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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was a happy woman, whatever, but salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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After the time of no Haile Salam, the people continued upon to hate

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worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala as one without joining any partners.

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And they taught their children the importance of to hate and this continued generation after generation.

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However, however, after generations,

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the people started to fall deeper and deeper into sin. Attend eventually they fell back into worshipping idols, and forgot the teachings of new Haile Salam.

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And this shows and proves to us

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the danger of sins and how it all starts how she thought it gets us and that's why a lot of warns is in the Quran time and time again about the hotel a lot of shape on about the footsteps of shape on because how does he realize in how does he pull us in into falling into major sins and even sometimes even into disbelief later. It all starts with the small sins. And then once they accumulate and start to surround our hearts and our hearts become blackened, as Allah mentioned, on the run, and sort of the more poppy Fein can level run Allah Kenobi and carry oxy bone, that the run is put on the heart from the actions that they used to do the Prophet alayhi salatu was Saddam, he

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mentioned he gave the example in the Hadith he said Ali said that was Saddam he said it's like the black dot, the black dot which is put on to the the heart. And once you continue to send more and more dots come after that the small sins then they call in the big sense. And then the big sins, calling the the even greater things, for example, the bid and innovation and can eventually lead us to fall into shirk, and to intercooler and disbelief and that's what happened to the generations that came after new Hyundai Scilab. And during that time, Allah subhanho wa Taala sent to them, the next Prophet, which was who that is set up, and who was from the tribe of ads, you hear the story of

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ads in the Quran, right away, you know that Allah subhanaw taala is talking about the story of the hood and the people of hoot. And their land was in Yemen, next to the sea, between how the remote and Yemen and a man as we know it today, and the area of an app off, which has mentioned the Quran, the surah Allah cough, which is any that lack of means the wind, curved sand hills, it was a description of the land that they lived in. And they lived a very good life a very luxurious life. They had springs gushing from the earth gardens and agriculture's, they build huge palaces and these palaces they built were just for, you know, for showing off. And this was only how good they were.

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And architecture and they would build a mess it when you would come into the cities. And then you come down the road, you'd see like a boat or a mountain, you'd see huge palaces, where they were built not not for living in but just for showing off, and just showing what they had reached from the wealth, and from, you know, their ability in agriculture. And they were also very powerful and very strong and very large, and their bodies as Allah mentioned, in different ads in the Quran, and all of this. And this is one of the important lessons that we gain from their story. All of this led them to arrogance.

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And so Pamela was just sitting with my wife the other night, and she had some things that popped up on her thing, and it was saying that, you know, unfortunately, many of the sisters and the women who are blessed with beauty, what happens? What do they do? Do they cover themselves up? That doesn't mean a lot of our HIV sisters are near coffee sisters are not beautiful. A lot of them are even I remember any

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one of one of my family members, you know, when she, you know, people saw her and she's ordering a coffee they were but you're so beautiful. Why do you cover yourself doesn't mean a beautiful sister's not going to cover stuff that happens, no doubt about that. But what's meant is that a lot of times when someone is beautiful, and it's difficult for them to what has never won them for not not to show their beauty for shaytaan to get the best of them. It goes to the head and they become arrogant. When someone becomes good at something, you'll see that they start to become arrogant and someone becomes good at whatever he does. You'll see how he starts to walk right? And he becomes

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arrogant because he'd become good at you know, a football player basketball player, you know, weightlifting, whatever it is that he's doing in his IT job. He becomes arrogant because he's the man and he's the best at what he does. So this

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Same thing happened to the people of who that they became very arrogant, because ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada had blessed them. And that arrogance, didn't just lead them to being arrogant. And that was it. It also led him to become very oppressive, and taking advantage of the weak.

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And Allah subhanaw Wattana. These are the people that He sent His prophet who to La salaam, and who was from a good place in society, he had a good status in society. He was from a good family from good lineage. He was known to be trustworthy, and truthful, and intelligent, and a merciful person, Ali Salam. And

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there's many lessons that we can gain from that the prophets. I name SLM when Allah sent them, they were from the cream of the crop, they weren't just, you know, any the normal people from a society they were from the area, they didn't necessarily have to be from the rich people in the society. But when it came to the lineage, when it came to the issue in the tribe, when it took place in the tribe, when it came to their, you know, their intelligence, when it came to their manners when it came to the to when it came to the web as being trustworthy and truthful. This was a description of all of the prophets. And that's why it should have been very easy for them to accept the message of

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their messengers. And that's why the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. When he first called his people openly, our beloved Prophet Muhammad said, Allahu Allah, he was selling when he stood on the mountain. And he said to his people, if I were to tell you that an army was coming from the other side of this, of this, this mountain, would you believe me? Now he's testing him right away? And why did he test them to come now he's going to, he's going to hear their response. And then he's going to come and invite them to follow the hawk to follow the truth. They said, My job malaika kevita, they said, We'd never known you to lie. Subhanallah and then he told them, obviously, I've come here

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as a Warner for you, any any between a great punishment, as all the messengers said to their people. So he was someone who was known to his people, and he was from his people. And there's another great lesson that we gain as do that, is that the importance of

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the Duat beings from the people, being from the people, and Allah said this, and sort of Ibrahim, when he said Subhana, wa taala. Well, Mao Sellner, mill Rasul in, ill, Billy Sani call me that I've only said that I've said, All the messengers, speaking the language of his people, what it was at the end of the verse blew up in a law home, so he can make it clear to them. And that has such a huge impact. And when we're talking about Billy sending Comey the language, that's that might be the key thing. But even when it comes to the customs, how important is that.

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And I can give you several examples any us in our countries, when someone is from that country, how much and this is very important. We focus on this as do act. And in many of the, you know, the Arab or Asian brothers who move to our countries in the West, they've done a fantastic job. When it comes to proper getting and teaching the religion may Allah bless them, and grant them all the goodness life in the in the next I mean, but when it comes to being a public figure, who represents the community, or gives Dawa?

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To the larger community, the non Muslim community? Are they the best individuals, even if they're the more most knowledgeable from us? The answer clearly is no. The best people we're going to represent us are the people from

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or from the, from the country itself. The people who speak the language, the people who understand the customs, when they look at you, they look at you as being one of them, they don't look at you as being an outsider. And this is what I have any it has nothing to do with any being you know, racist or looking down or anything like there's no this is a reality. And when someone comes in sometimes you'll find that

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if I go and I give a lecture in Arabic, I give lectures in Arabic and hamdulillah a lot of times they feel like wow impressed you know, you're giving lessons in Arabic and you're from the west. So they might from that aspect, they might be like well mashallah, and all of that, but they really want to you know, listen to something they prefer to listen to someone who speaks their language, even you'll find for example, someone from from Egypt for example, he will prefer to hear and he Gibson share minister with the chef, certainly the chef would prefer to hear somebody shift when in a Gibson shift and like this, so you'll find that you know, people have that preference. You know,

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even myself when it comes to even the language I speak. I was listening to audiobooks and I'm with the brothers in the UK. Now I

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I did want to work with him, they're the brothers in New Castle. But for me, like when I hear that the American accent, it's very, you know, soothing for me. And if I hear an Australian accent or a British accent, for me, it just, it just doesn't go down well. So having that language, it has a huge impact on the Dow itself, as Allah subhanaw taala told us, so we look at the stories of the prophets, and we gain and we benefit that they're from their people, they're from the core of the people. And that has a huge impact on the Dower, Allah said, he says every penny messenger from any speaking the language of his people, so it has a huge impact. So we as people working in the field

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of doubt, we really have to reflect on that, and benefit from that. And as in many organizations, now they are doing that when you have my head, the spokesman or something like that being from the people. And it doesn't necessarily have to be, you know, a white guy or, or a black guy who's from, you know, that it could be someone who's an Asian or Arab descent or something like that. But the people who were born there who speak the language, you see what I'm saying, this is something very important, someone who was born in that country, not someone who came from overseas and has like a heavy accent and things like that, it doesn't go off well, there's something we have to we have to

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be be revised to be someone who is either, you know, originally from that society, or at least someone who was born in SSI, who understands this society understands the customs, even many fifth issues we've had before. I'm not gonna go into the details, and some of them are a bit crude. But I can give you some examples of some of the questions that some of the scholars have been asked from, from America, or from the West in general, and they're just like, they're shocked, like, you know, what is this? How can you, but for us, and it's normal, because we grew up in that society, we know that society, so even even it still might be very crude for us as well. But nonetheless, we

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understand and we and it's not the first time we've heard, you know, crazy things like that. So this is something very, very important and we need to focus on in our dialogue. When you look at the message of Hood, what did he start with what was the core of his message? Allah mentioned in surah till or off in verse 65. And it was the same message as Allah mentioned in the same Surah many of the prophets that their message is what Yeah, call me or Buddha Allah. When Allah said in the beginning of the verse what Elijah in a home hood, and to add was a home their brother once again, he's men who Murphy and his praise from them, he's from these from it's from that group. He's from

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the home it's their brother. Allah sent their brother to him someone they know someone they trust. What did he say to them? Call a call me or Buddha law? Yeah. Oh my God, Allah mirlo comin Isla, you know, like you. Oh, my people worship Allah. What do you want from a deity other than la cama? This is what you need to be doing what you need to be focused on. He's warning them stay away from worshipping rocks, idols that benefits you nothing. Don't forget, he's telling them don't forget what happened to the people of Norway, because it wasn't very far away from them. The story of knowing what happened was something still fresh in their minds. They knew whenever they were, you

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know, just a couple of centuries ago when it would happen to the people of Noah. So it wasn't something like an old story for us, like from way back in the day and it was just something recent for them. So they knew it. So he will use this as a reminder. But what did they do and what was their reply, like so many of those who denied the prophets Allah mentioned to us and sorted that out off.

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Paul Allen mellow Lena Kapha Roman call me that the leaders and this is the problem. A lot of times when that leaders are people who are evil, you'll find that the followers are evil as well. And there's something very interesting it came in and a hadith.

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The SCOTUS talked about the interpretation of the Hadith was it mean, but our chef chef Jose Amin Rahim, Allah and he said, This is the meaning when it comes to Allah, you will Alikum Okemah taco Newell, Alikum as you are is the way you leaders will be. So a lot of times we look at the fact that

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the leaders are astray. Therefore the people are straight. But the reality is, is that who has the huge impact on how the society goes, and actuality it is the people they are the people themselves, the people themselves, if they are Salah hain, then they're going to have an influence on their people as well. And we're going to study Inshallah, soon we talk about the story of Salah, and we took it yesterday with the brothers when we're studying the Tafseer of sort of the shrimps that the

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one who killed the she camel, he was actually their leader, but he went to all of them and got their permission beforehand. He spoke with them. And he said it and he said this, what we're going to do, what do you think all of them agreed, so all of them were punished equally. So when the people are evil and the people are corrupt, then

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the leaders are the same way as well. So it's not the other way around as people think. If we turn back to Allah subhanaw taala and we become from the pious and we start to spread the clear and the Machinima and the society that we live in. What's

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gotta happen is that that will affect the top as well. And the core, the foundation is the people. If we're going to be solid, and inshallah pious, we're gonna have impact on those who are above us and those who are leaders. But the reality is, and I don't want to get into politics, and I don't want to offend anyone, but if you were to look at some examples without mentioning names, if you were to look at some evil rulers in the days that we live in, you will find that the people under them in a society are not much difference. Right now, I think one or two popped into your head, just today probably popped in my head as well as well. And you're gonna find that the people in the

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society are not much different Subhan Allah, and he not all of them, obviously, there's a lot of good people in those societies as well. But we're talking about, you know, there's a large number of the population who are just like that ruler, and that's why he was able to spread that corruption in society. So this is the reality of the society it's very, very important to understand, so called mellow Latina. Cafaro woman told me that the leaders who disbelieved amongst his people, what did they say to who that SLM in Ella Naraka fees? Were in Atlanta goon lanoka Mill Academy, they said that indeed, we see you offer that you have sofa that you are able to have any you want to

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foolishness, and that you are valley from the Caribbean, from the liars.

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And look at this, what they said to him, it's something which is an insult.

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And we talked before from episode one.

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One of the main reasons that we studied the Stories of the Prophets is not just to, you know, know their stories from a historical point. But how can they these stories benefit us in our lives?

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What are the lessons so we saw when the story of new

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when they made the SOFIA when they mocked him? When he was building the phone? He was building the ship? How he responded, and also here.

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Now they're mock him and they're belittling him and slandering him.

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So how did he do that is Salam respond to them? Was he someone who was weak and soft, and didn't respond didn't stand up for himself? He responded, but he responded with hikma with wisdom.

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He said, Call, call me please say be severe to him. He said all my people there's there's nothing about me that has foolishness. There's there's no foolishness here. When I kidney Rasulullah, neurobiol Alameen. But I'm a Rasool a messenger, from what Bill Alameen from the Lord of the Worlds what is my job? What is my duty Oberliga welcome.

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resellers, your Obi Wan, Allah conocer Hoonah me, I relate to you the messages of my Lord, and I have for you now say everyone, I mean, I'm a trustworthy advisor.

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And this is the way of all of the prophets to come to the people as as an asset to give advice. And this is the way of the DUA, and you were coming to the people now, to call them to that which is good. And the beauty that we call the people to is to gain and to benefit, the best of this life. And the best of the next. So here, this is the message, he's telling the man, all I'm doing is relaying the message of my Lord, and I'm sincere advisor for you. Then they came to him selling other things. And you know what, you know what this guy's after, he's looking for money for money. And something very beautiful, as you reflect on the Stories of the Prophets, is that you're going to

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remember, and you're going to see

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a lot of the lessons or the stances from the life of our beloved prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam that were very similar to the prophets before him.

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All throughout the Quran, Allah told us, that the people accused them of wanting money,

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that people are looking for power for money. And that's why Allah told us and sorted who

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that the people have who would said to him,

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yeah, call me or he replied to him, and he said that they wanted they were looking for money. He said, he told me last. Allah He, as you know, he said, I'm not asking you any route in agilely Illa Allah Allah, Allah the proper running of Allah Tapi rune. He said that indeed my reward is from the One who created me. So you will not use reason think I'm not looking for money. I don't need your money. When they came to our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what did they offer him? And anyone who has claimed that he's a prophet, he wants to do this or that he wants to gain from from worldly affairs. What are they looking to gain? They want either to be you know, power,

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Money or women, they offer they offer all three of these to our beloved prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and he refused to accept from them.

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And he told them very clearly that if you were to do it, no matter what you would do, I would not leave, calling to the message that I've been commanded to do because as a messenger, he said, Rasul he sent from Allah subhanho wa taala, he has no option but to relay the message, and those who are truly from their followers, this is their way. What did a lot of subhanaw taala tell us in the Quran, about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and his way, his his methodology, his way of life. All heard he severely at the river, Allah, Allah pulsera say that this is my severe my path. I call to Allah upon the Sierra

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Anna woman interband me and those who follow me, me and those who follow me. So if you're from the followers of the province, and you have to call to the way they have to call to what they call to,

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who THAT IS LM continued to remind his people to call them back to Allah subhanho wa taala. So what is the best way that I can convince them? One of the best ways is to remind them of the blessings that Allah has blessed him with. This is very important.

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And a very great way to give Dawa is for us to think about the blessings in law causes throughout the Quran to reflect on the blessings blessings, Allah causes in the Quran, to reflect on the greatness of His creation of his Rubia which calls us back to his ooo here, which is his right to be worshipped as one without joining any partners. Right away. That's something natural inclination inside when I know the greatness of almost a pattern without those creation, that I realize that he's the one who has the right to be worshipped without joining any partners with him. subhanho wa taala. Who that is Allah, He called them and he told them what Guru is jello comb, hula firm embody

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a comb, you know. And remember when he made you hula that he made your successes, after the people of Nora was that the Compeller country was thought and he increased you and your stature, any extensively, that they were big that they were strong. And that's actually from the blessings of Allah subhanho wa taala. As we mentioned, in the beginning, it can lead you to arrogance. If you view someone who's who's built in your code, you can see yourself being better than others. But in reality, it's a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala to see how you're going to use it. When someone is is tall, someone is strong, that's a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. And I remember

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some of our scholars, they used to mention that to us, and some of the brothers were the bigger brothers mashallah they will say mashallah, Allah has given you increased you and bustle of L me, we'll just say, Allah has increased you, and your size and your knowledge and it has an impact even when the people are accepting from you. So this is something that it's from the blessing of Allah subhanho wa taala, to see what we're going to do with it. Further call to Allah, Allah. So

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remember, the favors Allah, Allah, any of the favors of Allah, that Allah come to flee home that perhaps you might succeed. And this is a great lesson.

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In the room reminder for us who live in countries who in the reality are the superpowers of the world today, in our societies, they run the world, let's be honest.

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We know it's a reminder for them, the ones who have been given his blessings, the ones who are in charge, the ones who are on top, that Allah has given you his blessing. So that's something that you say you put a lot of hard work, but it wasn't for the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tannat comes in detail here in the story of who if it wasn't for Allah subhanho wa taala, you wouldn't have been given this. But it also reminds us as individuals to be more grateful and to be more thankful. That's what Allah wants from us, we see this type of success, we see this type of strength, that the goal and the objective is for us to return to Allah subhanho wa Taala and gratitude and and thanks

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for him. And he honestly we see the blessings that we have in our societies. And we look at the reality of societies around us. And even speaking to the brothers in law in the UK, now most of panel wants to make it easy for you know, for all of the you know, the people in the UK and protect our brothers and sisters who are there. It's a very difficult situation now the third lockdown people are isolated, the country has totally been shut off.

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Is it because it had one of the largest percentages of people who didn't want to take the vaccine? Allahu Allah.

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And it's very interesting after you read that, that all of a sudden they're shut down Subhan Allah from the rest of the world Allah I know what it is and what's really going on.

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Perhaps we might not know and he maybe we'll know in the near future maybe Walter what's really going on, but it's a tragic situation, you know what's going on and whether it's in the UK, or all around the world, but still Alhamdulillah and if you look at the situation, even in the UK now for example,

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Any things are still not like other countries, then obviously inshallah once Inshallah, the virus goes and things get back to normal, and we're in a, you know, a great blessing, the blessings that we have Subhan Allah led to us who has a loss of Panama that you cannot even enumerate the blessings of Allah that we have, especially in the societies that we live in. So, this is a one of the objectives of remembering these blessings a for us to bring us back to Allah subhanaw taala. And if you look in Surah sharara who would goes into detail with his people? If you look back from verses 128 to 135?

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He mentioned to them a tub noona be colliery and iron taboo tune, do you want to construct any elevation assign amusing yourself that's what I mentioned before that

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any it wasn't for them it wasn't just you know, places to live in. It was more of a newsman to to show off the buildings that they were building. And then well and then also anyway to Luna masani, Allah Allah calm tofu, and you take for yourself places are fortunate that you might be by their eternally, all of this to get them to start thinking for what is about to come. And then he said Ali Salam with a proposed buffer stone buffer stone, Japan Marine, and if you strike you strike as tyrants instead of striking and that which is good, now just pay it for Allah subhanho wa Taala you strike as tyrants, then he said to him, but Appollo out there even So obey Allah while they own and

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obey me with Tapachula V. Amanda comm P Mata Allah moon, and fear the one who provided for you that which you know, and this is the reality inside, everyone knows the blessings Allah has blessed them with. But once again, as we mentioned, sometimes what happens is a che upon gets to people. And they tend to think this is from their own efforts. And what they reached little into like, like our countries, I think this is from all over the world they reached, but the reality is put Allah has blessed them with and Allah has test them with the blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala is also a test whether it be for a Muslim, or even if it be for a non Muslim. And that's why and we know from

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that, from the teachings of Islam, is that a law can put blessing in baraka

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and a non Muslim country that has justice and, and is fair and equal to people and strive for justice on earth. Because a lot of non Muslims, let's be honest, and you know, some of the non Muslims or even though it's not, obviously not the case, and in many non Muslims are better than than many Muslims, when it comes to to the, to the reality of people who are far from the religion when it comes to many Muslim, non Muslim countries. matomo Obviously, there are clock and there matters and the implementation of even in certain religious things, even if you look at studies, they are the most Islamic places in the world, the most religious place in the world, many of them

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are most of them are listed as non Muslim countries, unfortunately, it's very, it's very sad for us as Muslims, but it is the reality it is the reality Unfortunately, many places around the world. But really,

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what it is, is that it's something that when you think about you know these blessings, but when you see this excess, the arrogance comes and she upon it comes takes it takes over and you become blind it you become blinded, not realizing that it's from Allah subhanho wa taala. And she upon makes you think it's from what you've done only. And obviously, it comes from hard work. It comes from hard work. And before all of that the Tofik from Allah subhanho wa Taala when someone does any good, they work hard, also part of what that can bless them with success to see them and test them what they're going to do with that success.

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And then he said, a mother couldn't be an admin with any any provided for you. Livestock and children were Gen nurettin What are you in gardens in spring? And then he said to him, they said to them in near half or Alikum either but Yeoman Albion he said Indeed if fear for you, a terrible punishment.

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I have every a terrible day terrible punishment on that day your Maleme when you have to come and stand in front of Allah subhana wa Tada to be held accountable for all the destruction that you've done. And then the punishment started to come to the people who would where it didn't rain for them for up to three years. And they started to be destroyed slowly and slowly. We know when it doesn't rain, you have no grades, no crops, no for your livestock, you have no food for yourself. And you can't eat from from from the livestock they start to die off that they start to die off then obviously you start to doubt and what happens and what happened to the people who would after that.

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That's what we're going to continue with in next week's lesson. Until then, Allah knows best Allahu Allah masala Selim baraka and the Bureau, which is ECMO heroin was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh