How Do You Know If Allah Opened Your Heart For Islam

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Allah never allows you to think about death before you die.

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They know that your heart is darker, it doesn't have that light. So they said no message of Allah. What is the sign that Allah has opened a believers heart for Islam?

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What is the sign? He said Allah swamp Allah puts

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a noose in his heart, a new light in his heart and that light illuminates, illuminates his actions. So, then they said, What is the sign of that light? What is the sign of that light.

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So, the message will master the sign of that light is that when Allah has put that illumination in your hands, is that you become focused on the full moon, on that term and abundant

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that you are focused on the Dharma hello

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and your your Kursk. This is lesson regarding

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this dunya is temporary

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and that you prepare for this before you beat this.

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So what is the sign that Allah has lb Allah has put a note in your heart.

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The sign that Allah has placed a note in your heart is that Allah's panel up Allah allows you to focus

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on the ark.

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He allows you not to make this dunya your total immersion

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into that you're only focused on this

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dunya and he also allows you to prepare for death

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before you die.

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This is the sign that Allah has placed a nude in your heart.

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Brothers and sisters, if your entire day

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your entire entire day

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is spent only focusing on the dunya then Allah has not placed that note in your heart which illuminates your heart. And then you don't fall under that verse of the Quran that whoever ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala wants to guide he opens his chest.

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Allah never allows you to think about death before you die.

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The know that your heart is darkened doesn't have that light