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The importance of studying historical stories and fixing corruption problems in society is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need for guidance and patient behavior to achieve victory, as well as the importance of learning from stories to teach individuals how to be successful. The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of "arrogant act" to protect against evil behavior and the "arrogant act" to protect against evil behavior.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah voila early he was VE woman. Scylla Marie calm rahmatullah wa barakato. The Stories of the Prophets is the first episode of our new series on Newcastle FM.

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And before we start the series, it's important that we ask ourselves, why do we study?

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The Sierra or the biographies are the stories of the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala first of all, subhana wa Tada tells us you know, Quran surah 10 and

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hula you can let in a head on law for be who their homework Daddy that these are the ones who are law has got it. So with their guidance, take as an example. Take them as an example to follow them. And then the other person sort of use with Allah subhanaw taala tells us Lapid Cana V. CASA, see him Ibra too little but that certainly in their stories, there is lessons for those who have understanding. So we studied the Stories of the Prophets and Eva salaam, the objective is not for us to just

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taken some historical facts, or historical information to know what their story is, to know what they did. But the real the true objective is as a law tourists that feel closest to him or her brother in their stories. There's a bro there's examples for us to follow for us to take from this, how we can benefit from it in our lives. And I'm gonna give you some examples. Because if you look at, you know, the trials and the tribulations, that the prophets in their followers faced, and then, you look, for example, at the situation that we live in today, with all the fitness and the trials and tribulations, many of the things that we faced, it's all been faced before by the prophets who

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came before and their followers. And when you start to reflect on their stories, and to make their stories part of your life, it becomes how you look and how you act, how you think how you see things, how you see the world as we know it. Now, when you talk about

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the stories of the prophets, it becomes part of your life. Let me give you an example. If you look at the story of use of Ali salah, several examples from this kind of use when it comes to being put into prison, and this is something we've seen and in many of the of the practicing Muslims, many of those who are the scholars of Islam even the days that we live in who have been put into prison

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but look at his answer what he said at least Allah Islam when he was ordered to do that, which was haram, he said call her up be a siege no help boo la Yeah, me my own any like, he said, My Lord, the prison is more beloved to me than that was they're inviting me to. And this way a believer if I'm put in a situation where I have to do something this how to I'm called to do that which is haram, that which is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala or I'm gonna go to prison. Then I say, as use valet, Salah Ali Salam said, Rob be a signal hub. Really? That prison is more beloved to me. Then the honor that I would give up that I would go against your deen go against your command, put me in

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prison, but I won't go against the Command of Allah subhanahu wa taala another example, when a beautiful woman comes to you and says, Hey, Tilak here I am for you. She closes the door. What was the answer of use it when we have this in our mind, it becomes part of our DNA and how we think and how we see things, how we look at the world, because we're following the examples of the prophets. What it what it uses La Silla, he said, Muhammad Allah, He said, I seek refuge in Allah. So this becomes right away, a beautiful woman comes she closes the door, and she says, Hey, Tilak, here I am for you. Let's do it. And you say My Allah just like used to say right away, that becomes how you

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think and how you see things. When you take a position of power of authority, you become someone who's a ruler, someone's in charge of something, someone who's moody or someone who is a manager. We take the example of Yusuf Ali Salam, and how he made his law and how he was to establish good upon Earth, and this example of this law and in fighting against corruption. It was the example of all of the prophets and that's something beautiful when you study in the Stories of the Prophets. You see all of them focused on calling to Tauheed calling to Allah, Allah and Allah, but they also focused on fixing the corruption that was in their society their time and then that's the beautiful thing

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about these stories. Is that each one now the foundation, all of it is the same. We look at Batman equally within Rasulullah and Nebula which then he will talk a lot towards

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Very clearly, that we sent to every nation of Prophet would look to call to what Buddha law to worship Allah, which then he would stay away from worshiping above good. And aboveboard is anything that is worse, worshipped falsely with a law. So here, this is the foundation of all of the prophets. However, each of them had different issues that they would face in their society. And they worked hard to fix that type of corruption so we can benefit from their stories, and how they benefited and fixing that corruption and realize that one of the main things that is upon us as duat is to fix the corruptions and the problems that we have in society. And that's a great lesson for

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that to add. Because it's not just about

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you know, calling people to the How can refuting that which is false. So that's one of the things because then we know that the duty of the prophets all throughout the Quran says

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moondream Versary. Women dream to give glad tidings into mourners. Yes, that's part of our job is to act, but also to fix the issue of the society to fix the corruption in the society to fix the problems in the society. And even number 10, which is in a Muslim country, also those who live in non Muslim countries. And that's why the beautiful things that we see many of our do it we see the brothers who are with tonight, because a new castle, may Allah bless them. The pressure is on the pioneers in that when it came to the issue of helping the homeless when it came to, you know, shoveling the snow for their neighbors and all those things to be poor a positive part of society.

