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Abu Abdissalam
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the difference between hazard and envy in Islam, including the disease of envy which can lead to negative behavior and negative emotions. It also explains how envy causes people to become angry and violence, and how it can affect their intention and behavior. The segment provides examples of how people get envied of others due to factors like fear, social life, and lack of knowledge, and how these causes can affect one's behavior.
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Narita, jabil even our tip, the prophet may Allah peace and blessings be upon him said, there is jealousy which Allah loves and jealousy which Allah hates. that which Allah loves is jealousy regarding a matter of doubt, and that which Allah hates his jealousy regarding something which is not doubtful. There is pride which Allah hates, and pride which Allah loves. that which Allah loves his immense pride, when fighting and when giving sadaqa and that which Allah hates his pride shown by oppression, the narrator Moosa said, by boasting

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AsSalamu Alaikum and welcome to another episode of purification of the soul.

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In the last episode, we spoke about NEMA or tell caring, and we've spoken so far, about a number of the diseases of the soul and heart about which it is obligatory for Muslims to remove or to control some of these these diseases from one's from from oneself. Now, the next disease that we're going to look at is something called hazard or envy. And this is a severe disease, and it can have devastating effects on individuals and societies. It is manifest when one desires that another person loses a blessing that he has. And this could be something tangible or intangible. So for example, a person may have a nice house in a nice job, nice children a car. But when somebody else

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desires that one of these blessings be removed from that person. This is called hazard. This is called envy in Islam. Likewise, one can have hazard of another's knowledge or status, if he desires that the latter loses any of these blessings. This leads us to another point, what is the difference between hazard or envy and hepta?

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Alcohol? That's a very good answer. I love animal learners best. In fact, that's a very praiseworthy thing to say Imam Malik, the great scholar of Medina, a person came to him and asked him so many questions, so many questions, and a huge percentage of them. Mr. Malik said, the same thing that you said to love Allah Island, Allah knows best, Allah knows best. And this is the quality of a believer that when he doesn't know something, he he says, Allah, Allah, Allah knows best. And that's good to hear that people still use this statement.

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The difference between the visitor is that if and has said is that if a person merely desires similar blessings for himself, without hoping that the person who has them loses them, then this is not hazard. This is known as a factor. So the essence of hazard is to desire that someone loses a blessing that he has. So we understand the difference between a hidden hazard hazard or envy is not just jealousy, but it means is envy is about when you desire that somebody else loses a benefit loses a blessing that a Lost Planet Allah has given him as for HIPAA. HIPAA is simply designing something similar, not the same thing. So if somebody for example, he has a nice car, one can desire

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another similar car to that or even a better car, there's no problem in this.

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But when one desires, that same car, this is called hazard and V or if one desires that that person loses, this car, loses this person, this is called has said in Islam. Now, the disease of envy is a cancer and it can have some very powerful and evil effects on a person and in fact, on the whole of society. It is condemned in many Hadith, Abu huraira the Allahu anhu said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that he

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V or hassard, eats away good deeds, like fire eats away firewood. And this is because envy can lead to hatred, to animosity ill feeling it can cause further disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala. And we can take some examples of envy, to see the detrimental effect that it has on a person and on society. I think an excellent example is that in a classroom, maybe there's a student who's very, very smart, Mashallah, he's been excellent in his academic studies. And there might be another pupil, who thinks he, you know, has envy of his intellect. He starts to wish, I wish he didn't have the intellect instead, I wish I had. Yeah, so he can say if it's okay for him to say, I wish I had

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that as well, some something similar to that. I wish I was doing just as well as this person. But what is the thing that's prohibited in envy,

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that he wishes that that person is loses this lesson? Let's have another example.

