Abdur-Raheem McCarthy – The two rainbows

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
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Have you had one idea? Are these normal colors? Oh * here and one as horrible as one? Or are these the colors of the people of the letters and more and more hate urine? It's become so confusing lotor industry little better than they were a day if you want to buy a toy for your child, Hal had the Alcocer Toby is this the normal rainbow? Oh, who opposed as horrible as one? Or is it the rainbow of the people of the letters for Mother Neff? And what should we do how they shake Hello, Toby. This one looks normal. How the costume this is their rainbow. This one looks normal, but better if you might have do Majid didn't have the hostel home? Again this is there's only ever more

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as parents had the neighborhood photos so we can know the difference on guru Ilco saying look at the two rainbows. We'll have the hula elfa This is the difference. Also comb sit the elwen their rainbow is six colors while also Tiberi Saba L one and the normal rainbow is seven colors ujet the closer to Berry you find on a normal rainbow as a semi we the the light blue color like an Hatillo out of network but even if we realize the difference and herbal ality add Analyt Nene it's better for us to stay away from both of them the annual closer to obiri but also just run Isla ko see him because the normal rainbow has now become a bridge to their rainbow well upon law you have a record of being a

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human and the children cannot distinguish between the two worked out how old he had the little one. And these individuals choosing these colors. Let me a consult for it wasn't just a coincidence homie iPhone they know very well. Anil outfile you hipbone had the Erawan they know that the children they love these colors. Now some Allah and Yafa Paulina We ask Allah to protect our children Yara Bill Alameen

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