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Sheikh Abdurraheem share with us 4 things we can do before we are about to sin

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The speakers discuss the severe threat of the world and the importance of accepting and avoiding procrastination. They emphasize the need to overcome these procrastination and overcome these procrastination skills to achieve success. The course on "willpower" is designed to help people become more successful and achieve their goals, and offers discounts for future mastery. The course is designed to provide foundation for a professional career and is designed to help people become more successful and achieve their goals.

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Salaam Alaikum brothers and sisters, it's your brother in Islam abderrahim green. My door is wide open, my house is in chaos.

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Mashallah hamdulillah Lola blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. Okay, so brothers and sisters, we're going to be talking today about the the evil effects of sins and how sins devastate our dunya and our Africa, and what can we do about it, I'm going to tell you right from the beginning, this is all connected to what I believe is a truly amazing course that I'm letting you know about all about willpower, and I'm telling you right from the get go, so don't run away inshallah, but don't worry, the topic will be beneficial for you. And no one is obliged in any way shape or form, to to sign up for the course, but it's there, if you want it and you find it beneficial, inshallah, hopefully, you

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will. So brothers and sisters, you know, I wanted to start, first of all, of course, by saying Salaam Alaikum, to all of you. And don't forget to share, share, share, please share this video sharing as we always say is caring and sharing is free. Anyone who you share with them happens to listen to this Alhamdulillah. And, you know, Allah guides them through this, to leave some since then you get rewarded for that inshallah. So this is something that hamdulillah something beneficial. I don't want to go on too long. I think last time I went on way too long. So I want to keep my Facebook Lives, short and to the point. And I'm really looking for this amazing Hadith,

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which I can remember more or less. But anyway, Alhamdulillah very, very amazing Hadith. And so I'm going to just mention it a little bitch in but it's narrated by her diva. And Omar bin al Fatah was asking some of the companions about a certain headed that had to do with fitten to do with tests and trials and temptations. And in this gathering, some of them were,

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you know, they were saying, Yes, we heard this hadith. And he said, Well, I'm not I was saying, no, maybe you think this is in respect to your family, and your house, and this type of thing. And he said, this is not the Hadith, I'm talking about these types of sins that are committed in your family in your house, you know, these types of sins, they are expiated, by fasting, and by prayer, you know, your Salah, so, these, you know, these, what you often they're called minus ins, they are expiated by our acts of worship, he's a nun, I'm talking about something much bigger than that.

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And it's for Dave, who said yes, and so, he mentioned, I heard this

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temptations will be presented to men's hearts, as a read Matt is woven stick by stick and any height which is impregnated by them,

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will have a black mark put into it, but any heart which rejects them will have a white mark put in it, the result is there will become two types of hearts. One like a white stone, which will not be harmed by any turmoil or temptation, so long as the heavens and the earth enjoy. And the other is black and dust covered like a vessel which is upset, not recognizing good or rejecting what is evil, but being impregnated with passion.

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What they first said

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I narrated to him there is between you and that turmoil, a closed door but there is every likelihood of its being broken and almost say would it be broken and then a holiday for said it will be broken.

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So basically brothers and sisters, please share this Share this video sharing is caring and sharing this free share now. Okay. Very, very powerful, very important. Howdy. So this is talking about the severe threaten exactly the sort of things that we are facing today. Our brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters in Syria, our brothers and sisters in Burma, our brothers and sisters in Palestine, actually, in America now, everywhere. Really, the fitna is very, very severe. And you know, as I said in a speech the other day, actually, in some ways, brothers and sisters

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Believe me, in some ways, our brothers and sisters in Syria and in Gaza and places like that.

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And this I know this is gonna sound crazy, but in some ways what they are going through is easier than what we're going through.

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Now hear me through. I know it sounds crazy. And I'll tell you why.