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Again, in the workplace, I think, because someone might see another employer employee. And,

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you know, he, because because he's quite clever, you know, intelligent, you know, he gets promoted, he gets hired in a better position, but he may not be clever, intelligent, but still gets promoted. So person says, Why is he getting promoted? Why am I not getting promoted? And he wishes that that person loses that blessing. Yeah, another example. And in football, yeah. When two players in same position, one of them is regular ends as a substitute, as a substitute player wishes that as a player form would be,

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get close and loses this techniques. And as, and that's contrary to what you're supposed to desire, you're supposed to design your members play well, so that you can actually score the goals. And and this is how envy actually changes a person's intention, his he harbors ill feeling, and so on and so forth. And we can cause further disobedience of a Lost Planet Allah. And it did this in the first sin committed in the heavens, as well as the first sin that was committed on the earth. What was the first sin that was committed in the heavens? For us? It was the envy shaitan was saying, Why should I frustrate? Yes, the story of a belief and what was the first sin create committed on earth? Was it

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the murder, the murder brother, murder of habit and COVID? habit kaabil murder habit? Why?

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He's envious because he's a police. We'll go to the first story. It believes he was a jinn. Allah says what kind of intelligent he used to be of the jinn. And he used to be in the company of the angels, because of his high status and abundance of worship. In other words, he was a pious person,

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a pious Jin. However, he was envious of Adam and a Serato. Slam, because the latter had been made the successor on the earth instead of abolished and this led him to be arrogant, and he consequently refused to obey to obey Allah's command to Prostrate to Adam. So first of all, we have the envy. This led to him being arrogant, it also led to him being racist, and Hiraman, I am better than him, collector who collected me not him, but collector when you created me from fire, and you created him from clay. So again, all these sins one by one by one, envy,

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and then arrogance, and then racism, and then he refused to prostrate all of these in and I'm sure if we looked at the episode more and more in more detail, then we find many, many more since the obliques actually committed, all because of his envy. So in the end, he refused to Prostrate to Adam. After his sin, He refused to seek forgiveness. And instead, he argued that he was actually better than Adam Adam was created from clay while he was created from fire. So envy can cause a domino effect. And it can lead to many other dangerous since it can cause rift between brothers as it did with the two sons of Adam alayhis Salatu, salam, Habib and copied now Adam and Hawa they were

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given children in pairs. They were given children in pairs, Tu Tu, Tu, Tu, and so on and so forth. And in their law in their Sharia, the male from one twin would marry the female of another twin from another couple. So you'd have one boy, one girl, and you'd have another boy and another girl together, but each, the boy from this twin must marry the girl from this one. He can't marry the girl from his own twin, and likewise vice versa.

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Now how bill was therefore to marry the two

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When of Gabi, the twin sister of copy, and copy was supposed to marry his copy once it was supposed to marry the twin of habit. However, Gabi wanted to marry his own twin, his own twin sister, who he said, was more beautiful than Hobbes twin. So this led to him being jealous, envious.

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They went to Adam and he sort of slumped arbitrary between them. And Adam told him told them to each sacrifice something to Allah subhanaw taala. And the one who sacrifice was accepted, would marry carbines twin sister, and so they were going to Las panatela. Since two arbitrary How did they know that the sacrifice was accepted, Allah would send a fire. And this was what happened regularly with the prophets of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala would send a fire, and that fire would take the sacrifice of the one who sacrificed was accepted.

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So the sacrifice of Hubble was accepted. And this enraged, copied further is envy knew no bounds. And then he struck Hubble and killed him. And Hubble one qabil told him, I'm gonna kill you how they said, Well, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna raise my hand against you, I'm not going to kill you. Okay, I feel a lot. And I want to take your sins because he knew I want to take I want to give you my sins, and I will take your good deeds, because these are transgressed against him.

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So Hubby,

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was killed by corbeil because of this envy, and then he went away, and he became a fire worshipper. He actually became a fire worshipper in some of the missions.

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So we can see how evil and dangerous the sin of envy is, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, Do not be envious of one another, do not cut ties with one another, do not hate one another, and do not turn away from one another, oh worshippers of Allah be brothers. So we can see how evil this disease of envy is, and how it leads from one scene to another to another to another, and how it leads to a person disobeying a lot more and more. From these two examples that we've mentioned. After the break, inshallah we'll have a look, we'll touch more on this point.

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And people need each other's needs colors, more than they need to drink.

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And it's because even regarding what we drink and eat, we may not be able to figure out which is permissible, and which

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is not preserved. In the books only. Let's see, your Prophet Mohammed Al Salam is not preserved in the books, but on the heart and the hearts of men, and the hearts of people who have devoted their time to seeking

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relief and trust

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that none could take place. without the knowledge.

