Abu Abdissalam – Hajj 2021 LIVE #06 – Muzdalifah

Abu Abdissalam
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the upcoming evening plans for hedges in the evening, including a group awards ceremony and a National Forum in honor of the upcoming Easter weekend. They also mention the upcoming return of hedges to the area and the possibility of a dressing party. The speaker is joined by other members of the group, including a woman named JACK Malabo Faden.
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reflux and Delilah mean, well, early he was softer here. Mine is set on la cumbre la he was about a cattle who I'm your brother but I decided I'm speaking to live from moose Delica

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so we left out of

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life that's the question. thing. I have some connection issues.

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Can you guys see me?

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Okay, I think it's life.

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Okay. Somebody laughs So I'm in was Jennifer. I'm trying to keep my voice down because there are

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lots of people here we're quite close to each other kundala there is some social distancing happening though. And yeah, so we are in Delhi for now. We were in honor of

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up until my prep time. And then after my trip.

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We didn't pray more. In order for we came to Delhi far as the son of the prophet SAW Selim. And then we came from two Muslim we prayed morphotype and Asia together at the time of Asia, as well as the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So the the idea is to stay the night here in Metallica. You can see no tents here for the men. And the ladies do have some sense in our area. But there's no tents here for the men. And what shall I say really nice, cloudy day. Very cool, beautiful weather. There's a really lovely breeze as well. There are lots of people here we are just simply

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just resting now because tomorrow is going to be a big day in sha Allah. Where which is Yamanaka of the day of Leeds and

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we have chef Ross

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Ross enjoying your hardship with Ross

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law Mashallah. So, yeah, so tomorrow is yamana which is the day of April.

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So tomorrow inshallah, the idea is to do a number of things from among them is to stone the jamala to LA Cava which is the large jamara and also in sha Allah to shave our head and those who are doing or trim your hair as well. Which is probably what I'll be doing in Sharla.

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And then, also, we will, what we'll do, we'll do throw off inshallah hopefully do toe off and say, which can be done after as well but I'm kind of hoping that we're allowed to do it tomorrow, inshallah.

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What else is there and those who are sacrificing them they also sacrifice tomorrow. So the Sunnah is to stay here until summer to find your den stand up MiG tau

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in Bahasa,

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which is a National Forum.

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So you may go out there for a while as the promises and did and then carry on towards Mina to straight to the Jamaat or to Aqaba. However, the prophets are seldom some of the Sahaba said he was asked about, you know, tough to deal with hate to change the order around and stuff, many, many of the Sahaba they asked him when he was doing the hedge, you know, you're also like I did this.

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So the connection is back.

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I think the connection is back in sha Allah anyway, so I was just saying that the Sahaba were asking the prophets I sell them you know, the I did this first or I did that first and the prophets I said, if I'm gonna do it, and there's no problem in the order. Okay, so basically that's, so regardless, inshallah we'll be following the group leaders advice, and just going with the group in sha Allah.

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It's a really, really, like, it's there's an amazing breeze here in Missouri. It's phenomenal.

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I think this is the

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it's the coolest over the last few years anyway right? Certainly for the last few years have had of course last year we didn't do much but even the few years before that, I remember got really hot this year emotionalize cloudy even alpha wasn't that hot? A little bit hot

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during the day my phone switched off a few times those of you who are watching

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in the middle of the recording the phone actually switched off

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then when

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we must have Mashallah second units

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aged the Brotherhood who's from Egypt he came he lives in Judah

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careful hajima

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and you speak English.

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Speaking there's no need for translation. Under the Hajj is good. This has been amazing. Wonderful. Yeah, it's been it's been really

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emotional like it is. It is the best year you don't have to before

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my first time but first time everyone he made before said yeah, it is because there's only 60,000 people big net

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good coordination. Governor shalya Tony an amazing job this year.

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The what's amazing about hedges you you meet lots of different people from all over the world. Normally, even this year, there are people from around the world but they are low. They're locals in the sense that they live in this country. Because obviously, because of the whole pandemic. There was no permits given to people outside

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of the locals as far as I understand it. Welcome to Allah. May Allah Spano tala open hush for everybody. Next year, we ask our las panatela to give you all the opportunity to perform hajj

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and then last minute I'll accept our Hydra and Hydra foo defer judge keep us all in your doors in sha Allah.

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Yeah, so with that, inshallah, I will let you guys go. JACK Malabo Faden, and hopefully see you tomorrow in sha Allah. Or maybe tonight, I don't know, depends what time we leave. We might we were told by a group that we leaving at one o'clock in the morning, but I don't know how strict that will be in terms of timings. So and that's one thing about how much it does really. There's a lot of waiting and you know, just just simply waiting around because there's not a people to coordinate with. Okay, I'm your brother. I'm speaking to you live from mas Delica

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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