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I'll tell you why. Because I don't think anyone in Gaza or Aleppo right now thinks this world is worth anything. None of them are deluded and fooled by the nature of this dunya. Every one of them knows how terrible This world is, and how there is no happiness, or barely happiness or joy in this world. And I'm sure every single one of them in their hearts of hearts is yearning for the alpha. Whereas us, we, in our comfortable homes, whether we're in the Gulf, whether we're here in the Europe, in America, we're in our comfortable lives. And you know what the dunya is a temptation. The dunya is a temptation. There is nothing quite As tempting as the dunya as the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said, this dunya is more harmful to

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the dunya, not this dunya. But lusting after the dunya seeking after the dunya running after the dunya is not more harmful to a man's Deen than two wolves shed set amongst a flock of sheeps a flock of sheep. So brothers and sisters, please, don't be distracted by this world and the things of this world is a passing reality. We are here we are tested. And these fit and will be presented to us just like you the weave the mat with reads one after the other. What is our job? What do we have to do? We have to reject these temptations, we have to reject them, we must not give into them. And what are the particular sins? What are the particular sins associated with these times? It really

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is. If you think about it, brothers and sisters, it's it's lusting after the world and the things of the world ultimately, all sins, all sins and all disobedience comes from that fundamental thing. That really, we are lusting after the world and the things of the world. So brothers and sisters, please share this please like it. Please keep sharing it.

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And we need at least 100 chairs, please. So keep going. Keep going. Brothers and sisters Sharing is caring. So this the sins are very destructive. What the sins do they create a black spot on our heart. And if our heart absorbs these sins, and we don't make Toba, of course, Toba repentance making is the far making sincere Toba that cleans our heart and cleanses our heart. But unfortunately, often, maybe we don't make Toba. And if our heart absorbs these temptations, these temptations of this world and the things of this world, it could be fame, it could be position, it could be power.

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There's so many things brothers and sisters. You see our brothers, we have seen really good brothers, really, people who used to be good brothers, people have memorized the Quran, selling their religion for a small price, literally selling their religion for a small price.

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Okay, this is very, very dangerous. And this is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us about how a person will come a time when a person goes to bed, a believer and they wake up a cover, and they go to bed a cover and they wake up a believer, and they will sell their religion for a small price. This is the big fit. And this is the big fitness. These are the big tests. So we have to train our hearts to reject sins, we have to train our hearts to reject envy, and greed and hazard. We have to keep far away from backbiting and slandering our brothers and sisters, we have to be far away from having bad suspicions about our brothers and sisters, and telling tales and

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spreading rumors and spread spreading lies about our brothers and sisters. And all of this is adding to the fitna. The time of fitna that this hadith is talking about this is when the the tongue the tongue is sharper than the sword. The things you say with your mouth about people has more damage than even the guns in the bombs. This is a very and this is the time we live in. You can read you can write an article and you can say a word. And before you know it brothers and sisters, this has gone around the whole world in an instant. That is both the power and the danger of social media. Social media, you can share this video and handily learn sharing the blessings

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You have a huge potential for reward. Yeah, at the same time, you have a big potential for sin, you could spread some malicious, slanderous article, you could say something, you maybe you don't even realize how bad it is, and you say it. So brothers and sisters, the point that I want to make tonight is that

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guarding ourselves against sins is very, very important, guiding ourselves, knowing how to control your desires, knowing how to control your passions, and this is the reality, we have to we have the we have the knifes we have our desires, we have our passions.

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And this is, the amazing thing is that these very things are recognized in modern psychology, they recognize these competing cells within human beings, this they call it the animal self, even this is how our llama referred to it in the past this animalistic part of ourselves. And then we have our human or maybe even angelic part. And you know, this is this is a part of us, that wants good, that intends good, that strives towards good, but our desires, our base desires keep pulling us, pulling us pulling us towards this, this world and the things of this world. And generally it wants ease. It wants comfort, generally, it just has passions, you know, sex, drugs, and rock and roll, comfort,

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and the and the things of that the pleasures of this life that it's that's what it that's what it desires. And we have to learn to resist that. And brothers and sisters, it's it's really this is the whole subject.

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How do we stop our sins? We stop our sins by understanding how do our desires work? How do our desires affect us? What are these sins and how do we resist them? This is why I have studied this topic. To be honest, I studied I began studying a topic which is known in psychology as willpower and it wasn't to do with resisting sins, okay? And I don't say this out of boasting, or you know, I don't try to say I'm perfect. I'm some saint, I'm definitely not some saint or some holy person or like sinless stuff for a while no one is free from sin. But generally, generally, I don't have a problem with you know, like, I think generally I don't have a problem with like major sins.

