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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Gethuman as you stick with them and itema tofield many people are always complaining about not being successful. Adam tofield my god to him Anna's not being successful in their relationships with the people Well Adam to VAP him fee or more to him at dealing with dunya we, and not being successful and their religious or their worldly affairs,

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McCool, Origen, then that kind of Hala lemma, a beautiful statement that the scholars mentioned Lofa Hannah waterbug Na, if we understand it, and then implement it, since only more than Akula all of our affairs will be fixed. Then as the German three sentences to Amma Loja, what Amano Halochem reflect on them and reflect on your situation. Man ASALA hazard irata Who US law Allahu Allah Nia to who? Whoever fixes his private affairs, Allah will fix his public affairs.

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Woman of Salah ha my beaner Who am I being a law, US law Hello whom I Boehner whom I've been a nurse

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and whoever fixes that which is between him and a law, or law will fix that which is between him and between the people?

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Woman I mean, the idea that he Cathar who law who I'm going to do on Yahoo and whoever works for his hereafter Allah will make easy for him the affairs of the dunya my labor Bara What a beautiful statement, Lachenmann Mindanao Tamil from my YouTube but but who from us will reflect and then act upon it. That's that Allah and you will fit on our Jaco May Allah grant us all success lessons. okeford images don't forget to follow the images are able come Villa Assalamu Aleikum