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Welcome back. Before the break, we were looking at envy. What is the definition of hazard or envy in Islam? Muhammad?

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It's when a person he wishes he had the same object or quality of a person for himself. And he wishes that the person loses it. Yes. And this is the crux what is the crux of envy,

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that you wish, wish for something, someone else has said that he is deprived of it, you wish that he loses the blessing, this is the key factor. The crux is not that you wish it for yourself, because that is included in the crypto as well. And we said not all types of kryptos Hold on. But we said that envy the crux of envy is to wish that somebody else loses a blessing that Allah subhanaw taala gave that person has had some more examples of of envy real life situations where perhaps envy has caused a person to do something horrible, you know, and a poor person, which is that God removes as a blessing of money from rich one so that they can have have this blessing for him. Yeah, yeah,

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That you can say, as a Christmas mafia painter, is very good with his hands, if we paint excellent pictures and images, and there might be another painter who's not so not so adept at what he does. So he may be intuition. And I wish that person didn't have that too. So I can become better. Yeah, that's actually one of the reasons why people have envy is because and we'll see this later, inshallah we'll see how a person he gets envious, because he wants other people to praise him. And so he wishes that the other person, he doesn't have those, those blessings have

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the blessings of of talent, for example, and that's something intangible, and something intangible, but a person can be envious of that. Glen Ross, and his examples that you hear of that,

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you know, a person is jealous of another person who's rich, who's got a beautiful wife or something like that. So you know, who got to extreme measures as to even know killing such a person, so that he can marry his wife take his wealth, etc. very pertinent topic. Yeah, I'm sure we've had on that, as well.

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The prophesize lm said, that the thing I fear most for my nation, is that there comes to be an abundance of wealth among them. And this leads them to be envious of one another and to fight one another. So you can see that very clearly mentioned that.

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In the end, the province hasn't said this is a thing that I fear most for my own. One of the things that he fears most for his own, because this leads on to other things exactly like killing, as he said,

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in reality, when a person is envious of another, and wishes that the latter be removed of a blessing, that he's actually doubting the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala. He's actually questioning his decision, because ultimately, is Allah Spano, tala, who decided which favors to give which people and that's why a poet once said, Oh, you who envies the blessing that I have to you know, whom you have wronged. You have wronged Allah for his decision, by not being pleased with the gift he gave. And this is the essence of envy when a person says that actually, I wish that person didn't get this blessing. What is he saying is in reality, what he's saying is I'm not happy with the will

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of Allah are not happy with the dishes decision of Allah, Allah is the one who blessed because what is a Namah Namah blessing is something that Allah bestows upon a person. This is what the word Nima means in Arabic. When somebody says you have an AMA, or I have an AMA, it means Allah has bestowed this blessing on this individual. So when someone wishes that another person loses a nehama, or blessing, that in reality, he's wishing that a Lost Planet, Allah didn't give him that he's questioning the action of a lost pinata. And this is why it's so deep, so disgusting, a sin. So what are the causes of envy, the causes of envy are many, the first and foremost is enemy enmity and

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hatred. And this is one of the severest causes of envy. Because when a person has hatred and enmity in his heart, for someone, that animosity begins to settle in his heart, and this animosity needs to be treated, and it causes the person to desire revenge. If he's unable to get some kind of revenge to reduce this animosity, then actually, what happens is this animosity turns into envy. The person yearns for his enemy to lose any blessings that he has, every time his enemy is blessed, and he has about it, then his anger increases, his blood boils, he gets enraged, and every time this enemy is faced with any kind of misfortune, he gets happy, he gets contempt. And this is one of the primary

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reasons for envy. Let's have a look at some of the statements of people on the street. It's when a person hates good things to happen to others, and he only wants them to happen to him. Of course, the first person was shaitan, when he was MPs from Adam, because he got all the respect from from God and angels. And he felt that he was a better creature because he was created from fire and Adam was created from clay. So he was MBs. Because of that fact, he thought he was better than Adam, I think is the first one to be interesting to Earth. his two sons of the Prophet Adam pibil. And Habib, when winter wear and fight it each one Now, one of the two sons was trying to

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to get the wife of his mother because she has so much beautiful so. So however, the situation escalated and one of them killed killed his brother for, for the beauty of the of his wife of his brother, while some of the causes could be from fear or fear of failure.

