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Hasan Ali
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Upon your Raji smilla rahmanir, Rahim

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yo maya una una una parte de la Vina levina

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una parte

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de la la

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aku Phantom Mizuno la Soboleva Bina who de su de la

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belle fu fi, one of our heroes,

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pre Benny Hill.

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My dear respected brothers and sisters who are listening very

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it's very important for us

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that you spend moments to remember the destroyer of all passions and desires, which Rasulullah sallallahu Guzman said, at zero mean victory had even left that, as soon as a large man said, continue and increase the remembrance increase this, make it a common thing that you remember the destroyer

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of all desires, what the ego tells you to do, continue to remember and they said what is the break of and the destroyer of all these desires. Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said, mote death

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Rasulullah sallallahu listened and said men matter for the karma to metal,

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Whosoever has died, his judgment has started. His resurrection and his standing has also almost become something that will he will face very shortly and very soon.

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Brothers and sisters, this part that we've we're coming to today, we have covered in the previous parts about the actual mode, we have covered before that some parts about this dunya the value of this world, then we want to went on to modes and death, we then covered about the cover, and how we will be six feet under we then covered about the Dead Rising and how we will come up on the dead zone, what kind of things we will see on the Day of Judgment.

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And then we come to a part we came to apart last last time, the day the hands will speak which is a reference to the actual standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala. And what people will say and what they will do, to try and get away with what Allah subhanaw taala has kept in the next world.

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And today we come to a few things that I haven't mentioned yet

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on the Day of Judgment.

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Namely, we're looking at the marathon or the scales, we're looking at the handing of all the books to people and what people will actually say.

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We're looking at

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the Xerox the bridge. And that's the title of this talk, the bridge where it holds all these different things.

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And we're also looking at our off station that is between Jana and Johanna.

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And if we get a chance we'll talk a bit about john or slightly something about john Otherwise, the next part will be just purely about john and john. And with Mila that should end the whole series.

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My brothers and my sisters Allah subhanaw taala

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his his Prophet salallahu alaihe salam once found

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that our inshallah de la Juana she was crying.

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The solar cell awesome found that I showed the alarm. She was crying and there's a decent Abdullah wood

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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When he saw her crying, he said, Man, you kick, what is it that is making you cry? Go to the curtain now. sebacate she said that I just remembered the fire and I cried. I remember the fine I cried. Now, this thing. Unfortunately, among some of us,

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are many of us this thing has now become a thing of the past, to just remember the fire and to cry.

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To just remember the fire and to cry. The Sahaba would cry when they would come to graveyards. Sahaba would cry when they remember death. Sahaba would cry on the just remembering the days of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam there are many plenty of evidence to say that. So how about would cry in thinking about Johanna Sahaba would cry thinking by standing in front of Allah. Particularly they would cry when they would be standing in

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Front of ally in the salon tahajjud. There are Hadees to say even in fudger, Salah satana, avocado llaman, he used to stand in the father friendly, depressed, he used to be crying a lot

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cannot do, because he was the one that will cry, even say the normal, he was one that when they recited the Quran, they would cry. And that they would, they would have different ads that would move them.

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And say that an eyeshadow the Allahu anhu.

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She, when she read the recited the ayah, in her third prayer

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that all of you, all of you will come to this state older you will come down this part is a part on the day, because when imagine the day Jasmine is flat.

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And imagine that the Day of Judgment is completely it's a white piece of Earth, Allah will make it light with his north. Imagine that. That's the only source of light on the Day of Judgment. Imagine that after all of this light after this, this this sort of platform that is leveled out, you come to a point where the Day of Judgment then sinks a little

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sinks a little.

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And when it sinks a little it comes to a part where people then have to they come near jahannam, this part of the land comes down until it comes to right next to Jan. And that's where Johanna will be Johanna will be connected to that part. At the end of one of the sides of the Day of Judgment, this part will have to go down and that's where the bridge will start.

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The bridge will start and the bridge will cross over the whole of the back of Johanna.

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Now you can't see anything at that point. You can't see anything at that point. Because and you might think Why not? Because Jana, Mr. jahannam should be blazing, gentlemen blazing and is fiercely hot. But jahannam Fire is black.

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John's fire is black. It was red at one point. But it's been so fiercely, so obviously that it became black. So you can't actually see anything. Being at that point, that low point.

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And being at a low point, what you then have to do is get onto the bridge across the bridge somehow. And once you cross the bridge over the whole of jahannam you then get a chance to go to Gemini because Gemini is in the distance.

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How long this is.

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Allah Allah. Allah knows best, how long this this whole crossing is, but it's a very long crossing.

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It's a very, very long crossing. So in Surah, Maryam Saison eyeshadow, viola Han who used to recite that verse that mentions the coming

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on to that position onto that part. And we're imin comm Illa Allah says, Not a single one of you will survive, but every single one of you will come to that point where you have to get to the low pit and then get on to that just sort of get onto that bridge. Saying this IR coming to this iron Subramaniam say there's an eye shadow of your loved one ha she would cry and cry and cry and cry until our mother I saw the alarm on her. She would have passed the entire night.

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just repeating this one is what

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can be cattleman McCovey, Allah says this is a judgment that I have passed by not a single one of you will survive this point you must come to this point and then go from here, towards wherever you it takes you. Whether you make it across the bridge, whether you fall into jahannam whether you go partway over the bridge and then fall in jahannam this is something which Allah Subhanallah has destined for all of us to get down to there.

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Now imagine our mother I Chateau de la Hana spending the whole night crying, just just remember this ayah satana Abdullah Vina bass rhodiola han hoonah. He's, he was reported once to have read the ayah in Serato. Rahman,

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even Shakti sama,

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not one of the 10 could

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have been a

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Europe document.

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When the sky will split,

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and it's going to be read. The whole sky is going to be red.

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Just like some oil, some ointment, something that's spread out over the sky.

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You're up to the big

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O ns, O mankind origins. What is that, that you deny from the things that Allah has given you? Why does the law say that instead of the rock man? Why does he keep on repeating that? Because if you look a pseudo rock man Swan is an awesome, awesome surah. Why? Because this is repeated about 31 times in the surah IV, a.

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Europe bukhoma to cut the ban. There's one third of surah two Rockman that Allah concentrates on what Allah has given the human being. One third of pseudo Torah man on the human being. So he talks about our speech. And he talks about the the, the sun, the moon, the trees, the stars, Allah says, a

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Europe bukhoma to call the ban. I've given you all of these which one of these do you deny? Which one of these Can you say to me that I never gave to you? Allah says Haleakala in Santa Min sonza in CalHFA Ha, ha ha la paz.

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Maddy mean.

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He is the one who has created men and he has created them from clay. He has created gene from which one of these loads, gifts Do you deny Which one of them Mirage Albanian,

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I bring the two seas together I will bring you both together. men and jinn on the Day of Judgment. You're both going to be there together. Allah says the way I make what Yahoo do minuman

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I have taken what Allah says from the depths of the oceans from both of them. from from from one of these from one of these, that means to get one of the seeds that meet together law says I take out some pearls. Which one of these things do you deny? Meaning that from what you've done on this earth, you will find that they will be your man and your actions that Allah will bring out in the desert the deep messages in this. So a lot of a third of it with all the gifts that he's given to us in this world. Then Allah subhanaw taala he moves on to a third. He talks about from the beginning of the day of judgment all the way very shortly beginning of the dead gentleman all the way to about

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two to about two thirds or halfway through. It stops at the mention of Johanna

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khulumani Manali Herve

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whatever call would be Kaduna Allah and he will,

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everything will perish everything will be gone. Nothing will remain except for Allah Subhana Allah nothing will remain. What is it? What is it that you deny?

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Even what is it that you deny? Yes, aluminum is evil. Everyday you are asking from him everyone that he has created every creation that he has made all of them, ask them from the rock man from the one who has created them, you might not be making, you might say well, how is it that someone is asking a law when they're not even lifting their hands You don't have to lift your hands to make dua to Allah Allah subhanaw taala gives people according to their demands. You you've got a need. That need is a request to Allah. Allah says I've given that to you. I've given it to you. That'd be a

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big deal visa. What is it that you deny sanafir Ola Come

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on the Day of Judgment, I will become free. I'm going to be completely free to be with you. So both of you are men and Odin. I'm going to judge between you and the day of gentlemen.

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Allah says yourself I

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some fire that will come out on that day one handsome fella Santos we're on copper under your feet that you will have. You will not be saved by anyone else. Except if Allah wants to save you found a

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way to cut the burn. What is what are the Lord's gifts that you do now? Which one are they that you deny? And then for even shapcott is sama Osaka not one of the 10 de Han Allah summarize the Day of Judgment of how the sky is going to speak and this is the I Abdullah bass or the Allahumma. He spent an entire night many nights he spent an entire night just crying over this ayah

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de su

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since that you have done

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since that you have done you will find no one will want to be questioned on this day. Yeah, what do you ever do Majidi moolah yesterday, this day you will want to give everything away because the things that you've done by now however, you know who am I done by either you will wish that you have the distance of the east and the west, between you and your sins on this day. This will be the case of ever

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single human being. So we are carrying brothers, the sins that we have committed. unless Allah wipes away, we're going to carry them on the Day of Judgment. So another bad third of it is dedicated to from the beginning of the day of judgment all the way till the end of jahannam. And then Allah dedicates a whole third of the surah, a little bit more than third of the surah. About Jenna, why is Allah doing this? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying to us, that you're in this world, that the message of it is, you are in this world, there are certain things that you have received, you should do should,

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you should get to know me and be with me just out of pure, pure sort of thanks, just thanked me for giving you

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another third of it is if you are not coming to me for any other reason, then you should come to me because of what I've created in the next slide, about my Roth, about the Day of Judgment, about jahannam that should move you

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that should move you and if it doesn't move you or if you need something else, then look at Jenna and look what I've given you. Our I've kept for you in general there are a hadith that say very clearly, Whosoever drinks wine in this world, they will be deprived in the next world in general from from wine from drinking wine. What is it say that because the luxuries that we take up in this world,

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and when you say deprived, it doesn't mean Allah will completely deprived them but perhaps they will have some kind of deprivation, from drinking in the next world. Allah Subhan Allah has given us a common ruling in this world and he wants us to do what contemplate in the next world and to make ourselves better human beings. That is only that is requested from us. So he has a dozen eyeshadow Viola one her account is the Hadith. She just remembered the five this is Heidi Xena Buddhahood she remember the fire and she started crying and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said to her Why are you crying?

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I mean, just think Swan law in our houses. Wife, sister, mother, someone who cries many times is because they've got family problems many times because someone's hurt them many times for other reasons. But he sad the nature of the lawn is crying because your room is the fire.

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For Becky two factors Karuna Holly Komiyama Tiana

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is it the case that families will be remembered on the Day of Judgment Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam then replied and said, there will be three places on the day to three times on the Day of Judgment. No one will remember anyone else. No one will remember anyone else. And he said the first place in the Amazon at the place where the scales Allah has kept the scales and all everyone's the actions are going to be weighed hot Diana

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meezan. Who am

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will his deeds, his good deeds, will they become light? Or will they become heavy on the Day of Judgment until he doesn't know that he will not remember anyone or she will not remember anyone else. In one Hadith it says that people will almost in this situation will almost be in a fainting situation, the situation that they almost will lose their senses, three places all these three places mentioned another Hadith is almost after losing the senses. Rasulullah sallallahu says the second part is why in the Tata uniserv, there will be a point on the Day of Judgment, when all the books will come out and Allah will make them fly.

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Allah will make them fly out everyone's books, and your book will come towards you, flying towards you.

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And will your hand will instantly move to catch it.

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But people will be scared. Which hand will move because things are not within your control on this day of judgment. Not everything is within your control. Will it be with my right hand that I will catch it? Will it be with my left hand that I will catch it. And some serious say that it will be the angels are presented. So they're the ones bringing it from that place and flying towards them to hand it over to them.

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If the person receives it in the right hand, then it's given right in front of them. If the person receives in the left hand, then his left hand but it's from behind them. So it doesn't even come come in front of them. So what an angel does is that they twist their left arm and one Hadith he says that their arm is then taken and pushed right into the body

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that it comes out of their back. And then they're given the book from behind them. And that's how they received the book on the Day of Judgment. So until that matter is not done at that moment. No one will remember anyone else until that has happened.

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Why in the Surat and the third place where no one will remember anyone who care about anyone else is

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When they will be at the bridge, it will be avena vihara jahannam Hata. us until a person has crossed this bridge, when it will be placed on the back of jahannam. Or right in front of the right in front of people when they're crossing over jahannam no one will be thinking about anything else, anyone else until they have proceeded this time, or this part.

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My brother's all these three things we are going to see and all of us are going to be there. The point here is, if I was to die right now, I mean, I've said this before, but I just went to Hajj. I came back and Subhanallah there was, you know, I don't know if some of you heard about an incident and had this time when a bus blew up as to people from Birmingham that died? Yes. Some of you heard of that. Yes. Well, Subhana Allah,

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I could have been destined on that bus.

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There are people from my group,

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who I suppose to I was put into the queue to go along with them into that bus. But then it was Allah cutter that he put me with a you know, the the person came said, No, no, you're not going with this one, you're going into the other group. And that meant that I'm going to probably spend longer hours and took us several hours to get to makan karma. But when we got there, we thought we had a hard time until we heard what these people went through.

