Jannah Gems #17 – Need to Keep Both Deen and Dunya in Your Life

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the importance of balancing one's life and one's d/cask in regards to one's health. They explain that keeping both aspects of one's life in mind is crucial to achieving success in Islam. They also mention the pressure of schoolwork and the importance of keeping one's d/cask in regards to one's life.

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It's very important to keep both your deen and your dunya in your life, you know, it's very easy for people to get so caught up with one thing and forget the other. And I think that it's not just possible to balance both, but it's necessary to balance both. If you want to have a good, a good dunya, then you have to have the deen in your life, right. And, like, no one wants to live and live a hard life here. So if you keep that being in your life, and the dunya easily comes to you. So, um, I started doing genetic Institute from when I was very young. And then I had a little bit of time when I was at school, so I got a little busy. But then I started to realize like, because I am busy,

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that's why it's more important to make sure that I'm doing these extra classes to make sure that I'm keeping my Dean in my life. So during high school, I would take like the weekend classes that were virtual. So I was able to like join those from home. And I think for me, like it was really important to keep those like those classes weekly along with like, my schoolwork because it's so easy when you're doing schoolwork to get very caught up with that. It's very it's a lot of pressure when you're trying to like be at the top of the class or you're trying to get certain grades and balance your extracurricular activities. You also have to remember that your deen is also something

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that's important. So it's easy to get like consumed by all the pressure from there and start to think that like, you know, there's no hope for you. But when you keep your deen you'll remember why you're doing this stuff for the venue, right because you want to be an ambassador for Islam.