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failure if a person feels like he's a failure, you could envy someone. And when someone usually compares himself to someone else, someone in specific, that causes envy as well, where people can envy for many reasons, some of these reasons that you might have more money.

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Or you might have better social life, other things, people may envy you, because of no reason. It might be hatred inside of them, some very relevant examples. Given the

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we're talking about the causes of envy, the causes of envy, what is the first cause of envy, hatred, perhaps the most dangerous cause hatred, hatred, animosity, and this leads to

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person hating that another person gets any kind of blessing, greed, greed, sometimes greed, it leads to greed as well. But in this example of this cause, the person hates the other person so much that he cannot stand. When Allah gives him a blessing. He can't stand it. This is my enemy wise Allah giving him a blessing. Okay, so it's not necessarily greed in this particular cause. Okay, and there are a number of causes this the first cause, because it can you see this dissatisfaction, dissatisfaction with a Lost Planet Allah decree, if you like innocence, yeah. The second cause of envy is low self esteem. And this is to feel that feel that one significance is compromised, when

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someone else has attained something, and to find difficulty in watching someone overtake him. So whatever someone else has given knowledge, or wealth, for example, that person gets an inferiority complex. And this leads him to desire that blessing, that that blessing is removed from the other person and that is envy. Okay, so this is different from the first cause. The first cause is, is enmity and animosity towards a person is envy. But here, this is low self esteem, he feels that my my something of mine will be compromised, okay, I have low self esteem, something will be compromised, when I see other people overtaking me. And therefore anyone, it goes to anyone who gets

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any kind of blessing that is going to compromise my myself. And this is a cause of envy. The third cause of envy is pride and arrogance. And this is when a person sees another advancing ahead of him. And he thinks that the other person is not worthy of this person. is not it's not about himself. Now. It's not like the previous cause. It was about himself. He thought that somebody's going to overtake him. But now there's the other way around. He's proud, he's haughty. He's arrogant. So he fears that the other person by overtaking him he says he's not worthy of it. The best example for this as a police. Exactly Emily's wise, Adam Elisa latos law, I'm not why was he given the

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successorship on the earth? Yes, that's a very good example. So he thinks that the other person is not worthy of this blessing. And he is proud and he thinks himself better than the other and he wishes that the blessing is removed from the other. And this was, as you said, this was a case of a place and also this was the case of the disbelievers of koresh, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Allah says, and they say he's reporting from disbelievers. Of course, why was this Quran not sent down to a leading man in either of the two cities, they could not accept the fact that a young orphan man, the prophet, Mohammed Salah license, he was given revelation, even though

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he was not achieved from one of the two major cities of Macau or Taiwan? How could they possibly obey such a person? So they were jealous, they were envious out of their pride and arrogance. The fourth cause of envy is that a person is astonished. He's amazed. And this is when people are amazed and astonished that others are distinguished from them. How can someone lower or equal to them receive a blessing that they do not have? And this was the case of some of the nations before us to whom the prophets were sent from among themselves. So they said should we believe in two men like us, like in sort of Milan, and also some of them said, If you obey a human being just like yourself,

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then you will certainly have the losers again, in sort of. So again, this is another reason why person fairs has envy. The fifth reason of envy is that a person fears losing his own aims. And this usually is the case when a number of people seek a common goal. So in that situation, each party's envious of another when the other party is blessed with something with rescue something that helps to achieve the common goal. And we can see this in sibling rivalry. Okay when siblings compete with one another, for their parents love and attention when co wives can compete with one another to win the

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Part of the husband, when the students have a teacher vi to get a higher status in the eyes of their teacher, since the rival gained something for the common purpose, the siblings, the CO wives and the fellow students, they all get jealous. They get envious as they see this as compromising their own code. So this is another reason for envy and we've mentioned this in some of the examples that we took before. inshallah in the next episode, we'll have a recap on these causes of envy. And we'll look at some more examples about this was Southern La Silla. mubaraka, Allah Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was at pH minus saramonic.

Episode 11/26: Envy

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