Omar Suleiman – Angels in your Presence #29

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the gathering and recitation of Jesus during large groups, highlighting the importance of sharing both ideas and experiences. They also mention the importance of being mentioned to the angels and not just for the sake of being in the gathering. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being aware of the many ways in which people can benefit from the gathering and not just for the sake of being in it.
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In the remembrance of Allah alone and the remembrance of Allah in a gathering both have their unique benefits. And so when you're sitting alone and remembering Allah subhana wa Tada, the angels will surely accompany you. And that will not compromise your intention, but only increase your sincerity and in fact, have been recorded with a loss of headphones on when you're sitting with a gathering and remembering the loss of Hannah Montana, then that will increase the number of angels and cause the mercy of a loss of 100 side to descend on every single person. In that gathering the prophets lie Selim one time came out to a group of companions. And the way that he asked them how long

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they've been sitting there cause them to worry, he said, Don't worry, it's just that God has said I'm just came to me and said that Allah is boasting to the angels about you.

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Last pantai says through the footsie that I am as my servant expects of me, and I am with him when he remembers me. So if he remembers me inwardly, I remember him inwardly. And if he remembers me in an assembly, then I remember him in a greater assembly, meaning the assembly of the melodica, the assembly of the angels, and so there's a blessing that comes with both of those things, it's important to have a share of both of them. And the prophets lie Selim did not restrict the type of gathering here to one form of a DA or just the recitation of or just a gathering of knowledge or what type of knowledge but anytime people gather to remember our last panel, Montana, the prophets

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lie, some said the angels surround them, mercy overtakes them, tranquility descends upon them. And as the angels surround them with their wings until the wings go up to a loss of Hannah Montana, Allah makes mention of those that are there with those that are with him. So Eliza Jetta mentions them to the angels and boasts about them. And there's a long beautiful Hadith about this, where the prophets license that the angels are going out through the streets every single night and they're looking for people that are gathered and remembering Allah, how big is the gathering, it doesn't matter. Just there are people that are sitting together, reciting the Quran, or remembering a loss

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of hundreds and it isn't only the masjid know, people are gathered together remembering a loss of habitat are drawn closer to a lot through knowledge or the recitation of the Quran. And as those angels go through the streets looking for those people, when they come across those groups of people, the angels call upon the others and say, Hello Mattila Hagerty come, I found what you were looking for, come to what you were looking for, and the prophets lysozyme says so then they all extend their wings over that gathering. And as they extend their wings over that gathering, all the way up through the heavens to Allah subhana wa, tada, those wings are instantly stacked on top of

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one another. And Allah subhanho wa Taala asks about us when we're gathered together, remembering him and Allah knows us better than the angels. No us but this is a conversation. And Allah subhana wa tada asked the angels, why are these people gathered? They're gathered to remember you. What are they saying? They're saying Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar. They're remembering you. They're glorifying you. They're learning about you. And what are they asking? They're asking for Jelena. Allah says, Have they seen genda? No, they haven't. And Allah says, and how would it be? Had they seen it? Right? What type of dedication? Would they have to paradise? Had

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they seen it? And what else are they asking? They're asking refuge from the fire? And have they seen the fire? No, how would it be have they seen jahannam then they would have really put more into it had they actually see in jahannam imagine how much more dedicated they would have been to staying away from it. And Allah subhanaw taala calls all of those angels, those that are stacked at the lowest point, all the way to those that have reached him with their wings and Allah subhanaw taala says, I want you all to bear witness that I have forgiven all of these people. And some of the angels will then say, but yeah, Allah, you know, this person is not there, because they came to

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remember you. They're there because their friends pulled them in. They're there because of some social gathering some element Other than that, it wasn't really just for the gathering or for the sincerity of that pursuit. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says that this group of people now Yash Baba him Jedi so that the one who sits amongst them will not be deprived. So even if someone had some, you know, some other motive or there was some other reason for them being in the gathering, in the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada, it will cover the entire gathering and it won't exclude anyone from that gathering. And that's why I can't emphasize enough that as great as the online world is and as

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wonderful as it is that you're able to consume this online and that we're able to communicate through these different means that online viewing never beats on site, but aka it never beats the blessing of us being together and having the angel surrounded

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And so wherever you have that opportunity, even if it's a local halaqa even if you if you don't connect as much with the Imam or the speaker or you know you find that you benefit more for online go for the sake of being in that buttock of being in that blessing and under the wings of those angels and being mentioned to Allah subhanho wa Taala and being forgiven, what are you going to learn? That is going to give you a greater reward than that reward that Allah subhana wa tada is promising you whether it is the tranquility that comes into your heart as a result of it, or the reward that is recorded with him that you see in paradise as a result of

This is episode 29 in the Angel series of Ramadhan 2020.

The remembrance of Allah either alone or in a gathering both involve the presence of angels.

Did you know that the angels go out every night seeking people who remember Allah s.w.t., be it alone or with companions? And when one of them discovers such a gathering, the angel will then call out to the other angels saying ‘I found what you are looking for’ and now all the angels will join that gathering.

Allah will then ask the angels a series of questions about His gathered servants and the angels will answer.

What are these questions and what do the angels answer? Please listen to the end of this episode to increase your knowledge of Allah and His Angels.  

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