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They got onto these people who just happened just now just now. Everyone, what's the mood saying? They've just flown in from UK going to perform the Hajj. They've gone into the Haram. They're there right now with all the luggage the path for everything and they come to Judah, the particles are taken to get onto the small bus

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is one of those 24 seaters, where you have one you have two seats on one side, once even on the side, and then one seat has to be taken up from from that single side and opens up into the middle. So you can sit at one person and sit in the middle 24 of them on their journey towards gender. And they're sleeping. Except for some women who are awakened they can smell something. So some of them say that it's like, it's like tires that are probably burning. Some say that it's probably some petrol, they can't make sense. They're telling the driver to check it to stop. And he's in his own little world because he needs to get to my car and get back again to make his next you know,

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journey. He does his he's not in that world at all to think

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it was only that a police car came next to them.

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And that police car then told the driver that he must pull up because the police can see smoke coming out of the engine. So then he pulled up to the side now everyone's getting off. But the only there's only one door sumana there's a quarter of a law there's only one door at the front where the driver is there no other emergency exits. You can't break the glass is one of those old buses and these people have come forward to perform Hajj. They're gonna go back to their families. Two weeks time three weeks time, they're gonna take some some back and they're gonna take dates back and they're gonna take gifts back to come out another to come up until the last for their their family

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or for a 17 year old. 19 year old and the parents, the parents are right behind them. The 19 year old gets off the 17 is getting off. His hand is on the Bastille and at that point when his mother his mother just pushes him up. At that point. The whole engine went boom. And the fire went straight through the whole of the carriage. Burnham.

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to Shaheed now they're in a state of panic. One of the sons have burned his hand, but his mother and father dying inside the trying to break the glass, they can't break the glass, all they can do is watch that the whole coach with all the luggage and everything else just burning right in front of them. 22 of them Miss death by 20 seconds.

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20 seconds.

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And if it wasn't for the color of Allah, all of them would have been shahidan gone. Now I asked him later on.

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And I said to my group, who are those about 12 of the Monday?

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I said, How many of you were prepared for this? How many of you were prepared for this? And we had a big long discussion over this. What is preparation mean? Did it mean there was sia? Does it mean the will because some of them hadn't done the will before they came out. So when you know you think about it, some of them never deal they will before they came out? Does it mean that just preparation mean that they've got enough amount of actions? And the old saying that they could have obviously done more? Does it mean that if at this moment I went I'd be happy enough to meet my load. That's another question lingering? Does it mean that I was ready to meet the color of Allah? Suddenly so

00:24:55 --> 00:24:59

sudden that I will I won't, I wasn't prepared for it. So many questions came up.

00:25:01 --> 00:25:07

When this one question that, were you prepared to go now, brothers, this is depth.

00:25:08 --> 00:25:11

There's more for most people, there is no waiting for it.

00:25:12 --> 00:25:28

And if you say to yourself, if anywhere in any one of our minds is that I'm going to do tomorrow, or next day, I'll do I'll do a bit more. I'll get down to it and I'll get it done. I'll get my extra selasa gamma Quranic securities, and I'll get it done.

00:25:29 --> 00:25:55

You're playing the shaytans game, man, because Allah Allah says in his in his book, he says, My friend, if you're saying to yourself, that you're going to do tomorrow, then you're fooling yourself. Because Yesterday, you said you're going to do tomorrow. And two days ago, you said you're going to do tomorrow. And three days ago, you said the same thing. So today, he said, Isn't today?

00:25:57 --> 00:26:38

Isn't today, that tomorrow? Yesterday? Isn't today, the tomorrow of yesterday? So why are you fooling yourself? Every day, you say to yourself, the same thing I'll do tomorrow, I'll do tomorrow. And you being led into the direction that you might not have enough for the museum on the Day of Judgment line and a lot of the Sahaba of the 109. They they did not stop in any any direction that you could say, South Africa, they gave in the game and they gave Salah, you see them nighttime daytime, they were praying, you saw them in Africa and forgiveness, they were the best in terms of having clean hearts in terms of how they came to the masjid in terms of how they dealt with one

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another in terms of them seeing the sick in terms of them looking after their their own own servants. Let me give you a hadith in terms of servants.

00:26:51 --> 00:27:16

Again, this is Addison Timothy, say that and I shall have the allow Hannah, she reports he says, she says A man came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And it's that right in front of him. And he said messenger of Allah, in a Lima blue cane, you cut the bone any way, in any way. Why are Sunni. He said, I have got two slaves that I own that I possess. But they tell me that I'm a liar.

00:27:17 --> 00:27:51

And they cheat me. And they disobey me while I still go home and then obviously he gets angry and said, I then say, you know horrible things to them. And I also hit them for K fanomena home. So now Mr. Avila, tell me where do I stand with with them in terms of what will happen to us? For Karla Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said he can do tiama when the day of judgment will come? Your sub Omar hanu Kava Kava, Kava, Kava, Kava. Yo,

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Allah, Allah will take every deceit that they committed against you every lie they committed against you, every time they disobeyed you. And every time you started to punish them, Allah will take all that in wait along the way that there lies, the deceit, the disobedience, and he will weigh your own attitude towards them.

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Then there's two last Allison says for incana acaba home because it is an OB him if your punishment is the same amount, and it actually fits the crime that they did, or Kanika path and that's enough. Now locka wala alayka, neither they'll be able to claim over you know, you will be able to claim over them, nothing will happen that is enough. When can I call buka whom do not obey Him? But if you find, if Allah finds on the day of judgment that your punishment that you gave to them, that is less than their their sins towards you, then he's going to be bound to for you on the day of judgment that you have now got something that you can claim against them. When can I get to know him but if

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you punishment is more than their sins,

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to Salah who mental fog, then they will have the advantage over you on this day.

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fatahna how Rajan was Allah Yeah, Chief web key the man was shaken by this.

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He moved away from props allows him he started to say words to himself, oh my god, what's going to happen to you what's gonna happen to him? And he started to cry. And then Miss Yolanda Lawson said to him,

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can't you read what Allah has said in the Holy Quran, one of the old members he noticed.

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On the day of judgment, I will place on the Day of Judgment, I will play scales that will be the scales of justice, the scales of justice balletto Ala Moana sushi, not a single soul shall be oppressed on this day when can

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My name is Paula Huberty, minha dallin attina.

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Even if it is something that you have done, have a small item, something as small as a mustard seed, even if it's like that we will bring it forth on the day of jasmine, where kathina has been, and we are enough for the judgment for this day. This Instrumental ambia vest number 47. The man when he heard this from Professor Larson, he said messenger of Allah, Maggi de la Shea and hired a member of our rocket team, he said, you know, the goodness and the badness of whatever is between us, the only way that I can stop anything happening to myself is that I just have to stay away from them. So she Luca, and nahoon kulu, Mahara. I make you a witness that all of them, both of them that I got, I

00:30:49 --> 00:31:23

have freedom. And they have free men now. So you freed them, the fear of what would happen to one of them on the Day of Judgment made them fear that en Subhana Allah, there's two people that came in front of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and I'm saying this because I want us to think I want you to think I want myself to think about the things that we're doing on this earth. Because you know, from this Hadith, what you what you think about is, what is it that I'm doing, you might have a dispute. And you might say nobody did this, he did that he did that. But my friend, you're fooling yourself, if you think that you can just pass you on the Day of Judgment, because a hurt that you've done,

00:31:23 --> 00:31:28

you've given him a hurt, you've hurt him. How do you know how much that weighs? On the day of judgment?

00:31:29 --> 00:31:35

Have you not seen people, some people you can say to him, you can say to them, some swear, you can swear at them.

00:31:38 --> 00:32:09

And they'll swear up back at you 10 times louder? With 10 other words added to it. Nothing has hit them. And some people you don't have to swear at them. You can just look at them. You can you can just give him a mean face. And and they'll feel hurt inside. Yes. Yes. Both of them are going to be different weights on the Day of Judgment. In fact, the one that you just looked at, that could be more worse than the one that you saw it i'm not saying swearing is okay. So don't go out this a rather sweat and look, give me a look.

00:32:11 --> 00:32:19

Both of them are worse, but you don't know Allah knows how much the heart has been hurt. And that's what Allah will will weigh on the dead. He's going to weigh the hurt.

00:32:20 --> 00:32:29

Someone might have been hurt by, you know, some people on this on this earth. They're hurt, but they won't say anything to you. That's the worst case.

00:32:30 --> 00:32:47

That's the worst case. Because the one who's saying to you, you wait till I get you one day, you know that is hurt. But the one who's doing suffer and the one who's been hurt inside and not saying anything. And there are plenty of examples. The plenty of examples that our daughter in law's out there who have been hurt by the mother in law's

00:32:49 --> 00:32:57

there are sons that have been hurt by their fathers. There are mothers that have been hurt by their sons.

00:32:59 --> 00:32:59


00:33:01 --> 00:33:45

Yes, son doesn't come home. She's hurting side she's crying for a son. He comes at one o'clock and it makes us stay awake. She's crying at home. That's a hurt. She will take she will look for her son on the day of judgment to take revenge. There are brothers that are not talking to each other. There are family members clans that are not talking to each other. These are how these should wake us up. And you know what? I can't believe honestly, the more days that are going by the more disputes you hear about husbands and wives, the more disputes you hear about family members and clans. And for Allah sake for Allah sake, give it up What is it? It's a bit of honor is only on a dignity I'm gonna

00:33:47 --> 00:33:48


00:33:49 --> 00:33:53

My honor, my dignity is gonna go How am I supposed to say sorry to him?

00:33:56 --> 00:34:39

Your is you're going to kick it or you're going to smack it like a six on a cricket field on the Day of Judgment. You're is you're going to knock it down under your feet on the Day of Judgment. You're not going to care. The people of Johanna movie said, Allah will say to some people like john, what would you give? If you had in your possession? Allah said say if you own the entire Earth, would you give that? Would you give that just to get out of this place? The person will say yes, the person will say yes forget your visa forget your dignity, Your Honor. Can you imagine just for the dignity they don't want to you know say sorry to some for some oppression they've done I went on the day of

00:34:39 --> 00:34:59

judgment that the whole earth Lyla and the law they want to give it away. In fact people will say that they take my wife take my husband take my family members, they take all of them for me Jana, don't throw me Jana. Low yesterday Managua, Bo meeting me Danny. His son's which he had and he he was he had so much

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

Pride and pride on this earth. He said these are my son's you know, Marsha Norman they you know, when when men have when men have one son, you know, they're like, yeah, yeah.

00:35:11 --> 00:35:14

When is the daughter? Tell everyone is she's born?

00:35:16 --> 00:35:19

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know you love is not right. All right. Sons, they

00:35:23 --> 00:35:26

tell you the whole world. When is the daughter you get the news Two weeks later?

00:35:28 --> 00:35:33

Why? Why isn't your mother a female? Isn't your wife a female?

00:35:35 --> 00:35:37

Yeah. Isn't isn't that the case?

00:35:38 --> 00:35:45

And then what happens is they got two sons. And now that they're fully, they got three sons, Patrick.

00:35:49 --> 00:35:54

They got four, they feel like a king sitting on a throne. Like, yeah, who wants to mess around with me?

00:35:55 --> 00:35:57

got four sons.

00:35:58 --> 00:36:06

I'm gonna send them on you, you better watch out. That's the kind of message of war and they got five sons Forget it, you might as well just say I'm not knocking on your door.

00:36:08 --> 00:36:23

If you have a problem with them, that's how they feel. Now on the Day of Judgment, they're going to say, Benny, son, number one son to some threes and fours on five, taken all of them, tie them up and put them all into jam. But don't take me Don't take me.

00:36:25 --> 00:36:26

Don't take me.

00:36:27 --> 00:36:58

This is the case of the day doesn't so for is that for dignity people can can give up these things. And I'm so sick and tired. You know, I get so many phone calls. And you know, I guess I deal with this. And I give people advice of that. And we know what it is. It's the ego. People just can't let go. People have issues. Why? Because they can't be good. You know what everyone talks about? Everyone talks about what he never gave me this. She never did this for me. He never did this for me. My rights, my rights, my rights. Well, what about the rights that you owe to somebody else?

00:36:59 --> 00:37:12

You don't want to talk about that. What about you saying being the first one to say sorry, first one to say salon? It was a pseudonym, the profits of the lesson? No, it was very hard to beat the process of saying Assalamualaikum Ah, it's very hard to beat himself.

00:37:13 --> 00:37:24

Even the young children, they couldn't be the first one to say hello to him. Laila and the line. I must and I must in our communities. Yeah, that little kid didn't say Salaam to med bed that come back here.

00:37:25 --> 00:37:28

Say a Salam aleikum wa barakato.

00:37:29 --> 00:37:33

Whose big meal you say salam June 1 that

00:37:34 --> 00:37:38

is that is that the way to treat them when Ross was chosen was the one who you know,

00:37:39 --> 00:38:21

forgiveness, you know, Rama, mercy, you know, not not always reading between the lines, you know, allow hospitals one having good thoughts about people. These are basic Sooners, which the Sahaba that's why they could get on with so many actions. You know, one of the things I was just reading a book from a man by Bruce, and he said a wonderful thing in there is a ninth century scholar, I said wonderful thing in there. He said, try not to get into disputes, because it's just gonna, it's just gonna put your whole mind into a position that you're unable to do the vicar of Allah. And you know, when you've had a dispute, and you got into it, and then you did something, or they did something to

00:38:21 --> 00:38:31

you do something back, maybe something you did. Now, you're sitting there all day planning your moves. If he says yes, I say that. If he says, if he says, and I say checkmate.

00:38:33 --> 00:38:41

You play planning who moves or he said this in your service, and you sit on a cup of tea, or a kebab roll, and you're just talking about all day about what this other guy said?

