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The importance of the natural hesitation of Islam to protect others is emphasized, along with the natural hesitation of Islam to be a deity. The shayal of Islam is emphasized, and the importance of not worshipping the shape of oneself is emphasized. The struggles of graduating from college and the importance of not giving up in life are also discussed. The importance of history and relaying the message of Islam to people is emphasized, along with the importance of finding a way to remember the Prophet's teachings and using the symbol "by the light of the beast" to help people to avoid falsehood.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was so happy he will Manuel ever by the cinema. They come Rahmatullah. And our last episode, we finished the story of Salah Halle Salam. And in this week's episode, we're going to be discussing the story of Abraham at a Salam.

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Ibrahim Ali Salam was born in the city of Babel, Iraq, and his people, when you look into their background, they were idol worshipers. And in fact, his father was not just someone who worshipped idols, but he was also a carpenter. And his job was to make these idols and to sell them. So he was not just worshiping him, he was making them and making the profit, that he received his livelihood from selling these idols to the people. And Abraham at SLM as the prophets, all of them never joined in this and hamdulillah it was the protection of Allah subhanaw taala that he protected all of the prophets so they didn't fall into shirk, and they didn't worship. You see people who became Muslim

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from the followers, many of them used to worship. And he you'll find some of them like if you look in the story of this hospital, they love and home, the likes of Abu Bakr, so the who, just like the Prophet na set out to Islam, he never took part in the worshipping of the snom of the idols in the statues, but others did, like our model, the Allahu, and the majority of the sahaba. And they were guided to him the level when it came to the prophets, Allah protected them from the time of their birth, until prophet hood where they never worshipped other than Allah subhana wa sallam, and lo Subhana wa Tada gave something very unique to the prophets, which all of us have. But the prophets,

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it pushed them more. It pushed them more to the issue of the fitrah, that natural inclination, all of us have inside. And we always talk about, you know, the fifth row and Darwin focusing when we get down we teach people about Islam, that we awaken the fifth row from within. And you see that the prophets this was a driving force for them. And it was one of the things that protect them from not falling in, into shirk. Subhanallah so this, this showed that any

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one of the ways that Allah protect them was through the fitrah through this fitrah because they realize that this this doesn't make sense. It's not logic to worship other than Allah subhanaw taala Ibrahim obviously was searching for the truth and went through different stages in his search for the truth until Allah subhanaw taala revealed to him and he became a prophet. And because of the importance of the story of Ibrahim, it was mentioned in the Quran and 25 different chapters of the Quran. And he was mentioned Ali Salaam and 69 different verses. Allah subhanaw taala commanded us commanded the prophets of Allah Sam and all of the believers, when he said in the verse, what

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quarter filled kita be Ibrahim in the hippocampus a deep and via and mentioned in the book, The Story of Ibrahim and deed he was a man of truth and a prophet. He was a deacon in Libya, a man of truth, and a Prophet alayhi salam. And we're going to mention the story inshallah and detail from the ayat of the Quran from different chapters in the Quran. Also something interesting when you look into his story, all of the prophets that came after him, they were from his lineage, and his story is directly connected to other prophets in detail, like the story of luthiery Salaam. And obviously the story of his two sons is smile in his heart. And he obviously did you see the direct connection

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and the direct connection obviously to our beloved Prophet salallahu idea he was sending him being from the lineage of Ibrahim, and from the lineage of his son Ismail Ali, Hema, Assam. When he started his Dawa, he started his Dawa, very similar to the way our Prophet at a salatu salam start his Tao and all the prophets before started their Dawa. And that was calling the people to to heed but who did he start with and it's very important the lesson, which is, he started with the Aqua Rabin, as Allah subhanaw taala ordered the property set out to a seminar Quran to start with a shear attack at a clubbiness with the close members of your family. So he started with his family first,

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focusing on his father, the love he had for his father. And also panel Wattana mentions the story to us in the Quran in detail and sort of Miriam from verses 41 to 48. When Allah subhanho wa Taala said in that story when he said the verse we just mentioned earlier with goldfill kitab Ibrahim and who can has a deep and nebbia and then

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X verse. This is when it starts him speaking to his father is called Le A B, when he said to his father, yeah, Betty, oh, my father. And this is a very important lesson just in how he spoke to his father. It's an important lesson when we speak to our parents, when we speak to our elders. And when we give Dawa in general, what is the wording that he used? He used the word empathy. If I were to ask you, how do I say my father in Arabic? Almost all of you would tell me, Evie. And that's correct, my father. But evety It is another way of saying my father. And it's a way of showing an

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an intense kindness and love for your father.

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Just like when you look at the story of Look, man, look, man, Ali Salam, when we in the story, in sort of look, man, we were making the demo the other day with the brothers in California with the sword up.

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When he talked to his son, he didn't say yeah, evening, my son, which is great. You say, Yeah, Bonet, which is the same style, use it and it to be more compassionate when you speak. So this is a form of compassion, being compassionate, more compassionate, and we're loving to her towards towards his father. So he said, Yeah, Betty. And this is a lesson for all of us, when we give dower to speak with, you know, the words that are nice and, and people like to hear don't come off rough come off in a very nice style very, very kind and gentle approach. So because what is the objective? The objective is the people read that they that they receive, and then the in shallow tie, they accept

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the message that will give them he asked him a question. And all if you remember in all of our past lessons, all of the MBA, and this is one of the objectives, the key objectives. My dear brothers and sisters of us studying these stories, like we said, we don't want to just go through these stories, just relaying Malou met information. tadi history. That's not the objective. It's true. That's one of the things we learn from these stories. But it's not the objective of studying these stories. And lo subhanaw taala. He told us that in their classes and their stories, that there's Ebro, that there's lessons to be learned.

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All of the prophets, when they spoke to their people, they always talk were to their mind, to the intellect to get them to think because most of the people who are in a certain belief system they're inside of the box, we need to get them to think outside of the box and think for themselves. Because you as you're going to see it's going to come in the verses why are they worshiping the idols? What is it what are they going to say? They say we found our forefathers doing this every nation all people do it now in England, or in America that we grew up like this. That's what we found our people do it. Everyone says the same thing. Everyone has the same excuse.

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So here you see all of the prophets like all the stories mentioned the past all of them, talking to the intellect trying to awaken the fitrah they talk to the intellect getting to think so that Petra that's inside a natural inclination that will it'll turn on and the realize that what are we doing and you're gonna see something amazing in the story.

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And the different ads, what I'm talking about in detail and shadow Tyler, he said to his father, Lima, taboo, Mariela. Yes. Maru, what are you zero? What are you gonna hang kashaya? He said, Why do you worship? That which doesn't? Yes, Matt doesn't here. And it doesn't, you'll see it doesn't see. And it doesn't yield the cache and it doesn't

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benefit you in any way. I mean, he cannot give you any type of benefit.

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So now, his father is going to be doing what he's going to stop. He's going to pause.

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What he's saying it's logic, it makes sense. Then he goes on and speaks to him again. Once again, he speaks to him and which title?

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He says yeah, abiti

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in Nikka, Jaya and Eminem, is a very it has come to me, and in my Allah miotic that which has not come to you, but the Barony. So follow me, deca, zero tonnes a year, I will guide you to the straight path, follow me let it come with me. Let me show you to the way Allah has sent me the revelation. And this is very important. He's not saying this is something logic I've come up with, once again.

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basing his arguments, his evidence, his proofs, directly from the revelation.

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And this is what Allah wants from us and in our Dawa as Muslims in our worship, that we only worship through the revelation, what we find in the Quran and the Sunnah, on the understanding of who the understanding of the Sahaba or the Allah and this is our way as Muslims, but also when we relay the message

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to non Muslims that we relate in the same way directly from the revelation. Not coming up with well, I see it like this Well, in my understanding, no, we don't we don't care about your understanding. That only that only proper understanding can be taken Direct.

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From the revelation, how the Sahaba understood it, and don't think now that in the days that we live in, you're going to come with something something slick and something you know, cool, something cute. That's never been done before your style says Sheikh is that was cute. He comes with different ways never come, you know, he saw is intelligence wow, you know, you're going to come with a way to really represent Islam and to pass on the message of Islam. And the way that was better than the Prophet it has to lead to Islam and the prophets before him and the Companions, all that depends of all the prophets. They're the ones who are truly successful when the Sahaba and those who follow

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their footsteps when they spread Islam according to this understanding, look how far it's spread. But when we start to put our two cents in, well, I see like this, you know, the way I see it, I'm going to come up with it with a new way with you know, I'm going to show them a different aspect, a different approach to Islam. I'm going to focus on this and he does that we mentioned before the focus now on the the scientific miracles in the Quran.

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Not saying that they're not though they're not there aren't any scientific miracles in the Quran, but it's not the objective of the Quran. The objective of the Quran is a book of who does the Book of guidance, the prophets why didn't they put the focus on the on the core? What is it about to hate? Look at look at Abraham, what he's focused on the first thing is first question is about a bad, Your Worship. Why are you worshiping this

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doesn't benefit you doesn't do anything for you. He's telling them now what I'm bringing to your ability. As we say, now we say Habibi was very nice. We're speaking, very soft, very compassionate, is a ability. He says, this, this alien, this knowledge has come to me. It's come to me. It hasn't come in. It's come from the revelation. It's not just something I've come up with myself. He's in so follow me with what I have. And he'll be he'll be guided to the straight path, you'll be guided to the all that which is clear. All that's what's going to benefit you in this life and the next. And then he said to him once again, yeah, Betty in the next verse, verse 44. Yeah, Betty, let's start

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with the shaytaan. Don't worship the shaytaan. Why initiate Barna? Khalili Rahmani? Asiya that indeed the shape bonus to Obama and the Most Merciful? He is asiyah, he is disobedient. And what does it mean, don't worship the shaytaan? Because if you look at the eyes, what are they worshiping? They're worshipping statues not worshiping the shape on himself. But who put this in their hearts, who put this in their mind, who called them to this is the shaytaan. He's the one who laid out the shirt for them. He's the one who called them to the shirt. He's the one that convinced them to volunteer shift. Like, as we mentioned, in the story of Noah had a Salam

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that she upon he is very crafty, and he's very patient, he lays the trap and he can wait for 100 years, we didn't fall into it, maybe not even our grandchildren fell into it, but the ones that come after. And that's a very important lesson for us, and how he works in generations. And you'll see that enemies of Islam, when they work with shaytaan against Islam and the Muslims. They're putting, you know, 10 year 20 Year 50 100 year plans against Islam and the Muslims. And if you were to ask us what we're doing for Islam, what our plan is, we don't know what we're doing next month, maybe not even next week, some of us maybe not even tomorrow. We don't know what we're doing for ourselves or

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for Islam. Just we're just going with baraka and hoping for the best Subhanallah the planning to planning properly. And is the message for all of us that was being laid down today.

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With the issue of atheism with the issue of

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certain groups, certain lifestyles without mentioning any names or any letters, and all of us know what I'm referring to look how that was 30 years ago. If we were to tell you that 30 years from now 20 or even 10 years ago, that this is how it's going to be. And this is how it's going to be we're going to be programmed that you can't even say this, you can't not that you can't say you can't even think like this, if you they think you think a certain way, then you're the you're the outcast, you're this You're that that things that they teach our children in school and they want to teach our children

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and it just you know wave even two three years ago, you will believe this will look how they're planning.

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Look how they're planning.

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And but the Lord tells us in the Quran, we am Karuna William Carolla will O'Hara mercury that they planted a lot in a lot of plants with laws the best of planners, but it's upon us to be on top of our game. And that's why if you look on my status on WhatsApp, it's been there for years always keep this quote one of my favorite quotes by our brother Malcolm X Rahim Allah when he said The future belongs to those who those who prepare for it today.

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The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

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So the follows are shaytaan they're preparing. So the people of Abraham if you were to go back when they fell into Sherk, it wasn't right away no one's going to do some of that right away it's it's a gradual produce steps as well. In the Quran. Allah warns about the whole the word of shape on the steps of shaper.

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Then he said to him in the next verse, yeah, but he still he still any Look at the beauty it speaks to its amazing spirit. Very, very beautiful. Yeah. Betty in Nia Hafele AMS circa other urban men are Rukmani but Hakuna li che Aponte Walia. He said that I'm scared that it will touch you the other the punishment from our man from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada the Most Merciful. But the cool is shaytani Walia that you will be a companion of shippon meaning in the hellfire, that you're gonna go to jahannam was she upon? What was the reply of Abraham's father to him now this is, as we said, he started his Darwin with who with his family. And a lot of times, anything you do in life, if you fail the first

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a lot of times, it's going to be very difficult for you to bounce back. Be very difficult for you to learn, very difficult for you to continue. I was doing a podcast the other day with some of our youth, some of our brothers in Toronto, and we're talking about jujitsu that's one of the one of the things about us. It's very humbling you know, the fact that you get you know, beaten smashed for about six months straight uni, people, you look on the streets, I can I knock this guy out, and he's just crushing you on the mat, then eventually start to get better. But why don't most people quit? Because just that feeling of being defeated right away. So this is his first, you know, his first

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try with his father, were the closest people to him. He's trying with his father to guide him. What's the result going to be? Is he going to be successful in his dad, it's very important, because many people, we might try something in our data and we fail. So we give up. We might try something anything in life. We try and we give up.

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The brothers their New Castle, we talk a lot about dieting, brothers start with the diets or lose weight, start to exercise. Then they go back to the bad habits and they give up and they end up in the losing. It's consistency. Even if you fall you bounce back, you bounce back. You take it on the chin you keep going. So what's going to happen to Ibrahim? What is his? What is his father say to him? Paul, are all reborn under an Early Head a year Ibrahim? He said

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have you rejected my gods Ibrahim?

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Have you rejected my gods? My gods that I create with my own hands that worship people worship all people in worship he said, do you reject or Alia are gods? Then he told him let in Lambton day. He said if you don't finish, what's it gonna say to him? I'm gonna kick you. I'm gonna kick you out. I'm gonna I'm gonna slap you. He said law or German. He said I will stone you. I'm gonna stop with the debt. Lol. And it shows you any how deep in Coover and disbelief the father of Ibrahim was SubhanAllah.

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of it a father and a son the relationship they have, even if they're on different pages when it comes to their belief system. A lot of times you'll find that they let a lot of things slide because that's my son, even though he's did that was wrong. A lot of brothers that things sly when it comes to when it comes to the fathers. I remember.

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I just remember now it's done. It's done the story that one of our, our colleagues in Medina, he was very harsh with his brothers. And they looked at a lot of his brothers as being Teddy as being innovators. And I think you know, you know, the people I'm talking about. So he's just always talking about other people, other people. So some of the brothers found out that his father, a religious figure in his own country, was someone who was had deviated from the correct app either he wasn't on the proper any creed or RP the belief system at the head of cinema Gemma that he you know, so they said, we heard that your father was this man he told everyone else your dad is back home

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color this and he became very angry. And he said this is my father. Not one words. What are these are your brothers who you agree with him on 95% of the things but when it came to this one issue, he a couple of issues you throw them out you talk about the mandate, but your Dad No he gets a free pass. So that's usually how it is. And a lot of times people that's how the other nature, the father son relationship that you see those type of things where they won't let things slide. Any that they have that that love and that and that for one another.

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But he's telling his own son that if you don't stop letting them tente if you don't stop what you're calling me to learn Joomla Nikka that I will stone you

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Then he said to him, what's your name Alia and then avoid me for Maria meaning for a prolonged time stay far away from just get away from me. So he told me he kicked him out and told him to get away but he said if you don't, I'll kill you. I'm going to stone you to death. Subhanallah what was the response that Abraham, check out from the beginning? When you saying Yeah, buddy, Yeah, buddy, giving us lessons as do act of how to give doubt.

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Softly nice tone. Using the proper words. He replies to him. Called a Sailor Moon Alec, he said peace beyond to you. So it's still zero lacquer. laka Robbie, he said, I will seek forgiveness for you from my Lord

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in a hotel in Nairobi in how can I be happy that indeed my Lord is Ever gracious with me. So he's telling him salaam oneiric peace be on to you give him a soft and nice response. And that's very important, because a lot of times in the field of Dawa as well, we get attacked. A lot of times, even if we're not working out of the fact you're just a Muslim, or you're a Muslim, or you're wearing a hijab, someone says something negative to me. So what how should we reply? There might be certain stances where we might reply harshly. And that could be beneficial in some cases, and don't get me wrong, that would obviously you don't want to call to use violence or to come back in a way

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that's better. Okay. It's not what the Quran teaches. But in some cases, when you have to stand up for yourself, just like we mentioned, the stories that MBA, if someone says something, they put them back in their place. We mentioned the story of Noah and, and other stories. And we mentioned who had all of them that they responded back. They didn't be like this, okay? You say something bad to me. I'm just gonna let it slide. Okay. No, no, they stood up and they replied back to them. They stood their grounds. So there is certain cases. But we reply with intelligence. We reply with hikma and love time, when you reply with a soft reply. This one has the good impact. And I'll tell you

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Subhanallah, from my own experience, and perhaps some of you've seen, I posted something on social media.

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This one lady had like a year ago, she sent me some stuff, cursing me with words, and cursing Islam. Even the word she used and I laughed about that, I said, I have to give it to him. She was very creative, because of all the curse words I've ever heard. I've never heard this one before. I don't remember what it was now. But it was, it was it was rather creative had to give it to her.

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But but when I replied to I said, you know, thank you for your support. And thank you for looking you know more in the slam, and to learn more about Islam and our religion. And I said to some some links, and I said, I pray for you, and you know, all the best for you. And that, you know, in your search for the truth that you'll find the truth, if there's anything else I can do for you, stuff like that reply to her. So she and I have used it several times, and most of the time, they never get back to you. And a lot of times if they do, they might come back and they will find that they've actually been guided

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your reply and how you reply to them was a source of guidance. That's why Allah Allah commanded us in the Quran, with a halt of Umoja, Halona Paulo Salaam. And if the ignorant people come to them, they say to them salaam they say any words of peace to them, Imam Muhammad. He said, someone was cursing and saying fellow things to him. And he said Salam, O Allah, the same thing, peace beyond to you, you know, this is the reply of Ibrahim alayhi salam and the commander of Allah to say Salaam and they say peace to them, to be peaceful with them. And when we have this, we see the outcomes of how people they change, you know, they change how they look at Islam and how they look at the

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Muslims. So stop, Finola, Kirby. He said, I'm gonna ask for forgiveness

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for you from your Lord. And I'm going to answer about this in a minute and how can he ask forgiveness from his Lord, if

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he is a non Muslim?

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And then in the next verse, you'll see he said, we'll add as a locum after he said, I'm gonna seek forgiveness for us. And then we'll add as a locum woman to the Ruhlman doula, I'm going to, I'm gonna free myself from you. I'm going to leave and turn away from you, not just from you, but also what you invoke. And that's one of the great lessons that we learned all throughout the Quran several places about Ibrahim Ali Salam, when he would free himself from his people, and the actions of his people, he would automatically or right away, also free himself from what they worshipped other than Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is the way of the Muslim is that he distinguishes

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himself as a believer that he makes clear, this is my belief, this is what I believe this is what I'm upon. I'm a Muslim, this is what I'm not going to, you know, change things. So it can be socially acceptable. I'm not going to change things. So you like it, and so she likes it. And so, this group, and that group accepts me. My objective as a Muslim, is that a law accepts me how

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How many followers is Ibrahim have now? How many followers is going to have during the beginning of his story? None. No one's following him.

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Obviously his wife and this may have a couple of maybe small amount.

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But the majority in this family and this all rejecting him.

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Does that make him change it? Let me let me change my data. Let me change the way I relay the message to cola. These are the prophets. So if they didn't change, and look how they're successful today, what we're sitting here now 1400 years after the message of the Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem, and how many 1000s of years of the message Ibrahim, hello, Adam exactly how much but we're relaying his story.

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How many of the people who watered down the religion and want to change religion wants it so they could fit in? Who is going to remember them? Who's gonna remember them in history? Or they're gonna remember them as the person who was the one the one who betrayed his religion, or maybe something like that, or he won't be remembered at all, or won't be remembered for anything good.

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When you have a stance, and we we constantly remind our brothers and sisters, when you're someone who has a stance and you're someone who stands up for what you believe in your principles, and you relay that message, you make it clear and you're happy, as well said who is the best of the one who calls to Allah? Well, I'm in a Salah. He does good deeds, we'll call it in in a minute. Listen, he says, Indeed, in any minute, Houstonian? I'm from the Muslims. I'm proud to be from the Muslims. It shows up in my actions on my tongue. Back to the question, how can Ibrahim ask for forgiveness from his father, for his father, as perfect as forgiveness for his father, when his father was a

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disbeliever? Allah explains the importance brothers and sisters of

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looking for the Tafseer going back to the tip See, understanding not trying to stand with our understanding, but going back and looking what does this mean in a tafsir? Because if you read this, I have some sort of Meriam you might not understand. But if you go back to the other eye, and how do we get the tafsir we go back when people might say the Arabic language so that's that's forth in order. First of all, we go to the Quran if we can find another eye on the Quran, which explains it as our first thing. If we can't find it there there we go to the sooner we can find it there we go to the deficit of the Sahaba and then we'll use the the Lovara via the Arabic as a tool to help us

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with this.

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Or to to help us get a better understanding. But these are sources right there.

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So we go back to the other eye N soret. October 1 114. When Allah said well, ma can is still photo Ibrahim Ali Abhi. That is still far as seeking forgiveness, a request for the forgiveness from for Ibrahim for his father in an MO a that in what are the year Elon mo editing, it was only on a Moto E that a promise that he had given it to him. He said in the in the verse that we heard before sort of met him that he's going to ask for his forgiveness. So this was his memory that this is his why his promise that he gave to his father. But then Allah said, look, look at look at the NBN didn't come now who said Oh, it's my dad

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told my my dad, you know, he said Belem to be yellow and who are doula

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tomorrow? I mean, when it became clear to him to be unilateral,

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that he is our dual doula. There is a doula that is a I do an enemy to Allah

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to about Rahman that he freed himself from him. And that's the meaning of la ilaha illa Allah not just to confirm that there's no deity worthy of worship, but any also to negate anything that's falsely worship with Allah subhanaw taala that Allah said about Ibrahim Ali Salam at the end of this verse in Ibrahima LA where Hoon Haleem, the word a word, what does it mean? The lamina forever obviously is protect key to put emphasis, indeed, Ibrahim, a word whom Haleem, the lamb is fruto. Who said key which is what emphasis, a word, the word Allah. If you look at the Tafseer of Marcin, Connie said, there's 15 different meanings for many but what's the the clear meaning is that he is

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someone who, you know, turns to Allah, in repentance

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to Allah subhanaw taala asking for forgiveness and returning to Allah. This is one of the one of one of the main meanings of the word Allah and heading that it is forbearing that he is able to control himself at the time of anger. alayhi salatu salam. What happened later in the story of Ibrahim, what was his power? Because he started with his father and now he's going to go public to his people, and he's going to come up with a master plan to prove to them what they're doing is falsehood in Bothell in shallow Tada, we're going to talk about that in next week's lesson in shallow Tala. Until then, Allahu Alem was Allah wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad, which is Kamala Heron was

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah