Lack of Internal Hijab

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Excerpt from the lecture entitled “What Ruins Marriage”


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The speaker discusses the issue of women losing their respect in society and losing their honesty. They explain that women are seen as the "winners" in society, but the "winners" in their heart and their appearance are the "winners." They also mention that women are seen as the "winners" in their bodies, but their appearance is the "winners."

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Number one, how do the wives ruin their marriage?

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As far as the wife's list is concerned? Number one, forget to put on your internet. Okay, internal hijab or higher or modesty. That is the true garment of piety. What do we mean by this? A woman or a wife, Masha Allah from the outside, she is wearing full hijab, Mashallah. But there's one problem. It ends up being only a show or a decoration for society. They see the pious woman, they see the religious woman, but inside of her, there is problems. There's problems with her character. There's problems with her attitude, there's problems with her heart. How do you know this? When she speaks?

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everyone hears, she may be rude, she may be unjust, she may lie, she may speak about people, etc. She may gossip whatever the case is. So what happens here is the modesty that she should have in her heart is not there. What does this have to do with the husband? Can you imagine

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that you have a wife, and that she is beautiful in every way, in her cot in her in her dress, in Egypt, everything about her, she is covered very, very well. But as soon as she reaches home,

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and becomes what WWF right? It becomes a match. It becomes confrontation, it becomes argument, she raises her voice into such a manner where no one will know no one will ever ever comprehend or think that this sister would be like this. She has lost all her modesty in her heart.

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What happens to a person who loses modesty in their heart loses higher loses sign shyness, you know, what's the ultimate destination for a person like this? Their their destination, or their destiny in society, they will never Mark my words, they will not accept it in society. Meaning no matter where this person goes, they will always be the talk of the town. People will always recognize them as you know, that's the brother or that's the sister that can't stop talking. Or that's the sister that says listen, that's the person with a loud voice that everybody will have something to label her or him as.

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So this is the number one point that we mentioned from the sisters. End