00:38:43 --> 00:39:07

Why? Because you can't do you have to get into that dispute in the first place. You really have to get the less people you have that you're in dispute with the clear your mind is you can be the other Sahaba they had they had disputes. And when they had a dispute, they just went straight in front of one another and said, my brother, did you say this? Was this the case? They just went straight to another and they sorted it out.

00:39:08 --> 00:39:09

It wasn't a case that

00:39:11 --> 00:39:22

every mosque has got people that are fighting now people within the within the community within the community, every single mosque.

00:39:25 --> 00:39:26

And they were fighting over the chair.

00:39:27 --> 00:39:33

For God's sake is a chair going by one from you know, Costco, buy one from him is the chair.

00:39:35 --> 00:40:00

And not only that, but the fighting parties and the fighting that they've got bickering amongst themselves. Then they've got sectarian things, and then that spills over into the community and the community is like, okay, who's in who's in charge? And there's some undue con honestly speaking honestly, you know, what hurts me is that when you get to know the people of the mosque and you get to know the committee and you get to know everyone in there, and you walk inside the mosque, and you kind of walk in anything

00:40:00 --> 00:40:02

I wonder which part is going to come approach me today?

00:40:04 --> 00:40:23

Because the politics around you on Do you really want to come to the house of Allah, the place where you should just freely feel that you can just worship Allah without any worries? Do you want to come to that part of the of the earth and find that politics is surrounding you? You walk in the masjid, who you walk with people are gossiping, he's with him.

00:40:25 --> 00:40:25


00:40:28 --> 00:41:04

it's right. He's with him. So he's with that party, not with that party. Come on, for God's sake, let these things go. Man, the mustard you can't go to set musters because you have to think politically, what am I doing here? Who am I sitting next to? Where am I standing? Who am I chatting to outside? People are watching that. I mean, for God's sake, have some personal one have some good thoughts. And honestly, you might think that I'm just saying I'm, I've not only seen this one must have seen several mustards, several mustards, the most purest place, you can't have have that mind. And you know what, you know what I do, and I want you to do the same thing. Tell them that you have

00:41:04 --> 00:41:14

no party. Tell them you have no party, tell them you just come to the house of Allah just to worship Allah. Don't get into all these bakeries and, and things that are going to spoil your own mind.

00:41:15 --> 00:41:36

La la la la. If only people thought about the Syrah and about the about the museum, they would give up all of this, they would give it up because it's nothing. It's nothing. It's just an issue just between you and him inside there. What will happen if you say sorry, you know, one of the one of the hardest words for some people to say, that doesn't exist in the dictionary is the word sorry.

00:41:38 --> 00:41:42

It's the one of the most hardest words to say.

00:41:43 --> 00:42:02

And the Quran says, aha, that hula is said to be, their honor makes them sin, their honor, that dignity, don't pride make them sin, because they feel that they're greater than somebody else. You're going to be naked on the Day of Judgment, uncircumcised barefoot, on the day of judgment, with nothing that you own up from this earth.

00:42:03 --> 00:42:10

No sons, no business, no money, nothing. And you stand there and you think you can have honor on that day. That

00:42:11 --> 00:42:36

night Allah. So my heart goes out to those people who are victims of all of this. And I say to you that look, and I will say to you, that is better than you forgive people. Even if you go through I know it's hard. Sometimes Sometimes it's a long loom long oppression. There are sometimes women out there that I've come across that they're getting beaten up by their husbands. Sometimes they gain abuse, it might not be beaten, but it's abuse, abuse, by by the husband, you know why their husbands abusing

00:42:37 --> 00:42:41

because the husband got his eyes on two other women. That's why

00:42:42 --> 00:43:18

that's one big reason I found he's not satisfied. Because he married this beautiful girl. That was beautiful. And now, when he looks at all the other women out there, his wife doesn't look as beautiful as them. so deeply, he's never gonna say this. And this is not all husbands. Not all husband is not all disputes. There's some disputes. But I found out that from my from talking to these people, one big reason is that they can't control their eyes in the first place. And this then they start and they can't get married again. Because that's that's another problem that we've got, you know, you can you can have I mean, this country, you can have five girlfriends, one wife, that's

00:43:18 --> 00:43:18


00:43:20 --> 00:43:22

Three girlfriends, one wife is fine, we can't have four wives.

00:43:25 --> 00:43:25


00:43:27 --> 00:43:38

But the thing is, that's another story, you can't get married again. And he's either float floating all around the place. And then he's basically looking at wrong wrongful stuff on the TV.

00:43:40 --> 00:43:55

And he's looking at things on his iPhone, he's on HTC, wherever it is, searching to the internet. He's looking on the internet, at home, things that he's not supposed to see. And then he starts arguing with his wife, and telling her,

00:43:57 --> 00:44:37

you know, comes out that she's not good looking. And she's This is that I mean, honestly speaking, Honestly speaking, you you first to zoom on yourself, by making your eyes see the wrong things. And then you come home unsatisfied, and you want to put them in an argument with your wife, nyla. nylon, there's women who have got a heart that wants to spend more than they can ever get more than they can afford. What do they do? They try and tax their husband with it. And you basically you've got an ego problem. And then you turn that out to your husband not giving you enough, you know that there's this this thing that I can go on and say but I want to just say one thing is if you think about the

00:44:37 --> 00:44:58

position of the dead gentlemen, you will give up all of this. none of this matters. none of this matters. What matters is what's the Amell is the whole point of singularity. What have I got right now that I can take i can i can present in front of Allah. What have I got right now that I can give to Allah that's what Allah will take. And Allah said,

00:45:00 --> 00:45:02

The Canadian federal law,

00:45:04 --> 00:45:17

what you have, it will perish it will finish what you given to me I will keep for you for the day of jasmine back, it's everlasting, it's going to stay with me, it's going to stay with me. That's what Allah has given. So putting this all aside,

00:45:19 --> 00:45:20

putting this all aside

00:45:21 --> 00:45:31

Rasulullah salsa has told us these three places, one of them being the meezan. Now, this means on this different facet of how it's going to be

00:45:33 --> 00:45:39

mawatha Xen has been mentioned and meezan has been mentioned. meezan is one scale and nawazuddin is several scales.

00:45:40 --> 00:45:42

Today, it's so easy

00:45:43 --> 00:45:57

to understand all of this, so easily has made it somebody came to a chef. And he said to him in the olden days, and Chef, he said, You know, he said, if my whole life is going to be in the book in one book, he said, Yes.

00:45:58 --> 00:46:00

He said that book is going to be massive.

00:46:02 --> 00:46:04

Be be gigantic book.

00:46:06 --> 00:46:20

Imagine writing your whole life. If I were told you to write detailed to the minute detail, one whole week of your life, you know how to be volumes in itself. Can you imagine writing your whole life in one book?

00:46:21 --> 00:46:28

So the chef had to explain to him. So the chef said, he said, If I told you to write this right now with a pen,

00:46:29 --> 00:46:47

how many pages would he said added hundreds and 1000s of pages to write just what happened in the past my life and share said to him, okay, Sarah, if you did that, don't you see how all of that information is just coming out of one small brain?

00:46:48 --> 00:46:50

One small brain.

00:46:52 --> 00:47:33

Today, we don't have to go that far. a microchip will hold more information than a few libraries put together yes or no. A good few libraries put together you can have 1000s of books 1000s of books on just a single microchip life showing us by showing us how things are recorded. In the old days. They used to think how are our man actions are going to be weighed. And there's a whole fitna in the sahabas time that the Morteza there's others who deny the weighing on the undead judging the weighing of the action, the depth judgment. We don't have to go far today. You can wait you can measure yes or no brothers you can measure temperature today. Yes.

00:47:35 --> 00:47:38

SubhanAllah. You can measure the wind today.

00:47:39 --> 00:47:46

You can measure the amount of rain that is falling from the sky. You can measure sound yes or no.

00:47:47 --> 00:48:28

You can measure vision. You can measure all of these these are scales is a magazine. So on the Day of Judgment, la Shona Swan, you know, they they were thinking how's yoga going to be recorded, and how you're going to come in depth judgment. There's one Hadees that says at the time of your death, your whole life will flash in front of you in within m within a moment, you will see your entire entire life in front in front of you on the Day of Judgment. According to that in Surah PAF, Allah has said for basato koriyama de Your eyes will be really sharp on the Day of Judgment how sharp within one vision you can read your entire book.

00:48:30 --> 00:48:39

You don't have to go sorry Allah please don't call me right now. I'm on page number 26. I've still got 3459 Please, I'm reading slow today.

00:48:42 --> 00:48:49

You don't have to do that. Because within one vision you see your entire record entire deeds.

00:48:50 --> 00:48:57

a crock kita Kapha BNF second Yama Allah cassava law says you read your book you're enough for yourself on this day.

00:48:59 --> 00:49:36

The eyesight is going to be very sharp on that day eyes are going to be different. How else will we see Allah subhanho wa Taala on that day his eyes are going to Allah is going to change the whole whole mechanisms of the eye. So on that day, you may imagine people in the past everything how's your going to be seen? Now we've got videos and you can you've got certain computer videos you can take you can take one of this whole room it will show you 360 degree rotation of the entire room. Yes. Yes. What else do you need to see to believe that they have just been and how Allah will record things like a lot on that day when people will come to receive their books because when these books

00:49:36 --> 00:49:43

will come and the angel will bring the books or they will fight towards them. On that day when the books will come. Allah has said

00:49:45 --> 00:49:47

to Akita who will be a meanie

00:49:51 --> 00:49:56

guru kita via the one who receives his book in his right hand he will say hi

00:49:59 --> 00:49:59


00:50:00 --> 00:50:14

He won't say he won't allows us that word specific word he could have said tallow, Accra Okita become and remember, Allah could have used so many words in the Quran that that will give you the meaning of come but Allah use the word

00:50:16 --> 00:50:43

omokoroa okey tabea you know what this reminds me of? This reminds me you know the joy the joy the excitement the person gets I'll give you an example and I'm sure you all understand this example yeah you know when you've got basically a tense match going on between manual livable between Arsenal and and Tottenham Hotspur, whatever I don't know it is right on the top top of your head. Don't don't don't say to mine never mentioned my you know,

00:50:45 --> 00:50:48

intense match going on. And he's going to win the cup final.

00:50:49 --> 00:51:05

Yeah, the final game in the entire series. And it's a tie that is to two and that just needs one more goal. And you can imagine that there's no 90 minutes or almost over 289 minutes. Yep, 89 minutes.

00:51:07 --> 00:51:14

And at that moment, at that last few seconds, if someone just kicks that ball into one of the goals

00:51:15 --> 00:51:16

one of the whole I do

00:51:21 --> 00:51:23

I've seen him hooligans

00:51:26 --> 00:51:34

go wild dragging themselves on their knees on the field. Yeah one jumping on another jump or another like they're in a circus or Zoo

00:51:37 --> 00:51:38

taking a shirt off

00:51:39 --> 00:51:42

like he's in his you know, bedroom

00:51:43 --> 00:51:45

I never absolutely mind

00:51:46 --> 00:51:50

jumping on one another getting one of the shoulders jumping up and down you know?

00:51:51 --> 00:52:12

Yes. Because in his last few seconds when you scored there is no way that the other the other person the other team can score Yes. No way in the last few seconds you scored there's no way it's over. And you just won the last last, you know, match of the whole season. Oh, you got the cup. Now the excitement go back to that idea.

00:52:21 --> 00:52:51

They're gonna be so excited. They're going to express express through the, from the, from the whole chest, they're going to bring this you know this anguish. Oh, you come today now because it means you passed. It means you passed or you can imagine a person who's thinking that they might fail them I passed the degree all the four years ago on waste and then they come out and they've got a first class honours degree first class honors degree how happy they're going to be

00:52:53 --> 00:53:14

in Nirvana to any moolah can be I knew I was going to meet my my own account on this day in this manner. You know the movement. The movement has got a feeling right now right now movement has got to fit every movement every belief is what they know what might happen if I was to go right now.

00:53:15 --> 00:53:31

You know, each one each and every one of us. If you ask yourself deeply say if I went right now how would a lot treat me you've got a good feeling. And that person says my good feeling was that I would receive my book on my account like this in my right hand on the day Jasmine.

00:53:34 --> 00:53:46

Shatila is going to be in blissful delight. He's going to be pleased in where we're allowed to put him on the deck gentlemen, fee Jonathan Alia. In lofty gardens and lofty garden

00:53:47 --> 00:54:10

kulu Ashura boo honey Bhima as left to fill a Amina Kalia, myself servants who have received your books in your right hands. It is time for you to eat and to drink without any worry. Don't worry about halal and haram in Ghana. Don't worry about the agenda. You don't have to get into general look at the ingredients

00:54:13 --> 00:54:23

as he does about the being done properly, brother. Are you sure? Because I can. You said to me that you go five cows that came here but I can see 10 tails

00:54:25 --> 00:54:59

in your counter why I'm going to the other five? Yeah, you got all these dodgy shops out there? Right. You don't have to worry about the meeting. Janna ever worry about anything. It's all Hello, honey and honey and means no worries, honey and also means that you got no worries the limit as well. You know, when you go to a buffet, you go to a buffet and the guy says okay, seven pound 99 buffet eat as much as you can write. So you go to a buffet and you start eating and I use what normal people can do a couple of plates, three places the most. I had done bricklaying. There's a guy that went into one of the buffets. He went in and

00:55:00 --> 00:55:19

sat down to one play. Okay, he ate the nice big plate. When the second one, the third one had that one, fourth one, and that one fifth one sixth one. And he went to get a seven plate. Yeah. And the owner came up to him and said, Please Bismillah take your 799 but please don't come back to my shop again.

00:55:21 --> 00:55:22

Don't come back please.

00:55:23 --> 00:55:26

My God in this world when you got a buffet, open buffet, you obviously you got to

00:55:28 --> 00:55:51

write. In general, there's no limit. There's absolutely no limit to how much Allah you want to eat. You can eat to the max all day. There's no limit honey and Bhima is left to fill a Mahalia because why am I giving you this? Because of the days that you spent in the dunya whatever actions you did in though for those days, I have given you this. And I'm going to just

00:55:53 --> 00:56:40

just give another five minutes more than can give you more than 5% shala. Well, I'm Nikita Babu Mishima, Li via kulula la Neelam takita BIA. As for the one who receives his book in his left hand, he will say, Woe to me. I wish that I never got my book. While I'm at Rhema Hey, Serbia, I wish I never knew what this account was. Yeah, like to call the Suhana law people on that day. That person will say what Yeah, later Karnataka, I wish death would come to me right now and take me away from this, this platform that will come people in this world they tried to commit suicide, blow committing suicide and the dead Jasmine.

00:56:43 --> 00:57:10

Our nanny Malia, Allah gave me welcome none of that has given me any benefit today. Think about your wealth. Think about your wealth, what Allah has given us. Allah carnism pania Allah gave me a position on the earth. I ruled over certain people, whatever that was, whether it's family, a community, a clan, whatever it was a company. Hello carnism Tanya, my company has destroyed me today. My position in the world has destroyed me today.

00:57:12 --> 00:57:34

Hulu, Allah will say an angel say, Allah, Allah will say to the angels, Hulu, get hold of him beseech him besieged him and take control of him and tie him up to Mangia hemosol Lu, and then throw him into hellfire. Throw him into hellfire. So MFI cincinnatians

00:57:35 --> 00:57:47

una de la anfis leuco take a chain that is 70 feet long, that is made of fire and tie him up in that chain. He's going to be tied in that chain and dragged along.

00:57:49 --> 00:58:04

In who can Allah you know be learning how the he never used to believe in Allah the Great well I have no Allah time in miskeen he never used to make others or encourage others to feed those who are in need.

00:58:05 --> 00:58:30

Allah said that for ya. Allah says what I hope to Allah Tommy miskeen fella Salah Julio Maha hoonah amin he's got no true close friend on this day and Jasmine Hamid is a close friend. He has gone on nothing while he laminate is lean, no food that you will have in his mouth. Except you will have something phony that will come out of his his own neck. It'll come out of there when he eats it.

00:58:32 --> 00:59:19

kulu in Malhotra Oh, no one no one will have this food except for the sinners. This is in Surah Al haka. In Surah Al, Al in sha Allah says, mmm udia kita Babu wa RFS, Allah says the one who received with his right hand there is a fate for that person. Via mean Allah Passover, you has every Serbian Sierra, only all his other, all his other accounts will go easy on the Day of Judgment. Why am kalibo illa de missoura and that person who received his right hand will come back to his family happy and pleased back with his family with his book in his right hand. Well, I'm udia kitahara avari As for the one who received it from his back, meaning in his left hand, but from behind him.

00:59:20 --> 00:59:51

So for those who bura he will say, I wish I would be perished on this day, I wish I would be finished on this day, wish for death. Whereas last era, he'll be thrown into the blazing fire in a vuca nafi li missoura his situation was when he was on this earth he was happy amongst his family, meaning that you saw he was happy but not worried about the Akela not just being happy, but just being happy and not worried about the Akela this will be his situation on the Day of Judgment.

00:59:52 --> 00:59:59

Now May Allah subhanho wa Taala my brother's you know, may he protect us from receiving our books in our left hand from behind our backs may give us

01:00:00 --> 01:00:04

books in our right hand inshallah will go right now and after shala will carry on

01:00:06 --> 01:00:14

the latter Vladimir salatu salam Olusegun when Amina Mohammed Mona Lisa with my Continuing from before they are just Allah.

01:00:15 --> 01:00:17

books will be given to people,

01:00:18 --> 01:00:25

the amount of the action will be weighed to the day of judgment on the scales. And Allah subhanaw taala said in various places before and

01:00:27 --> 01:00:28

he has said

01:00:31 --> 01:00:46

de novo for whom a fear is the one who will receive the one who will have the the deeds weighed on the Day of Judgment sakala tomasino and the scales will be weighty with good deeds in the Day of Judgment.

01:00:48 --> 01:01:15

They're going to be in a blissful delight. They're going to be in a happy state on the Day of Judgment. Well, I'm in Hartford Nova Xena whoo, whoo hoo ha via Allah said those whose actions will be light good action will light on the day of jasmine. Then the destination will be how are my other Akuma here what is how we what will tell you what how it is not on Hermia. It's nothing but the fire of Johanna. They will have as a destination.

01:01:17 --> 01:01:18

Allah said in the Holy Quran.

01:01:20 --> 01:01:37

in different places, men will have sanity fella who unfairly her whoever will bring one deed on this day of judgment, then I will give them 10 rewards in return. One single deed will be 10 deeds in the Day of Judgment.

01:01:38 --> 01:02:26

Allah will give you that anytime you bring me one I'll give you 10 and anyone who makes a sin, the hadith of ohana Muslim says that it will only be one sin. It once him. However, we shouldn't take these matters lightly. Even one sin can could end somebody up in Hellfire we have another famous Hadith of the woman who gave she fed and she quench the thirst. She was a woman who was a prostitute. She was selling her body for money. So you can imagine what his What is his status in the eyes of Allah? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. In fact, we would say she's destined to go to * far. So she's a prostitute. And she sees a dog dying of thirst. That is a Buhari. So authentic

01:02:26 --> 01:02:31

hadith. What she does is she has Rama and mercy over that dog.

01:02:32 --> 01:03:14

So she comes down to a well and she doesn't find anything else that she can carry, the water will show to show so she takes off her shoe, the shoe of a prostitute and she then puts water into that comes back she's not one of those deep wells is one of those wells that you can actually crack you know you can actually walk down into there's a bit bit steep but it's it's enough for a person to walk into and walk out of. So she then takes water out she comes to the dog and she saves the dog's life. Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said that woman is in general, not woman Allah has forgiven her she's in Jannah. Don't ever look down brothers and sisters on a person who has done Sins of even

01:03:14 --> 01:03:39

Zina and stealing adultery and stealing the various Hadith in Bukhari Muslim and these for I hope, Rasulullah sallallahu said that whoever has said law in law will go into Jenna. Whoever has said Lyle Allah, we're going to Jenna. We're in Zana, we're in South Africa. We're in Ghana, we're in South Africa, even if they have committed fornication, even if they have stolen something, they will still go to Jenna.

01:03:40 --> 01:04:06

And the Sahaba said we're in Santa we're inside even if they've committed the crime of adultery or fornication, even if they have stolen something from somebody else, we're in Santa Clara. Meaning what means that if Allah has mercy on them, if Allah has mercy on them, if Allah wants to take up your, you know, your own your bodies and Allah has to deal with that he wants to he's going to sort it out with you and the other person on the Day of Judgment does Allah, Allah is bound to you can't say anything.

01:04:07 --> 01:04:36

So we don't look down upon anyone. And if Allah wants to forgive someone through Toba, he can forgive them and he will. So the rest of the day of judgment, he will make the other party happy on the Day of Judgment. But that doesn't mean that we start to you know, look at this hadith and we do some crime. That doesn't mean that because if you do that, then you're, you're asking for it. Now you're asking for it. So there's a hadith like this, that a person can find that Allah messenger has given so much hope for us to have and also so much fear as well for the Day of Judgment.

01:04:37 --> 01:04:59

Nevertheless, Mangia Villa has an active Allahu ashram, Sally had 1010 rewards in return of one good deed that you bring on the Day of Judgment. And Allah has said in the in the Sudoku Baqarah, verse 260, that spending something in the path of Allah could equate to 10 could equate to 700 could equate to more than that.

01:05:00 --> 01:05:39

He's also in Buhari also also coincides with that, that a lot can give for one deed he can give 10 rewards he can give up to 701 are much much more than that for whoever he wants to much more than where he wants to. So, when we come on the Day of Judgment, we will find all of this inshallah we will see if we can save it. See, that's the other thing. We do good deeds. We need to save the good deeds for the Day of Judgment. doing bad deeds sometimes can take away good deeds, doing good deeds will take away bad deeds is a principle in AlHassan it is given us a yet it's the principle of the Quran that good deeds will take away bad deeds, and sometimes your bad deeds like restless legs, I

01:05:39 --> 01:05:49

said that alhaja do yaku yaku jealousy will eat into a person's actions just like firewood, eat raw wood.

01:05:50 --> 01:06:26

Something that dry raw wood that's used for fire once you light it, it will just burn within minutes it will be gone. Within seconds it could be gone the same way having jealousy could eat into actions the same into good actions and take that away. So we are careful of both we will not do any bad deeds. We will try and do as many good deeds as we can and is that that's how we continue and not to look down on any single no good deed Rasul Allah Azza wa salatu wa Kiran Amina roofie Shia do not look down upon any good deed while

01:06:27 --> 01:07:06

a haka a haka. Be watch him Pollock. Even if that means that you meet your brother, you Muslim and you meet them with it with a cheerful face with a cheapo face. That is a good deed even to be proud of on the Day of Judgment. Rasulullah Allah has not said it could not be shipped to Tamra and he's a Muslim. Fear the fire beware of the fire even if you can save yourself from half a day by how given half a date to someone, you can save yourself then do this. As soon as a lot has been said once he said in the hadith of Bokhari, he said I saw a man in Jannah you're talkin lebu takala is basically so comfortable lying down in Jannah that he's moving his side you know when sometimes?

01:07:09 --> 01:07:40

Yep, Sunday morning sleep. Yeah. So when you move around like that, and you're having so much you know, comfort Professor Hoffman said he shadow Ratan Tata canopy terenas Kumara. He said, because there was a branch of a tree that people had to pass pass by that branch of a tree. They had to duck down that to duck down. So this man decided why should all these people duck down because if I can just cut that branch, so he cut one branch, and he got into general.

01:07:41 --> 01:08:20

One branch got in Jannah. And he's a Muslim. He said, there's a woman who's pious rb, that she was pious. She used to worship Allah, she used to be in Salah constantly. And she she had a cat, and she tied the cat and left it hungry, and she wouldn't feed the cat. So she was a woman who worshipped Allah, but she does zulum and oppression on a cat. Now and and this is a warning for us because there are some people you know, you see the Mashallah cha cha, cha cha, Uncle G and Auntie Jia, Uncle G and Auntie Ji, Mashallah. They've done Hajj three times over. They've given the fast is every single year of their life or Ramadan. They've given the guy every single year of the life, but

01:08:20 --> 01:08:33

uncle G and MTG, basically they want to play politics with the new daughter in law. They want to play politics with someone else in the house. You know, you get these and you think they're practicing. Yeah, they're practicing, but they're practicing their own way. They're practicing their own way.

01:08:34 --> 01:08:46

So this woman here Rasulullah, sallAllahu describes in Hades, a Muslim, she's praying, and she tied a cat. And she's continuously doing sudo. But she's not letting the cat go and find its own food.

01:08:48 --> 01:08:54

And eventually the cat died. Rasulullah sallallahu says she's in Ghana. So what she's in Johanna

01:08:55 --> 01:09:08

prayer and that, it might it's up to Allah what he wants to know you don't know what Allah will, will take on you on the day of judgment as your deed, it could be absolutely anything. absolutely anything on the Day of Judgment.

01:09:09 --> 01:09:45

There's a Hadith, that when when when you know what will happen? Imagine you've had use your you've had your deeds weighed on the Day of Judgment. And what you're going to do desk, people are desperate to get anything and I've said to you before, people are going to try and * from one another, take from another and take good deeds from here. They're giving back they're giving their good deeds to somebody else because they be drawn to somebody else. They're taking good deeds from here that bad deeds have been piled up from somebody else on the army to confusion, frustration. And then in the end, what happens is that there's a young boy called one Hadees. He has got his good

01:09:45 --> 01:09:49

deeds and his bad deeds, absolutely the same, the both the same.

01:09:51 --> 01:10:00

And Allah says to him, young man, go on this day of judgment or let me see you who who will be kind

01:10:00 --> 01:10:18

enough to give you one good deed so that you can go to Jana. He needs one deed, one good deed to get into Jana. So he goes around. His mom doesn't want to know him. His father doesn't want to know him his brother and sister no one wants to know him. All the people his friends, buddies, close mates.

01:10:19 --> 01:10:26

Now people who said you know what's up brother? Yeah. chillin man. All those people will not want to know him on the day, gentlemen.

01:10:28 --> 01:10:34

And then he's walking sad with his head down, walking around, and an old man sees him.

01:10:35 --> 01:10:58

An old man says to him, old man, he says young boy was the mother. And the young boy says, you know, young teenager, whatever it is, Allah says this, Allah seven says to this old man. He says, You know, I just need one D to get across. And I haven't got that on this day. And no one's going to give it to me. So that my own man says,

01:10:59 --> 01:11:02

young man, I've only got one deed.

