Mohammed Hijab – Who Are the Enemies of Islam

Mohammed Hijab
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Which brings me to another interesting point.

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You also had a conversation about using anger during your debates right with other people. And you made the self criticism that you felt that in the beginning, during the debates, you might have been too mild, too soft to the opponents, and that you switched up your style. Right? So what was the observation that you made in doing that? Because I think a lot of studying, studying

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Muslims during the beta etc can fall into the same, the same trap? Yes. What was the observation there? I think this is actually a matter of creed.

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And I know it sounds a little bit

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maybe unusual, but there are some people you need to be angry about and hate for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Like a lost Paradise is no crying, lethargy, too common, you know, nobody will Yamuna for you. I don't ever had a lot of solar, you know, we'll all can wherever

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naumov went home, I shut down. You know, you will not find the people that believe in Allah and His messenger. I saw on the last day, who you were doing a man had the LAO rasulillah they're showing love to those who show opposition to Allah and His Messenger, even if they were their fathers and their their brothers and the extended families asherah

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why would you not find that because it's not possible. And this is a very important distinction. Yeah. A lot of people ask them question Why? Why are we like that with David Wood trying to humiliate him? You know, I haven't mentioned. Like, I have an objective to humiliate David Wood. And the reason why is because he was men had the lasala he was a person who, who was not a he was not a person who's just a disbeliever

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a disbeliever. Even if they vocalize their disbelief, you don't have any reason to be horrible to them or to speak badly to them. But if they are into the field of gratuitous insult, mockery, and trying to attack you through your sacred items and religion, then I believe those individuals need to be opposed, you know, with harshness, I don't think it is even islamically legitimate to be kind with those. I think it's hard to be kind to the individuals that's my my belief system. If someone has on the record, and they have been

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they've been mocking of the sort of lifestyle and they've been attacking, you know, Islam and the Muslims and you're nice to them. That is that's how I'm to be like that, in my opinion. Because the Quran says lead you to come you know, to be like, you had to have a handle on solar.

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So, if there's three criteria here, if the people are not trying to kill you, like Allah says, you know, Lion Hakuna lion and lamb you hottie Lu confit Dini, they don't try and kill you for your religion Well, I'm you're free to come in dare come yet and they don't try and kick kick you out of your homes. And number three, they don't try and

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oppose a lot is messenger, then we can be if you don't do these three things to me, then we can have a nice conversation, and I have no reason to be disrespectful to you. Then you have then you the default position is that I'm going to be respectful to you. But if you have set something up from Amazon on the record, or if you have done something rude or have attacked the Muslims on the record, then expect from me expect the harshness do not expect kindness and kindness is you know, will lead to God to anarchy tab in liability Hey Allison Illallah Xena Vala momentum the Quran says do not do judo with Al Khattab do not argue with Al Khattab except with that which is better,

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except for the ones who have done volume of them. So in other words, I think it was a mistake. It's not a mistake. Some guys made this mistake. They make the mistake thinking that I have to be kind in all cases and they do is to lead with the with the hadith of Asia tanto de la Juan anhand Buhari

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McKenna difficulty Shay in Illa, Zanna Well, my Lucy rfcomm Shane Illa Shana, that Allah the that the prophets of Salaam said that the Rift, the goodness wasn't in anything except that it made it beautiful, and it wasn't taken away from anything. Except I made it beautiful. Yeah, that's true as that is we accept that. We accept also. Yeah, we accept also that our responses should be proportionate, because in the beginning of the Hadith, those Jews such as the masters or a semi local may def be upon you. And she went further This is that he said, Look, don't say this, just say while I say and you as well, you know, be proportionate. Don't be too much, right? Even if someone

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who's, you know, whatever, like you know,

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but at the same time, don't show love to an enemy. That's a big mistake people make. If someone has made an enemy out of you, and you show them love, that's ignorance. And that's weakness. It's not courteous. It's not nice. It's not ability.

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Islam wouldn't be terrible if it was not even it's actually not. It's not halal. It's no good it's haram and Allah has harsh words to say about people that do that. And unfortunately we need to make the disclaimer we're not talking about physical attacking them or Oh of course not. Right right justified discussion, we need to add the disclaimer

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