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And that was the way of the prophets. When you look at other examples. For example, the story of Musa alayhis salam, when he came he is the jugnoo the soldiers of their own coming behind him with their own and they reached to the Baha they reach the sea, by the matter origem Annie, call us harbor Musa that when the two companies saw whatever class they call them, they caught up to him the C's in front of them, and the soldiers are behind them. They're looking by and they see and they see the scene in front of them. What are they going to do? The Companions of Musa they said in lemma Dragoon is a class we've been overtaken, they got us. What did Moses say at SLM? He said, a call

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Akella. He said no, in Iraq be say, a deed that indeed my Lord is with me, he is going to guide me and this type of Eman at the time of * that the time of difficulty. It was the way of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam, he heard the story of Musa Ericeira. And there's something very beneficial,

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that perhaps we don't focus on enough. But the scholars mentioned that from the Hikmah, the Wisdom of the story of Musa being mentioned so much in the Quran. First of all, it was for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, for him to benefit to find some type of, you know, tranquility inside, and to be able to benefit as well from his story. Because they said, the people of Israel, there was no one worse than him throughout history. When it came to our history, he came to dealing with their prophets, and no one faced from their people, the types of problems that Musa facing when he faced the most difficulty. So when you benefit from his story, and how difficult they were, we see that in

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reality, sometimes dealing with our people is actually not that bad. So we hear this type of this type of guidance, for example, in this situation, being strong at the time of need, what did the prophets of the Lord Wiley, he was telling me say that well, look at all the Allahu, and when the when they went and the love and in the case, they said Indeed in the law hermana that indeed Allah is with us. And what did the Sahaba of the prophet Isaiah said out there was salam

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and his companions will talk about the impact now of the Stories of the Prophets and having being strong at the time of a difficulty of calamity when everything seems to be against you. What happened to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam and his companions, when the people gathered around Medina

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when they said everyone loves it, and they told us in solidarity in Milan, and Latina call Allah Humann su in Anna's pajama Allah calm that Windham nets meaning the monarchy in the hypocrites when they say to the very the people have come, they've come against you *, show them, so fear them. But what is the way of the true believer now? Because we're making Tobia to ourselves to be from the followers of the MBA the followers of the prophets, they right away they said, The Zed or whom Imana? Will all who has gone along with it, no, no kid, but they said, they said

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they increase the demand at this time, this time of difficulty, and they said has been a law and ever more good than sufficient process of law, and he's the best Disposer of the offense, and the story of dealt with in jail looked Another example are being strong at the time of difficulty. The true believers would have the loss in the verse which comes before the fight of dough and jello or David and Goliath. What did he say? He said, Come in fietsen.

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No polyresin Makala bakfiets and Kathy are gonna be at the lab, how many fears they need small in small groups that they beat. bigger groups, larger groups, nila, by the permission of Allah, Allah whom I saw during that Allah is with the Sabreen. Those who are patient, what Allah say and the verse was comes after William Burroughs Julija Luther was, you know, the, and when they went forward to face Goliath and his soldiers, first of all, what did they do? We have to take the example. We know that in it just because we're smaller numbers, that doesn't mean that we're going to not be able to be victorious. But here it says what did they do is what we do is we take the thing right

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away they said Rob Berra, they sought to make dua they returned to Allah subhanaw taala rather than a frog eyeliners overall, oh Lord, sent down upon us patients with a bit of them and and keep our firm one Sordin Island Coleman caffeine and make us victorious upon the disbelieving people. So they returned to Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is the way of the true believer, what was the outcome for him or him be hidden in Wakata the route that they beat them, they defeated them the permission of Allah and David killed Goliath that would Katella God Subhanallah so this is how we need them. When we read the stories of the prophets, it becomes we say a part of our DNA, how we look how we

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think when we give Dawa to Allah subhanho wa Taala we look at the story of Ibrahim Maga to in Dalia to any superlative complete. That was when you look at the story of Ibrahim, how he used any intellect to have the people think, to get the people to think out of the box, when he destroyed the US Nam when he destroyed the statues. And he left the big one, he put the axon. And he said that he asked the big one, and the as the big one, if it's able to speak to you. So they were ashamed. These people are ashamed. You know, they know we know that they can't speak. So what are we going to we're gonna say what are we going to apply to it? So they start to think actually is it's kind of stupid,

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what we're doing right because of worshiping something that can't speak can't defend himself. So Subhanallah This is how any once you have the intellect, use use the same type of intellect in your data. And studying the Stories of the Prophets is one of the most important things for those who are giving Dawa to Allah subhanaw taala to sit down and to study each and every prophet, and to see what was his methodology and giving Now how did he get down to his people? And so we can follow in their footsteps, because the true success is always what I tell my students and I tell you know, the brothers and sisters, a lot of times we were looking for, you know, fancy things, or fancy ways to

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give Dawa not realizing that the most powerful way in the most way of Barack Islam and the prophets and the way of their followers. What did the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam and his companions focus on right away to heed giving Dawa through the Quran. So if we're going to be successful, and when they look at the huge success that he had, and only 23 years at least, to a seller, focusing on to healing and focus on giving power to the problem. So here's how we did it focus on Tao as well. One of the beautiful things of studying the Stories of the Prophets that we truly benefit is that

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it's one of the best ways to keep your heart firm upon the heart. Allah told us in soret hoot.

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We're Coolen nelco sewaholic

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Rusu. And each story we relate to you from the news of the messengers, once again, we go back to we said, Danny, that

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the issue of the historical facts, so of knowing the story, that's something that's important. The law says here, we're cooler, nakasu alaykum Amber Helgason, that we relate to all the news of all of the messengers, but why MMA no threat b2b For adic that was we make your heart firm with what jakka We had the he al help, were more either to vikhroli mumineen. And it came to in this a instruction, a reminder for the believers. So one of the key objectives of studying the story is that the prophets, Allah told us in his verse in solitude, and he, what a law keeps our for our hearts firm upon the help with so when we study the stories,

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when we look into the stories of the Prophet, and their followers, it teaches us the reality of the battle between truth and between falsehood, the truth of the battle between the battle between the truth and the falsehood and the days that we live in. We see this big time how the people of evil all around the world have come to spread their evil and spread their corruption and how deep

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Record it is for a movement to hold on to his deen and his religion in these days, as the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said he says like holding on to the Gemorah what is the general the Hatco? Imagine trying to hold on to the Hopko you know,

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if you had to dance from hand to hand, but this how a person will hold on to his deen and these days that we live in, that's how difficult it is. When we look into the Stories of the Prophets, it sees, we see what they had to go through. And it teaches us what they had to do in order to obtain the victory from Allah subhanho wa taala. What are the things that they did to obtain that victory? And what are the things that they had to go through until they had the Nasir the victory of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in Surah Takara.

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Allah says to us,

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um, has a bottom and third hole. Jenna, do you think you're just going to enter into the Jana while a man to come Natalina Hello, man publikum and it hasn't come to you which came to those who will before you what came to those who before look at the example. And as I'm saying this, as I'm

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saying this verse,

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focus on

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some of the difficulties that our brothers and sisters are facing around the world. Almost brothers and sisters, I mean, a lot of them are facing a lot of serious trials and tribulations. US for example, in the West, we're also facing issues. We're facing difficulties obviously not levels of other brothers, we still have a lot of freedom, a lot of good, who are facing challenges as well. But look at the example that Allah gives of those who came before us Bismillah

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Allah says about those who came before us

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when he said well, am I committed Latina calomel kaboom. Must home alphabet circle was the row that it came to them.

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and hardship.

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And look, look at the the the extreme example that Allah gives you. Was Zulu. Zulu. The word any Zulu Zulu. Here we say they were shaken. And that Zelle what is it? It's the earthquake. So Allah mentions how they were shaking. They were they faced el Betsa. What the raw poverty hardship was Susie Lu? And they were shaking. It was so bad so difficult had their your cooler Rasul Allah Dena and Omar who, until the messenger and those who have believed with them they say, mutter, nostril law. When is the Nasir to support the victory of Allah? When is it coming? So Paula, it's gotten so difficult, Allah says, In nostril loi kadhi, that indeed the Nasir, the victory of Allah as it was

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these stories and I realized, look what the people had to go through before us look at work look with Luca the province in new companions went through, and that increases us and our love and increases us and encouraged us to follow in their footsteps and to be patient. We know that Allah is with the Sabreen he's with those who are patient, you know, we know that the good outcome is always for the believers and for their followers, just as we see in the stories of the Sahaba of the prophets and their companions Radi Allahu Allah

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before the creation

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before the creation as it came in Sohail Buhari in the chapter of but Al Hulk, the beginning of creation, the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. He said, Kel Allahu wa ala Mia Khun che on the euro. First of all, there was a law and nothing else but Allah. Then Allah created his throne, and his throne was above the water.

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And then he wrote everything in a book. And then he created the heavens and the earth.

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So we see how things went in the beginning of the creation before there was nothing was only Allah subhanaw taala nothing before Allah, but a lot started to create the creation He created as well after that the angels and he created them from lights and he created the gin. The Gin He created them from fire, and Abdullah ibn Umar Radi Allahu Anhu. He said that the jinn were 2000 years before the creation of Adam. So the jinn were here before before mankind

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that Allah told the angels that he was creating another creation. He said subhanho wa Taala with all our Abu Khalil mela Ekati in Niger, you don't fill out the Khalifa. And he said to the angels indeed, I will make a successive authority Khalifa upon the earth.

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Now the angels they knew as Abdullah but oh my god

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Allahu Anhu and narrated as well. He said they knew what had happened before the gin, the gin they cause corruption upon Earth, they spilled blood upon Earth. So right away the angels asked Callooh attention alluvia may you see roofie house we could demand when not No, no, sir, will be Home Depot naka de Sulak they ask a law, they said, Will you place on earth a person with those who will cause corruption and will shed blood and we reserve Bureau Byham Nico naka de select, and they are constantly making this be into Hamid money praising and glorifying the law and being thankful and to Allah subhanaw taala the praising Allah, they're constantly glorifying praising Allah subhanho wa

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Taala when lokalty Sulak. So then, Allah told them something very important, Allah in the Alamo. May Allah Allah Moon indeed, I know that what you don't know. And as the scholars of Tafseer mentioned here,

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Allah knows that from the human, there are going to be the salah Hain from the Obeah and from their followers. And that shows you the ones who have that obedience, not the ones who are like the Malayaka, the Malayaka, who are the ones who are not said that they don't disobey, when Allah told them do what if Allah within it, and they do what they were ordered to do. So the angels, they don't have the free will to disobey Allah subhanho wa taala. But here,

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as humans, we have the ability to either obey or to disobey. And from those humans, there's going to be those who from the very highest status with MBAs, and then those who are their followers, who devote themselves to Allah subhanho wa taala, and to the obedience of Allah and to the end to the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Allah created Adam from clay, it was narrated in the Sunnah of epidote. And Timothy,

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a law created Adam from a handful, which he took from all of the earth.

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So the children of Adam and is the text of the Hadith are in accordance to the earth, some read some white, some black and some a mixture. That explains to us the difference of the colors of the children of Adam. All of these was taken from all around the world when Adam was created, and insane Muslim,

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam mentioned every day and the things that were created every day. He said, Allah created the earth on Saturday, and the mountains on Sunday, and the trees on Monday, and the translation it says, And the things in selling labor on Tuesday, but actually what it says in Arabic, it says Alma crew, and Alma crew, it means you know, the things that are as the scholars have mentioned, who explained the Hadith, they said it's the show the evil, the evil things, evil creations, are creatures, all of that was created on Tuesday, and then light on Wednesday. And then he spread out the animals all kinds on Thursdays, and created Adam and afternoon on Friday, and the

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last hour Friday between the afternoon and the nights. So he's created the last part of answer before mogul as the time Adam was created at a salon. When you look at the description of Adam married Salam it was narrated in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. Then a law created Adam and his image and that is linked was 60 cubits that's how tall Adam was and Islam. And when He created him, he told him to go to the group was a group of angels who are sitting there and to give them a greeting and this greeting is the greeting of A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah and the angels replied to him. Salaam Alaikum. His is really worse than the salam aleikum and the angels replied to him.

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Why ecommerce Salam wa Rahmatullah. So they increase Rahmatullah. And at the end of the Hadith, it says that the people who followed continued to any diminish and decide they became they get to get smaller, and their size as as the time went on. And that's the reason why now you look at, look at our size and look at the size of Adam or father, Ali Salam, you see the difference, because each generation that people will get smaller and smaller. And if you look, for example, at what is to be the footprint of Ibrahim Ali Salam, and in Mecca, you see it there. You'll see this, the size and the difference, obviously, as you start to go down and down throughout history.