01:11:04 --> 01:11:45

Dolan says, I've only got one day. What's that gonna do for me on the Day of Judgment, you take it, make your day. Make your day go and take it. So this young man grabs that end, and he comes running, running back for Allah. And Allah knows where he's coming from. Allah says, oh, young man, what have you come to me with and he says, I come with that one day. Allah says Who dares who dares to challenge me in my mercy on this day? Who is that that gave you this one day he said that on Monday just get that old man over. Hold his hand was only going to Jana balls on the agenda. is Allah's mercy Allah's father, if he wants to do that on the day, then he will do with anyone. So there's

01:11:45 --> 01:12:24

there's people like that there is a hadith that says, So Hannah law people have people have sinned in this world. And Allah will say to them, you sent us to Hellfire, and they will run towards hellfire. And they will throw themselves into Hellfire because they want to show a lot of obedience. They want to show Allah obedience there are there are hadiza that you will find and it's the day of judgment is going to be you know, something that we've never witnessed. We've never witnessed ever before, where hundreds and 1000s of people are getting punished hundreds and 1000s imagine some are drowning in the sweat Some are you know you're going to see it and some would imagine you're gonna

01:12:24 --> 01:12:56

see the whole of the giants that you're gonna see the dinosaurs that you will see the animals there and in front of the animals they will just have the disasters the retribution with one another unless it's finished, they will be turned to dust and the country will see that and say yeah, yeah, let me come to Toronto. The one who didn't believe in this message will say If only I could turn to dust on this day. That's what they will say and they will you imagine what that is so having your deeds and that they every deed people will look back line and law they will look back. You know there's one had these says when people get to Jenna

01:12:57 --> 01:13:04

they will get to Jana and the doors of Jana and they want to enter Jannah Rasulullah sallallahu, Asma said everyone will have one regret.

01:13:05 --> 01:13:35

That's all of us. All of us will have shared is one regret. You're at the doors of Jana, you're about to get into Jana. Once you get into Jana, there are no regrets Allah will take that away from your heart, but you've got one regret and that regret will be once you look into Janna you say and I will say all of us will say we will think about all those moments in the earth that we spent without the vicar of Allah. And we will say if only I had done one more, one more.

01:13:36 --> 01:13:39

One more Subhana Allah say

01:13:41 --> 01:13:44

one more tree in general bravas as one more tree boys you can say again

01:13:46 --> 01:13:52

one more tree in Genesee you beating me now I'm talking you may make use of one less Don't worry I'm gonna get the same equal amount as you because I told you to do it right.

01:13:53 --> 01:14:28

Right. That's a good thing. See? You wanna you want to get loads of trees? ingenico spread is how these. How does ohare one Suhana ma one tree in Jana? One. So Hannah wondering Jana. Tell your family members when they go home. Tell them as many people just say just say so one brother says Voila. You know what happens? He gets one tree you get an equivalent tree. You get the same thing. Same thing because Rasool Allah Allah Allah sama said at dal Heidi Cavalli, the one who will tell somebody else to do good, good deed, they will get the same equivalent thing in 100 the Muslim it says live in costume In addition, nothing from his deed will be taken away to be given to you. You

01:14:28 --> 01:15:00

both receive the same amount of equal deeds. Imagine that on the Day of Judgment. So they will remember they will say if only I had said one mosaic was under part and this part Oh my god, and I didn't remember if I did that. Then I would have been in this station. That station. That's it. Oh my god. I could have got there. I could have got there. I could have had this this extra part of Jenna. I could have gotten those. I could have gone to the highest part. I could have had a place next Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. AKA if I only did these few good deeds line a lot people would

01:15:00 --> 01:15:35

Have this wicked is a hadith of Timothy. So there is no time to waste when you when you think about this honesty, there's no time to waste. When a person wants to think about the joys of the next life and what Allah is going to give us. There's nothing that we should waste. Now here. I've talked about I've talked to you about the reason I've talked to you about receiving the books. And then what will happen is, there's going to be, there's going to be a time when you know there are there are many cases and I can't honestly I can't cover all the cases that Allah has just mentioned the Holy Quran, let alone in the Hadith. But nevertheless, when Allah would have judged the people, and

01:15:35 --> 01:15:44

Allah will then say, so Han Allah will say to the people, go and go behind the things that you worshiped.

01:15:46 --> 01:16:12

That's one of the things that they worship. And the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim says, those who worship the sun will be told to follow the sun. Those who worship the moon we were told to follow follow the moon those who watch the tree a stone that we follow, told to follow that those the Yahoo that the Jews allowed Satan clearly Who did you worship? And some of them will say, Jose, we worship or Zaid and Allah will say Makana dilla. Allah did not have

01:16:13 --> 01:16:22

much Mata Laughlin Sahaba in Walla Walla. ohana, Muslim Allah did not take a son, Allah did not take your wife. So what do you want?

01:16:23 --> 01:16:52

What do you want? They will say additional yarraman Allah we are we are very thirsty for Skinner give us some some drink, then it will call a lottery Do you want to go down there they will go down there for your shadow night and now they will be taken straight into the fire they will go where from the Day of Judgment follow something and that pit I said to you earlier before they shut off they will get there and then they will be swallowed by the by the fire and Allah will tell the children Asada What did you know what what did you do and what did you answer each group who taught you go and follow whoever you worship

01:16:54 --> 01:16:55

the moon

01:16:56 --> 01:17:39

believers will be left others will have started to go towards whatever they worship. Some as I said to you before, some will be pulled from the day of demonstrating to janome some will be sentenced and the angels will like I said that that I have the Quran they'll be wrapped around chains of fines taken straight to jahannam some will be or some will be taken headlong into fire. That famous Hadith and this is about intention. The one that I am the scholar, the the rich person and the one who's Mujahid all three of them bought on dev Jasmine long hair these are Muslim, Allah says Why did Lima what why did you learn Thai lanta while into Atlanta you taught others you learn yourself Why did

01:17:39 --> 01:17:59

you do this oh scholar I learned one and he will say he can carry magic this for your for your pleasure Allah at least for your pleasure. Allah will say can you lie Can you lie you did this so Leah you are in nakara you did this so that people could say that what a wonderful reciter you are

01:18:01 --> 01:18:20

what a wonderful besides you are now this is this is for people who are knowledgeable people who are learning people who want to stand on the member people who want to stand on the masala you know have you seen you know that the day the man is not here you got about two three people you know the pants are shaking they want to get on the masala

01:18:21 --> 01:18:32

the tangy masala and a saint in their heart and please please please don't come today please don't come today I want to eat this or bread or bread Oh really? No one will hear my carrot no one will not know how many mistakes I'm making

01:18:33 --> 01:18:35

they want to jump to the masala so they will jump into masala

01:18:37 --> 01:18:55

is a big this is a big responsibility standing on the masala is a big responsibility. You don't want to end up on the Day of Judgment of people are saying to you because of him our Salah was and done. So the people who will learn it the people who are you know who want to learn Kira and they're basically sitting there all day.

01:18:59 --> 01:19:00


01:19:11 --> 01:19:13

people are saying oh

01:19:16 --> 01:19:54

their minds away people minds are people people are used to the handle of people in Hades so that they can tell others how do you think people will say wow, that guy knows Hades. Su de la hora de la sala said you learn you acquire knowledge for three reasons you will not even smell the fragrance of Paradise let alone going near it going inside, if you acquire knowledge, so that you can you can impress the scholars, you by E lemma. You can impress the scholars or if you learn and acquire knowledge so that you can argue with the with the ones who have got not enough knowledge as you see some brothers you know they want to learn

01:19:56 --> 01:19:59

in my house. Yeah, I'm quoting you behind this hadith is more strongly than

01:20:00 --> 01:20:01

See you soon boy

01:20:02 --> 01:20:40

is all about that you strong because you got it the guys we got a hadith outside Buhari what's your intention? Why are you doing this? Why are you carrying on telling people this? I mean okay finally if you want to spread knowledge and spread knowledge but if it's because you want to argue with the ones who don't have as enough knowledge as you are the English ones, then you are one of those who says sudo su casa la hora Salim is talking about and the third one he said you saw reefer madness he, they want people's faces to turn to them. Laila. They want people watching them seeing them now like, you know, you got all these channels. All these channels have established channels.

01:20:41 --> 01:20:54

Man, they're like people, they can't wait to get onto the seat behind the camera. Because the moment they sit on the seat, the guy doesn't know jack, and is called scholar is called shake. He's called shake.

01:20:55 --> 01:20:57

The guy's got a bit of a beard. He can shake.

01:20:58 --> 01:20:59

Yeah, right. We'll check.

01:21:00 --> 01:21:01

We're gonna shake are you

01:21:03 --> 01:21:15

and people are taking photos of them. People are taking photos of them. People are asking the questions of the guy sitting there giving all the answers and he should fear she was alive he doesn't have the right knowledge. So for these reasons that people are doing it allows the devil you lied.

01:21:17 --> 01:21:46

So now O'Meara beha sobre la vida de la would have ordered angels will then drag him on his face on the day of judgment in front of people drag him on his face. So they're guarding with ease that they've got his his legs high up in the air, that his feet tied up high in the air, and his face has been dragged on the on the surface of the Day of Judgment, and then he will be thrown headlong with the fire. The same will happen with a Mujahid who wanted to go out there. He wanted to find out why because he wanted to he wanted people to see how he can go pow pow, pow.

01:21:48 --> 01:21:51

That's all he wants to do power power and CCI bugs that might not hit them and

01:21:52 --> 01:22:22

that's what he wants to do. show people how brave he is. So Allah said, well people send you a brave that's it true john, you are brave person go straight to * fire. Same thing will happen to him and the one who gave his wealth because he wanted people to see him and praise him for giving the wealth. And Come on brother, you want to give wealth you want to give some side you've got it. Don't stock it up for the 27th night of Ramadan. So that when everyone's waiting there who's gonna be there? Or 1000 pound donor, you're gonna say me, I have made it.

01:22:23 --> 01:22:32

Everyone see me 1000 pound donor. And please sign it my receipt with God.

01:22:34 --> 01:23:11

Set sub whatever the guy wants to basically show his name. So Allah will say you gave that so people could tell you know, see you praise You for now go straight to * file. So that that's the fate and let's think about ourselves. What are we doing that is not for Allah because that will be something clear on the day gentlemen. The surah says that Allah Allahu Silla, Matthew sudo, what was deep inside your heart that's going to come up on the Day of Judgment, the intentions you had to do some of these actions of the day of judgment will be very clear that you did in the dunya, very clear on the Day of Judgment. So anyway, imagine Allah Subhana will say now everyone's gone away,

01:23:11 --> 01:23:41

and they follow whatever they have to follow and who's left, the believers are left and there's some minority that are left amongst them. hypocrites, the week, either week, Muslims, hypocrites of the heart, hypocrites of the actions, whatever they are, because Don't forget that two types of hypocrites. One hypocrite who really did not believe in Allah from his heart, but he does just did some body service lip service, just showing others that he's a believer when he's not really believer. And there's another type, sorry, just before I carry on brothers, can you just if you've got space in front of you, please just move forward slowly.

01:23:42 --> 01:24:16

There's another type. There's another type that is the munafo of the actions, their actions are making, that the actions are against their own beliefs. And this is there are plenty of Muslims out there today. You know that they believe in Allah from the heart, but they actually know they're lying. They're cheating. You can't trust them that a Muslim you can't trust them, the cheaters, the liars, they swear they're abusive. They are oppressive, and they're Muslim. They say the Shah that they believe it from the heart. They believe Allah exists, but they still do wrong things. That's the second time both of them will be amongst the median the believers in the Day of Judgment,

01:24:16 --> 01:24:19

waiting. And these are the hottest continues.

01:24:25 --> 01:24:31

The hottest continues that only the righteous and the people who are sinners will be left.

01:24:33 --> 01:24:56

Allah will come to them on the Day of Judgment. In a way Allah knows best how he's going to do this. We don't believe Allah has any physical appearance. We don't believe that Allah has any physical dimension. We don't believe lies restricted by time or space. We don't believe in any of that. However, Allah will do so he's going to come to them. Whichever way that is. Allah will then say from Athens zoo, what are you waiting for you people,

01:24:57 --> 01:25:00

tapioca, tapioca. lumati maca.

01:25:00 --> 01:25:42

Everyone has gone with their deeds, they will say yes, our load, everyone's gone and we are waiting for our load balancer will harm your load, they will say they will not recognize Allah in the way you present himself to them, they will say now the Billahi min. So we seek refuge in Allah from you, we do not, we do not commit any shift with Allah. And they will say that two times or three times, until some of them would want to sort of move away from that place. And then Allah will address them and say, Have you got and this this, Allah will only address the profits amongst them see all the profits will be amongst the believers, all the profits from the beginning to the end, I will say,

01:25:43 --> 01:26:22

Are you waiting for a sign that you want to ask for so that the Lord can show you the sign? And you can then follow the load? They will say yes, profits will say yes, we're waiting for the sock. And what is the sap sock is something that Allah has which he will reveal on the Day of Judgment. Literally, the sock in Arabic would mean the shin but we do not say that Allah has anything like his creation, we do not say that we do not know what it exactly is. Honestly, we don't know this is one of the items that is ambiguous. Allah has put that in the plan for us just to accept either his his he's got this or whatever that will be, he will show the sap on the Day of Judgment. And when he

01:26:22 --> 01:26:27

shows that every believer will fall into frustration in front of Allah.

01:26:28 --> 01:27:05

The monastics the hypocrites, those who are not true Muslims are those who are Muslims, but they were not good Muslims. And they never used to worship Allah in this world, they will try to get into sujood but their backs will be made straight Takata and wahida their whole neck and back legs will be made straight and they will not be able to do sudo they will fall back onto their necks, and they will try a few times to do sudo they will not be able to do sudo but every true believer will go straight into sudo. They will recognize that this is Allah subhanaw taala who has revealed Himself to us in one way or another, they will follow the process of going to sudo and then Allah will

01:27:05 --> 01:27:44

reveal to him in a different way that he did from the first time and now they will recognize that is Allah and the Sahaba said messenger of Allah Are we going to see Allah on the day of judgment? And Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, Do you have any doubt in seeing the 14th night moon? When you see then the no clouds in the sky? They said no mention of Allah. He says in the same way you will see Allah subhanaw taala would you yo mighty Nadira, ihlara behind Allah, Allah Allah said in pseudo chiamato we face that beaming with delight on the Day of Judgment, this is the point and they will be looking at Allah, Allah subhanaw taala and He will reveal Himself to him. And Allah will say now

01:27:44 --> 01:27:46

come across and follow this way.

