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AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the use of "verbal" in customs, which is a way to avoid negative comments and avoid offense. They also emphasize the importance of learning to knitting and spending time with children to fill one's time with beneficial activities. The "soak beast" of a man named Hamza is discussed, and parents should focus on finding a way to make things equal. The "verbal" concept is discussed, along with the "ship of the beast" problem in the media, which is affecting men. The speaker believes that knitting is a natural activity for boys and that women should not be surprised by the success of fashion.
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salamati Curatola move teaming knitting, I wanted to respond to this video that has not gone viral almost recently as I looked at it 944,000 views and our brother Gabriel Romani he is now how not one quarter 11 Pissed off man. He wasn't happy. Why wasn't he happy? What was an he said? Was it correct his response to move the and what they moved to respond to him? This is what I'm going to respond to in this video inshallah. He was very, very upset and very passionate about this. And there was many replies to him negative replies to our brother Gabriel, and both Mufti and Gabe, they're very, you know, dear to me, I love both of them very much. And perhaps you've seen, you know, I lecture with

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mukti. All around the world. I've been working with Brother Gabriel, which many of you might not know, since 2011. So for more than 10 years, we've been working together. And like I said, I love both of them dearly. So is his response to move to justify what he was saying, and is knitting really that big of a deal? To be honest, I don't agree with the approach of brother Gabriel. And him coming out in I think he was a bit too passionate, he should have waited a bit he should have thought it out a bit more, I believe the points that he made about masculinity, about the areas that we should be focusing on, you know, archery, swimming, martial arts, making our kids strong, and

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their, their bodies in their mind, these are all valid points that we need to focus on. And it's very important also a great principle that we can gain by this off from this is the fact that different speakers have different styles and different approaches and you have to you know, look at it objectively so you know, brother move to he's more of a soft spoken, you know, nice guy comes off like this has a huge impact on the people he's doing a fantastic job. MashAllah brother gape, he's trying to keep it real. He's coming, you know, he's coming at you a bit hard, a bit harsh, but he wants to, you know, awaken the FitPro within so you know, all of them have good good news in

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Schulten all of them. You know, brother moved in when he's knitting like this. He has a good intention. I'm gonna mention in a bit what is his objective from this and shallow topics? That's one of the questions that brother gave his asking, what is your objective of making this video, he has an objective and I understand where he's coming from. I don't agree that it was a good video from them. Masculinity side, and also from the side, that as a as a public figure, as someone who is a scholar, I don't believe this is befitting this is my personal view. But I believe that many of the things that brother gave mentioned, are very, very important and something we really need to focus

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on. We're living in a crisis and I'm gonna Inshallah, at the end of the video, I'm going to read the response of brother Mufti mink, and the response of brother Gabriel's knitting is that really that big of a deal? You know, to be honest with you, when it comes to customs is very important, understand the principle that customs add that it might differ from country to country. But what gave his saying that it's something that's feminine, it's something that's not masculine. It's something that someone of the status of Mufti mink shouldn't be doing. 100% correct in our customs as Westerners it's something that men don't do. Maybe things are different in Zimbabwe, we have to

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understand when we have our brother moved to he's such a, you know, a passionate speaker, such a good speaker, even many times when I hear him the wording to us I was like, wow, that's that's really good English. I love the way you know, he articulate is really beautiful. Mashallah. But we tend to forget that, you know, he's originally Indian, born and raised in Zimbabwe. So maybe in Zimbabwe, this is a normal practice. It's normal that men knit. I don't know, it could differ from country to country or from continent to continent. I know, in North Africa, I have family from North Africa. And when they saw the video, they were like, No, that's not cool. It's not something that a

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man does. And it's not something that a scholar of Islam does. It's something that they really looked back at this video when they saw it. Honestly. That doesn't mean in any way that Mufti mink is not someone who's manly, and he had an objective and brother Gabriel asked what was his objective? Allah, Mr. Han,

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our sheriff's are teaching us to knit. Okay, what's the objective of this video, I'll tell you what my objective is for my video is to refute this kind of this kind of thing. Because this is just not manly, in my understanding of the objective of brother mufti, and he can correct me if I'm wrong, but what I understand from him doing things like this, just like other speakers throughout the last couple of years, the likes of you know, Chef, Latifi, shixin, Manuel Oda who were on their platforms, you know, they started coming off, coming out without the head gear, you know, showing things just like now I'm filming from home, they're showing you in their house, they're bringing

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their kids, I don't like to myself go to that extent, when I'm showing you the inner details and things like that, but they want it to show the people a different side of the machine, that we live a normal life just like everyone else, and something very interesting when it comes to that. You can actually take that and abstract that from the Sunnah as well. And the Hadith that brother Gabriel mentioned about the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam, sowing his own clothes, and you know, and helping out around the house again different narrations of the Hadith

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But I showed the Allahu Anhu Nari, this hadith, she said that he was just like anyone else he was normal. And that's a very important aspect that it's not like the scholars and the Musharraf and the DUA did like these holy people who are just, you know, floating through the dunya. They're normal people just like anyone else, and they do normal things like everyone else does. So this is clearly one of the objectives in shallow toddler. I think the second objective is, the problem that we're having in our household is that you know, our kids, what are they doing, they're sitting in front of the devices, they're ruining their minds, they're ruining their futures, they're ruining themselves.

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And one of the main challenges of parenting is making sure that they have enough of enough activities to fill their time with beneficial things. So here in the video moved, he said, so I'm just teaching my children how to knit I learned to knit when I was six years old, it's something that he learned when he was six years old, something he was young, perhaps he feels it's beneficial. And it's something positive, that the people that their children can put their time into. Now my kids are learning, I disrupt them a set of knitting needles and some huge wool. And we said, Let's go for it. Mashallah. And inshallah we can also spend our time a little bit constructively. And if

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you were to compare it with sitting in front of a PlayStation, or an Xbox, you know, he has a point. So perhaps this was the objective of such a video, not just to get views or to be cute, or some people might think, because it's not just the people who are coming at Brother Gabriel, other people are going to have negative things to say, about Mukti when they see a video like this, because it's not just the fact that it's something that's not masculine and most customs that I know. And even brother Gabriel, in his comment, if you read, he said that he traveled around the world. And he's always seen this as looking at something that's, that's not masculine. There could be customs, once

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again, where it is acceptable, it's something normal. And this is a very important principle when it comes to the add that from two aspects before we refute the one who who does something that maybe it might be normal, his custom, and secondly, us as public speakers, or do I like brother move to as a big platform, we have to think before we post things like this, because, you know, it might be cool in Zimbabwe, like I'm saying, I don't know if any, but when it comes to other customers around the world, that's something like when I when I first saw the video, I

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looked at it with my wife was like, No, that's not good. I didn't make a public response about it. But I didn't like it at all. And it's something right away, the first thing I thought is, well, that's not what a man should be doing. When it comes to filling our children's time with that, which is beneficial. What brother gave mentioned about you know, shooting arrows, horseback riding, you know, martial arts, running, you know, you know, get being athletic, these are the things that they should be spending their time on. Even if you wanted him to knit, it would be something maybe you could teach him, you know, and you're in your own household. But I don't think it's something

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honestly, you should put on social media, but in our customs. And that's why when brother gave asked his daughter, Aisha, what was her response? What's wrong with knitting? I mean, is there something wrong with it?

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Because that's how we look at it as Westerners. And I'm talking about the ones who are true to their roots, not the ones who have changed nowadays, because what is public? You correct and what is not publicly correct. Now we're talking about how we were raised and how we look at things when being a man meant being a man. And when you listen to brother games video, you see that one of the reason he is so passionate about this, is because one of the things that he is focusing on is the issue of the alpha male, bringing the manhood back to men, and creating leaders for the future. I'm working every day almost putting, talking about the Muslim alpha and society, pushing them to become leaders

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again, their wives are complaining that our men enough. And to be fair, this is a serious problem that we are facing, and he's someone who has experienced as a principal and Muslim schools around the world. And you see that the identity, the manhood of these young boys who are growing up, it's been taken away from him because of what the media and the social media platforms have been brainwashing our children. Therefore, he felt that when someone of the status of multimeter came out with something that doesn't support you know, being a man being an alpha male, someone who's a proper Rajon. He was offended. If you look at the response of brother move d to brother Gabriel,

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talking about his video, he said Habibie my beloved brother first time seeing you mashallah to Baraka la so he didn't know brother gave before and you know, he's praising much he sees he's out there trying to do work for the weekend, see from his page, so he's saying mashallah diabolical. I said, unfortunately, you have misfired totally. May Allah Almighty grant you the best of both worlds. I mean, Hamza is making dua for the brother. And he said to him, wouldn't it have been better to seek a simple, direct answer before posting such a grand gift for me? I see you thoroughly enjoyed yourself here. And I have to say that I agree that it should have been a direct message to

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him instead of me.

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Again, a public issue. Now, many would debate this, you say this issue saying that the fact that moved into the public, it needs to be refuted public. And this does have, you know, its foundation. But it's not a I mean, he's looking to be a major because they should have masculinity, what he's trying to focus on, I understand where he's coming from, but you can't make all things equal. So you have now for example, the so called the shark issue, obviously, this is something major. So the scholars who spoke out and refuted that mentioning him by name yet he did it public. So we come back public, the other ones who are the you know, LGBT QR, P, whatever, whatever the letters are now

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that, you know, those who are publicly supporting that from the Duat and those who repeated them, yes, this I can understand that something major. But here, we're talking about knitting. I don't agree with it. I don't like it myself. But I don't think it's something that needed a public response. I have to agree with Mufti on this. Is it a form of backbiting? Because it's what you understand, but what he's saying, you know, this grand gift that you've given me that you're giving me your house, and that you've taken away? My see at my bad deeds? And I don't think this falls under backbiting? Because, you know, it's there is the outlook or the view that if you're going to

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do something publicly, that you can be refuted publicly, obviously, this is the opinion, that brother gape is following. Then if you look at the response of brother Gabriel, he's also making dua for him. And he's saying that it's not a gift. He said, This is something that I stick by, it's what he believes when he sticks by, and he said, you know, made it clear the Profit System, he mended his shoes, he fixed his clothes, which he mentioned in the video. And he said that knitting is a very feminine thing. And our men need to be collars. Need collars like you to teach them how to be real men. He said, talk a bit about masculinity of the Sahaba as our boys are losing themselves in the

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LGBQT environment. And that's very, very true, something we really need to focus on. And this is one of the things that our brother Gabriel needs to be applauded for. He's working very hard in this and many of the dudes are not speaking about this. Even some of the famous and prominent do not do it are actually supporting this. And this is confusing our children even more and making them go even more astray. And he mentions here obviously, he's been working for many years and they're fit in the in the schools with the boys and their fitrah has been destroyed. And someone like you, mashallah, who has so many followers, may Allah bless you I'm telling and this is you see that both of them,

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even though they don't agree with one another, even though they have different, that they're having a hamdulillah Edit, and then making dua for one another. And that's something very beautiful, something we need to reflect on. Because a lot of times, you might see in the wars that the general people have in their Facebook and online, you know, comments on Instagram, that it can sometimes can get a bit nasty, you name calling belittling and degrading what have you. Then he gave some examples, maybe archery, wrestling, horseback riding, and many other activities that give them strength as it comes in the sunnah of our beloved provinces, alum and the sahaba. And if you look

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Subhanallah, I don't know. I mean, I do follow brother mukti. But I don't have a lot of time to see all the things he posts or perhaps he has posted things about this. I don't know that he hasn't. And he mentioned here at the end in the culture, and then you know, in the countries that he's visited, that knitting is a very feminine activity is something that moms teach their daughters and something that a lovely grandma does, with all respect. And if you scroll down, you see he says, you know, what is the objective of this video? And I answered what I believe the objective of the video was whether we agree with it or not. I do believe that our brother moved the that his intention is good

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inshallah. And then he ends his response with some advice. And once again, you know, wishing the best for our brother, Chef Mufti mink. To sum things up, you know, both of our brothers, they're beautiful brothers, and they're doing a fantastic job and their work for the OMA May Allah subhanho wa taala, increase both of them and bless them both and their families with all of the best in this life in the next era of anatomy. It's important for all of you, you know, the ones who are the followers of the Duat, that you don't get involved and you don't choose sides, even if we're to differ. And you take one of the two opinions, don't let that cut out, benefiting. So now, for

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example, for me, I don't like the knitting thing. But does that mean I'm not going to benefit from my brother Mufti? Does that mean I'm not going to recommend people to benefit from him? I didn't like the style that brother gave he I think he came off a bit too hard. I agree with many of the points that he mentioned. But I don't believe it was the correct approach or correct style. But does that mean that I'm going to tell people not to go to his platform and not to benefit from his things? Of course not. And this is what I want all of you to realize that, you know, there is right there is wrong. I don't believe the knitting is a post that should have been posted. But I do

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understand his objective and what he wants to get across from that. And I believe that his intention in general Tada, it was good. And brother gave even though he was a bit hard. I understand exactly where he's coming from. I understand what he's trying to do on his platform by trying to you know, bring the OMA back, bring it

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young boys and older brothers as well to bring them back to being a proper Reginald a proper man. And he was upset that this type of you know activity of knitting that it goes against that and he mentioned you know several valid points that don't look at just you know, issue of him being pumped up him being upset of you loving move teaming so we're not going to take a look at those points he mentioned about what we need to be focusing on of raising our children to be proper rejet proper men. This is something very important and something very neglected. And something that very little of the Duat focus on what llama Stan