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In the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the story of Adam and several sources and will give you the example from Surah tell. Elijah will also panna watada said with call our Abu Khalil mela Ekati in Niharika, kombucha minsum sollen. Bin Hamad minha in Miss noon, that when Allah said you

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when your Lord said to the angels, I will create a butcher a human, a human being out of Herman out of some sort of Inhambane must noon, out of clay from altered black mutt. The law said in the next verse that he there's a way to one of us to free him and who he, Kuroda who's said Ed, so and when I have proportioned him and breathe into him and Adam the soul which I created for him, then fall down to him in prostrating and in frustration, then I lost it in the next verse for such Adele Mela, eager to cool loom edgy maroon, So the angels prostrated all of them together.

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IBLEES except for Iblees Elba and Yoko misogyny and he refused to be from those who prostrating Allah said to him for AI Blue Mica let cooler misogyny he said, Why weren't you from those who prostrate it? He said, Call LM Khun li s Judah libre Sharon curl up to humans and Saul min hammer in Miss noon. He said Allah prostrate to human you create it from clay from ultra black mud and other verses in the Quran. Allah said that he said, and I hate them and I'm better than him. These created from from from clam created from from now. So he's here. What happened to him is that the kibin the arrogance took over and this this is a great lesson for all of us.

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And that's where the property selector was the let me say layer color gentleman canopy fell behemoth call it a Roman given that the one who has an Adam's weight of kibra pride in his heart, he will not enter into the agenda SubhanAllah. And this This shows us the danger of kibble. And this is one of the first thing that Allah was disobey with on Earth. Here is the kibra the arrogance. And also it's going to go back again to the issue of hustle because he had has it. He had

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jealousy towards Adam Ali Salam. He was someone who was ordered all of the angels to make the do to him. So he became jealous. And at the same time, he was what he was to pride, proud of too arrogant to make so do to him. So what I will say to you please after that all

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the huge men have been in Karachi, he said then get out of it. For indeed you are expelled. We're in Alika Lana Isla yo Mateen and you have a point he was the curse. And so the day of the recompense the yo yo muddied,

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what did he say here? He believes now because he could come back and repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah will accept from him his taupe. He said all of B from from the NE ala yo Mubarak soon, he said our law any to give him any reply of me and so the day we are resurrected, all of in a criminal moon the rain, he says to a D you are from those who are deprived, Isla yo mill rock Dill maluna to the well known day that Allah has prescribed. So he once again, that was a toy, he could have made Toba? What does he say look at the jealousy, look at the hesed he has and how much of an enemy he is towards Adam and towards his his children. He said color of baby weight and he he said

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Oh my Lord, that what you put me an error that was a union law home fill out the will when home edge main. He said that I will surely make disobedience to them attractive on the earth. And I will mislead all of them. But is there any exception to the rule? I mean, everybody's going to miss he's going to mislead everyone who's going to be saved from him. Larry bedika minuman meclizine Except among them your chosen servants. Allah then said Paula had zero to alliums the pain that indeed this is the path to return to me the straight path. Whoever wants to take the straight path, he has the choice to take it. And then Allah said, in a bad Elisa alley, at least Silicon Valley him so Dawn is

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that you have no authority upon my servants in Manitoba criminal Horween except for those debaters who choose to follow you. So the ones who choose to follow che upon they're the ones who are gonna go straight, but she upon doesn't have the ability upon us unless we become weak, and we follow its footsteps and we don't repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala and we remain on his path, which is the path of Jahannam and Subhan Allah an amazing Hadith we in this episode with

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actually two Hadith and gentle Tana, one of them was narrowed in the Muslim Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah when he mentioned that he was going to keep enticing the people she upon and Allah said, where is it he will generally by my honor and my glory. He said that I will continue to forgive them.

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As long as they continue to ask for my repair for my forgiveness, so as long as we're repenting to Allah, Allah will continue to forgive us will have the relapse. And then Sahih Muslim.

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The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. He said that whoever reads, and whenever we read a surah that has such then it makes sense that when you know, Quran Surah Surah, has said, you know, makes sense that he said that she upon he secludes himself, and he begins to weep, he begins to cry, and he says, Woe to me. He said, The son of Adam was commanded to prostrate and he did it and he will have Jana and I was commanded to to prostrate and I refuse, and now it'll be doomed into hell. What happened after that? When with Adam Alayhis Salam and what comes after that inshallah Tana will finish it in the next episode, and next Sunday inshallah Tada until then, Allah knows best Allahu

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Allah masala Salah Baraka, Hammond, what is that more Heron was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh