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Sh. Wisam introduces a series of talks for Ramadan featuring three components from AQL: Sunnah Supplements, Nourishment, and Postures of Presence.

2017-06-05 – Ramadan 2017

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you, around you and may emanate from within you. So this is a crossroad of three different groups of people that I think we're all coming together. If you've taken chronic transformation, and you're wondering what's next, if you're a grand revolution year to student looking for our additional Ramadan information, or you're one of the Instagram followers, who has been following along on our addiction, not addict, and how to how to build that success momentum through controlling our addictions. This is the crossroad for the for all three of us, as you all are coming from different perspectives. To me, the end of the road is two components

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with a third, that's going to mean the most for you, which is your prayer. But I'll get to that in a second. So right now, the first component that I want to talk about is the Sunna supplement. And here's a quick blurb for you for what we'll do in the coming episodes. Anything labeled. So now supplement is based on the simple fact that did you notice that to beat it addiction and to become super successful? Both of these extreme things, you wouldn't think an addict is going to think about becoming a millionaire. But both of these things take a very similar type of discipline. So I'd like to come to some supplements with three components. And we'll talk about that coming up in the in the

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center supplements video. The second component is called nourishment, ie promoting the word newer light in what we take in and replenish our bodies with. So today, when we talk about nourishment, and anytime you see any of the discussions labeled nourishment, we're gonna answer the first question because it's Ramadan, right? For me, it is at least the seventh day. And we're going to answer the questions. What are you really hungry for? Because you're not eating food, right? You're not eating food you're not drinking. So what is it that we do with food does food serve as an emotional crutch? And from there once we identify, I think in the month of Ramadan, I'd love to talk

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about undernourishment, things that are good for you to eat, and things that you will appreciate adding into your diet right away. And the third component which ties everything together that bonus, if you will, it's the bonus. And it's the meat is the postures of prayer. This third component, you'll see me in again, a full slew of clips now, where I'll be discussing postures of prayer, holding different positions. And if you can't hold them how to open yourself up. And I think that's where the real discussion is going to happen. I'll switch that for this scenery. The real discussion is going to happen. You know how to pray. The idea is how do I open my body so that I can get the

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flexibility to get into some of those postures and hold it. So friends, that's all of us looking, whether you're a formal student, or you're looking to expand your horizon and beat your addictions and get on a successful discipline track, or you're looking to set up the perfect day chronic transformation students, you're looking to set up that perfect day to me, Santa supplements, nourishment, and postures of presence. The postures of prayer, the process of being aware in our prayer are going to transform this Ramadan. I hope this can truly Trump and triumph. Any thing that you felt like you missed out on so far this Ramadan. Let's get started. I'll see you all soon. It's

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either gonna be Santa supplements, nourishment, or postures of presence. I'll see you all soon.