Part 4 Unlocking a Successful Marriage Conversations Before Tying the Knot

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Once you have met someone and you want to go through this period of the getting to know you face, you need to keep your eyes wide open and ask a ton of questions. You need to talk about everything except what is inappropriate. Now I caught it in what is considered today to be very old school or very old fashioned. And actually that is the halal way. In fact, even the word courting is old fashioned today, what you hear used is dating. Dating actually is a Western terminology that has a totally different meaning. When you say you date someone, it means you're most likely sleeping with them. And I get really nervous with imported lingo. My parents always insisted that my husband to be

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an I sit in a public place where people would be walking through. So we often sat in my parents living room, or I would go over to his sister's house and we would sit in the living room and people just be walking through. Did you enjoy this episode? Well, I've created a 72 video online course just for you. Visit www dot Merriam lemo.com. Now