Omar Suleiman – Twins Of Faith Malaysia 2012

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss three personality types that will affect the Day of judgment: a person who is always trying to grab them, a person who is always trying to avoid failure, and a person who is always trying to avoid the judge. They stress the importance of not giving up and staying to them, and emphasize the need to show mercy and be held accountable for past mistakes. The speakers also mention the loss of family and parenthood, the difficulty of standing in front of loss of time, and the importance of showing mercy and showing mercy to avoid future harm.
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Immediately after a lot tells you about his mercy and loss and finally, once Allah gives you a call to action, turn back to your Lord and submit yourself to Him.

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Before punishment comes to you, and you will not be helped, no one's gonna bail you out,

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turn around and reverse course change your life. No one's gonna help you on the Day of Judgment.

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What have you

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done lovely men comedy, de Aquila de la,

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rue, and hurry up and turn back to your Lord, follow the guidance that was sent to you is gonna

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come from your Lord, before punishment comes to you. Until that is true, and it will come to you bucha suddenly, and you won't even feel a loss of hundreds of islands describe three types of personalities, and now allows pirates out of gives us the way that those three people will be on the day of judgment and fall in Estonia firstwatch.

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Or else you will say on the day of judgment or else a person will come on the day of judgment and say, yeah, has one to Allah for what to feed me law one.

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fee, and barely I was amongst those who used to mock.

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I used to make a mockery. Yes to attack someone who calls out for his own ruin. Oh, how I regret all the failures that I committed. What a loser I wasn't done yet. And this is the type of personality who despairs, always despairs always feels like a loser is the customer to failure. So turns opportunities that a lot gives them more failures after failure after failure after failure. Yeah.

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Don't allow yourself to become accustomed to failure so that you never recognize the opportunities Allah has given me.

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he or he would say, if a law would have guided me, then I surely would have been amongst those who are fearful of him. He blames a loss.

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You know, the second type of personality type that we talked about will enable you

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to come when

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you won't be helped on the Day of Judgment. It's a person who becomes accustomed to someone always picking them up. You know, stuff in danger, you're always used to someone being there to pick you up. So you don't do anything for yourself, because you always know that someone's gonna be there to bail you out.

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And the last thing on the Day of Judgment, don't be that person who says if a law would have guided me, then I would have been amongst those who are conscious conscious, blaming others, because you always thought someone else was gonna pick you up. You became dependent on others, so you didn't make change in your life.

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Or you say when you see the punishments, a person is standing and seeing the punishment and saying no.

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If alone gives me another chance, then I will surely be amongst those not just not just listening. I will be amongst the moistening. I'll be from those who itself I'll be from the best people. If Allah gives me another chance.

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address that behavior, whatever you

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to call.

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Hurry up, you know your potential. But you keep on procrastinating. Stop saying to yourself, I'm young. I have time and I'll make Toba to a lot later on. I'll change my life later on. Stop doing that you know what you're capable of. You know, you could do better. Don't wait until punishment.

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displays itself to you and that person on the day of judgment when they see the punishment. They recognize. They recognize, I knew I could do better. I had a chance Allah gave me all the tools. I was able suddenly back on love and not only will I be a good Mr. Oliver to the potential that I know You created me with, there's no denial here, three personality types. The first one is one who's become accustomed to failure and managed to disqualify himself from the mercy of a loss because he didn't even try to get the second one is the person

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who was always accustomed to someone else, helping them out and counted on you know what, my parents are Muslim, this person is missing, you know?

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So someone's gonna help me out everything will be okay. Because India, someone was always there to catch me when I failed. And someone who never blamed themselves, but they always blame other people and other things for their failures. blame your parents when you fail, blame your environment. Blame safeline blame the last didn't blame themselves wasn't nothing the one and the third person is one who knew their potential. But procrastinate and procrastination kills you. You know how merciful las panatela is? You know that you can do better. But you see I've got time.

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Spamalot, these three people on the Day of Judgment, will know why they disqualified themselves how they fell out of the mercy of the loss of pirates island that was so encompassing, that was so out there. That was so obvious how they managed to miss a Lord that was so merciful for to them and the loss of penance, Allah will address the person before he goes into hellfire. And stay to him. The last conversation imagine this is the last time they'll talk to a loss of time which I hope I never hear this from a lot and none of us ever hear this from a loss of habitat. The last conversation a lot has with a person who's going to hellfire.

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Oh, my service.

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If you were able to rent some yourself with the entire world in gold, to get yourself out of the situation that you're in now. would you do it?

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And he would say of course.

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Yeah, what do modulo yesterday Yama. He couldn't be when he was off he was he was he was

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on that day a person would be willing to throw his kids into the fire. Take the entire world. Suddenly back. I'll give you everything I have. I was like a total monk. I live in celibacy. I'll never eat anything more than what's necessary. I live like a monk. I'll give you everything.

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I lost.

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I asked you for so much less than you were not asked for the world and goals. You were not asked to live your life as a monk. You are not asked to give up all wealth you are asked to forego how much you are asked not to commit Zina, you were asked to avoid major sins and minor sins that are consistent unintentional, you were asked to pray five times a day. You were asked to fast the month of Ramadan and you can break your fast. You were asked to pay 2.5% of your wealth. If you had enough. You were asked to make hedge once in your life that you were physically and financially capable. You were asked for a very basic thing, very basic things. How did you manage to miss the

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mercy of a loss?

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That's the last time Allah speaks to that person. And when that person answers Hellfire,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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He tells us the reaction that they have.

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All alleles are often naughty, because they're not

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the people that disbelieve in Hellfire who will say to the angels, the guards

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call upon your Lord,

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to lighten up the punishment for us for one day. Just give us a little bit of a day off.

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It's not a lot.

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You don't remember everything. He says there are four levels of despair in this one statement. Number one with the ruler now you call upon Allah because we can't call upon a lot anymore. But I'm back home. Not Dinah our Lord your Lord.

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They no longer attribute lots of them our Lord, You have it's not up to likely to end just to lighten up the punishments. Young men, not for the rest of our punishment just for a day.

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Why don't you let yourself get to that situation? I mean, my mother's eliakim ally says the greatest punishment in the Hellfire is that the person missed their opportunity to

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Talk to no loss of animal Tyler not the fire

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of regret that I was able to call upon a loss of time that I had a Lord that was merciful. That was forgiving, that was willing to give me every chance, all I had to do was try, all I have to do was to be able to stand on the day of judgment and say, oh, a lot, I gave it my best shot. I wasn't perfect, but I gave it my best shot.

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And you know, what I saw was like, this is happening to the people of paradise. On the other hand,

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it was a loss of hundreds Island. After entering us into our paradise we ask a lot of times to make us amongst them. And the angels are saying, When are they completely to other who have been nice beyond to you, you were patient, you're purified, enter here forever, a loss of hundreds Allah gathers the people of paradise.

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first meeting with Allah, Allah subhanaw taala addresses the people of Paradise

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and a loss of high level to Allah says, yeah.

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Oh, people of Paradise sent out peacefully onto you.

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And we would respond. And I say we because we should have personally been in a lot of good expectations in the last time. So when I say we, you say I mean, you make us we behave the law, the people in general will say to a loss of time, it's a one man plus, woman casilla. It's about like the other July Unicom, I can't say y equals Salaam to you, you are a peace. You are the source of peace.

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You are as far beyond anything that I can say to you and address you with

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a loss of

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he does. He reminds us of some of the things that we committed. While we're in gender, like seriously, I got to turn that over. I don't have to hear about things anymore. Right? It's over. Right? Why would I want to remind you to send

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you that kiddo home you want to remind reminds him of some of the things that they used to do and they would say, Robbie?

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Oh my lord, haven't you forgiven me? And a loss of parenthood's Allah says, had I not forgiven you and been pleased with you, you wouldn't be here.

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You wouldn't be here. Not a spoon, coffee devotee, I wouldn't be here if I wasn't pleased with you.

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Does that remind you of His mercy and a loss of Hunter Hunter Allah says

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that today, you can ask

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and ask for whatever you want. Just ask

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the people out here can't talk to a lot anymore. And the people have done a lot of saying, ask.

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And the people of genda would say to Allah subhanho wa Taala they would gather together and they talk amongst themselves what are we going to ask a lot more now a lot has already given us everything we've already seen our policy agenda. We've already seen our cars in general or whatever it is that we ride in Zumba. We've already seen our rivers we've already seen our spouses, we've already seen everything that gender has to offer. And now the last thing is and we've run out of things to ask for it.

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So the people have done the after they talk amongst themselves, they say to a loss of

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Latina, Allah, Allah, Allah word, please just be pleased with us. We're happy. We don't want anything anymore. We're here. We just want you to be pleased. And Allah subhanaw taala says, Oh, my service, if I wasn't pleased with you, you wouldn't be here this morning.

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He asked me today is the day of inquiry, find something to ask me.

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So they gather together, and they talk amongst themselves again. When they come to a loss.

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And they say

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I mean, what's unique

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about law, all we want is to be able to see, just show us your face so we can stare.

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We run out of things to ask.

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You know how merciful you are and everything you're given to us. Just show us your face. So we can stare at you.

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On the day of judgment, the one who is accustomed to asking Allah subhanaw taala Indonesia, the one who spoke to Allah and doing

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well not only qualify for a greater mercy and you know, speaking to a loss of

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being able to have that connection with Allah subhanaw taala gives you 10 on Earth, that's from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala genda to you have been the paradise of certainty in your heart, that you have something real something of meaning that you have something that many people are forbidden from, you have a connection. And on the Day of Judgment, a lot of times I will tell you keep asking until you run out of things to ask for

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That's the day that 99%

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whereas a person who never asked the last pilot, who never bothered himself to talk to a lot of pilots out on the Day of Judgment, will not have that privilege anymore to speak to Allah subhanaw taala. Do brothers and sisters a loss of confidence, Allah gives us every single chance, every single opportunity. Allah is willing to enter us into paradise with a raggedy salon with heart beat up fasting, right, that has some backbiting here and there. A lot of times willing to accept this. But you just have to show a loss of power that you try. And it's a very, very simple process. When you stand in front of a loss of hydraulics Island,

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and all the Allied was that has he gone full circle, to hassle, hold yourselves accountable, before you're held accountable. When you stand in front of a loss of time, if you were able to stand in front of a lot and lunia, to say, I'm doing my best, when you stood in front of a lot five times a day, I know my shortcomings I'm trying and you held yourself accountable and dunia Allah subhanaw taala is not even going to hold you accountable enough.

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You've already done your part. And to be held accountable by yourself is a lot easier than being held accountable by a loss of Clementine on the Day of Judgment.

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And that's why even the Day of Judgment, which is a day that a person would stand for 50,000 years.

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Authentic activity from Abu Dhabi alone and you want something to show you how beautiful and how merciful last, tada is. Well, as soon as I saw him said, the entire date of judgment, for the believer is like the time between open and awesome

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passers by just like that

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is from the moment that you come out of your grave or last time is reassuring. You're okay. You try. The angels are telling you, it's okay. You try. You did your best. You are meeting a Lord that is not gonna fall over him. You're leading a lord, that's forgiving, that's loving, you're okay.

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Because he tried.

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And so on the Day of Judgment, dear brothers and sisters, I want you to think about this. Either when you leave a loss,

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it will be an introduction.

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Or it'll be a reunion. If it's an introduction, that's not the date that you want to be introduced to a loss of time. If it's a reunion, and it'll be the greatest reunion that you've ever had. Because you have a Lord that is willing to forgive you and show mercy upon you. And that is willing to add to its agenda for just a small effort. Just a small effort. You know, under this one story, and this is a story that shows you how beautiful the mercy of a lost planet is. The moment was your horrible luck. He says that one time I was after so often, sitting and contemplating. I was sitting at the River Street. In freeze, I was looking at the water flow. And he said I saw a scorpion.

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And he said I saw that that Scorpion was running very fast, but it walked right by me. It ran right by me and he didn't talk to me.

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And he said I saw the scorpion go and attack a turtle.

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Look at this. Look at what he's seen. And he said, when the scorpion was about to attack the turtle, suddenly it turned around, and it ran back in my direction.

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So I thought that the scorpion was gonna get me then the scorpion ran past me.

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So he said I was curious about the scorpion where it was going. So he said I followed the scorpion. And he said, I saw a man that was laying there and listen to what he says he saw that I saw a man that was laying there. And that man as he was laying there

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sleeping, the scorpion was running in his direction, a snake was coming to bite him.

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And the scorpion jumped on the snake killed the snake and killed himself in the process.

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I thought to myself, so I'm gonna love a loss of habitat and make all of that happen because of this man. So he said, let me wake him up and some of what happened. So he says, I went to wake him up and he was drunk.

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So I thought he's gonna be a will he have a loss of

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someone that's gonna make the offering or someone who can be like, Hey, can you make your art for me? Can you help me out this obviously someone who's beloved to Allah will come up. And he was waking up. He had a hangover. He was waking up from being drunk.

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And the man said, what he said I saw allows mercy upon you. And I thought that you were someone who's beloved to last time, I was gonna ask you for a job

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and you're a drunk.

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And the man says to what happens so in other words, he says I explained to him, everything that just happened and he broke down the car.

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And he said,

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My Lord, me.

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All that for me

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as much as I disobeyed you, and you did all of that for me

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the point is, is that a loss of hands either cares enough about us to send us opportunities to make Tobin a loss, antis willing to facilitate October? As long as we're willing to seek that mercy. We asked a loss of mercy upon us we asked the loss of hundreds

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of food.

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We asked him to shower us with His love and mercy. We asked the last panel to add, but on the Day of Judgment, we only meet His mercy and we do not need His justice. We asked him last time towards Allah to give us the blessing of being able to stare at his face in general for those new companionship of the Prophet a lot while he was still there. A lot man, I mean,

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