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Alhamdulillah. You know, I say my prayers, because that that's two types of sins from lots of types of sins, but from different angles. There's the sin, there is the sin of giving up something you have to do. Abandoning prayer, the obligatory prayer is a sin, not fasting. Ramadan is a sin. It's something you have to do and you abandon it. That is a sin. It's a major sin. So we have to learn how to do things. And often what why don't we do the things that we have to do? Think about it? What stops you praying? What stops you fasting, what stops you giving your Zakat on time? What is something called procrastination, you delay and you delay? And you delay? Right? Why? Because

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there's some pain, right? There's some pain you associate with that activity. You know, you have to make some effort, you have to go and make what do you have to maybe the water's cold? You have to get up early in the morning for fudger. You feel that pain, and it's hard for you to overcome that pain. So you delay and you say I will, I'll do it later in a minute. I'll sleep a little bit more. Right. And you procrastinate and procrastinate and then you miss it altogether? Okay, this is why and how you don't do the things that you're supposed to do? You need to make up your first Ramadan? How many of you miss FOSS and Ramadan? Have you made them up yet? Have you made them up? Why not?

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You've been procrastinating, you've been leaving it because fasting is hard. Fasting is difficult. So there are things we have to do and it's a sin not to do them.

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And that's called procrastination. delay. How do you overcome procrastination? It's a skill brothers and sisters. It's a skill set. overcoming procrastination is a skill set that you need to learn. Okay, and there are techniques that you can apply that help you overcome procrastination. And how about giving into temptation? You're on the internet. And, you know, you're tempted to look at what I call unsavory websites, hard on pictures, things that you shouldn't and videos you shouldn't be looking at. Okay, how do you resist that temptation? Right? You want to gossip you want to backbite you want to say something bad, you feel some envy and jealousy and and you vocalize it. How do you

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resist that temptation. So this is another type

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Sin, the another type of sin is something that your desires want you to do, and you have to stop it.

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Actually, the solution to these things is the same, the solution to these things is the same. And what a good time brothers and sisters, if you haven't shared this video, share it now, because I'm going to go over something I've mentioned this lots of times. It's a technique that I developed by studying psychology, and also, of course, studying our Islamic tradition. And I combine my knowledge of what Allah subhanaw taala teaches the Anima Sana, with modern insights into our mind and our bodies, understanding the effects of for example, the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is very powerful, it can almost seem to possess us. It's has such a powerful effect on us. It almost seems

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to possess us. How do you deal with it? This is why I developed what I call cats. Yes cat, which stands for counter ambush training, counter ambush training, why ambush because often were ambushed by our desires, right? Or often were ambushed by procrastination. You know, we have all the intention we have we have the strong intention, we're going to get this thing done. And then you know, before we know it, we start delaying and we start delaying and it's like it ambushes us really it does we were fully committed. Or that we were thinking we'd got this particular act of disobedience to Allah under wraps that we've managed to keep away from it. And then what do we find?

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We find ourselves slipping back into it? These things happen brothers and sisters, this is this the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us this is going to happen. But we want to resist his eyes. Because what? Remember the headset I mentioned, what sort of heart do you want? Do you want that white hot that pure hot like a Whitestone nothing can touch it, nothing can harm it. We need it brothers. And so in this time, in this day and age, we need it more than ever before. We need to we need to build this type of heart. Okay, we don't live in a beautiful society that is full of its even our Muslim countries. Unfortunately, there is so much so many wrong things. Not Alone if you

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live in the West. So we need to build up our resistance. Okay, so that's why I developed what I call I call it counter. It's it's cat ABCD. Amiens awareness. Be means breathe. Actually, if breathe, I prefer you, a person goes and prays to like hot, but a lot of times you can't do that. So I developed this technique of breathing. Okay, C stands for change, change your state.

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And D stands for delay. Okay, so that's the ABCD of counter ambush training. I go into this in detail. Actually, there's some videos out there already. I've gone into it in detail. Alhamdulillah Okay, I'm not going to repeat it now.

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Of course, brothers and sisters, all of this has to come with knowing that Allah is watching you, knowing that Allah is seeing you being aware, but that's why, you know, but but the problem is when your desires take over, when procrastination takes over when dopamine kicks in, you know, you're not thinking about her anymore. And you have to understand how your brain works. You see, so when someone says, oh, think of the Acura, remember Allah, remember Allah is saying you can't do that. When your desires kick in and dopamine takes over, it actually has the effect of shutting down access to that part of your brain that allows you to think like that. So you need to reset your

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brain reset your situation. So you can actually start to think again, think about Allah. remember Allah remember the day of judgment. Remember, what's going to happen to me if I do this wrong thing. But when the desires are possessing you, you don't think because actually what happens is that chemical literally shuts off that part of your brain. It's when I discovered this it was like, Wow, that is just you know, now I understand. Right?

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So yes, of course you develop this. You know, you develop taqwa you develop. Sure, you develop the fear of a lot of mindfulness of Allah taqwa is being mindful of a lot. Of course, that is a state you have to keep developing. But you need to, you need to be able to get back to that place where you can start thinking those thoughts again, right. That's why I have the, you know, I have this counter ambush training ABCD. It goes through these things that allows you to get back to that place where you can start remembering allies watching you, your life is short, soon you will be in front of Allah, it will be the day of judgment, what you're going to say to Allah when you meet him with

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that sin. So you need to give yourself that space to be able just to think those things. Okay. So this is the technique that I've developed and handler

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I've been trying it. I've been using it for four years now. Alhamdulillah. And, you know, it's helped me so much brothers and sister, I can't tell you it's helped me a lot. It has helped me a lot, and it can help you as well in Sharla, it's helped me and it can help you. I know it can help you inshallah. And that is why I put this course together. Right, the heart of this course, is the counter ambush training. ABCD. Okay, awareness means being aware of these feelings, realizing what are the triggers? What are the what's the environment? What's the situation that makes you fall into this these types of situations? What what is it that gets your desires going? Right? For you? It may

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be different for me, right? You I may be attracted by beautiful women, you may not be okay, I'm just giving an example. Right. You know, I, I'm, whatever, people are different, right? People have different desires, right? You may enjoy gossiping, I don't write.

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You're different. You're I you know, myself, I don't have a problem with say my prayers, right. hamdulillah I've developed a habit, you know, I jump up for fudger most of the time, it doesn't the you may have real real issues getting up for fudger. Right? Your test is different from my test. This is the reality. But the basic processes that are going on in your mind, in my mind are the same. It's just about different things. Okay?

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So breathing is very important because it's because one of the things when dopamine kicks in, your heartbeat goes faster. These you know, so you need to slow yourself down. That's what you need to do. haste is from Shakedown, remember that haste is from shaytaan. You need to slow yourself down, that's worse, if you can pray to her car, just go and pray to recover, that will put you right where you want to be. Okay? And that's what you want to do. You want to create that delay, you want to create that space between you and the thing that gets you going, whatever it is. Okay? So even if it's fragile in the morning, yeah, and you think you're asleep, sleep, sleep, no. Okay. Breathe.

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take long, long, long, deep breaths, and then start to think, think or change your state before you do that see as change. So if you're lying down, do something sit up, at least make yourself sit up. At least make yourself sit up, change, do something to change your state. Right? And then you just little simple thing you do. Right? Give yourself 10 minutes, 10 minutes, I and this is gonna sound crazy. You gotta say to him, this is what are what you're saying. I'm not saying I'm not making halal Haram. No.

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But listen to what I'm saying. You give yourself permission. Right? You say, Okay, if I still really want to do this thing in 10 minutes, I'll do it. If after 10 minutes, you want to pray fudger?

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Fine. If you want to do this haraam thing, after 10 minutes, do it. I'm not making high doesn't make it halaal. It's just a strategy. It's a psychological strategy. And you'll see it works. Because the reality is if you're going to do it, you're going to do it right. So you're all I mean, we are going to get into sin, but believe me, if you give yourself that 10 minutes, right, and then you use that 10 minutes to start thinking to start remembering to start thinking about a lot, right? Okay, think about Allah, think about the long term consequences of the sins, think about it, you will not do it, inshallah, you will not do it. And there's lots of reasons I go into it in the course. And I

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explained this in detail in the course I explained that, Why delay? Why have this delay? Yeah. So brothers and sisters, I'm asking you one more time, please share, share, share. Okay. If you want to find out more about this, I did tell you I was going to tell you about my course. Right.

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But in Sharla, I've already told you like, this is the key strategy. The course really just fills in the details. And you know, if I'm really asking some of you, I know all of you won't do it, you won't want to do it. And maybe maybe you think you don't need to do it. Or maybe you know you can't afford it. I don't think it's a lot of money. All we're asking brothers and sisters is initially initial payment of $7. That's it $7 payment, you go to mastery classes.com slash Facebook mastery, classes.com slash Facebook. Okay. And $7 will get you the first two weeks of this course you will get for the first two weeks for $7 after seven. After two weeks sorry, you will be charged $90 for

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the whole course is $97. For that you will get 19 modules. It's over four weeks we drip feed it to you over four weeks. Each module explains a particular aspect of willpower, how to master your willpower. We give you specific mental exercises

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Some physical exercises that you practice, things that you practice throughout the day, so you can build your willpower, you can learn the strategies as you go along. Okay. And as a special extra what we've given to help your learning, we've added course notes. We've summarized each.

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Each video has been summarized, so you can revise. And really, really, this is really special. Everybody, okay gets to join our special Facebook group where you know, you can share your learning experience, which is really important to share your learning experiences, it's really important, this is one of the things

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that is really important. How do we learn, okay?

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And sharing your learning experiences talking to others about it? Everyone gets to go on this special private Facebook group, I can't say I will ask, answer every question. I cannot promise that, but I will do my best I will be interacting with you, along with some of our brothers who are helping out with this. And, and some of our sisters as well will be helping out and hamdulillah. So like I said, brothers and sisters, mastery classes.com dash, dash slash, Facebook $7, it's $97 for the course. But if you just pay $7, you will get the first two weeks for $7. If you don't like it, quit no problem. We that's it. And I tell you what, on top of that, what we do is even if you've

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done the whole course. And here's our guarantee, if even if you've done the whole course brothers and sisters here, and you don't like it, and you implement the strategies, and you don't like it, after 30 days, we will give you your money back, no quibbles, no argument, you don't like it under him. This was rubbish, you were wasted my time. I thought this was going to be good. We will give you your money back and I'll apologize. But you will not be asking for your money back. Believe me brothers and sisters. We have already

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people have done this course. Some of the brothers have said to us is how it's ridiculous how little you're charging for this. It's totally undervalued. It is totally undervalued brothers and sisters. Okay.

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So that the the counter ambush training ABCD is just one bit of the course. Like I said, there's 19 modules. There's amazing things how to deal with procrastination, okay.

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The pre commitment strategy.

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The what the hell effect is that brothers and sisters, I spent four years studying the psychology of willpower, what I've done is I've taken this knowledge that the scientific world has come up with, and I've combined it with my understanding of Islam. And it's way way more than that brothers and sisters, honestly, this is just the beginning. This is the beginning. Why is it called mastery classes? Because my whole ambition within the next, you know, three to five years is to take you on a journey of self mastery and myself because I don't I don't think I've mastered myself.

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You'll never master yourself. Maybe some people do. Okay, but that's what we're aiming for. And, you know, I've done a lot of this work over the 30 you know, you had probably 30 hits, and I've been a Muslim. Yeah. What is your 30 years I've been a Muslim Subhan Allah. So I've been working on this stuff for a long time, even before I was Muslim, I was working on this stuff. You know, since I was 15, I was a Buddhist for two, three years. There's a lot of crossover stuff there brothers and sisters, I looked into a lot of this stuff, spirituality. There's a lot of commonality between religions on this thing, and it's so useful to bring peace and happiness and tranquility into your

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You know, we used to have this in our tradition, it's not so much there anymore. I'm trying to explain it in a language we can understand. Okay, so I don't use a lot of the, you know, I'm trying to rephrase it in the language that most of us and most of us understand the language of science. So that's, I talk about our tradition within that. So it's a whole journey brothers and sisters, this willpower course the Seven Pillars of willpower is just the first step. And I am looking for really serious students and I know there will be a few of you who are really, you know, we'll be close. And we'll go on this journey together and have lots of exciting things planned. This is only the first

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step. So please, brothers and sisters, you've got nothing to lose really $7 six pounds, like I know the pound is really weak against the dollar now, right? So but six pounds. I mean seriously, I'd

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don't think there's any one of you who can't afford that. And you know, two weeks for $7 if you don't like it, you can cancel it and you won't have to pay the $90. After that's up to you. After two weeks, we'll get billed for $90. And we will have another two weeks after that. Okay. And then we've also got extra discounts for future mastery classes as well. That's another thing everybody gets everybody gets discounts for if you stay with me on this journey, brothers and sisters, he I will make sure that because you've been with us from the beginning, and this is nearly the beginning. If you've been with us from the beginning in Sharla, I you know, inshallah, we will, you

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know, recognize that because you only deserve it, inshallah. The link is some of you are asking the link is www dot mastery, classes.com slash Facebook,

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mastery, masterclasses.com slash Facebook brothers, I'm not going to keep you much longer once again, just $7 just $7 two weeks you will get after that cancel if you want the whole course is $97. Okay, we've got exciting other things on top of that, as well for those who are interested, brothers and sisters.