01:27:47 --> 01:28:10

And they will come down to that pit where everyone has to come and they will then see the Sierra and they will see the the bridge. Now this bridge will be put down at this time. And the bridge will be over Johanna. What the whole Lucia and now there's two shafa there's two interceptions we've promised Allahu alayhi salam will receive and there's one intercession that we will receive.

01:28:12 --> 01:28:50

The two intersections with Rasulullah sallallahu. Alison has is one and the beginning when he's asking Allah to open the accounts of the Day of Judgment which I covered in the last session. And the other one I also covered which is when when all the people of janome have gone to janome and all the people of Ghana have gone to Jana Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam will return back and back and back and say Yamato allama is still in in Hellfire Malmaison hellfire. This is a second shefa second intercession with Rasulullah sallallahu aza will receive as for the believers, they will receive intercession and their intercession here it is mentioned in this hadith but before I get to

01:28:50 --> 01:29:40

that the Hadees continues they will say Allahu wa salim Salim our law, the one who is the salam, Salam Allah word, which is peace or law, please establish our feet establish our feet across this surah so they said messenger of Allah, what is this? What is this bridge Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said de boon Mozilla, he said it's a slippery bridge. fee Hochtief. There are many different hooks that come out of this bridge. In one Hadith, he said at the upcoming sharp it's thinner than a hair and it's sharper than a blade and insert in this hadith has sakata Kubina. He said they will also be phones that will be at the side of this bridge. They're coming out the stones, and he said

01:29:40 --> 01:29:48

in one hand is movable, which means that they are they are bent slightly so that they can actually catch on to people while they're working on this

01:29:49 --> 01:29:59

show aka you call the hair side and there are many phones that it has small small phones as well as large stones as well as curved ones as well as hooks that will want to sort of cling on to people

01:30:00 --> 01:30:19

They're walking by Mr. Moon, they believe his will pass by this bridge, cartography line and Swan law, he has given certain different categories of believers, how they will go across this bridge, the best of believers, he has said we'll go with it with a blink of an eye.

01:30:20 --> 01:30:29

So halala a blink of an eye, they will be right in front of the doors of Janna, Savannah, right, where the doors of the mela make make us from them.

01:30:30 --> 01:31:12

He said the next one is a kalbach. He said there will be others that will go like lightning across, like lightning across. Now that's not as fast the blink of an eye, but it's still very fast, very fast going over the bridge. So basically, these people are not even touching the bridge. Then he said, Don't worry, there will be those that will go across the bridge, like the wind that blows. So they will sail across the desert coca pie, and there will be those that will go across like birds that fly over and again, Alhamdulillah not even touching this agenda, we will hail recap, there are going to be those that will go like fast horses across this the way a fast horse can run. That's how

01:31:12 --> 01:31:43

fast they will go across this bridge in one and what will happen at this moment is this is not in this Hadith, but this is in the Quran. The verses that I read in the beginning of this this lecture or this reminder, I said the sub verses of surah Hadith and you will find that around the 10th verse 11th 12 verse you will find what Allah has mentioned about this whole chapter, what will happen on the Day of Judgment, and the moon Africa in the hypocrites are with the believers and they want to get across as well, for the Rebbe whom be sued in law, who bad

01:31:44 --> 01:32:21

at the moment when the monastic want to get across because what's going to happen is at that point, when you get down to this low pit, it's very dark, as I've explained, you can't see anything and the fire of janome is black. So what Allah will do is Allah will give everyone new light. And this light will be according to our our math and our actions. So the one who has the greatest amount of actions will have the greatest source of light, that light will show them clearly how to cross the cross the bridge, and in the speed that Rasulullah sallallahu said with that light, they will cross the bridge, the munaf again won't have any light, they're hypocrites. So what they will do is they'll

01:32:21 --> 01:32:29

grab on to certain believers and they'll say look, we will with you in the dunya with you in the world come on guy man oh you friend man drama, which is Chyna

01:32:30 --> 01:32:52

Please take me across and they will have won't have any light the believers will be will be the only one that will have liked Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in one Hadith, that the lowest amount of light, the minimum amount of light that a believer will have is it will be the the amount of the end of his little finger.

01:32:53 --> 01:33:01

So basically, it's like a little bulb. And he said that it will sometimes come on. And sometimes we'll go off.

01:33:03 --> 01:33:29

Sometimes they'll come on. And when he comes on he will walk or try to get across the bridge. But you've got to be careful of the forms and careful not to slip and sometimes it goes off so he stands there. He waits is the weakest of all believers. Otherwise, there'll be others that will go across with much more light and much more speed. So for Boudicca by nom de su de la habana at that moment, when the Manasa T will try and get with the believers across the bridge, Allah will put a wall or a barrier between them.

01:33:31 --> 01:33:58

Now there is going to be though in between that that door, he says Botha movie Rama. Inside the door on the side of the believers, there is only Mercy of Allah and the hero on the outside of the door, there's only Allah punishment. So the Guna African won't be able to cross this door, they won't be able to cross this barrier that are illustrated and they will be left behind and obviously what will allow to do with them, Allah will then make them drop into the lowest of jahannam.

01:33:59 --> 01:34:34

In the dark in the lowest part of Ghana, they will receive and when I talk about Ghana, we will talk about this category of people. Nevertheless, the believers are now on their way to get to salvation. So the Sudan law has been said funair, Jin mussalam they're going to be those that will crossing the bridge. Those there'll be certain believers is all believers now, certain believers that will be completely safe and sound and cross the bridge without even having a single phone prick them.

01:34:36 --> 01:34:50

Now lawmakers have them. I mean, and then he said one maka Dushan. Merson, there will be certain believers whom the phones would have would have made scars in the body's

01:34:51 --> 01:34:59

blood is pouring down from the blood bodies. They've been they've been sort of in a coat in there. Don't forget everyone's naked. No one's closed.

01:35:00 --> 01:35:35

Everyone's naked. So you've got to go naked across this, you know, you haven't got no boots, my brother, you know to go to go. So this is serious matter here you've got bare feet walking over this. And if you're not one of those lucky people who's going to fly across, then you have to actually walk across. So these people are walking these believers believers who believed in Allah Who did this to us and so on. They will be walking but they will get pricked, and they will get scraped, and they will have you know, skins ripped off and they will have some parts of their bodies damaged, but Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said, they will end of the day they will receive they

01:35:35 --> 01:35:42

will get to the other end hamdulillah and then he said Womack Doosan phenolic, Johanna omocha does phenol Johanna.

01:35:43 --> 01:35:49

He said there will be those that will try and cross the bridge, but they will fall straight into Johanna

01:35:50 --> 01:36:09

the some that will fall as soon as they get onto the bridge, they will fall down the some allowance to punish them more. They will make their way halfway across the bridge and then fall then there's some allowance to punish the most. They will get to near the end and then they will fall.

01:36:10 --> 01:36:54

And that will be the Allah punishing them as severe punishment going almost across the whole of the bridge of Hellfire with whatever light they've got and then a full slip into janam. Hatta either hollow Sun Moon Amina not until the believers have now crossed those Allah has saved they would have crossed the other side then Sula Salaam says, For one lady Neff. cvad says, I swear by the one who has my heart in his hand on my soul in his hand, I swear by him, that you the believers, meaning the believers who would have survived, you will be the best in terms of looking after your brothers who have dropped into hellfire. This is now the intercession that we will receive. He has said you will

01:36:54 --> 01:37:21

be very very covetous and eager to try and save your Muslim brothers and sisters from hellfire. So you will say robina Can we assume Luna mana or load these two fast with the swallowed when you saw lunaria for June our law they used to pray with us or law they used to do Hajj with us, for you call Allah whom Allah will say you have to take out from Hellfire, whoever you recognize.

01:37:22 --> 01:37:50

Take out from Hellfire wherever you recommend Lalalalala please brothers The good thing about this is if you're with believers, praying with believers fasting with believers during Hajj and you happen to get punished in the next slide then you got hope here that your own brothers will take you out whoever they recognize whoever losses whoever you recognize, friends, family, acquaintances are far and near they will pull them out from a Hellfire or tell the angels to pull them out from hellfire.

01:37:52 --> 01:37:52

And then

01:37:53 --> 01:38:12

Allah Allah's Messenger Salallahu alaihe salam says that they know that when they will come out Subhana Allah, they will see that they've been burned these people who fell from the bridge into Hellfire, they would have been burned in every place except for the places that touched the ground Institute

01:38:14 --> 01:38:27

said in various Hadith that the places are the forehead, the nose, the palms of the hands, actually hands, the knees, the bottom part of our toes, none of that can burn in jahannam

01:38:28 --> 01:38:28


01:38:30 --> 01:38:31

Furman budget.

01:38:33 --> 01:39:18

So Allah subhanaw taala will will then you know, he will allow them to do that. So, there will be certain people that have he says 100 nationalities Saki Misaki some people that fight took them from halfway from their shins downwards. Some people the fire took them from their knees downwards, and they will say robina overload my back. He had me Mamata, NaVi Allah, you know, we've taped we've asked to take out the people that, you know, were our acquaintances in the world. But there are still people. There are still people in there. I will say at General go back. Herman we're just to begin with cara de narembeen hiring faculty you whoever you will find the wage of one Dena gold coin

01:39:18 --> 01:39:55

of a man in his heart. Oh goodness, this hadith says goodness, whoever will have that much of goodness this has to do with action. Then take then you're allowed to say to the angels that take them from Hellfire out from how far and a great number of people were taken from the believers that is only they will be taken out from hellfire. Then they will say Robin our Lord lambda had me Mamata we've done what you've said. And allow us to go back whoever you will find with a half a gold coin of goodness inside and take them out. So another large amount of people will come out then they will say Oh Allah, there's still more people allowance. Okay, whoever you will find an atom's weight of

01:39:55 --> 01:39:59

good in their heart, take them out and they will a large number of people come out

01:40:00 --> 01:40:43

And I will say throughout the Alon Hoon races. He says, if you want to read read Surah Nisa, verse number 41 losses in Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah will not allow not oppress anyone, even an atom's Wait, this is referring to this particular moment. So then Allah will say Subhana Allah because at this moment what is happening is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam is also going back and is asking our law, people my home and my oma and he will be given a different shout out, see, the moon was said, the belief is me and you if we make it to the other side, may Allah make us of them. Then Allah will say to us, what are the good you find actions, good actions you find in their

01:40:43 --> 01:40:53

hearts of these amounts, take them out Rasulullah sallallahu will be said, Whoever in their heart You will find any Eman any belief

01:40:54 --> 01:41:32

from this amount, and that amount and load we can make a less amount and unless and until allow, say, an atom's weight of a man in their heart Rasulullah sallallahu will be given permission to take them out from alpha. Now please remember that many, if you think that this is a this is a short thing you just you just seen how far for sure. Well, it's not not the case. Because these people would have probably been punished in the pangs of death, at the pangs of death, they would have been punished in the grave, they would have be punished on the Day of Judgment, which is 50,000 years long. And then they basically now falling and Allah knows how long he might punish them. Maybe it's

01:41:32 --> 01:42:08

part of the 50,000 part of the gray more of that whole of that owner knows and then they come to this party and they fall into how far Allah knows how long they will remaining, how far till they pulled out of hellfire. And Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam will also do is schaffen intercession and move back and forth and like I said in the last session, he will fall into sudo de la makara would allow say get up now and make your shofar making intercession and he will be given the largest intercession that anyone would have received. And then Allah will say, according to the hadith of hardened Muslim Shabbat, in melodica, the angels have made the intercession because certain angels

01:42:08 --> 01:42:49

will say, Oh Allah, that person is a good person. That person is good person. I used to carry the route and Salawat from him to the province of Alaska. That person good person I used to watch him praying on the app was a good person needs to forgive people. That person a good person that maniacal Angel will make the intercession. So Allah will say that Malika that made him decision whatsoever and maybe Yun and the prophets have made the intercession while I'm in our hamara amin and no one is left remaining to make intercession except for the Most Merciful of the Merciful ones. That is talking about Allah Himself. file cabinet, Amina Allah will take one whole suite of people,

01:42:49 --> 01:43:31

a whole group of people he will he will take he will seize them from from Hellfire and they will be people lamea Malou higher and cut. They have never done a single deed in their life ever before Allah will just take them out of Ghana, a group of people whoever from his from his bounty will take them out. And they have now become absolutely burned. Dark all over coated with blackness fight because Don't forget the other people they had their their faces will shoot they distribute they won't be in bed but these people have been burned in those places as well as well. Then Allah will say now there will be a river that will be the river from one of the rivers of Gemini is called mal

01:43:31 --> 01:44:13

hat is one of the rivers that gives life and they will be washed in that and no sooner that they will be washed from this water that they will start to grow because Don't forget the fire has shrunk them into dark pieces and these if you want to understand how this will be is like you know when you have when you find some chips when you draw some chips, and then you take in the chips out of the oil and there's one one little piece of chips that stayed in the oil and it's fizzling sizzling on top and you keep on throwing more chips in taking the chips out and there's that one piece what happens to it, it shrinks it goes dark and black all over and it's sizzling on the top. So that's

01:44:13 --> 01:44:21

how they will actually be and when that water will wash them. Rasool Allah said the way the foam of the way the

01:44:22 --> 01:44:46

waves of the ocean, grow moss underneath at the seaside, they will find certain weeds and Muslim things grow. That's how they will start growing into the normal size and they will be normal people again. When finally they will come into Jannah people of Ghana will say these are the people that are being bought into general without a single deed without a single leader they have done.

