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AI: Summary © A young Muslim man talks about his experiences during the early morning training, which was a sign of pride for his Islam. He describes his experiences as a time when he was asked to wake up at 7am and was told to stop and be fascinated. He also talks about his experiences as a Muslim man who wants to excel in both the military and the public domain.
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We do more before 7am than most people do all day, there's a slogan I used to always hear as a young boy growing up in America, it was a commercial by the US Army, you know, saying that we do more, we accomplish more before 7am The most people do all day. And I used to remember, as a young boy, I would stop and be fascinated and watch this commercial on TV of the day training very hard early morning. And then you know, the relaxing night with a cup of coffee at seven, you know, accomplishing more than the civilians accomplish in their entire day in that short time in the morning. And that was a Muslim and with the slogan still in my mind, but as a Muslim Now I'm

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reminded of the teachings of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who taught us booty cuddly, almighty feeble Korea, that my Alma has been blessed in its early mornings. This is the time of Barack as him blessings, the time of to accomplish things. And some of the individuals who used to be in the military as well in America, and you know, now they're their motivational speakers, that somehow they wake up at 4:30am and other ones Omaha wake up at 4am. So I said, Look, if they can do that, man, this is our sunnah we're gonna take it back. I'm gonna wake up at 3:50am because it now especially in the wintertime now, how much can we get done, and that time, and he could get

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done as someone who is a practicing striving, Muslim striving for the outcome of striving to be the best he can be in this life. And in the next guess what a true Muslim is about striving to excel in both worlds in this life and the next Subhanallah so if we wake up there early in the morning, I said, Well, we can knock out a pm night prayer, we can knock out a workout like they're saying that we got 430 workout Yeah, we were knocked out RPM first of all, then we knocked out a workout and then we can you know, get our session in with our car and with the Quran. And then we go and pray Fudger in the gym and hamdulillah so with this as someone who is from the Special Forces of let

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Allahu Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, we wake up early morning strive for Allah subhanho wa sallam, and we will say that we accomplish more before 7am than most people accomplish all day.