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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the origin and importance of the origin of any event, including graduation, holy time, and Halloween. They emphasize the importance of staying away from activities that reaffirm the origin and respecting the message. They also mention graduation and not being too proud of anyone. The speakers also emphasize respecting the message and pray for the presence of Jesus. They encourage people to pray for the presence of Jesus and not wait for anyone to come in. They encourage people to respect the message and not let children do things on social media.
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In Al Hamdulillah not my daughter, Anna, want to start you know who want to stop fetal? What are all the villa Himanshu fusina woman CEO, Dr. Molina Mejia the level Bala mobila Wamba yo lil fella her DLF worship ilaha illallah wa ala Sharika why shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah who also do some Lola who I leave while early he was like he was so limited city man was either

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it was narrated unsayable hottie

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that when the verse was revealed

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Alladhina Amen Oh, well Emile Bizu Eman.

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Those who believe and they do not mix the remand their faith with that which is wrong. shall cause Anika or Shaka Danika Allah has have been the BSN Allahu alayhi wa sallam OSHA palindromes, they mean that this became very difficult for the Muslims to deal with.

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Because they said which one of us has Eman without doing something wrong? Whether it be something major or something minor or something in between? Every Muslim has that which is wrong, but he does. So they found it very difficult to deal with. They went to a beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they asked him about this and he said that's not what's meant by the I mean

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the oppression or that which is wrong. It's not what's meant what you understand from the eye and he said, did you not read the other? I will look man said to his son when he was advising him yeah, when he learned to shoot Billa initial killer alumina V. When he said oh my son do not join partners with Allah. And D The shirk is something major, something wrong. It's the biggest type of oppression the biggest type of vote.

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And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was asked what is the greatest sin? Are you them are them all and to God Allah He needed them or who are Holika he said it's to make something equal to Allah and He is the One who created you.

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And when we look into the Quran, and to the sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we see the virtues and the status of Laila in Allah and we see the dangers and the warnings to stay away from anything and everything which contradicts that Allah Hallo.

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Musa alayhis salam,

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he said to Allah subhanho wa Taala Ravi, give me some words and I can of course Luca, what Luca via that I can make vicar I can remember you, and I can make dua to you through it.

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He wants some special words.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said to Musa yeah Musa Gu Ilaha illa Allah or Musa say Leila and Allah. He said, Yeah, Allah. He said, all of your servants say this, everyone says, Hello. And then he said, most of what's out Oh Musa, if all of the inhabitants of the heavens in the earth other than me, were to be gathered in a pen of the scale of the visa.

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And all of them were put into that side of the scale and lay low hanging Allah was put on the other side of the scale, that ilaha illallah would be heavy and that is the power one of the Kadima of Layla in Allah. And that's why as Muslims were encouraged, like in this hadith, to constantly see it and to remind ourselves of its meaning, and the true meaning of Leila and Allah, Islam, Abu Dhabi, helping Allah that there is no deity no God, no true god worthy of worship, except for Almighty Allah.

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And then we stay away from joining anything with Allah subhanho wa Taala and our worship.

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And when we do this, when we worship Allah within plus and sincerity and we stay away from joining partners, we're going to have a way to the agenda and shallow Tada we're going to have a way to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala your monkey Emma and he forgives us all of our sins and came in the Hadith and could see that Allah subhanho wa Taala said

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Yeah, even Adam Lewa Tate and in the follow up and out the whole Boyer to melodeath any lead to sheep be che

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latte you took away corabi Her love Allah what

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is an all sudden Adam, if you were to come to me, with the equivalent to that which is an earth all of the earth have since an earth load of since you come to Allah subhanho wa Taala but he says to me lead to ship will be share that you come and you meet me and you don't have shirt you don't join partners with me. You mean you're free from the ship? You have all of these sets, what are the loss in return? I will come to that equivalence many

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An earth loan of forgiveness to you. I will come to you with that which is equivalent to that and monk Philip. He'll forgive all of your sins. The province of Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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as he was narrowed in Sahih Muslim from the hadith of generosity Allah who is that in our lobby, a Bedouin came to the Prophet sallallahu ala he was sent him and asked him, What are the Mooji Batan mean the two necessary things that if it happens,

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the person went into the agenda, or he went into the hellfire.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said, Man Murgia the brothers who are coming up the steps have some respect for the Jumeirah one. Don't talk as you're coming up the steps barnacle off equal. He said that he salat wa salam SubhanAllah. We're in the Juma and we'll say the Prophet has said something and Allah said something and you gotta guys come with the steps talking about the relationship energy. And we're from young ages. We're supposed to know these things. You have one you might you don't talk. So you want to talk, go go home and talk this Mila

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when he came and by the way, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam when he saw something wrong during the Juma he would have corrected so this is the Sunnah me stopping to correct it go to coffee

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when the province of law is there was asked about these mochi better. These two mistakes

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What did he say? He said these two things that will make a person into one make the person injured the genuine to the hellfire. He said either he's Salatu was Salam, Minh Murata

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will who allow you shouldn't be like Che and the third agenda, woman mergeable, who shouldn't be left definitely know that whoever dies and he's not joining partners with the law, that he went to enter the agenda and whoever whoever dies and he doesn't join partners with the law that he went into the agenda and whoever dies joining partners with the law that he will enter into the fight.

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This is the power of Layla Hill law and the dangers of that which goes against it. Allah made it clear to us in the Quran in Hola Hola, yo, Phil, are you sure? Kabhi were young Pharaoh Medina, Danica LeMay Isha and did ALLAH does not forgive to join partners with him, and he forgives everything other than that to only pleases Subhana wa.

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And that's why most of Panama shook alumina I'll leave that indeed the ship, it is something that is oppression as a Christian to Allah subhanaw taala How can you join partners with the One who created to Subhana wa Tada. And because of this, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he stroke to protect the to heat. he strove to make sure that nothing would go against it to eat for himself and for his companions and for his Alma that they would have pure to heat pure Islamic monotheism, pure La Ilaha illa Allah

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He warned us la salatu salam about the Hulu

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which is something to go into extremes into the region extremism. He said he called World War Two, the in

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the in America black hole Illuminati. He said stay away from the whirlwind, your religion, the extremism and the religion that was an extreme in the region because he said barely those nations who were before you, they were destroyed because of the Hulu of the extremism and their religion. When they went to extremes they went astray. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he is the best man to ever walk the face of this earth. He said love thought Rudy came up rottenness alright Merriam fair enough man I've done for good Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said Do not over exaggerate in praising me as the Christians over exaggerated

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and praising Jesus the son of Mary. He said because Verily I am an out I am a servant. So say Abdullah will sue the servant of Allah and His Messenger SallAllahu it he was sending

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as he was on his deathbed it said it was salah

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and the sucker out of moods, meaning that the painful time of death was coming down to the province and he was suffering it is not whatsoever he will cover his faces I shall not the Allahu Allah describe the the blanket, and then he will uncover it. And he said from his last words that he said to his ummah, and a salat wa salam. He said OLALIA who would want to Salah it tougher do MBA and massages. He said that they he said a little curse the Christians and the Jews because they took the graves of their prophets as places of worship. He's warning us to stay away from falling into what they fell into.

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And that's why the Muslim has to be very keen and focusing on making sure that nothing goes against La Ilaha illa Allah that He meets ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada with La ilaha illallah

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that he means Allah subhanaw taala with La Ilaha illa Allah europea

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fewer La ilaha illa with nothing which contradicts it.

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Our Beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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when he would see those things which contradicts that

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Anna, Leila and Allah He wouldn't let it slide. And many people nowadays FSA, we're all Muslims.

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In this will we say? Anyone like a big deal if someone falls into something that we see a shift that we see as being wrong, immediately the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if he saw something which went against Leila and Allah,

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he would make it clear to the people, he wouldn't let it slide.

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One time, one of the Sahaba said Masha Allah wishes it is as Allah has chosen and as have you as chosen with Allah He made him equal to Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam became angry.

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He sent out any line and then he said, Have you made me equivalent to a law you made equal to Allah? He said, Say mashallah, why do I say as a law has chosen by himself, it's the will of Allah by himself.

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One time when they were celebrating and the young girls, they were making their new sheet,

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and one of them said, well, fina, Nabhi yalla mafia, and we have between us a prophet who knows what's going to happen tomorrow, meaning he knows the Unseen, the province that Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, Don't say that. He said, say the other things you were saying they shouldn't be said Don't say that. Because no one knows what's going to be in tomorrow except for a lot. This is laid out in a lot.

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In the beginning of Islam, he forbids the Sahaba he forbid the Sahaba from visiting the graves.

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But then once the to heat and the mind became strong in their hearts,

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then once the to heat and the man became strong in their hearts, He told them come to know Hey, to come and see our little awardee for Zulu, they know who to the cube and he said, I forbid you from visiting the graves in the past, but he said, Now visit them. Because they reminded the hereafter, we visit the graves not to make dua to the pious people or they're not so we can become closer to Allah through the pious people who are buried in the graves because they can't benefit us with anything. We do that because ALLAH SubhanA wa Bucha, we can go and remember that so one day we're going to be put into the grave reminds us of that. That's why we visit the graves for the Emperor to

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reflect on him. And that's going to be our five abode as well.

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My dear brothers in Islam,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wonders about ship.

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And he said that it's more discreet than the beaver Nebula, like the footsteps of the end, can you hear that? When it works? That's how dangerous ship can come into you. That's how dangerous ship can creep up once you add in this hadith and the province has taught us that if we're afraid of ship that we say to Allah subhana wa Tada Allahumma inanda RubyCon Oceanica V, we're not gonna Adam, we're not Oh, there'll be min Mallanna Allah, that Oh Allah, we seek refuge in you to join partners with you and that which we know. And we seek refuge in you and adjoining partners within which we don't know.

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Some might say, well, this hadith might be talking about the yen showing off. It's referring to that. But all other forms of ship are men by Allah. Obviously, all other forms of ships are even greater than that. We're joining partners at all is even greater than a rehab. And the reality in the days that we live in, almost every single Muslim

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has shook in his household.

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Almost a repeat that almost every single Muslim has shaken his household.

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When it comes to the cartoons that our kids watch for an example. And we don't really care about no big thing. It's an innocent thing, full of magic, which is one of the biggest types of cool friendships. And they watch you all the magic tricks in the bin 10s, and all of that, and we let our kids watch it like it's no big deal. They're learning chips. They're learning to attribute power that only Allah subhanaw taala has only all can do the learning through their cartoons, another form of shear

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when it comes to the holidays,

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and we see now that we're on the verge of Halloween.

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And you'll see that many Muslim parents no big deal, let the kids celebrate. Let them join in. Not knowing what is the history of this.

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What is the history of Halloween? Where did it come from?

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And reality Halloween.

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This was the Celtic New Year. Here in Ireland.

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It would come on the first of November, meaning the 31st of October. The 31st of October was the last day of the harvest and then winter which starts in November. So the New Year was on the first of November.

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And they call the the 31st of October the day of what Sam Hain and this Sam Hain was actually one of their gods because they were pagans before Christianity. So it was one of their gods, the god of evil spirits and they believed from their belief

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Then on the 31st of October, that the spirits the evil spirits would come back to this life. And they would come and get you. If you did something to somebody, you do some gloominess of oppression, His Spirit will come back and he would try to get you to harm you.

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He will harm you during that night, therefore, they would do what put on disguises, the costumes that the kids are wearing today. Where's where's the original coming from? It's from this beast costume. It's innocent, just fun and games they're playing. It's from this, they're putting these costumes on to avoid themselves from evil spirits, Allahu Akbar.

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And they will make big bonfires as we see all around our dinner every year that they're warning us about the fires that happened on that night. The big bonfires that happened

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during those nights. And the jack Elanor back in the day didn't have pumpkins, by the way in Ireland, so they will use the turnip, but they will carve it out and they will put the coal inside or put the light of day the counter whatever was inside so they could ward off the evil spirits as well. This is the original these things pure sugar and pure, pure, pure sugar and pure Kufa pure disbelief. But yeah, we see it no big deal, let the kids and do let them have fun and games. This is the danger of these things are one. And what happened. When the church came in, they combined different things from paganism, and from Christianity in order to appeal to the locals here for them

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to enter into Christianity, they did many things. But from that, they moved the All Saints Day from the 13th of May. And this is 1834. They moved it until the first of November, All Saints Day. So the 31st of October, it became known as Hallows Eve. And the word Hallo. What it means is something holy are a holy saint, a saint or a person, holy, holy person, or a saint, or something holy in general.

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So it was this holy evening, and then you have the next day. The All Saints Day later when the Irish went to America later became known as Halloween. And that's how it spread. We need to know what is our belief as Muslims, and we need to know how to stay away from that which contradicts the other one.

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And I want to mention two very important principles.

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When it comes to these events, some people say that's what it was originally. But now our intention is different.

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The intention, yeah, if one doesn't change the room, this is the principle we need to understand. The intention doesn't change the ruling. And it doesn't change the original what's happening, even if you don't intend to ward off evil spirits, that's where it comes from. So the ruling of it being haram. And being something major stays the same.

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Because of the fact of the origin, just your Nia doesn't change what the origin of it is, you can use that all kinds of haram, the same type of origin. So what my intention of dating her

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and being with her is to and then we'll see later if I want to marry you can use this type of as an analogy all day.

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So the origin doesn't change with any that's the first principle. The second principle is when it comes to different holidays and celebrations. Always remember that as Muslims, we have two holidays that we celebrate, which is eat and alcohol and eat alphadog that's it Alhamdulillah now in our community, we make big celebrations for these things to show our kids that Hamdulillah we have alternates we have something else so our kids don't come like them a scheme and they see all these other kids celebrating when it comes to Halloween they're celebrating for Christmas we're celebrating for this and that and we say how I'm gonna I'm gonna we have Halal halal as well for the

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tourists that come. So we give them the alternative 100 Allah

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subhanaw taala when it comes to this one, this is a principle, we don't celebrate except for two weeks.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he moved to Medina and he saw that the Sahaba were celebrating some of their own holidays, he said, But Abdullah Comala Pharaoh minha that Allah has given you better than that and exchange either the fifth or an eternal love has to ease that hungry now. This is what we have as Muslims, even Subhan Allah when it comes to staying away from these events, what Allah subhana wa Tada mentioned there a bad man and sold them for corn and their Sefa their characteristics. He said, well either mother will be loved we Magro KERAMA that if they go past falsehood that they avoid the false I mean, they stay away from it. And some of the tipsy is

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like the tipsy everyman Mujahid Rahim Allah He said it stay away from the from the celebrations of the non Muslims

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this is what it means to have one to be a Muslim who we're proud to have our own events our own holidays, and we stay away from anything and everything that can contradict or go against that we believe in BarakAllahu li we're looking for annual sunnah whenever annual yeah can be my pee him. I mean it will take him out of Hulu. Holy hell that was stuff

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A lot Have you ever been stopped in the?

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Mail I woke up I was Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muslim woman, by the brothers in Islam. As we end, a question comes, what should we do when it comes to being in a society who celebrates that or for our kids who are in school? First of all, obviously, when it comes to us as our community and our household is something we have to be against, because it goes against what we believe in evil spirits coming back to harm you no one can harm you except for who except for Allah subhanaw taala is everybody. Nothing's gonna harm him. Even if he said also, now it's innocent life. If the original is something haram, we stay away from it. So we have to have a stance, we have to let our

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kids know, we said 100 our kids, we let them know Don't worry, you're going to celebrate. You're going to set a grand celebrations for you. Even we can come today we can say to our kids, look, we can avoid this. But we'll do another party for you sometime in November, not on the 31st. We'll do another time in November, we'll have a party for the Muslim kids why that celebration, will have a celebration that we avoided haram and we'll celebrate what

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we can have an event for our kids, it doesn't have to be just for eat. We have to make sure that our kids enjoy themselves as Muslims. They know we have a community where they're going to have fun. And then with our local

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communities or local schools, let them know your home while they will have to be shot when we have some of the most friendly

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some of the most nice people in the world when dealing with the Irish. In fact, they will come to you and my son was studying in the school and we talked about Halloween, they had him avoid all of the Halloween projects and they would come to see what about these leaves and this again, or this pumpkin cake can he can he come to this? And then even to that extent they said we know the witches and all this is haram there's not gonna be the witches or any of these these demons and all this, we're not gonna let him do it.

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Because they understood from me and they respect him. Don't be shy. Let them know what you believe them. You don't want your kid doing this in the respect that Hamdulillah we have to remember one of the most valuable thing that we possess and the strongest thing that we possess as Muslims is Leila.

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Leila Hanalei, if we want to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala and him to be pleased with us with this kennemer. What is the province of the Lord while He was salam say about the Kenema when he was asking when S and SV Shiva it who is the one who is most has the most right to get you a Chevalier intercession, uma piano, he said us at an SV ship it the one who has the most right to my intercession, man, God and

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God is the one who says lie Allah purely from his heart

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and was purely from your heart. It's going to show up in your actions. There Illa Hello men had your hair. Leila is a way of life. Yeah, one has to show up in our actions.

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My dear brothers as we end today's hold up, just a quick reminder of the topic that we're mentioning, which is from the depth of Joomla

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if I was a bit harsh with the brother that was coming in, who was talking,

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I don't apologize for that. But it's a reminder to all of us f1 that we respect the message and we respect the Juma when you come in and you don't talk

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and Hamdulillah this has stopped there was some time in the measure even some people answered their phones I will the biller handle that stop now, perhaps the brother made a mistake necessary but it's a reminder to us that when it comes to Joomla if you have somebody say outside the airport that will come up the stairs talking to the brother and you know older people can hear what's what's happening and you ruin the Joomla for yourself and for others. You become simply f1 the process I mentioned the one who talks in logic, there is not no drama for him because you lost the point. Pay attention for them. Another thing when it comes to coming into the MSG

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don't come in and move people are they weighing on us against the Sunnah the promises and forbidding where people were coming and moving people out of the way. He said sit down because you're hoping that people

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don't come in. If you're late, go somewhere else. Stay downstairs, you came late. The brother who's sitting here paying this bill football and brothers are moving out of the way and he loses focus. What does this mean? He doesn't want you to do his tie. He doesn't want you next to him. You come in push them out of the way. It's not your house. It's not your right you're late. You go into the other room while you stay downstairs. Oh, there's another machine just gonna go if you came late, be on time. But don't come in and cross over the people over the shoulders and move out the way you the one who's given the hook but you mess everything up for him. He can't concentrate. The ones who are

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trying to control what's being said they can't concentrate everybody's constraint on you know.

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So pay attention. Everyone's against the Sunnah and it's harmful for the people

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after that, the last thing which is the Sunnah when it comes to should you pray to the council, should you not? There's a difference of opinion when it comes to the scholars, the Hanafi Maliki scholars they say sit down, don't pray to records because of the fact you need to listen to the whole burden. However there's a hadith perhaps it didn't reach them Allah why them since I invoke it promises Solomon say he said one of you enters in the masjid and the Imam

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is giving a hoot but that he shouldn't sit down to the praise to workouts. So you can you shouldn't come and stand around. You shouldn't wait. You shouldn't you should pray to the gods. But he said, oh geez feed him and make them short. Make them quick. So you pray the two workouts and you sit down. And this is the opinion of him on the chef.

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And it's clear obviously from the Hadith, if one of you comes to the masjid and the man has given a photo, that you don't sit down, and so you pray to the crowds and you make them short and Scholten is that the remainder of one so we can make the Juma beneficial. And he myself or Shiva was the one who prepares the football. It takes a long time, sometimes an entire week to prepare a football and the people are focusing and people are benefiting to try to learn people try to learn and then we get distracted from the people coming in out or moving in the midst of we need to have the respect for the Juma and for this this dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala he ordered us to bless our will ethical

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Allah then strive to get to the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala on this Friday and so because we need this reminder for ourselves this is why we're here is to be reminded and to benefit in shuttle Tata