If God loves everyone equally why does only believers go to paradise Q and A

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Okay, Heaven versus hell believers versus non believers. If God loves all humans equal, why do Muslims say that only believers get a seat besides Allah in paradise? Okay. You see, I think, I would think I'm guessing that the person who wrote this question is either a Christian or used to be a Christian, right? Because a Muslim would not say that. Right? Unless it's a Muslim who knows more about Christianity than Islam, right?

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That there's not like that, because there's no way that Allah says in the Quran that God loves all human beings equally. Doesn't say that. Okay.

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And this is actually the Quran says the opposite. Allah loves the people who are good, and who are obedient to Him and who are sincere to him, you know, so Allah loves the sincere the macula soon, right, the sincere people, right? And Allah clearly says, okay, in Allah, Allah, you're humble.

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cafiero, Murphy Hoon, you know, whatever the, you know, the transgressors, the sinners, the, you know, they have choices, shall I take this way? Or do I take that way? Shall I obey God? Should I disobey God? So based upon those choices, right, this is the, this is how God makes judgment, but the opportunity, right, God is going to judge us all justly, God is completely just right. And God will judge just according to the opportunities we had, and the decisions that we made, we may have different opportunities. But still, we made those choices. And based upon those choices, Allah is going to judge us. Now some of us may be less intelligent than others. Some may be, but that's not

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what's important to God, not how we dress, not how we, you know what I want, when I say not how we dress, I mean, okay, not walking around naked or not. Okay. I mean, whether we have designer clothes. So the point being is that ultimately we have, you know, we have choices that we have to make, okay. And, you know, God is going to judge us based upon those choices that we make, I want to make a very important point as well, brothers and sisters. The other important point is that, you know, it's not for you or for me to judge people. Right? Okay. Well, I mean, in a way we do if I see someone doing something evil, right, selling drugs, or stealing or raping, of course, I make a

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judgement. Yeah, that's a wrong thing. And that person should be stopped and that person should be punished, right. But what I'm saying is, we can't look into the hearts. We look at what people do on the outside, but we can't look into the hearts. Right? You may not know that the person you're looking at and you're condemning may be better than you. They may be a better person than you. Right? They may have more sincerity, maybe they don't know what you know, maybe they don't understand, maybe they have some problems in their life that you can't possibly even so what I'm saying is brothers and sisters, you know, we should not be judgmental, even about people who are not

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Muslim. It's not that simple just to be judgmental about them. Right? You're not the one to say this one's in the hellfire. That one's in the Paradise. This one no, Allah Hamdulillah. Allah didn't even you know, it's not us to do that. Yeah. So we shouldn't have that is a very dangerous type of attitude to have. It's an it's quite easy to fall into that type of mentality. Right? So, you know, we shouldn't have that attitude. Our attitude should be of compassion, of care, of kindness of concern. You know, we believe that Allah has given us a guidance as to what is right and what is wrong. So we should try to guide ourselves and others in the best way that we can to what we believe

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is right and away from what is wrong, right. But we shouldn't be judgmental about people. Right? Okay. So this is something I really ask you please to you know, subhanAllah one scholar, One wise man, he said bless it is the person who is so busy looking at his or her own faults that they don't have time to notice the faults in others. Yeah, it's a very beautiful thing, but the point is, let's not be judgmental inshallah. Let's try and find the good in people. And if we see something bad let's try and change it in the best way inshallah