01:44:47 --> 01:44:59

Allah will give them certain bracelets and necklaces around their necks and they will be known as the rotala they're the people are last set free out of his severe out of his sheer mercy

01:45:00 --> 01:45:01


01:45:03 --> 01:45:16

that's when I mean this is another part of the hotties has come. But this is 100 that explains what will happen when people are cross the bridge and Allah subhanho wa Taala His mercy will come. There is another Hadith

01:45:17 --> 01:45:19

of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

01:45:20 --> 01:46:03

in Muslim and it talks about the shefa and the fact that Allah subhanaw taala has given that to the prophets and to the believers he will give that there's one more Hadith where Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa said in a hadith of Bokhari Muslim he said liqua leanbean nikolina bien Tao, Mr. Jabba every prophet has got one duar if they make that door, Allah will accept it straightaway. Fatah Angela coluna be in data, every prophet every NaVi they were haste in this world do hasty mean making that drop. We're about to die What Tisha can do Matsuyama piano, I have kept my

01:46:04 --> 01:46:20

my dryer that will be accepted immediately. I have kept that for my own, to intercede for them on the dev Jasmine. Savannah that is our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recite, recite Salawat and the Prophet because Subhan Allah say that

01:46:22 --> 01:46:22


01:46:23 --> 01:46:59

sorry, let me just finish the Hadith. The Hadith says for here now either in sha Allah madman or Mattila should be lanisha whoever from my alma has died without assigning any partners with a law they will receive this shefa eventually on the Day of Judgment. abou Guerrero de la Hannah makhanda hadiza Buhari, he asked the province of the laws and he said I said O Messenger of Allah man Assad nurse Bishop Attica Yama, Yama, and listen to this hadith carefully if you want to. If you want to receive the intercession of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Who will be the most luckiest person the most fortunate person of receiving your intercession on the Day of Judgment,

01:46:59 --> 01:47:12

meaning that Who are the people who will really receive it, you know, the guaranteed people Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said laqad Ananda hurayrah Allah is another Hadith I had an hour mink, Lima right minahasa Gala.

01:47:14 --> 01:48:00

By seeing the amount of eagerness you have to learn Hadith, I knew that you'd be the first one to ask me this hadith before any other person. As I do Naseby, shefa t yo Ma Ma, Ma Allah Allah, Allah Hi, Lola Hollis en min min kibali nuptse. The most fortunate the most deserving people who will receive my intercession on the day of judgment will be the people who will say la ilaha illa Allah, there is no other deity there is no other worthy of worship, except Allah who will say these words, Holly sanmina Kiba, NASA from the from purely from the heart purely from the heart, brothers, just just take one moment, one moment, if you really believe that there is no other God besides that I

01:48:00 --> 01:48:35

know the date you know the person who can control us. Just say this with me in this session here. C'est la ilaha illa la say that when you go home, please spread this as well. This is a Buhari, whoever will say this from his heart. If you can carry on repeating it. You've now got yourself in an advantage of receiving the intercession of the prophets of Allah Allah sent him. Now there's one other shafa there's one other intercede in deceit on the Day of Judgment, apart from the far from Allah apart from his angels apart from the prophets are far apart from the believers, can anyone name who that is?

01:48:37 --> 01:48:38

Can anyone name who that is?

01:48:42 --> 01:48:46

One other intercede on the Day of Judgment. That will be the Holy Quran.

01:48:48 --> 01:48:56

That will be my core and your Quran in every time we do in the tilava the Quran that Quran is a person my brothers

01:48:57 --> 01:49:03

Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa said, Make my Quran a companion for me in my grave.

01:49:04 --> 01:49:11

Because the Quran will be a person you will see the whole of your life tilava has become this one beautiful person.

01:49:12 --> 01:49:55

And he will be there when you wake up on the Day of Judgment. And I said that your surah baqarah and Surah Al e Imran will become two shades for the believer who recited it on the Day of Judgment. could imagine that you've got Bakker and alleman shading you from the sun on the heat of the sun of the desert and if you don't make it under that they are shading you. And then Rasulullah sallallahu various ahaadeeth his prayer said he's an hadiza Muslim he said well Khurana puja to lack Allah. The Quran is either going to be a witness for you or witness against you on the Day of Judgment. What will happen my brother's according to various narrations is the Quran will come and resource

01:49:55 --> 01:49:59

allotment said this in various Hadith. He said the Quran is Shafi

01:50:00 --> 01:50:27

Moo chiffon Yama, Yama, the Quran will receive shafa I will get the get the you know the privilege to intercede for you and me brothers and sisters who are really who love the Quran. You know people who love the Quran, people who recite the Quran, he will enjoy reciting it just for the sake of Allah, the Quran will be there what what will it do? It will come in front of Allah and Allah would have said to some to some of us, go straight to Hellfire or go straight to heaven.

01:50:29 --> 01:50:44

Some people if they haven't read the Quran properly, and they've been Allah says okay you go to heaven, this is Allah is doing the Quran comes and says Oh Allah I stand, I am your word, I stand against your judgment.

01:50:46 --> 01:50:52

This person did not do this this person did not do that this person did not regard the haloumi as halal haram he is haram.

01:50:53 --> 01:51:36

So, this person is not going to gender This person will go to * finally it will argue with Allah until Allah says okay, you win my word, my word you win. And the Quran takes them from behind their neck means from the annex holds them, takes them straight to * fine throws them straight inside. And there'll be others who have regard the Quran as they should have regarded it and Allah would have said to some of them, you go straight to hellfire. And the Quran comes to the rescue stands right in front of Allah, our law. This person was busy in the day practice in me busy in the night reading me busy in the day practicing me busy in the night reciting me he wouldn't go up be so busy

01:51:36 --> 01:51:45

he wouldn't go to sleep because he was reciting me. Allah will say because the the Quran will argue and argue until allow say, Oh my word you you win.

01:51:46 --> 01:51:51

So then the Quran will hold the person's hand and walk with him straight into Jenna.

01:51:52 --> 01:52:27

This is the Quran, Shafi and Misha will be given intercession the right to intercede on the Day of Judgment. So hon Allah the Quran is something my brothers you know, you don't I'd love you to understand the Arabic I'd love you to read it in English. And you should read at least one Quran in English the whole in your life, you should at least do that. But the main thing is to do the tiller of the Quran in Arabic. Now some brothers asked me they say do I get bored in reciting the Quran? When I'm reading in English or in Arabic? What do I get moody because in English, I understand it in the mother tongue. I understand it in Arabic, I don't understand it. The thing is that you will get

01:52:27 --> 01:52:46

more reward in the Arabic Yes, there is a lot of reward in reading the meaning of it and I expect you to do that. But there's a lot more reward in the Arabic If you don't even if you don't understand it. Mr. Medina humble Rahim Allah He writes himself, he says, I saw Allah however he saw this, he said, I saw Allah in my dream 100 times.

01:52:48 --> 01:53:26

And the 100th time. I said, Oh Allah, what is the best of action that you servants have? What's the best of action that you like from your servants? And Allah said that I like it when my servants recite my word Quran. So then he said I will lie is that with me knowing the meaning or without knowing the meaning. Allah said whether they know the meaning or don't know the meaning is still the same to me. So whether you know the meaning or not, don't put yourself down. There is something to do because the Quran will intercede for us inshallah Bismillah on the Day of Judgment, and we will at least see it as a companion the Day of Judgment. Nevertheless, all this has happened.

01:53:27 --> 01:53:40

And there's been people who have gone from the Day of Judgment either to the to jahannam or they've gone to Jana. And there's, there's one part now I want to cover about our off

01:53:41 --> 01:53:46

about our off, what is our off and then inshallah we can conclude this this session.

01:53:47 --> 01:54:02

are off has been mentioned in sudo RF if you look into total RF, you will find it there. It's not it's about quarter juice into it, you will find the whole description out of the alumni have have had a disagreement of exactly what our offer is.

01:54:03 --> 01:54:07

The hazardous felony who is the commentator Buhari says

01:54:08 --> 01:54:18

most of them have come to one conclusion more or less one conclusion which is whoever is good deeds will be the same as their bad deeds exactly the same.

01:54:19 --> 01:54:32

They will be people sent to our off it's a station that is in a high place or are actually means high, high place comes from earth which is something that is raised. So they will be put into there.

01:54:33 --> 01:54:50

They will then have they will look to one side they can see the people of Ghana. They look to the other side they can see the people agenda. So Allah subhanaw taala. He has quoted their statement in the Quran of how they will speak when the US have been

01:54:51 --> 01:55:00

as horrible as have been. Now once people are in genuine people in Ghana, they will have the conversation with one

01:55:00 --> 01:55:04

And in between other people are off. So they will still hear both the conversations.

01:55:05 --> 01:55:32

And the people of Jelena will say what to the people of Ghana, they will say, or the words or the Nevada Nana buena hapa. Whatever Allah has told us that we will receive, we have found it to be the truth. Hello, Tamara bukem hapa Have you found what Allah promised you to be true? They will say of course we have. Well of course we have found what is supposed to be true we have found that to be true.

01:55:35 --> 01:55:41

These this conversation after a while this is going going on a lot is right in between

01:55:42 --> 01:56:27

us have our vt Jalla una whom Mishima whom the people are often called on to the people of Jana they will recognize the faces they will say you've made it to Jana we still stuck in our of our office mid place. There's no punishment there, but there's no delight there either. is right in between you don't receive any any of the two. They will say to the people of Ghana Salah Monaco, Salaam Alaikum, Salaam Alaikum wa. Salam alikoum Oh Aziz Abdul Aziz remember we were in the world hope to get to you soon inshallah. So those his pastor salams the people of Jenna, but what he does to different cities, when their faces will turn towards jahannam. They will say our la seavus famous from the

01:56:27 --> 01:56:30

from the companions of the Fire saves us from that.

01:56:31 --> 01:56:37

And then the people of Iraq will then again call onto the people of Ghana, and they will have a conversation with them.

01:56:39 --> 01:57:21

Or Luma, avana Nkunda Moroccan American guru, Allah will say what, all people there are people here who said that people are off, they might not get into janelas Rama will come into its existence and allow say one will do until kumin Jen, Allah will say now here, this is Jennifer. Ooh ha, oh, people are off. You now find it Allah will say go straight into Jana. And there will be one point where Allah will have his mercy. And he will say all of you going to join us so the people of our raffle eventually going to get into Jana. The people of Johanna will ask the people of Jana they will say what in that same verse around the same verse.

01:57:22 --> 01:57:28

They will say one other as high as possible in Ghana and a few Alena

01:57:29 --> 01:57:42

Yomi. Morocco, moolah. Oh people of Ghana, give us some water give us some drink from the drink that the ramen that Allah has given to you. We are thirsty in hellfire. Give us some food that you have received.

01:57:44 --> 01:57:51

In Allah how Rama Huma Alka Fie people of Jana who say what Allah has made this forbidden onto the people of Ghana.

01:57:52 --> 01:58:00

Now Jenna people are Jenna will be able to talk to people of Jana and not the other way around, they'll be able to talk to each other.

01:58:01 --> 01:58:08

There is one other hobbies that I want to bring to your attention. And that Hadith is

01:58:11 --> 01:58:20

hadith of Bokhari where Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said when people will cross the cross the bridge This is particularly when they will cross the bridge.

01:58:21 --> 01:58:31

There will be certain people who will be caught in between in a high piece or heap as a heap over the bridge, they will record them

01:58:33 --> 01:58:50

and what will happen is between the believers between the people who are crossing the bridge, whatever oppressions they had whatever problems they had between them, they will sorted out at that moment. One will be on the Day of Judgment but this will be second moment if there's anything left they will sorted out

01:58:51 --> 01:59:32

they will be cleansed from the evils they have done to one another however Allah punished them on this part of the bridge and and then they will be given permission to go straight into Jana Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam I said Allah enough so Mohammed mpod I swear by the one who has the soul of Muhammad in his hand, to whom I had albumin Zilla, he killed gentlemen who Beeman Zilla he kind of dunya while they're on the bridge waiting to get into Jana, they will know their station and the house in Jana better than they know their house in this world. They will have that in their mind. Now some Allah have said this is our off some automatic said this portion when this part on

01:59:32 --> 01:59:59

the bridge, when they get caught, there's a kind of a raised piece of something where they will get caught into that land or something where they will have to sort out their bad deeds with one another whether they get punished or however they do it. Some Allah have said this is our others have said that it's a station that will be a way from that. Nevertheless, this is the this is the end of our off and things that I have mentioned here. What I will say now brothers is

02:00:01 --> 02:00:10

These sessions that I'm giving, they're not just to think about these moments that to think about this world, what we have done is going to have a serious effect on the next world.

02:00:12 --> 02:00:21

A dounia, must all akhira the dunya is only a cultivating land for the next world. Wherever we doing, we sowing the seeds for the next life.

02:00:22 --> 02:00:51

I'm going to go back home tonight, you're going to go back home tonight, there's going to be a few things you will carry away from this. One of the things I want you to carry away is that you will go and spread this down to your family members, to your friends, to your colleagues, you we will remind one another again and again of this, you will sit in your homes in the dark. I said to this to this before, imagine you're going through all of this imagining Imagine all the way to make yourself feel all of this.

02:00:52 --> 02:01:31

You know the psychological studies done in this if you kind of scraped your feet along the floor. Yep. And you kind of imagine that this is now the bridge, you kind of put your foot onto something that is a bit spiky don't put it into real thorns here. Okay, take a start saying bad words and something that is spiky Put your feet onto something that feels fine. It could be a hairbrush. It could be hairbrush. It could be a scone, something plastic, that's not going to go in your feet. That goes down there the other thing right, so then you put your feet and you scrape it along there in the dark in the dark sit in the dark and do this scrape it onto your foot and imagine that you're

02:01:31 --> 02:01:45

walking across Ghana imagine take a little bow to torch right and you know flick it on figured off imagine you could be I could be that may Allah protect us remember that last believer going across the bridge

02:01:46 --> 02:02:20

imagine that we're going across that is dark and what's going to happen on the day of judgment and a long journey. Take you know if you've got time, go through death go through the grave go through going on the death just coming from the dead don't go through something and or law go through stunning losses while you do these words. Do that and swallow a lot. Take yourself through all of those emotions, make yourself cry. Then imagine that resource of Lawson is going from from one end to another and danisha people are going following whatever they want allows us to do so dude, will I be the one who will be able to do salute to him going across just going as Johanna and getting into

02:02:20 --> 02:02:50

Jenna. Now there's a couple of things I will say getting into Jana Rasulullah sallallahu has and will be the first one that he will knock on the door of Jenna. And when we get into Jenna. And finally we get into Jana, and this will be the next the next for the next session. we'll combine parts of jahannam and parts of Gemini in one series. So say parts of one and parts of another one to give a comparison of the two lives in there. But one last thing to go away with and this is sweetness of what we can what we can receive in the next life.

02:02:51 --> 02:02:56

Imagine if there was no more worries left.

02:02:57 --> 02:02:58

You know how good that will feel?

02:03:00 --> 02:03:05

No, no worries. No more worries ever left. You don't have to worry about bills.

02:03:06 --> 02:03:10

Worry about people in your family. You don't have to worry about the doctor.

02:03:11 --> 02:03:15

Because there's no doctors in Ghana. Sorry guys got no job in Geneva.

02:03:16 --> 02:03:24

He doesn't know what to do no dentist agenda. There's no too thick agenda. There's no bellyache agenda, there's no headache agenda. There's nothing to worry about in general.

02:03:25 --> 02:03:40

Imagine getting into there once you get into there, it's haram for you to come back out. You can't come back out only Rasulullah sallallahu is the only one that can get him to come back out. Anyone else that goes into Janna, they cannot come out that that you want to come out.

02:03:43 --> 02:03:51

Imagine imagine having no law hope there's no fear. There's nothing to worry about. Nothing absolute to worry about.

02:03:52 --> 02:04:12

Imagine what you will do now one question I asked kids, and I teach them. And I've just done this today. I did. I've done this every time I talk about gender to kids, and I'm not talking to adults. All right. The question is, what's the thing that you will wish in Jannah? You know, our kids say I want a house of chocolate.

02:04:15 --> 02:04:31

You tell them what do you tell them you tell them inshallah, if you want to house in Jannah of chocolate, Allah will give you a house of chocolate in Ghana say that to them. Because a better one came with the promise of the last man who said minister of Allah. He said we like get a red camel in general.

02:04:32 --> 02:04:40

Red camel, Professor Lawson said if you want a red camel in Ghana, you will get a red camel in general.

02:04:41 --> 02:04:59

So if you want a red Ferrari, some people have the right not I want a red Ferrari in Ghana. Well, I'm gonna say Do you want a red Ferrari engine educator at Harare in Ghana, but I don't think you will want a red Ferrari in Ghana. You'll not want honesty but anyway doesn't matter to me. Imagine like the Benjamin his biggest

02:05:00 --> 02:05:10

was a camel by red camel was the fastest camel is the best camel you could raise along the desert and he was the most reliable camel so you wanted that. You want that you get it.

02:05:11 --> 02:05:40

We're gonna ask for a red Ferrari or a red Lamborghini whatever, you know whatever you want in general. And the thing is when you get to general you're not going to want that there's going to be things Rasul Allah Allah Allah. Allah I don't know I have seen while Odin Samia no ear has heard of Allah tala COVID Basha no mind has ever thought of those are the things in general but anyway, let's go on imagine Mike doesn't matter you just imagine so ask a kid What do you want? They say like if I asked my kid he says he says I want Thomas the Tank Engine

02:05:41 --> 02:06:04

and he wants the whole of the the characters in there. So I get them to think a bit more I said you know do you like theme parks? They say do not theme but you can have the biggest theme park you can ever get. So one of them says to me, he says Yeah, that'd be really fun are basically gone my theme park and I'll go down in a roller coaster we an end of it. I'm going to get my friend make him stand there. And I'm going to basically kick him on.

02:06:06 --> 02:06:41

Say yeah, why? Because no one can get hurt in general. Right? So yeah, you can kick him for a joke. Yeah, he's gonna go flying by bouncing back and we'll come straight back where you are. Right? imagine, just imagine right? You asked him what do they want? They want one one kid said to me. I want to eat from one end of the day to another end of the day. Son you can eat right one of the ones said to me, he said I want to sleep all day. You want to sleep in Jana gone sleep in Jana. You know, when you get to Jana, you are not asleep, right. But you tell him you want to sleep in general, do you sleep in general? Do you want to eat? You eat all day? Now? What will I don't say?

02:06:48 --> 02:06:58

Yes, guys, inshallah, next session, we'll talk about how to name Yes, you're gonna have to wait to the next session I want to talk about now. Because some of you might end up having a bath by the morning.

02:07:00 --> 02:07:38

You don't need one by the morning. So we'll keep that for the next session, come prepared with maybe an extra pair of clothes, whatever. We'll talk about how to name right next time. But imagine you could imagine I don't want you to sit there and start talking, you know, and thinking how beautiful they're going to be in your mind that's wrong. But what you can imagine is what Allah has kept in other rivers, called palaces, food, the trees and plenty of other things. Keep motivating yourself with these things remembers when it comes to when it comes to you feeling relaxed about it in general, then talk about journal think about journaling. inshallah, in the next session, we're going

02:07:38 --> 02:08:13

to think about jahannam and talk about jahannam other things in general because it's a horrible place boiling water I am you know, there's going to be rods in there snakes in there, scorpions in there, find mountains in there, you know, people having the intestines burnt out, you know, whole bodies, you know, skin being stripped off being put back on together, you know, you've got to put yourself in that imagine this is happening to you and then basically feel that you need to do some more ama and actions and then think about gender and hope and fear have to be balanced in this manner. Insha Allah believing that you will do this, does that mean bla

02:08:14 --> 02:08:18

bla bla bla bla and we can dispense from that.

02:08:20 --> 02:08:23

Some of the love more or less, you know, mowlana Mohammadi while

02:08:25 --> 02:08:26

he was army he was

02:08:28 --> 02:08:35

Allahumma salli ala Sayidina Maulana Muhammad insalata and tuna Gina behind me Jamie Allahu Allah

02:08:37 --> 02:08:41

hi Jamie on hajah takahito Navy ham engineers

02:08:42 --> 02:08:43


02:08:46 --> 02:08:46


02:08:48 --> 02:08:49

engineer in

02:08:52 --> 02:09:32

our law almost Merciful of the ones who have mercy our law almost no will have the ones who have nobility or the one who is most generous of the ones who have generosity Allah er can Abu monastery you only we ask we only we serve you only asked to help older man older he almost kind one almost Merciful One O'Malley one who is king. Oh Sammy are one who is hearing us. Antara McCain and what is now column Anna autonoma Serrano Ania Tana now if

02:09:35 --> 02:10:00

you see us in this position of ours, in this part of the world of ours you are watching us right this minute where the smoke alarm and you are hearing the words that we are saying to you and you know all the secrets things that I know better than we we know ourselves. Nothing is hidden from yourself. Our love we asked you most merciful and most kind one. One who will have mercy like no one that can come

02:10:00 --> 02:10:44

Beat with you. I will now we ask you, you know the unseen and you know the see, at this moment whatever is in our deeds, bad deeds and actions of bad deeds will allow we asked you to wipe them out from our book. I will now we ask you to keep it a secret between yourself and us on the Day of Judgment. I will allow the goodies that we have done. We look forward to seeing you on the day of gentlemen. Moeller give us give us the give us the show, give us the the heart that we want to see you Moeller our law give us that eagerness in our hearts that we want to see you on the day of Gentlemen, I will now we ask him Allah to make use of those people who do not fear death of Allah

02:10:44 --> 02:11:07

who only see death as a departure from this dunya but as a as a way and as a means of getting towards you. Our law we asked him Allah that once we are there on the day of gentlemen, that you make us come up and we are with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah we asked you that you make us meet Satan Abu Bakr of Satan or Satan, and Satan or Allah de la

02:11:08 --> 02:11:49

cena Moosa Segura, no Segura, Yusef Allah in the company of the profits, drinking goes out of the hands of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And our love coming out of there and for you to say to us that Enough is enough. You don't want to see anything else. And we will be the first of the first coming the first 70,000 that will go into Jannah without any punishment without any reckoning. I will allow moolah if you ask us on the day of gentlemen, what is it that we can present to you we are telling you right now Moeller, we've got nothing to show you molar. We've got nothing to show you molar. Our library did that we look at a something else that has that has come between I

02:11:49 --> 02:12:27

intention that was supposed to be for your sake. And every time we have received a gift we have only become more stressful in only disobey your luck. And I will now you have gifted us and you're given us so much that we are shamed. We are ashamed to leave our hands in front of you. But I will allow we ask you Mona Do not turn you sinners away from Judo empty handed. Allah we have belief in our heart and we make you a witness and we make your angels a witness at this moment that we believe that you are one you have no partners, and we say law in the law from our hearts. And we say Allahu mandarina alojamento Guna Allah you all know how Latina you have created us.

02:12:31 --> 02:12:35

Layla Highlander, there is no one besides you how Latina you have created as

02:12:37 --> 02:12:39

a low mental of vanilla

02:12:41 --> 02:12:45

and I am your servant, we are Your servants. When Allah

02:12:48 --> 02:12:53

and Allah we according to you promise we will do our best to fulfill that promise.

02:12:54 --> 02:12:56

Whoo like a pneumatic

02:13:01 --> 02:13:47

will be coming shortly Manse and Otto. Allah We seek refuge in the bad deeds in you from the bad deeds that we have committed. And our we accept and we admit to the gifts that you have given us. abou la cabina metakaolin Abu be thembi and we also admit to the sins that we have committed for fiddly while fildena Allah forgive me and forgive us finding the hula, hula and for there will be no one there is no one to forgive sins except for you. Our law we seek refuge in You from the bridge of the Sierra. I will let the bridge of Johanna our ladder Sarah that you will create our lifesavers from the thorns of that bridge. All our savings from the spikes of that bridge. Allah save us from

02:13:47 --> 02:14:25

the metal parts of that bridge. Our last saves from the hooks of that bridge. I will not let us go like the blink of an eye across that bridge. Our law save us from falling into Johanna Mola. We know that we deserve to go to hellfire. Allah we know that we go we deserve to go to her far but our life you have your mercy and if you have your bounty and if you have that upon us Moeller, from your mercy will go to general our law we have hoping you will allow we have hoping you that you will take us to gentlemen, our la Mola give us cefa on the Day of Judgment, Allah give us intercession that we will intercede for our brothers on the Day of Judgment. And I will allow you ask him Allah, that not

02:14:25 --> 02:14:59

to punish it either at the time of our death, or in our graves or in this dunya Allah on the Day of Judgment. I will lie in front of other people on the day of gentlemen how Allah when others will be sweating Allah may be under your option that day, when others will be crying and yelling and that day and the bus Allah that the blood in the past will come out of the bodies and they will have nothing else to cry on that day. Allah we ask you to keep give us peace on that date allowing others will be flung into Hellfire will law taking strict agenda or Hammurabi. We can't we can't do anything else, except that we have hope in you

02:15:00 --> 02:15:09

And we believe that you will look after a smaller, give our books in our right hand on that day, make our good deeds waiting on that day, our life including our parents, Mona,

02:15:11 --> 02:15:48

including our loved ones, including our sons and daughters, including our wives and husbands, including our aunts and uncles, including our relatives and all those who are beloved to us. Our logic is old to Jana, our law, let not one of us be despair of your mercy. Let none one of us find that they have been left behind, then none one of us we let that we don't have anything to look back to our value our only source, your only source that we have, and we are begging you Mola we are begging you mala and this dunya before we have seen you that you make us see you on the day of judgment that you give us your judgment that you make is due to due to DMV and the purpose of the

02:15:48 --> 02:16:32

day of judgment that you take is the agenda and that we are pleased in general we have no more worry and that we have no fear Allah we can't bear the fire this world which is 70 times less than the fire of gentlemen how to better fire our love We seek refuge in You from the scorpions of the Hellfire from the snakes of alpha from the Mandy's of alpha, from Sarah from Santa from Germany and from sorry, and the different parts of the Hellfire obviously refugees from the part of Hellfire that secretly within itself from itself. I will now we ask him Allah to resurrect amongst the Gambia the prophets passivity and proven one Shahada, the martyrs Salah hain the Righteous One Allah accept

02:16:32 --> 02:16:47

is Dr. Oz we ask you to give us every good that the message is Allah has asked you for that good. We seek revenue from every evil the prophets of Allah sought refuge in You from that evil was a long Darla Hideki Mohammed wanna use

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