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Whether you join the course or not, I hope that you've learned something tonight about the evil effects of sins. We are living in times of great fitna of great trial and great tribulation. These temptations are being presented to our hearts. May Allah protect us brothers and sisters, may Allah protect us these are testing testing times. Okay? Please remember, if you want to, if you want to cancel, if you don't want to be billed the $90, you will need to email us to cancel, right, you're billed automatically for the $90. I'm telling you that if after two weeks, please email us before because it's just more work for us. Right? If you get billed, and then you want to cancel, and

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please, if you can remember, if you really want to cancel, I apologize, I really do not that I can't imagine someone who will not find this beneficial unless you've already studied, even Actually, I will tell you something, one of my early students was a sister who was a doctor who was a foster member PhD in psychology. So she's actually a professional psychologist, right. And she wrote literally three pages, just going on about how brilliant this course was, how no one has done this, she hasn't seen anyone combining this knowledge of psych psychology with Islamic spirituality. She said it's really useful. Her only worry is that you know, she wants it, she was saying you got to

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get it out to everybody.

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So we actually since then have bought the price of the course down even more. And that's why we've introduced this set of $7. So that there is really no one, the only way probably you can't do it is if you don't have access to a credit card and even that we're going to work on that. Okay, the course will close on the course is actually going to start on Saturday. So even if you sign up today, you will not get to start the course everyone starts on the same day. We all start together on Saturday, it's a series of recorded videos, although I will be on you know, the Facebook page, hopefully as much as I can answering your questions.

00:33:35--> 00:33:38

So that's pretty much it brothers and sisters.

00:33:40--> 00:33:54

I'm excited. I'm I know it's gonna change your life. I know it's going to change lives, some people's lives are going to be changed hugely. I know already people have been saying that. And that's just from literally just a few people, you know.

00:33:55--> 00:34:21

So brothers and sisters, before you go if you've benefited from this at all in any way, shape or form, please share please share because Sharing is caring Alhamdulillah and you know if people and it's free to share doesn't cost anything to share. Even in this short video, there's a lot of beneficial stuff, a lot of beneficial stuff. There are other videos out there. Maybe we'll provide some links the brothers

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the admin brothers, hopefully they can provide links if you want to hear more about cat. I did some videos on that totally free videos doesn't cost a penny not even $7. Yeah, which is the core of my strategy.

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So if you know, if you can't afford even a solid $7 then at least inshallah you can get that share this people will benefit we need to remind ourselves and each other about this. Brothers and sisters, I'm sorry normally I ring read out some of your names. I didn't do that today, yesterday was just way too long. I wanted to keep it a bit brief. Once again, finally

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www dot mastery classes.com slash Facebook mastery classes.com slash Facebook. I will be live on Facebook live every day this week in Charlotte, except maybe one day, we might just stream a video, but I'm planning to be live around this time every day this week, it won't be after that because I'm going to be too busy with the course. And you know, I've got a lot of work to do.

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And obviously, I'm going to be interacting with my students. So I'm going to be busy for that brothers and sisters We'll see. But everyday this week, we'll have an interesting topic. Of course, you don't have to buy the course there's no compulsion, but please, I really think you will benefit so much from it inshallah. Tada. So, for those of you who have already joined us, thank you for joining me again tonight. Alhamdulillah some of this stuff you'll be hearing again, obviously in the course but in detail, mastery classes.com dash Facebook

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$7 only for two weeks. Then after that you get billed $90 make sure you cancel if you don't want to keep going. Okay, and share this video. It's free to share and sharing is caring. brothers sisters, it's been a pleasure as always for all of you. May Allah bless you. May Allah guide you May Allah protect us all from fitna, May Allah help our brothers and sisters all over the world who are suffering. And many people are suffering in ways that we don't even know it's not obvious

00:36:41--> 00:36:43

to help all of us brothers and sisters.

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One final plug, www dot mastery classes.com slash Facebook. Hopefully I will see you on the other side. Join us for this amazing journey of self mastery. And maybe I'll see you tomorrow again on facebook live in Charlotte until then. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh