This is how sensitive relationship between Muslims should be

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seek forgiveness from people that you have mistreated. We're not allowed to mistreat others. We're not allowed to curse others we're not allowed to backbite and slander and hurt the feelings of others with the fear of loss origin in that journey, you know, like I read a hobby the other day and I made a small reflection on it. You probably are all familiar with the hub even when the diesel alarm while he was alive. He says that if you were to eat garlic or onion, do not come to our Masjid. Don't come to the masjid. So the ruling is if you were to eat garlic or onion row, do not come to the masjid. Why? And maybe some Allahu Allah you send them he says, because the angels are

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annoyed by that which irritates mankind. So in other words, if you eat raw garlic, don't go to the masjid, because you will hurt your brother, that is next to you praying beside you, you will hurt him with your smell with your breath. If you find that allowed to hurt my brother, with breath that comes out of my mouth, then how do people carry on in hurting people a lifetime with words they speak to them, or action they do against them, or oppression, or physical harm and verbal abuse and so on. So we need to fear a loss or shall if I'm not allowed to hurt my brother with my breath. He might be hurt for a few seconds after the Select it's gone. And how then do people hurt people for a

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lifetime with words the same physical actions they do against them. And we need to be this is extra sensitive. This hobby is teaching us how sensitive relationship between believers is supposed to be just a breath from my mouth this much I can't harm my Muslim brother and sister. We need the fear alone. Everyone that has harmed someone rush in these 10 days to rectify those issues. To fix those problems between you and your brothers and sisters, to seek forgiveness, no matter how sour the relationship has been. A Muslim is a Muslim at the end of the day, we're all on the same team. We're all on the same side. We all want the paradise we all want. And we better we should be wanting

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paradise for each other. Because no one is a true believer until he loves what his brother what he loves for himself. So we need to deal with these issues and don't shy away from them don't turn away from them. And why am I mentioning this and emphasizing on it. Because if there are days in which you want to reconcile with people, these are the best days to reconcile. These are the best things to reconcile with a law to reconcile with people have won over a year with dunia the best days. These are the most beloved days. You know, especially reconciling your relationship with a lot of social. And then with the people this is as important. You don't have a lot that this is something

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we're supposed to stress upon and emphasize and do them in these 10 days.