahumma Jana Amina will be 18 by the way this name is the only placement in the Quran in surah Al MK between

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now this is like the amount of Adobe has increased. If Ross was SLM saw him he would love him and even Massoud when he sees him he remember all these curves

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rustics Who is this man?

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What did this man used to do in order to gain this is a huge honor to be here is it Tabby a he is one of them that have been and Arabiya

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Subhanallah he used to have

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a grave engrave dug in his living room

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maybe He covered it with a carpet or something, but there's a grave and every time a rabbit feels any hardness in his heart, he goes down to the grave. And he sits there for a few minutes and he feels that the horror of the grave and then he says Rob barigye own literally never saw the hand female. Ya Allah he recites the A ya Allah bring me back. Ya Allah bring me back so I can do good. Robbie is saying that.

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And then he says

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he gets out from the grave, robbing your back, start doing good. Allah, Allah

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wa salatu salam told the chef one a key room in decree Hanuman love that constantly. When was the last time you reminded yourself yaki that you might be leaving any second. And even though we are seeing every single week three, four Jeunesses. And still we are heedless about the akhira Ross was excellent at x zero abundantly a lot of time. Remember death is coming year one, there's no discrimination. It's coming Don't be fooled by your age or by your health or by your wealth. Death is coming and we have to be ready or be at

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one time he went to visit his teacher even more so than he used to frequent frequently visit him

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so the Jerry opened the door

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and she went to

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him so he told her who's by the door she said your blind friend

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so he was all said I don't have any blind friends.

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The Jerry I thought that he was blind because he's constantly lowering his gaze when he sees women

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do you do the same my brother

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he lowered his gaze he applied today Yeah. Nina, your hood booming up sorry, him lowering your gaze now.

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With the social media and the YouTube and all that Allahu Akbar, our gaze as widespread

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we became so numb to the Haram that

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you know, half dressed people is not a big deal anymore.

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She thought he was blind.

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If you take this formula, please my brother, take this formula, you do not want or if you do not want anyone looking at your wife, your daughter, your sister, your mother, do not look at other people's wife, daughter, sister or mother. As simple as that. So the more you

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apply the rules of Allah, Allah Who will protect you. Allah told us to lower your gaze, we lower our gaze, Allah will protect our woman from being gazed upon.

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a man who named the Abrahamic Tamimi, Rahim Allah He said, her destiny man, Saudi Arabia, Shireen, Asana, Santa Maria Samia Minh, who came to AB I was told by someone who accompany that Arabia for 20 years. He never never heard any word coming out of him that is ill or that is bad. Others even 20 years.

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Sit in our gathering for 20 minutes.

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We start by this brother. The sister got divorced. Yeah, it's her reason she is not good. And we start one by one. And some of us have one, please, please be careful. We seek other people's fault to rejoice. I get very happy when the guy is demoted.

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When his son fails, and my son passed

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and we backbite sometimes without even feeling it without even feeling it. Have you ever heard somebody backbiting when they're alone?

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Because backbiting requires somebody else? Yes. In these days with the social media, you can back bite and by texting.

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Did you see this? Did you hear this? The

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You see what he just did you start texting and just it's a big deal. If I see him I can tell him in his face. Yeah. Did you tell him in his face what kind of excuses that you already fell in the crime

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when someone comes to visit him, they knocked the door. If he's reading the Quran, he immediately hides it. He doesn't want anybody to see him read the Quran

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everything we do is in social media. Everything

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I'm giving this brother $10 his need

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make dua for me.

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Me and Acaba, I'm going on right now.

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You need anything?

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Everything's on social media. My question to myself until you have a said era really reached a point. Do you have something that no one knows about? Except Allah?

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Really ask yourself? Do you have Amad when I'm in that no one not even my wife not even my children not even my parents. No one knows about except him.

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became very rare.

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colocado has a lot of stuff you know what a fool right?

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Some Allahu wa salatu salam ala mon learn via bad

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for Salah cisilion So you we would love you love it. I would love someone to say this to me. And I'm sure Same to you.

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Robin. One time, he had a brand new horse and he found out that someone stole his horse. So the people came and informed him some someone stole your horse make dua against them.

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So we raised his hand and he said, Yeah, Allah in Canada have an Ian for her day. We're in Canada faqeer on

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Ya Allah. If he is rich Gaiden something wrong. And if he's poor,

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Allah make him rich. Love.

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What happens if you leave right now? And you found out that your shoes is not here?

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Somebody took your shoes from the masjid

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in LA or in a garage on the board has to meet. You have to find out what you're going to do with your shoes. Everybody would know that you lost your shoes.

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They took his horse and they stole your Mercedes

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Subhan Allah the lucky one. This is the only way we will get really elevated in our deen is by improving our o'clock. There are so many so many stories about Arabia. I will mention one more inshallah. One time, he told his wife I've been craving stew for 40 days.

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And I've been fighting my desire. Can you please cook it for me? So the fire the wife was so excited because he never asked for anything. So she went she got the best meat and she cooked it for him. And as he is about to eat a very old, extremely poor man knocked at the door. He has not eaten in three days. So he did not give him the food. He sat him down and he fed him all his food. So the wife said he does not really care. You could have given him any food.

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He could have been satisfied by any food. He doesn't really care about that. Especially meat I made for you. He does not even know

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what the drug BSA

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Allah knows.

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Allah knows what I did.

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we have to train ourselves Jaquan that our goal become Allah knows. They saw me they did not see me they saw me raise my hand and fundraising they

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Allah knows that's all I cared about. And that's all that matters.

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All these people are going to run away on the Day of Judgment. No one's gonna care.

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Allah subhana wa Tada if he knows Alhamdulillah and Allah is the own knowing. When I go down to the grave.

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I will not take anything with me, except these good Amel that were sincerely done for the sake of Allah. May Allah make us from the people whom Rasul Allah say salaam loves. And may Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds our destinies Allama fildena The Nova Nova Salafi Emelina with a bit tuck them in Ensenada calm and Catherine Allama FECKNER Lima to Hibou turbo, Allah ma fitna, Lima Taheebo, or Turbo Robina hablan I mean, as far as you know, whether we get in a car with a little cleaner Imam Aloha Maya El Hamra. I mean attina for dunya Hassan, Hassan walk in there ever now Robina that was a clue about that you will have learned a lot from Kurama in cantilever hub was all

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Allah and Muhammad Ali Hill. So I hope you enjoy

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Long work run long like a sandwich

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or a shadow and Mohamed Anwar assume,

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hanging on Aslan aunty hanging out

00:20:26--> 00:20:33

all day all night in Solana to call the Obama to Salah law hawkbill

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Isla hi you

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hola hola como

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Alhamdulillah here have been with me in

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your rocking Maliki omy Deen II can oh boy he kind of styrene

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is you know sit on top of stuffing Sirata levena and lead him or you will now do reality him while on screen earning

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we'll also be in Santa Fe who's in the in

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whatever some will be happy whatever so this

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alone hola

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semi Hola halimun Hamidah

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Umlauf recommen welcome

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hola hola

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hola hola

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hola my Corrado

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Alison Dooley. Here have been LME in

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your rocking Maliki oh me Dean II can Anbu doin he kind of studying it you know swim all totally mystifying set auto levena and lay him all you really do

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go on clean I mean

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call who Allah

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Allahu sama let me lead me on well a miracle who phone

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send me Allahu Lehmann Haneda

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Allah icon

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Allah Hi Quran

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hola hola como

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Center Online equal to Law

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Center la kumara Nettuno

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stuffed with lost

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snow lovers please remain seated to Euro comes in Charlotte Allah. And if you'd like to do something nobody knows about except Allah. We are having Subhan Allah for $60 $60 will feed the family of five for the whole month of Ramadan. So as you're sitting waiting for your turn, go to your bank account, Xcel food Ramadan food drive at Epic Masjid that org Ramadan food drive at Epic Masjid that org $60 which we spend one day for our family. This will feed a family of five for the whole month of Ramadan for our Syrian refugees in Beirut. Please pick as many families as you can Zachman like Arabic Allah pico we started the first Ronchamp.

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Lucky enough

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to say some of codewarrior settings and Allah hamdulillah Allah illallah La